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  1. Yes...when I worked in Engineering, we had to include language decals, manuals, etc. for our products. Latam was the choice when choosing the different language kits for many South American countries. The Latam choice included manuals written in Spanish...
  2. Yep, when I saw that during the boot up, I tried to find it too. Turns out it is VHHX. Thanks to Shack95!
  3. If you mean Donegal, to me it does not look like it...
  4. Not sure if this is the OP airport, but this is the one I'm talking about...
  5. Are you talking about the airport that sits in a water bay? If so, I want to know which one that is too...
  6. Yes...in lower left corner where it displays Type here to search. When you enter Mouse Emulation, the TIRMouse Emulation App will appear and you can start it...
  7. Thanks! I did do that, but I cannot set a departure or destination airport from the CSV list (in Little Nav Map). I can create/export a .pln (in Little Nav Map), but when I load it into MSFS, it does not set me on the ground at the airports listed in the csv file. It sets me up in the air with the plane running... Perhaps I simply do not know how to do this, but I have not found a way yet to start on the ground at one of the csv listed airports... EDIT: I think I figured it out...after installing ArrowsAcrossAmerica in the Community folder, in LittleNavMap, I had to: 1. Go to Scenery Library (menu along the top). 2. Go to 'Load Scenery Library'. 3. Double check I had 'Flight Simulator Base Path' set correctly ("C:\MSFS" in my case). 4. Click the 'LOAD' button. It then took a few minutes to load in all airports, navaids, etc., including the new ArrowsAcrossAmerica user points and airports. After this I was able to create/export and choose the flight plan successfully in MSFS 2020.
  8. Is there a recommended or a link to a recommended list of AIG models adding the missing FSLTL models? I currently have all 45 GB of AIG AI models, but do not want to load all of them...I'd like to narrow the list down so that the AIG AI models load quicker...
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