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  1. flyblueskies

    F1 GTN 750 unresposive - GRRRRRRR!!

    When I run into this problem there are multiple instances of the gtn... running. I turn off the avionics, press control alt the task manager click on the details tab. Now find all gtn...instances and close them down. Now go back and turn on the avionics to restart the gtn...should run ok now.
  2. flyblueskies

    GTN750 Mod?

    Hi Trevor, I'm interested in your mod and have sent you a PM. Thanks!
  3. I really like the new Learjet in P3DV4. One thing I noticed, is that when I use the mouse scroll wheel to change the autopilot heading bug, for me, it scrolls in the wrong direction. I've searched the forums and didn't find any reference to this... Does anyone know, either with settings or programmatically, how to change the mouse scroll direction for the autopilot heading bug?
  4. flyblueskies

    Carenado C90B Mod v1.0 Released

    PM whamil77 and ask to be put on his email list.
  5. flyblueskies

    FTX AU Region Update?

    That's excellent Johnny! Thank you! Just saw Holgers post to my question there! Excellent news!
  6. flyblueskies

    FTX AU Region Update?

    Thanks...but that's not what I mean. I'm asking if anyone knows if there are plans to update in the near future...
  7. I seem to recall someone mentioning Orbx.. is updating the Australian region...but I can't find any direct mention of it. I've posted over at Orbx...but so far, no responses. Does anyone know or have a link talking about it?
  8. flyblueskies

    PMDG 737 or wait?

    Thanks Erich!
  9. flyblueskies

    PMDG 737 or wait?

    After downloading the files, the instructions make me believe these files are for the FSX version. Can anyone confirm that these files will work for P3DV4.2?
  10. Dean, Thank you...already found a solution to the problem. If you reread my post, you'll see the solution for now... Basically there are three instances of the GTN Simulator.exe running when there should only be two... Turn off the avionics, kill the three instances via Task Manager, and restart your avionics. You're good to go after that.
  11. Thanks! I'm really enjoying this plane. I like the old school autopilot, the modeled lean tool, all of it. I really enjoy thinking about the next step and adjusting to get the best out of the plane. You guys did a really nice job modeling this plane! My hat's off to you!
  12. Slayer, It's with the combo 750/650/WX Radar... The work around allows me to run OK, but the real question is why does the GTN Simulator.exe start up automatically with a COLD and DARK setup? I posted on the Milviz support forum, hopefully Bill can find some possible solutions. I might add, this only started happening after the latest update. The previous two installations (original and the first update) did not have this problem.
  13. I've posted this in the Milviz support forum as well... I'm really enjoying the Milviz 310R Redux! Between the sounds and the new textures, I can't decide which I like more. I find myself flying this plane all of the time in P3DV4.2. After the latest update, which I installed via 310R Redux Installer v3.180403.exe, I noticed I had difficulty with the GTN 750. Sometimes I would get a 'clunking sound' when clicking on the buttons, and sometimes I click the buttons and nothing would happen. The GTN 750 was very slow... The GTN 650 had no problems at all. What I finally figured out is this: 1. I start P3DV4.2. 2. I choose the Milviz 310R Redux from the Scenerio screen. 3. The Miliviz is set to start COLD AND DARK. 4. While looking at the TASK MANAGER, I notice that when the Milviz 310R Redux finally shows up as COLD AND DARK, I see (1) GTN Simulator.exe start up. 5. When I start the Milviz and toggle AVIONICS, I see (2) two more GTN Simulator.exe for a total of (3) in the Task Manager. 6. Now, the GTN 750 has the clunking button issue, sometimes non-responding button clicks, and is very slow. If I turn OFF the avionics and KILL all (3) three GTN Simulator.exe's in the TASK MANAGER, I can restart them (turn on Avionics) and now, only (2) two GTN Simulator.exe's show up. Now both GTN's run problems. So, for some reason, when starting with the Milviz COLD AND DARK, (1) one GTN Simulator.exe always starts and is shown in the TASK MANAGER. This DOES NOT OCCUR if I start with another plane and then switch to the Miliviz 310R Redux. I thought I would pass this on in hopes you may find a solution for me. Thank you, Jeff
  14. True, but there is also another reason for outdated MV_WX.DLL, which REX acknowledges. They do have another in beta, just not released yet. Both p3nerd and I were experiencing way too many CTD specifically with Milviz 310R Redux, even though they had the latest MV_WX.DLL. As it turns out, Milviz found the problem as noted in my earlier post. Applying the fix, both p3nerd and I had successful flights with the 310R Redux in bad weather.
  15. Glad to know it worked for you and appreciate the feedback!