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  1. Falcon 50 for FS9?

    Link to a FSX version that works in FS9? I'd like to give it a run in FS2004 also and came across the same issues with missing FS9 files.
  2. Moving on

    It's a small learning curve to jump from FS9 to FSX or P3D because as I touched on earlier they are all still basically the same sim, living in the same generation. Reading some of the remarks from the users of other sims you would think we are running FS9 on our 2 color screens on our 1979 computers. Each sim has it's own advantages and disadvantages as far as addon aircraft and scenery are concerned. No, you can't fly plane "X" in FS9 but there are plane "X's" in FS9 you can't fly in the other sims! Duh, silly argument! The simming aspect of each sim is basically the same, the planes all fly very well regardless which sim it is. ATC is the same, AI is the same, the way everything functions in any of the sims is basically the same. The major differences between any of these sims from a simulation aspect are very minor and it's the graphical quality which is the greatest difference. So, to gain this extra graphical quality you have these things to consider: FSX is a 32 bit platform pushed easily beyond it's limits. Myself not using it has nothing to do with owning a poor PC, it's the having to babysit my flight program so it doesn't spit the dummy on me and throw a fit. I don't want to deal with things like that when I can run anything in FS9 and never have to worry about VAS and being dumped out of my flight just as I'm about to land. P3D is 64 bit and removes the VAS issues of FSX BUT it simply needs more time. It's a risk imo as I mentioned earlier due to the licensing set up. Then, as each P3D version comes along, too much changes so many addons from the previous version may no longer work and your $$$ and enjoyment of a particular addon may be gone. As a flightsim addict, FS9 imo is still the logical choice. You don't have to worry about 32 bit issues as you do in FSX and you don't have to worry about how many $$$ you are sinking into a sim which might just eat all those $$$ away in time aka P3D. In summary, any of the 3 sims are great flight simulators. All 3 sims have their pitfalls. I'll take the reduced graphic quality and the most stable flight sim with nothing to worry about other than where I want to fly too. As time moves on things may change. I'll be happy to move on when I consider one of the other sims can offer me a better deal. One day due to the content each sim offers I may very well use all 3 of them! Should also mention, I know 2 commercial airline pilots and they both flight sim and both use FS9. Go figure! lol Some people may be flight simmers, some may be gamers, some may be a bit of both. Each one of these types could send you to a different flight sim program.
  3. When did REX go?

    FSGRW from everything I have read is very good. I clicked your link just to take another look as it is likely where we will all head eventually for weather. So I take a look and hey, what ya know! Found something a little worrying! In the past one FSRGW product did all the sims. However, now one product does the old sims while another does P3Dv4 and XP. There's your first sign FSGRW may very well be splitting their product into 2 and are already carrying a current/discontinued mindset. Geeeez, these developers can try but they will not break me! I'll forever be using FS9 even if I'm the last man standing! lol
  4. When did REX go?

    I was looking for a price for a friend and it's gone. Not on their site any longer and pages for other places to purchase are no longer valid like simMarket. It's also another FS9 weather program gone.
  5. Moving on

    Yes I have!!! lol On a friends PC, we spent an entire afternoon of him trying to convince me to get it. TrackIR (blah) and everything! There has been nothing in this thread to go even remotely close to showing me anything that is light years ahead. VC rain??? That's the best we can come up with??? "My rain drops are better than yours!" lol Do the tires also slightly decompress as an aircraft touches down on the runway??? Who cares, it's a flight simulator! Here! Look! Look! Look! Not quoted but also fully agreed with, edetroit said each to their own. These threads are fun! People should not be sour pusses and say they are not. haha
  6. Moving on

    Yes!!! Mind blowing and improved are very different things. P3D is a revamped 2006 game is it not? 2- 3 years younger than a FS9? Here's the biggest thing for me, yes, you heard it here first! lol Lockheed Martin is operating under a very shady licensing scheme IMO. As the masses move from all these yucky 32 bit platforms P3D becomes increasingly more popular. The more popular, the closer it will get looked at. Now, just imagine if the way they are operating isn't determined to be in a satisfactory manner. Things could change literally overnight. The 64bit Super Sim could be ruler of the world one day, gone the next! Imagine if it happened! It's a thought, may very well be a possibility. Anyone can reply to my suggestion but there is no one likely in this community who would have enough expertise or information available to dismiss what I say. It would simply be another opinion. For me, FS9 is still the way to go or FSX. P3D as far as I'm concerned still needs more time under it's belt before I'd even think about putting a dollar into it. My point is, the newer sims are not groundbreaking compared to anything in FS9 which almost runs itself on today's modern PC's headache free. The potential pitfalls of the newer sims, heck, plenty of time to sit on the fence till there is a genuine reason to jump off. I got a good view up here with my FS9 already so no mad rush to do anything!
  7. When did REX go?

