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  1. @pmb thanks for the info. How's if your HP reverb headset? I was considering oculus rift S, but here in Germany it was super hard to get one back in April when I was considering one and even now when I looked recently . At best I am looking forward for a headset that can work with both X-Plane and MSFS
  2. Yeah it seems to me this https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/any-solution-to-a320-ap-bug-yet/327231 . However yesterday I tried a short fly with the stock one , didn't notice it, didn't try the FBW though
  3. So to get it right , this is an issue as well from the stock one ?
  4. Aha thanks a lot ,I was dumb enough not to search for it 😅
  5. Good question, my gut feeling is that they will rely on the marketplace revenue plus I think they may add few extension packs that we can buy, but new title, I don't think so. If so , they would have named it MSFS2020 officially. I guess for now they made very good revenue that made Phillip Spencer happy. But I am not worried about it anyway , is Microsoft and they will find a new way how to make money out of MSFS 😉
  6. Hello everyone , I am currently flying the default A320 until we get done confirmation for from FBW team. However is the mod really broken? Honestly I didn't try it out but just wondering perhaps is already working and I didn't know that .
  7. I recall Seb mentioned this will be fixed with DX12 in our of the Q&A sessions
  8. very good update, performance is pretty obvious, night lighting tuned down a bit but still these ugly double lights on some streets. But overall, I am very happy, getting 40fps over new york with ultra settings!
  9. Yeah indeed, I have found it that if you resize the MSFS window (smaller and the back full screen), seems to solve the issue by freeing up some vram and hence get back the normal fps. However, you'd do this every time vram fills up 😕
  10. Hello folks, I have noticed an issue which I am not sure what is it exactly, for example whenever I start a flight, the FPS looks to be good, however after sometime, especially upon landing on third party airports, the fps will drastically go down, the VRAM will be filled up and I will be GPU Limted . However if you start at the same airport as new flight, FPS will be on check. Has anybody noticed such as issue? I am pretty sure, this issue was present before patch #5.
  11. I am very curious, what is exactly these third party developers need? Is this some API access in Simconnect, is this an issue with GDI+, is this a WASM issue? Anyway, I am not worried if they will release on MSFS or not because I know for sure, they will realse there sooner or later because of any business with new customers base, you would definitely want to eat from that cake as well. So yeah, could be months,year, years but sooner or later we will see PMDG, FSLabs.. Etc on MSFS.
  12. Honestly, I am kind of disappointed from PMDG. At first, they offered their new 737NG on P3D with very good discount for MSFS version and gave us the impression that they know what they are going to deal with on MSFS. Now they are slow on the progress because of the unknowns, okay I get it but why then offer your customers a very attractive discount while you have no idea what you are going to deal with? I honestly respect FSLabs on waiting to see on the SDK without much promising unlike PMDG.
  13. Good for you! But the question is, why the need for the announcement? In need for some support from P3D fans? 😄 P/S: Currently I am flying on X-Plane with Zibo from EDDK to EVRA and yesterday I have flown on MSFS with FBW320 from EDDB to LIME and yet I didn't make any announcement 😂.
  14. Honestly I gave up on P3D v5 since sometime already, although now I am more into X-Plane for airliners and MSFS for VFR, it hurts me really seeing the icon of P3Dv5 on my desktop knowing that I invested thousands of euros on it. These CTDs, DXGI and VRAM errors are just ... Myself personally I don't have the time to complete re-install every update that showed up and again fiddle around with the config files hoping everything will be fine.
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