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  1. Never mind...I see that Reset XPDR already answered your question...
  2. To be sure, I am receiving several CTDs without running the DynamicLOD_ResetEdition. I just reported another CTD operating in SAFE MODE, with no other outside programs running (FSUIPC7, DynamicLOD_ResetEdition, etc...just standard MSFS).
  3. I also had a MSFS CTD when using the APP with SU15 Beta.
  4. I experienced a CTD with SU15 Beta yesterday using the DynamicLOD_ResetEdition. I have not had a chance to retest to confirm though...
  5. Thanks Gerald, no I mean the flash light...like a light on the top of your head, which when turned on, shines on the panel or overhead so you can see at night. Something like this: Some of the plane panels are very dark at night. While you can turn on the panel lights, you first have to find the switch in the dark... Anyway, in MSFS you press the ALT+L keys to turn it on. Then, as you move your head around the 'flashlight' follows your head movement. Using Voxkey, I'm not able to add the <ALT> key. I can enter the <CNTRL> key or <SHIFT> key, etc., but when I press the ALT key, it does not show up...
  6. I'd like to create a spoken command to turn on the Flashlight in MSFS. I tried Voxkey, but the combination keys <ALT><L> do not appear to work. I cannot get the <ALT> to appear in the command when I press the alt key. So, I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to add this spoken command (if it is possible).
  7. Mine did the same thing, but eventually it will uninstall. I just had to wait (probably 5 - 10 minutes).
  8. Awesome rendition of the airport! I particularly liked the help wanted sign...
  9. Looks very nice! I'll download the next time I'm on flightsim.to.
  10. If you're in the US, you can purchase the Varjo Aero for 10% off and not go through customs. The site is Adorama and they have a return policy as well. They also have the SteamVR base station 2.0. varjo aero buy or learn at Adorama steamvr base station buy or learn at Adorama
  11. So, if I understand correctly, the basic steps are: 1. Download and install the Oculus APP (on PC or Android Phone?). 2. Purchase and install the Virtual Desktop for Quest 3 (follow instructions in video).
  12. Your system is close to mine...I'm thinking of getting the Quest 3. How are you connected? WiFi or USB? I really don't have a clue as to which software to install, general software settings, and general steps to initiate VR in MSFS 2020. Do you have any suggestions or tutorials to point me in the right direction?
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