    Just noticed it appears recently pulled for FS9. That's a shame.
  8. Moving on

    Well I'm staying! Love my 2D panels, hate VC's. P3D choice of aircraft is very limiting, graphics are still same generation, nothing mind blowingly different. Everything else is likewise much of the same. Just not worth a switch imo. I'd be less happy with a P3D than FS9 even if not a single $$$ was involved in the transition process. I'd lose my Flight Keeper too! Forget it! lol
  9. I'm looking to fly the RFP. I've read several times there may be certain modifications required. A comment made at the other site under the RFP download suggests: "Eye point and toe brake needs adjustment" as an example. What fixes/modifications are required or suggested? All the files in the Patches for the ready for pushback 747-200 thread in this forum I have and am aware of. Looking for any modifications the files in that thread don't provide.
  10. Broken .AIR Installer

    I assume you are meaning you downloaded the file: It comes with 3 folders inside the zip file. Aircraft, Effects, Gauges. To get gauges working put the files from the Gauges folder (2 of them) in your FS Gauges folder. Don't remove the pickles.
  11. Broken .AIR Installer

    Now that I think about it you are probably totally correct. Never order a Big Mac though, causes all kinds of problems especially if you are trying to run FS in Win 10. I think that's what is happening in the other thread here regarding the Win 10 problem, he ordered a Big Mac.
  12. Broken .AIR Installer

    Well, I found if I ask for a cheeseburger with no pickles sometimes a scenery might not install correctly. Maybe having the pickles removed causes incompatibility with the cheeseburger so now I always leave the pickles on.
  13. Broken .AIR Installer

    Warren, Below is what I think you are seeing. This is my default Cessna 172 folder. As you can see the FS air file has an Adobe icon. It also says it's an installer package. The icon and the words stating installer package are incorrectly assigned to this FS air file by the Adobe software. The FS air file has nothing to do with Adobe but Adobe incorrectly thinks it does and has assigned the icon and description to the FS air file. The Adobe software is not capable of doing anything to the FS air file as this is an FS file and not an Adobe file. You install FS aircraft via the methods explained across the web. The air file in FS is not used to install any aircraft in any way. It's not an installer. The installer part is being wrongly attributed to the FS air file by Adobe. If you reset your file associations as explained by A32xx you will remove the confusion.
  14. Broken .AIR Installer

    I downloaded the B-52 to see what it involved to install it. All that needs to be done is: 1. Extract the folder B-52D_G_X_GMAX and B-52H_GMAX to the FS Aircraft folder 2. Extract the contents of the Effects folder to the FS Effects folder The B-52 is then installed and will be found under Boeing in FS. No need to do anything with .air files. I think you may be getting confused regarding .air files because they may be showing up for you as Installer Package under the Type area. The .air files are not actually installer files to install the plane. All that needs to be done is use the install procedure I have outlined above and the plane will be installed and will work. The FS .air files are showing as Adobe .air files on my system as well as I have many Adobe products installed. The FS .air file has simply been wrongly associated with Adobe. The .air file in FS has nothing to do with Adobe and nothing to do with an aircraft installation for FS. You do not click on it to install a plane. Hope that clears things up?
  15. Broken .AIR Installer

    You're really confusing the process of installing an FS aircraft. Adobe has nothing to to do with FS in any way whatsoever nor the installation of an aircraft. Your file associations are likely messed up as pointed out by A32xx which make FS air files look like they belong to Adobe but they certainly do not. If your associations are messed up your Adobe program may try to open an FS air file and will fail because the file in FS is certainly not made for the Adobe program. Almost all FS aircraft files are self installers or zip files which you need to extract the contents of the zip to your FS folders.