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  1. As I said before and I say it again, EU data laws are super strict, GPDR itself is super strict. And as other mentioned, personal data in the EU is a red line can't be crossed.
  2. Xbox kids are keeping the hobby alive and the third party market alive
  3. Nope sorry but is not, for us in the EU such incident is not something to tolerate. I work for a "German Tech" firm and I tell you, before we go production on every release, God knows how many security tests we need to do until we get the clearance to go live. This is because of the strict EU data laws and how often companies get plenty to pay for data breaches.
  4. Data breach like this is really intolerable, I can't picture my name and my home address, my telephone number plus my last 4 numbers of my credit card being breached and you expect me to tolerate that? Sorry but is really a red line to cross.
  5. Well I don't know them, so why would I believe they will deliver? As customer I have the right to be skeptic about them due to the bad experience that I had. Just saying, everyone is free to decide for themselves
  6. So asking us to pay 80$ for something that is not even released and we have no idea about, just to participate in Beta? No thank you, learned with the hard way from Blackbox and their never released and buggy as hell Airbus.
  7. Well for an add-one that costs 90€, I would expect it not to need an "additional" sound package.
  8. Not a bit arrogant, but they are arrogant. They have ignored MSFS as meant for “gamers” and now they have missed the train. The only way for them to be an advantage over Fenix is to release in Marketplace aka for XBox which will be ironic lol
  9. I hope all the best for developers in Ukraine! Also awesome news about model v2, although the existing model is super good, they seem want to reach perfection 😍
  10. Agreed, if they come up with an "acceptable" price since is a port-over (apart from the system), it won't be a bad deal. But if they ask for a premium price for something coming from FSX, then we need to talk again.
  11. Well Maddog was a port over and to be honest, it was underwhelming. Given its price range, I would have expected something better but with Maddog, textures were underwhelming, they used none of MSFS decals and they opted to use the same technique as in P3D and FSX, aka low resolution textures which made it look underwhelming. Plus the sounds, that is by itself another story. I consider my investment in Maddog the worse so far in MSFS and honestly is very expensive for what you get.
  12. At least the cabin looks different to the XP version that I own. I would assume as well the exterior model as well the cockpit.
  13. Aka the same model quality of P3D and taking no advantage of MSFS modern gaming engine :/. Why developers cant just start fresh with open mind like FBW, Fenix and iniBuilds? I mean honestly, they spent two years talking about "SDK" limitations, meanwhile they could take this time to at least redo 3D models to suits MSFS gaming engine. Otherwise, it will be a waste (Maddog I am looking at you)
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