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  1. Interesting question! Maybe this can shed some light on the issue: https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/74224/what-does-vib-stand-for-in-eicas Anything below 4.0 in the vibration indicator is considered normal. I wouldn't be surprised if the PMDG 737 simulates this based on engine maintenance status, but that's just guessing from my side.
  2. Thanks again for the very useful and detailed information! I'll see whether or not I can achieve something similar with Process Lasso, and compare with SMT switched off in BIOS.
  3. Thank you very much for the great analysis effort. It's interesting to see the fps gains in certain situations that can be achieved from turning off SMT. I assume you disabled it from the BIOS setup? This doesn't seem very practical in my case, as I run a variety of use cases on my PC, some of which can make good use of SMT. Some people have suggested to use Process Lasso for disabling the SMT cores for MSFS (I know it isn't exactly the same), and I think it would be great to have such an option in Ryzen Master (although this might not be possible with the windows scheduler). Do you have any experience with these options? I won't be able to test on my simming rig for a couple of days, but will report back when I find the time to play around with these tools.
  4. To you they may seem childish, to me they were spot on. Yes, we all would love to hold the stage 2 in our hands (or in our sim), but unfortunately there are situations when delays can't be avoided. And to me, the explanation @Milviz gave is believable and more than sufficient to justify the delay. I believe we're going to see it soon on twitch, and for now, I have no reason to doubt the updated release date in mid/end of Q3. Yes, delays can be frustrating, but what else remains to do other than being more patient or deciding not to buy from Milviz anymore? Complaining on Avsim certainly won't accelerate the development process...
  5. As far as MSFS is concerned, I've yet to come across my first incompatibility with Windows 11. Other than that, it's a mixed bag for me, but works ok.
  6. It's frustrating when trying to look around during taxi, and suddenly the rudder stops working. In flight too, but that's something I use far less frequently... But it seems the handling of input modifiers is a bit messed up in general, at least I would count RMB in with that term. When opening the AMD fps overlay with the AMD default ctrl-shift-o, the autopilot goes to localizer hold which is mapped to ctrl-o by default. And I'd love to map the zoom to RMB-wheel instead of just the mouse wheel, so that I can avoid zooming by accident when turning knobs with the mouse wheel. Worked in the beginning, stopped working with SU5 or SU6, at the same time when the RMB/controls issues started. I don't like the new interaction mode they introduced with Xbox, so I'd be more than happy if anybody has found a solution for this.
  7. Didn't know he's going through a tough time. I wish him all the best, he's always been helpful when there was a request about his mods, and they're among the best add-ons for MSFS. Nothing to fix here, his add-ons just work.
  8. Maybe he got contracted by MS to help Asobo with the seasons 😆 Ok, I don't really believe this, but who knows!? At least I wouldn't rule it out...
  9. I don't agree on the point of being an immersion killer, but I'd love to get 1st person controls for moving around while on the ground. As an occasional gamer, it seems a lot more intuitive to me to use wasd and mouse for moving / looking around while maintaining a normal view point, plus shift for running, c or ctrl for crouch, space bar to jump.
  10. *still appear a year later. Fixed that for you. Not meaning to be snarky, it's the reality for several bugs that maybe relatively small but still annoying. I still find a lot to enjoy in MSFS, but certain things can be pretty frustrating.
  11. Well, that's a very subjective and limited view in my opinion. I wonder how hard it can be to see why a 737-200 might be interesting to others...
  12. One of the most iconic airliners with a steam gauge cockpit, how can you not see the point?
  13. X-Plane 11 is on offer in the Steam Summer Sale, EUR 21.44 until 7 July. Feel free to add USD prices in a comment. 😉 Anyone knows if there have been upgrade offers for past X-Plane versions on Steam? Otherwise I don't really see the point in buying X-Plane 11 when XP12 is around the corner...
  14. It can be found here in the "Version history" tab: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/microsoft-flight-simulator/msfs-aircraft/3303/aerosoft-aircraft-crj-550/700 Version (24-06-2022): Fixed multiple issues with flight plan sequencing Fixed multiple issues with DIR INTC and DIR TO functions Fixed fuel and time predictions Fixed an issue that would cause VNAV informations to disappear from MFD Fixed Minimums callout when MDA is used Fixed rain being visible on side panel on CRJ-1000 Iberia EC-MJP Fixed radio management panel Added terrain radar Added APU exhaust effect Added support for MSFS steering axis Added CRJ-550 max passenger check on PERF INIT page Changed CRJ-1000 passenger entry on PERF INIT page from "--/---" to "---/--
  15. I'm quite happy with their products too - but I'm also free to admit that they're not perfect. Anyway, I've had many great flights with the new 737, but I'm also enjoying the Fenix A320. That said, I think this thread is quite useful as a honeypot for keeping the usual suspects from hijacking every PMDG thread. I'm not against criticizing PMDG (or any other developer) here on Avsim, but I don't think it has to happen in every thread remotely related with PMDG, and re-iterating the same points for the thousandth time. We know how it ends most of the time: a perfectly fine thread about a valid and interesting subject gets derailed and eventually closed, for well-known reasons. This is why I speak out against some of those critical comments... Most of them are valid to bring up, I'd agree to some of them, but it makes a forum borderline unusable to read them everywhere, repeated ad nauseam. So yeah, if this serves the purpose to collect the criticism in one place, it's a good thing for the forum culture.
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