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  1. Interesting. When your wife does the same to me and she asks me to do something, I always pause the sim and say yes.
  2. One needs to remember that the entire Area 51 ‘alien cover’ up was started and invented by the US Government to draw attention away from the top secret airplanes they were testing at the Air Force base. In the end it back fired and drew more attention to the area And it is the same here. You can spot the strobe flashing as it goes by. So it’s some newly developed and VERY sophisticated, advanced airplane. They must have been alert to some kind of amateur footage of it being recorded, so to avoid suspicion, they do an Area 51 and release the footage of it doing exercises with the Navy (launched vertically from a ship perhaps? ) but announcing to the public the navy has seen and recorded a ‘UFO’. Very clever and quick thinking. But the mystery is solved and cased closed.
  3. ^^^ This should be a sticky in every sim platform sub section and on every flight simulator forum. And given a AVSIM Gold Award for the post of the century.
  4. Might be easier, but possibly not better or more enjoyable. The CIVA INS is a must have in my books. You can’t make it TOO easy!
  5. To be fair, so do a lot of real world simulators pilots train on. But it IS nice to have everything in the one simulator. Flight dynamics, weather and realistic world scenery. Only 2 of those are essential though.
  6. Have developers lost the art of doing a realistic visual cockpit now? Oh boy..
  7. Because everyone is making this out to be the greatest add-on and airplane ever made. Sometimes it’s nice to put everyone’s perspective back into the real world.
  8. Party? It’s only a CRJ. 🙄 There couldn’t be a more boring add-on released. No matter who made it.
  9. Exactly. Some of the comments here are borderline absurd. It looks fantastic. Well done JF.
  10. Or can’t see it which is often the case. There has rarely been a sim current or past that never stuttered...at all. To the moderator : surely by now I’ve proved with enough posts that I don’t need every single one to be reviewe?
  11. It’s been stuttering since the pre-release trailers. Not that hard to experience or see.
  12. Because the human head and eyes don’t move like that. You can see so much in front of you without moving the head at all. And a side look doesn’t involving panning. We take quick glances in the real world, even large head movements with no visual view in between. Almost like a ‘snap’ view. To me, track IR is very painful to watch.
  13. Something that had a thousand better add-ons that actually work well compared to MSFS which is 2-3 years away from maturing. I’m happy to continuing using it until that time.
  14. An ‘expansion’ for $77.72? No thank you.
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