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  1. Now this is interesting! This would explain a lot of things! Going to test tonight for sure!
  2. I saw someone mention the same issue, for him it could be resolved by turning live traffic off and back on again. I don't do long haul flights as of now, so I can't comment on the effectiveness of this fix... But certainly worth a try!
  3. Ok, I don't use VR either, but at some point I was scratching my head because I didn't notice there are two sections in UserCfg.opt, and I changed the settings in the VR part... 😅
  4. UserCfg.opt a sim core file? You're funny... Edit: btw, no complaints about CTDs from my side...
  5. Not sure if the DC-6 is much worse, but having a dark-ish cockpit that fills a large fraction of the FOV certainly helps to make the issue more apparent on it. If I could choose, I'd like to reduce slightly both the contrast and the brightness, as well as remove the green hue that seems to have appeared since SU5. For now I turned off the colour grading, which made everything look a bit flat and low-contrast, so I increased the contrast and reduced the brigthness a bit in my GPU settings for MSFS. Still not perfect, but definitely better than default SU5. Now the menu colours look a bit weird, but well... 🤷‍♀️ Anyway, sliders are definitely the way to go 😉
  6. Have you tried making a change to the settings inside the MSFS graphics options so that MSFS recognises it as a Custom instead of Ultra Preset? When I do this, I don't have any problems to make my changes to UserCfg.opt persistent, otherwise it gets overwritten at start. And just to be sure: have you changed it in both sections, for Graphics as well as for GraphicsVR?
  7. In these comparisons I definitely prefer the SU4 look, but if it was just that I wouldn't care too much. What makes it really annoying for me is the fact that the landscape looks a lot brighter when inside the cockpit. When trying to find a view that shows the instruments and the landscape, most of the time the landscape ends up between really bright and whiteout, like this: To me, this looks just wrong... I know about all the complexities of exposure level, contrast, blown-out whitelevels, so yeah, they probably have to put some more thought into it than just using a center weighted metering. Edit: I tried some of the suggested fixes (EyeAdaptation, ColorGrading, GPU settings for contrast/brightness/gamma), they improved the situation to a degree, but didn't solve it for me. The screenshots were taking with the Ultra settings without any tweaks, just to illustrate the default rendering.
  8. That's not the way to do it. If they want to optimise for HDR, great, go ahead! But provide a different setting for non-HDR environments. The one they had before looked perfectly fine to me, a tad too dark to others, so tune it a bit, or give us a way to adjust brightness / gamma like other games do. The one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work well with such a variety of settings, screens, systems...
  9. I'm among those who still fly happily most of the time, but I wouldn't dare to tell others there are no problems with SU5. There are plenty of issues, and I'm sure their backlog has grown a lot in the past month. Seems like they Luckily I get very few CTDs, the only that can be reproduced is when loading a flight with the FBW A32nx - about 30% of my attempts I get a crash while loading, but on the next try it loads without a hitch. I can live with this one for now, assuming it gets fixed soon. Other than that, only 2 random CTDs in about 15h of flying with SU5 and the hotfix. All my flights were 1h max, so I didn't lose much progress - I would've been a lot angrier had it been a 5h flight. So I might just have gotten lucky, but I don't deny that there are a lot CTDs for some other users, making the sim unusable for now. One thing I really hate about SU5 is the whiteout. I'm still kind of ok with how the colours look when viewing from outside the plane, although I'd prefer it a tad darker. But when viewing the landscape from inside the aircraft with >50% of the screen taken up with the cockpit, the landscape looks a lot too bright with very little contrast. To me it seems difficult to find a view that shows all the main instruments without getting a whiteout. This is particularly bad when landing, and there's no way to see the markings on the runway. I don't care if the community discussing the issues and problems they have - that's good and useful. What I do mind though is when everyone jumps to conclusions - this happens on both sides: - "I knew it! They're dumbing it down, it's only a game!" - "I'm flying without a problem! If you have problems with the sim, it's your fault!" - "The beta testers didn't look for bugs, they just wanted to play" ... none of which is true. Would they hire Working Title if they just cared about having an Xbox flying game? Would they really keep telling us they're thinking of beyond-ultra sliders to improve the visuals in every dev Q&A if they wanted to dumb down the graphics? I agree, this has to be addressed, and maybe it takes some nudging and pushing to convince Jörg and Seb, but I'm sure we'll see better quality than Ultra (as of Aug 2020) in the near future, if you have the hardware to run these settings. To be honest, I'm not surprised we're seeing so many issues. As far as I see it, it has been the most abitious sim update so far, with the Xbox branch forked in Dec 2020 or even earlier. While this isn't a problem in itself, it increases the risk of introducing subtle bugs that only come to light when everything is merged together in the end. It was very apparent they were running out of time before the Xbox deadline - they announced a first performance test "flighting event" for Steam users in May which was cancelled because they weren't ready yet (Jayne mentioned it somewhere in the official forums). If you read between the lines, the first beta build from early June still wasn't ready, not even for beta testing. I really hope that after the Xbox version was released they finally have the time to work through the backlog of issues. My guess is that a lot of people who worked exclusively on porting MSFS to Xbox now have some free capacities, and that the whole project will be a bit easier to organise now that the two main branches have been merged. Edit: Oh, and I think MS is aware of the immense value MSFS can provide to the image of the company as a whole. It's their longest-running software series, and it's seen as something positive by most people (albeit a bit slow-paced for many of them). However, for this to work out, it has to be stable - and have the support of real-world pilots that vouch for its quality and realism.
  10. Another thing to try before a full re-install would be to delete all the contents of your user data folder (after backing it up) located in C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe . It gets auto-generated when your run MSFS, so nothing to fear. Also make sure your Community folder is empty and no add-ons from Marketplace are installed.
  11. It stores the last state of the planes, so it might be worth backing up in some cases. For instance, the DC-6 saves the engine-on hours in that folder.
  12. 282.0 MB downloading in Steam... 304.67 kB download in installation manager
  13. And for some other types of CTDs, delete the contents inside the Packages folder. It's stuff related to add-ons that is generated when they're loaded for the first time.
  14. One thing that seemed to help in some cases is to delete the Content.xml file before starting MSFS. For Steam users it can be found in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator , for the MS Store version it's located in one of the subfolders of C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe I deleted it before the update, so I can't comment on the effectiveness, but it helped some users in the official forums.
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