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  1. Skywatcher

    Jets or props? (FS2004 poll ONLY!!)

    Oh, sorry! lol I started with mainly props in FS9 but last 4+ years it's been all jets. Intend to go back to props eventually and continue into the future using both. Russian aircraft are something I intend to seriously attempt at some stage. So many planes for FS9, I just want to fly them all!
  2. Been wanting to ask for a while, especially of the devoted FS9'ers. The 737 poll in this forum made me think it's time to pop the question. FS9 is becoming like the cult flight sim of the flight sim world. We are becoming the real hardcore users that will stick with FS9 forever. Modern sims are likely split with both types of virtual pilots but what about us FS9'ers? I can think of reasons why the split between jet and prop FS9 pilots may no longer be even. I would find it interesting to know what types of aircraft we fly in this great sim.
  3. Skywatcher

    what 737 do you use? (PMDG, ifly, SMS,etc...)

    Yeah, and I think you can't take anything from the poll as the votes for FS9 or FSX will give completely opposite results. Both FS9 and FSX users would be voting in this poll. FS9 people go for iFly, FSX they go for PMDG. There are exceptions of course but generally speaking.
  4. Skywatcher

    New Doha Airport Traffic

    I had the same question quite a while ago now.
  5. Skywatcher

    FS9 stops from time to time

    PC speed doesn't matter. It replaces the fs9.exe and creates a backup of the original. If for any reason you don't want it, you can just restore your original FS9.exe and you are back to your original FS. It is an absolute must have.
  6. Skywatcher

    FS9 stops from time to time

    No. It'll just expand memory so OOM's under normal usage in FS9 should be virtually non existent.
  7. Skywatcher

    FS9 stops from time to time

    Use this and should fix it:
  8. Skywatcher

    I know I’m late to the party, but...

    Excellent! You got to break it to them as early as possible. Too much to ask to deal with both a flight sim and a wife together. lol
  9. Skywatcher

    I know I’m late to the party, but...

    The extreme versions are great! For UK the UK2000 stuff is fantastic. Aerosoft make a payware Heathrow and there is also a UK2000 version. Bit of a search will bring up plenty of opinions on these. You'll want to start playing with ground textures, cloud textures, water textures to further enhance FS9. There's heaps out there to look for, download and play with. If you have a wife, good time to tell her you are now a flight simmer and no longer have time available for the things you did in the past.
  10. Skywatcher

    I know I’m late to the party, but...

    You might want to start with this for UK airports. Then also check out the UK2000 payware stuff. Props there are millions of them pay and free. I'm sure you will get specific aircraft suggested. You might like to take a look at some Milton Shupe aircraft to start with. Great freeware!
  11. Skywatcher

    New to FS2004....

    Still some new stuff coming out. The HJG DC-10 looks like great freeware. There is tonnes out there or available to buy. FS2004 is anything but dead or lacking.
  12. Skywatcher

    New to FS2004....

    Welcome Daz, Been a few people running back to FS2004 lately. I use it for no other reason than I think it's the best flight sim out there. No headaches with FS2004, you just get to enjoy flight simming. Have fun!
  13. Skywatcher

    Weather for FS9

    Did a flight, no problems whatsoever. I failed to mention in the other posts how slow the depiction was before that message went away. It's fast again now.
  14. Skywatcher

    Weather for FS9

    Well, I went and tried it and fancy that, now it works. Yesterday it didn't. I'll do a few flights with it and see if the other issues are gone too.
  15. Skywatcher

    Weather for FS9

    That's interesting, I don't want to start up ASE to not screw up some files for FSGRW but the met/rep data has previously taken multiple failed attempts (usually 6) and then AS opens but there is no data downloaded for this in the ASE menus. Been reported by several users and my friend also runs ASE and this is unchanged on his as well. You are the first person I have seen since this problem began that has not received those failed attempts. Maybe they fixed it since I last used it yesterday??? Anyone else clarify???