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  1. avgaskoolaid

    New to PMDG, but flew the real B-747 400 for UAL

    You can use FSX Steam offline. If Steam can't establish an internet connection it will give you a popup when you try to start FSX- just select 'start in offline mode' and you should be good to go. Of course, you need an internet connection to buy and install the game, but if you happen to lose your connection the download will pick up from where it left off. Having a download version is a lot better than DVDs, which you have to worry about storing, scratching, and loosing. Also, the steam version has a couple of very minor updates from the boxed edition. That's not to mention that it seems like every boxed edition of FSX is selling for an insane price- I guess people who own it are trying to cash in by marketing it as 'vintage' or somehow special because the game hasn't been developed for over 10 years....
  2. avgaskoolaid

    Which of these should I buy first?

    He'll be releasing EDDM very soon.
  3. avgaskoolaid


    Chock it always amazes me how you manage to write multiple informative paragraphs when the OP's question could have been answered in as little as a single sentence. Not that that's a bad thing, of course. Quite the contrary Thanks for making these forums an interesting place to be.
  4. avgaskoolaid

    EDRM-Repaints on S360

    Ah, ok, good to know I was wrong about how the LITE version works! Enjoy.
  5. avgaskoolaid

    EDRM-Repaints on S360

    Well, the way I understand the 'LITE' version works is that the textures are resized from 2k to 4k. My textures are only 4k and were only tested with the normal, non-LITE version. I guess I should rephrase: my repaint will probably work with the LITE version, but it's untested and you won't get the full advantages of lower resolution textures for better performance. The reason I flat out said they wouldn't work is because I didn't even try and I foresaw potential problems with two different texture resolutions being used on the same repaint (My paint contains exterior textures at 4k, and when used with the LITE version would have the interior textures which are aliased and used commonly across all paints (in the textures.common folder) at 2k) By all means, give it a shot! Worst case scenario it doesn't give you the expected results and you can uninstall it.
  6. avgaskoolaid

    EDRM-Repaints on S360

    Just re-uploaded the American Eagle paint with what should be all the necessary components. Keep looking and it should be in the library in the next day or two. Thanks for your patience everyone!
  7. avgaskoolaid

    EDRM-Repaints on S360

    Yeah, sorry. I forgot to put a readme in my initial upload and it got denied. I'll upload it again today.
  8. avgaskoolaid

    EDRM-Repaints on S360

    Seeing as how the Shorts seems easier to paint than other Carenado planes, with fewer weird curves along the fuselage (it helps that the fuselage is not curvy at all), I may consider doing a Pacific Coastal scheme. Key word: MAY. I have many other repaints in progress for both P3D and XPlane and would hate to delay them even more to work on something else. If any other painters who have more experience with this frame (hint hint Marius hint hint 😉 ) want to do this scheme instead I'd be really grateful; I want to fly it a lot but with so much else on my plate it might be difficult.
  9. avgaskoolaid

    EDRM-Repaints on S360

    Hey Ed, it took a little longer than I would have liked but the American Eagle repaint is finished. I think it turned out pretty good but if you have any suggestions or notice any issues with it just let me know. I uploaded it to the AVSIM library and it's being processed. I'm not sure how long it usually takes but if you go to the library tomorrow and search 'shorts' and sort by date added it should be at the top of the list.
  10. FSX/P3D= lots of highly detailed expensive payware airports all across the world, with comparatively few very nice freeware airports with custom objects XPlane= Not as many very highly detailed payware airports, but many more nice freeware airports with custom objects than what is available in FSX/P3D. Also, I find the default objects in XPlane to be more realistic. Finally, in XPlane scenery design is much, much easier. If you notice something missing at an airport you're flying around you can open it in overlay editor and add the appropriate object very simply and quickly.
  11. avgaskoolaid

    MD80 virtual airlines?

    Phoenix Virtual has all the current Delta, AA, and Allegiant MD-80 flights (substituting an MD-82 for an MD-88, for example, is allowed), as well as ones for very obscure airlines like Hewa Bora, Spanair, Air Uganda, and Cham Wings, some of which have since retired the MD-80. I just did a quick schedule search and came up with approximately 3,500 bookable flights of all MD-80 variants all across the world, all of which are either current real-world flights with real flight numbers and departure times, or were real world flights at one point in the past (some of the currently loaded schedules are a little old). The only sticking point is that there's a ranking system, and you need to have 100 hours in smaller regional aircraft before you can fly the MD-80 (I think they do hour transfers from other VAs though). I personally like this aspect of the VA but I can see why it might not work for your purposes. However, do note that after 25 hours flying small turboprops you are allowed to fly larger regional jets, including the 717, for the next 75 hours of the ranking.
  12. avgaskoolaid

    Are you a real world pilot (P3D users only please)

    Yeah, there are definitely ways I could have gone about getting more accurate data. Basically this is just the result of me asking the question to myself and quickly coming up with the poll. Still, 64% of respondents being pilots is a lot lower than I was expecting. Of the people who use any sim, those who take the time to go on forums, join, and answer polls are the most likely to be more 'hardcore' into their respective sim and thus may be more likely to have a general interest in aviation and be pilots or student pilots. And, of course, as you point out, pilots may be more likely to identify themselves as having that skill is a point of pride. I'm sure if you had a similar poll asking "who has 1 million dollars", millionaires would be enthusiastic to respond while the rest of us would be more likely to just keep our mouths shut and move on! Also, if I were to run a better survey I'd first have to deal with the philosophical question of what a pilot is, exactly! 😄
  13. avgaskoolaid

    EDRM-Repaints on S360

    Hi Ed. Thanks! I'm enjoying it very much. As for the American Eagle paint, I just started on it by removing the titles from the included Skyway scheme. Now all I need to do is add the American Eagle logos and registration and put a little tiny blob of paint on the wheel fairing that's missing. It shouldn't take me very long at all- at the latest I'll have it uploaded by the middle of this coming week.
  14. avgaskoolaid

    Are you a real world pilot (P3D users only please)

    Thanks Rafal! I've added a long disclaimer clarifying what I mean. And I chose the P3D forum specifically for this poll as I'd like to get a rough idea of the proportion of real world pilots among the P3D users here. I'll clarify that as well. Just to be clear, this is less scientific and more of just an informal poll to satisfy my idle curiosity (and hopefully get a conversation going among the pilots and non-pilots here) If I actually wanted to collect some "real" data I'd probably use a more carefully crafted poll via a specifically designed polling site.
  15. Just want to collect some data for some very informal research I'm doing- by 'real world pilot' I'm including both student and licensed pilots. To jumpstart the discussion beyond the poll, it would be interesting to know whether or not everybody started flight simming before or after you started training. Thanks! EDIT: To clarify, I'm defining 'pilot' and 'student pilot' as anyone who has a license to operate or is in active training to get a license to operate any type of manned or military unmanned aircraft. If you fly 747s for a commercial airline, took 3 flight lessons in a 172, fly a glider, or even fly a blimp, please select 'yes'. RC planes/drones don't count unless you fly them professionally for the military in your country (because a military drone pilot needs to have extensive flight training in aircraft systems and aerodynamics while someone who flies drones or RC planes casually or professionally for photography purposes usually does not, or at least is not usually required to). If you're an edge case, tbh it doesn't really matter as this isn't hardcore research, just a casual assessment of the people who use P3D. Thank you :) EDIT #2: My focus is P3D users at this time. Thanks again!