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  1. I wonder Yes it’s going to be interesting how they manage the live traffic on the ground correctly. And also If GA is implemented.
  2. As I suspected for the forum. Only for those on the alpha team. Not sure what the public forum for anyone else would even show anyway. Although it’s not too hard to find glimpses of what IS on the forum...
  3. To be welcomed by ‘Public forum coming soon’... 😄
  4. I've never had any issues logging in, And can get into the 'forums', although they aren't available yet though to anyone accept alpha testers I'm assuming.
  5. Done that multiple times, on two different devices, on two different computers/laptops, on 3 different search engines but still no joy. Assuming it’s only selected ones who have access.
  6. I'm the complete opposite. Insider login but forum is still showing its 'coming soon'. I had assumed it really is not available to anyone and only those who have access to alpha testing see the forum since it contains all the spoilers and things being tested nobody knows about.
  7. It could be that they only looking for people with a handicap of 16 in golf too.
  8. I’ve never been able to access it. For several weeks now.
  9. I thought the outside view of the twin flying over the fields at low level was stunning! If that isn't graphics on high level, then we are in for a treat. It LOOKEdD for the first time actual flying over real ground, with small trees, shrubs and fields representing the real world and not repeatable tiles. Also funny how the 'others' are giving their viewpoint on the vids somehow knowing (assuming) that it must be the final version, while previously mentioning to the rest of us that we are making statements that are un-called for because we don't know the final version. Confused and bemused and amused. Also they wen't the only 2 videos available with one showing the 'forum' and what they are testing. Interesting. Very interesting.
  10. I agree. While its a great model, the cockpit has a very sterile feel to it as far as VC textures go. Seems to be a iFly thing. One area that it could've improved it a lot.
  11. It’s much better then QW quality. A real 748 pilot who posts here says it’s as good as the other 748. Lame sale though. Although they offer a lot better overall package for the price.
  12. Yeah true. A company that basically sells charts that are available free online. Trusted accurate survey...not.
  13. Dont forget the 747 classics! Just Flights release should be the icing on the cake and will set a new standard me thinks. I'm so over the button pushing add-ons. Give me some work to do handling the heavy iron.
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