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  1. I'm also having CTD with Orbx PNW area airports. When it happens, it is the VCRUNTIME140.DLL. I think it is related to objectflow/people flow. I've starting dialing down the PeopleFlow and grass or natureflow at many of the Orbx airports I have in the PNW area. Seems to help...you might give this a try and see if it helps.
  2. I have 'solved' the problem, but I do not know what causes the problem. I assume it is an addon...Here's how I solved it:1. I backed up my 'Prepar3D v5 Files' folder by renaming to 'Prepar3D v5 Files-Backup'.2. I backed up my 'Prepar3D v5 Add-ons' folder by renaming to 'Prepar3D v5 Add-ons-Backup'.3. I then double clicked on the 'Delete Generated Files' located in the main 'Prepar3D v5' directory. These steps remove all addons from P3DV5, leaving P3DV5 running in a 'vanilla' mode (just as it was when originally installed). I ran P3DV5 and all ran OK. I then exited P3DV5, installed the 525, then reran P3DV5. The display issues were solved
  3. I thought about that too. I backed my original P3DV5 font folder, then copied and pasted my P3DV4.5 font folder into P3DV5 font folder. Still did not work as shown in the picture above. I do appreciate the help though. We will figure it out...
  4. I've installed the 525 CJ2 into P3Dv5. I've installed the mods for the GTN, click spots, heading adj, vertical speed adj, etc. It all works very well...but the fonts and display are very poor when compared to P3DV4.5 HF2. Just wondering if anyone experienced this and solved it?
  5. Try this...Open Orbx Central. Go to SETTINGS (Gear upper right corner) Go to HELP Click SYNC SIMULATOR After it's done, rerun P3DV5 and be prepared to click OK on the many Orbx Addons...
  6. I noticed this is for P3Dv2. Has anyone installed this in P3DV4 and P3dV5? Any feedback on how it works in either of these 2?
  7. Thank you Flysimware! I got the information to download, installed into P3DV5, and all is working well so far. Thanks again for the quick response!
  8. Thank you. I did post through the Flysimware website contact form, just minutes before posting here. I'll enter another ticket...thank you!
  9. Can you please let us know the version number? I just got an email from PC AVIATOR (today) with a link to download the 'latest version' (FLYSIMWARE_FALCON_50_V2.0a.exe) and after trying to install, I get an error basically saying my keycode is invalid (could very well be 160, but I do not remember). PC Aviator does a good job of updating their installers, but they can be slow to do so...
  10. This might be a better picture where I am filtering by AUTOGEN. Anyway, is this what you mean?
  11. Thank you! Do you mean the 'other add-ons' tab (as shown in the picture below)?
  12. So, if I move the Skiathos PACKAGE lower (than what?) using P4AO, I should have autogen at Skiathos? I do have this scenery, but have not installed it yet. Because I have already loaded many other addon sceneries, it sounds like I will run into the no-autogen problem with Skiathos. So, I want to solve this problem by using P4AO to move Skiathos to the correct location...again, I'm asking the question, do I use P4AO PACKAGE to move Skiathos lower?
  13. Sometimes there are multiple airports in the default BGL files...if you delete them (or move) then this affects all of those other airports too...
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