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  1. Does this also work with the C208B Grand Caravan EX HD? This is the version with the G1000 instead of the analogue gauges.
  2. Thank you for this. I subscribed to his videos and find them very good.
  3. flyblueskies

    Caribbean Tour III

    Thank you! I've been flying in the same area and the screenshots you have are excellent! I'll have to look at these products! It looks like Taxi2Gate TFFR is for P3D v2...which version of P3D are you using?
  4. flyblueskies

    Caribbean Tour III

    Very nice! Is this photo scenery you developed?
  5. flyblueskies

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    That's a really good idea!
  6. flyblueskies

    FO & PF3

    I wanted to follow up with contacting FSS. While Gibraltar does have TOWER and can also be contacted to open flight plan, contacting Flight Service also works. Using "Radio, <callsign> requesting you open/close my flightplan" works very well also. This request is a more correct way to contact Flight Service and does work with MCE/PF3. I found these very helpful links here: and here: I wanted to pass this information along in case someone else had this same question.
  7. flyblueskies

    FO & PF3

    You're right again DrumsArt. Gibraltar does have Tower. On a positive note, I used you words "Clearance Deliver>>>Call Sign>>>Ready to Copy" to contact FSS at Gibraltar. It did get there attention. While I did have to repeat "Clearance Deliver>>>Call Sign>>>Ready to Copy", FSS did give me clearance and altitude. Thank you very much DrumsArt. I very much appreciate your help!
  8. flyblueskies

    FO & PF3

    Thank you DrumsArt...not sure I said those exact words (inputting call sign of course), but I will give that a try. Thank you for following up with me.
  9. flyblueskies

    FO & PF3

    Just a follow-up... Using American 381 (without letters before 381) worked very well. The FO took care of ATC just as he should. I really appreciate the help FS++! So the key things for me were: 1. Change Active=0 to Active=1 in "PF3_MCE.ini" (found inside PF3 installation folder).  2. Do not use letters before the number in my call sign. For example, use AMERICAN 381 (not American N381). 3. Uncheck Use Closed Caption Mode and Display Voice Set ID.
  10. flyblueskies

    FO & PF3

    Thank you DrumsArt. It looks like I still need to press the '0' key in order to get FSS attention. Maybe I did not wait long enough, but I would like to contact FSS via MCE by saying the proper words. I'm still not sure what words to use...
  11. flyblueskies

    FO & PF3

    Excellent! I'll give this a try. Thank you for your help!
  12. flyblueskies

    FO & PF3

    How would I open a flight plan through flight service if there is no clearance deliver? For instance I'm at Gibraltar and I want to open up a flight-plan how would I do that? Normally, without MCE, I would tune to FSS and press the appropriate number. But, I'm not sure what to actually speak when using MCE.
  13. flyblueskies

    FO & PF3

    OK, KLM 265 definitely works! I'll give American 8001 a go next. Thanks for all your help!
  14. flyblueskies

    FO & PF3

    OK, Rereading what you wrote, I'm going to change my callsign to KLM 265 (to make it easier) and see if that helps.
  15. flyblueskies

    FO & PF3

    In "PF3_MCE.ini" (found inside PF3 installation folder), I did change "Active=0" to "Active=1" I also unchecked "USE CLOSED CAPTIONS". I also changed my call sign to N8001 to make it a bit easier.. Here's some of what I see in the log file in reference to me: American November 8001 Turn right heading 235 American November 8001 Contact BARCELONA CONTROL on 132.05 American November 8001 Climb to Flight Level 110 American November 8001 resume own navigation American November 8001 Climb to Flight Level 210 American November 8001 Contact BARCELONA CONTROL on 132.05 But, I'm still not getting the FO to automatically respond when I say "You have ATC".