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  1. Looks like an angry kiddo? That was very stupid from that OP 😐.
  2. I definitely don't think is a full time job. I think is geared towards passionate pilots simmers. I would like nominate Emi since he always complains about things in his YouTube channel, he could have the opportunity to change things within MSFS inner teams.
  3. I don't know but the whole EFB drama is becoming annoying
  4. I think the article title is misleading. It won't be released for public, is pre-pre-alpha release for those 1000 folks who paid last year (or early this year?)
  5. I find these to be confusing, the less knobs, the better. What should happen is, MSFS should automatically adjust itself based on the the capabilities of your system and the last x hours running hours based on your activity. They can easily train a machine learning model that can do this given they have a good datapoints.
  6. Such a waste taxpayer money go into a company like Aerosoft.
  7. They themselves internally from that statement have no idea what they can release. Obviously as rumors said, half of the team have quit and you left with a project that you have no idea how to move forward with. I hope this drama will be a slap on Aerosoft face that hopefully will make them wake up to improve on themselves. Since MSFS release, they became arrogant with the worse customer support to date. What goes around comes around
  8. This company is becoming a joke, how is that they haven’t “finalized” the features set and they claim they are in beta? Looks A330 is a failure before its release.
  9. Aerosoft falling down from sky like their A330 on P3D
  10. Honestly I like Emi's video but IMO having to swear on something without given a constructive feedback may not be appropriate. Even if a cultural thing IMO, your mouth is your enemy in many places 😅
  11. Not only this, he doesn't admit when the user is right and he's wrong. Back to CRJ, the combination of Hartman and Mr.Kok were the worse thing ever in the fourms whenever you ask a question or really a slight complain. I am happy he's out and I really don't want him in Asobo either (well there is a real possibility he's joining Asobo/MS)
  12. Please please please please no no no. I don't care about his approach, but his rudeness against the users plus it is ALWAYS the customer fault on anything, really anything is super annoying and counterproductive. His departure looks to me he was asked to leave (good move by Aerosoft).
  13. unique for each aircraft. Outside views yes are possible. Profiles are also shared in flightsim.to if you are lazy to assign keys which is mostly drag and drop. The only limitation which I acknowledge, you are limited to 10 custom views (1 to 0 on your keyboard).
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