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  1. Guys, calm down. Jeez is not worth being rude to each other
  2. Change of subject, they still don’t have A380 models yet, isn’t?
  3. Wow do they setup a voting mechanism for this? But is good news overall!
  4. Guys, can we please for the sake of the community tune down the heat between each other? We heard @Kaiii3 view on this, now we need to hear FSTL view on this in order to stay neutral. @Abriael do you know if you can ask FSTL to respond in this thread so we can clarify this? It seems in discord there is no a channel to discuss this (I assume since you are part of the test team, you can talk to them directly in discord?)
  5. Then if the FAIB developer explicitly said that, I am with you on this. The FAIB developer needs to clarify it with FSTL in order to avoid another drama. And also to be fair, none of FSTL developers are participating in this thread thus we have no idea what is FSTL defense on this subject.
  6. Sorry @Kaiii3 but this time I am on FSLTL side. Sofia already said, they have tried to reach out to them for one year but no feedback as they left the scene. So said they use them while it is still credited to the original authors. How does that break rules? If the original authors reached out to them and said, no you cant use them, then they will pull them out as simple as that.
  7. I dont get what is the problem now, she said, they have tried to contact them for over year but they left the scene. So if they use them while still credit to the original author, why this fuss now?
  8. Awesome! I wouldn't mind of getting the Silver account for this 😄
  9. @Abriael I don't know if you are the right person to ask but about FlightRadar API service, FlightRadar offers third party API integration for free as I can see. How does this work? Do we need let's say to have paid account in FlightRadar24 in order to serve FSTL?
  10. I think new models, realistic liveries and using FlightRadar24 as online service to feed the AI traffic into the sim
  11. So before we were desperate for a proper AI traffic solution due to MSFS crappy AI system and the "real" awful models. Came AIG to rescue us with their superb tool after a year hard of working and now their models are awful? 😄
  12. These are the up-to-date liveries list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SK8802wpxnM1cRuGHazCNjnCUkDR0dIxVyebBP_eWoo/edit#gid=0 . Seriously very impressive they have redone many of these repaints after last year fiasco.
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