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  1. That's usefull information. Thanks for sharing it. I know I am about to hijack @MrBitstFlyer's thread but hopefully no one will notice😉 I just received my Tobii Eye Tracker and before I mount it under my monitor I want to know whether it is easy to remove the mount afterwards or will I rip my monitor apart when doing so? Since the distante between my monitor and my head is 90 cm / 35.5 inch I might have to skip the monitor mount altogether and follow @vrdubin6's excellent suggestion.
  2. Sorry, I misread. What I meant was to test without the suspecting airport, FB KIAD in this case. If the issue does not occur with the default KIAD and no other addons are active, it must be the KIAD addon. You could request Flightbeam to look into it. I had a similar issue with EDDW (BMOTW). MSFS would CTD if I had a flightplan with an approach to or SID from the airport. It might be that one or more of the procedures that come with the airport has a bug. Since airports also can add fixes one of these might cause a conflict somewhere. If only MSFS would be able to deal with these conflicts instead of crashing.
  3. Did you also try without DD KDCA? Just to make sure it is just this addon. Apart from addons managed by AddonLinker, there might be other addons in your community folder still active. And of course there are addons in the Official folder too, from marketplace purchases, World Updates, etc.
  4. You probably chose a bad moment to reinstall the sim. There is quite a big update going on at the moment so everyone is trying to update at the same time.
  5. Do you mean the Tobii Display Setup Tool? It is currently in alpha but it might help out some people. From what I gleaned, the Tobi Eyetracker needs to be below your monitor for eyetracking to work properly, but for headtracking mounting on top of the monitor should not be an issue except that their software does not allow this. The Display Setup Tool tries to remedy this. Mounting on a tripd might also work for most people. Tobii even has an adapter for a tripod as an accessory but for 40 Euro one would expect the tripod itself would be included (it is not!).
  6. After years of using TrackIR I have ordered a Tobii Eye Tracker 5 which should arrive in a few days. I will probably lose a bit of responsiveness and possibly stability when focusing on a G3000 or FMC. The best thing Asobo/Tobii could do to improve that is to add a pause function or add a stable zone when focusing on an instrument. I have noticed that when I am looking around in the cockpit, there is a white box around GPS and FMC units when I am looking straight at them. This indicates to me MSFS registers I am looking at that instrument so MSFS might as well use this to snap" my view to that instrument until I pull away. That would allow to focus more easily on that instrument while using Tobii or TrackIR.
  7. SATA3 is still ~25% faster than USB 3 for most file operations, mainly because USB has a higher latency than the SATA. USB 2.0 is worse because it also has a lower transfer speed than SATA. But even with optimal storage, MSFS will still be slow to start due to the way it has been programmed and the amount of data that has to be loaded and/or checked.
  8. That's a weird problem you have. Have you searched the official forums for advice? There are several threads there related to CTD while checking for updates. There is also a troubleshooting guide which might help you: How to get past the "Checking for Updates" screen – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com)Z (It did not help me the last time I had issues but you might be lucky). One thing you could check is whether the user.cfg (its deep down in your Windows profile folder) is alright. You could try renaming it and hopefulle MSFS will recreate it. Also, there could be partly downloaded upgrade packages you may need to remove. These would probably be in the root of your Official folder.
  9. Is it connected to a USB 3 port? USB 2.0 ports will slow it down a lot.
  10. Also, all purchases in the Marketplace are tied to your Xbox account so if you create a new account you will lose easy access to the ones you already purchased. I don't know if these addons can be copied over or not. Since they are encrypted copying from your current installation might not even work and you will have to purchase them again.
  11. This is one of many old threads that have been resurrected lately, and most of these were resurrected by new members, often by their first posts. I don't know of this is possible or desired on these forums but perhaps these older threads should be labelled as inactive. Some forums have disabled the quickreply option on the bottom of these threads and have put a warning in place. It should still be possible to add a reply but a little less convenient so people are made aware they are about to resurrect an old thread. It might even be a good idea to restrict new members to create new threads or reply to active threads only.
  12. I don't think that is the case😀. You can turn around the rad and have it blow up, outside of the case. Preferably with the front fans sucking in just a bit more air than is going out yo keep positive pressure inside the case.
  13. It could have been the navdata update then. Hopefully Asobo does a good job on the seasons in FS2024, but we also could use better sattelite imagery, preferrably a different set for each season with some magic to create early- and late season versions of those.
  14. I had a similar experience yesterdayevening. I am not in the beta so it surprised me a little. I don't know whether it was an update or not. Do you use REX Accuseasons? My thought was that since I just upgraded from the previous version, MSFS might have been triggered to restore some original textures.
  15. Does the AP turn off right after turning it on? It could be that the AP turns off when the yoke/joystick is moved significantly, or when there is heavy turbulence. I doubt if the latter is simulated in the default Cessna though. If another device is connected that also controls axes or the AP that could turn off the AP as well.
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