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  1. You won't regret it, believe me 😁
  2. My experience is that the Trainer when run standalone is very laggy and slow, however I just checked again the RXP fitted into the Realair Turbine Duke and it worked normally. I am also using W10 2004 edition.
  3. RXP - no question. Better support, easily integrated into aircraft designed for F1 GTN, quick updates for P3D users, quick updates with new Garmin Trainers, did I mention better support?
  4. All done in a convivial, friendly manner (even you United supporters 🤪). Well done 👍👍
  5. 'Tis indeed - nice shot of my favourite area of London 👍
  6. LFC - Champions in wait... YNWA
  7. If I had the 3 million I'd get the M600
  8. This is the beauty of the GTN - the ease of entry of plans, approaches etc. Each to their own, but personally I think to not do this misses one of the most powerful features of the GTN series.
  9. My bad - I thought that you were referring to the RXP.
  10. If I understand you correctly you are asking about a Navigraph update for the GNS 430? If so, this is not possible, the nav data is owned by Garmin.
  11. I have no experience flying real turbo props but understand lag is an issue. Do you have such experience or are you basing the issue when comparing to XPlane? Just curious..
  12. Certainly takes some practice - atleast I've stopped crashing into the back of the carrier now.
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