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  1. I can't answer your question but historically it will require a patch for the autopilot to follow the GNSS flight path properly. Hopefully JL is still active and will issue a patch if needed.
  2. Put me down for a P3D Concorde. I'm not territorial about what platform I use.
  3. Most VOR's and NDB's have been phased out in Australia as part of the transition to GNSS based navigation. A small number remain in operation as part of the "Backup Network". At some point they will all be gone, and most modern aircraft e.g. Cirrus do not even have and ADF receiver at all.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I'm tempted to obtain the beta because I loved what they did with the Longitude
  5. Be careful, any criticism of MSFS, no matter how justified, will not be tolerated. The tribalism has reached a new level.
  6. I'm only guessing here but if you have an engine failure in a single you are going to land. A feathering system increases aircraft complexity, no doubt weight and cost. Maybe it is a design decision. Pulling the prop back to full coarse on a single CSU dramatically improves your glide - maybe designers decided to go full feather wasn't worth the extra complexity etc. A twin, on the other hand, may be able to make an aerodrome with an engine out if it is feathered - different scenarios and decisions.
  7. Single engine CSU aircraft will not feather but twins will.
  8. I'll begin flying the real thing very soon so I hope they do a good job
  9. A Garmin nav data subscription or an aircraft owner with a nav data subscription who may be able to assist.
  10. Another PMDG update and the usual PMDG bashers come out of the woodwork. it's getting boring and predictable ladies and gentlemen.
  11. But you are now the master of your domain 😁
  12. If nothing was said then RSR would get flamed. He can't win either way.
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