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  1. flyblueskies

    FSPS - FFTF Dynamic for P3Dv4 (update v4.4)

    Does anyone know if it auto updates or do we have to uninstall and reinstall?
  2. Really appreciate all the help! I am up and running so far... I did copy my folders from the old drive to the new drive using File Explorer. I then swapped the drive letters just as suggested. So far, so good. P3DV4 starts up OK, my PMDG planes work OK, my Maddog works OK, and my TFDI works OK. I think I'm good, but will continue testing to be sure. You guys are great and really appreciate all your help!
  3. Yep, that's what I mean. I'd hate to copy before deactivating the licenses and then find out they won't work. Then I'd have to wait for all of them to help me out... Of course, if someone has already copied or cloned successfully without deactivating the licenses, it would be great if they would share their experience.
  4. No problem Bert. I've used many of your GTN mod's in my planes and very much appreciate your help. Thank you for 'chiming' in and offering to help me. @gaab and Frank, will consider both options. I did think about simply copying over using Explorer as Frank suggests. If I did this, I think I need to deactivate P3DV4, my PMDG add-on's, and a few others like the Maddog, before I copy or clone. Thanks again for every ones' input.
  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I do have Samsung Magician, but it looks like it's a SSD maintenance program. I;m not sure how to use it as a cloning program. By chance, do you have any links that show me how to use it to clone drives?
  6. Hello, hoping for some help. I have Windows 10 HOME addition. My P3DV4 is on my D drive, which is a Samsung EVO 1 TB drive. It also contains several PMDG planes... As I'm beginning to run out of space, I purchased a Samsung 2 TB SSD and would like to completely transfer (clone) all data from my D drive to the new SSD. The Samsung Data migration software will only transfer a hard drive which contains the operating system, which my D drive does not have... How can I clone my D drive to my new 2TB SSD?
  7. flyblueskies

    Milviz Black Friday Sale

    Thanks Oneleg...good to know. In case you have not purchased yet, Milviz airplanes are also on sale at several other websites such as FSPS Store: Aerosoft: Simmarket: Normally, I prefer to buy at the OEM site because they have the latest updates first..
  8. flyblueskies

    Milviz Black Friday Sale

    It worked for me, but I applied the code before I went to PayPal...
  9. flyblueskies

    To anyone who is having P3D hang at startup

    Hello Michael, I have SimStarter…I'm not sure where to set P3D with high priority (still learning how to use it). Just curious, where do I set this? I found it. It's located in the RUN manager settings. Simply click on P3D to highlight it, then click MODIFY SELECTED. I was able to change the priority to HIGH. Thanks for the tip...
  10. flyblueskies

    Windows update

    I can't remember how, but I did turn off automatic display driver updates. I'm still at 388.13, which work well for me. However, I have the HOME version and I cannot 'refuse' the other Windows 10 updates as you can with the PRO version.
  11. From midnight on Thursday 22nd November until midnight on Saturday 24th November (UTC -5:00), enjoy a hangar-cramming 30% discount on all our aircraft (with the exception of our newly released T310R-XP). Watch your clocks and then enter code: 23BLK at the checkout
  12. flyblueskies

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    Question, at this time, I only want to use FLAI to replace UTL liveries. I don't plan to fly online with Vatsim, etc. I've installed FLAI and when I run P3DV4, it asks to activate the Addon XML for FLAI. Do I need to do this if only using to update UTL?
  13. flyblueskies

    Extreme Prototypes Learjet 25 Clicking Sound

    Can you let us know which switch sound you turned off? I have the same problem...
  14. I tried installing several times but kept getting registry write errors...anyone else get them?