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  1. Really enjoying the mods...I do have a question though. I can't seem to adjust the cabin altitude. Is there something I must do first? With the unmodified 350i version, I have no problem adjusting it. EDIT: Reread the installation notes and found the reference to the cabin altitude: "Optional pressurization controller. Pressurization automatically controlled through autopilot altitude select function. The pressurization controller is well out of the way in the VC and Carenado did not provide a 2D popup for it." Includes optional instructions to remove the auto pressurization function. Well done!
  2. Found out the sounds are there, but very, very low. I had to adjust the engine sound down and the cockpit sounds up to here them (P3DV4).
  3. Have the same did you solve it?
  4. Excellent Tutorial Jeroen! Thank you! ---------------------------------------------- Moderators Note: Split from the Original Topic. The Tutorial has been moved to the Prepar3D Tips and Tricks Forum below
  5. Thank you David as I had the same question. Several more questions: 1. On your system, is ASCA set to DYNAMIC? 2. On your system, is SF set to auto synchronize (I can't remember the exact wording)? Would it be possible to see some screen shots of your SF settings? Thank you, Jeff
  6. P3DV4

    Thank you Jeroen, the screen shots are excellent. It helps me decide if I want to purchase eyes go to the building and falling Cumulus clouds I see above the right wing. Very nice...
  7. OK, I found what I was looking for...I wanted to see the various check marks (weather and geo profiles) when I clicked on a particular Envtex sky texture:
  8. Would you mind showing a screen shot of ASCA and ENVTEX skies where '...noticed all ASCA original skies are unticked for every WX profile so indeed the ENVTEX ones are used...'?
  9. Yea...I thought the changes in Net Neutrality were kicking in...
  10. Thanks Carl, I'll give FedEx a try. But, where did you find ""? It doesn't appear to be here at the Avsim library...
  11. Thank you Carl. I want to install the UPS to the Airbus A300 Freighter. In UTL, the equipment is listed as Airbus A300 Freighter (ABF). Concerning the (ABF), does this mean that I look for the ABF folder? While I see AB6, I don't ABF: So, does this mean I need to find an ABF model for P3DV4? Then, what do I do with it? Create a folder called ABF and place the downloaded aircraft files into this folder?
  12. I think I found the A310 version, but I couldn't find the A300-600 Can you tell me which folder I should look for? Thanks!
  13. Just woke up and found these wonderful post's! Thanks to all for your quick help!