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  1. DavidP

    PMDG 747 V3 OOM after long haul

    "Aerial Services". There is a great museum, the Qantas Founders Museum at Longreach (YLRE). They have static displays of a 747 Classic as well as a 707. The museum itself is a fantastic experience with displays dating from Qantas' beginnings. Awesome stuff.
  2. DavidP

    PMDG 747 V3 OOM after long haul

    Fair dinkum, do we?? Qantas with a "u" just doesn't look right 🤣
  3. DavidP

    Quality Wings 787 vs PMDG 747-400 (800)

    I have both - PMDG by a long shot. To me, it is because of the attention to detail. The 787 does not even remember that I set the units to kg and defaults to lbs. Small issue, but an example of the attention to detail I mention.
  4. DavidP

    PMDG 747 V3 OOM after long haul

    Hmm, I use those but Ezdok for the camera. Also the "heavyweights" - PMDG, FSL, Orbx global and regions. Not too many "mega" airports though.
  5. DavidP

    PMDG 747 V3 OOM after long haul

    I've never seen one since changing over to 64-bit. Maybe I'm lucky.
  6. DavidP

    PMDG 747 V3 OOM after long haul

    I'm not trying to be clever but the best way to get rid of OOM's is to upgrade to P3Dv4. If that isn't possible I'm sure others will chime in with good advice.
  7. DavidP

    Question for RW GA pilots: Weights and Balances

    As long as you remain in balance then it should be no problem.
  8. DavidP

    TrueEarth GB South

    Maybe one day when I get a decent internet connection...
  9. DavidP

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    I got a refund on the original release, but would dearly love a 787 - if PMDG produced one I'd buy at an instant, however even if they did I fear I may not be alive to see it 😂. Seeing the comments here is making me seriously consider re-purchasing.
  10. What are you doing to the CPU when you de-lid it?
  11. DavidP

    Can you repair 747-8 while flying

    I suggest you report to RSR's office - he may want to have a word with you 🤣
  12. If Sean is involved, then I'm in too. Even after all these years the Realair Dukes are classics.
  13. What's wrong with it?
  14. DavidP

    PMDG Expansion 747-8 or QW 787

    Happens all over life - buy the cheap dishwasher, it breaks, Buy the cheap anything, it usually breaks. It's a mantra I've learned in over 50 years on this planet - a lesson sometimes learned the hard way. What ever works for you.