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  1. A time machine might be able to solve that, so one could argue it's just a matter of time before we have historical scenery😕
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have no real flying experience but from what I've learned most GA and even Boeing has these heels-on-floor type of pedals. Airbus seems to use something that's more like its full feet on the pedals. Off course I want realism but there's a practical side as well. In the case of the Ruddo ithat's the price.
  3. I still have to decide what rudder pedals to get. My CH Pedals need to be replaced. I am currently torn between the MFG Crosswind and the Thrustmaster TPR. The latter looks more like the real thing but according to some reviews they are not very confortable when using an office chair since they are more suited for simpits. That Ruddo seems to have the same angle for your feet as the TPR, how are these for comfort?
  4. Even in a 737 one would really need a vitual co-pilot to fly these properly. Most airliners between the 40's and the 90's require a virtual engineer as well. It would be nice if those could be simulated but allowing you to switch roles. That way you still get the thrill of starting those radial engines but can switch to the pilot for taxiing and takeoff. In cruise, you can switch between the roles to lean the engines, configure the radio's for navigation or fly the aircraft.
  5. For me it's a priority. My first aircraft purchase will be either a GA aircraft, a floatplane or an old propliner like the Douglasses (DC-3 through DC7). PMDG has anounced it will make it DC6 Cloudmaster available for the new sim, looking forward to that. I also hope A2A will convert its Boeing 377. that's a beauty and with the new sound options we'll be in for a treat I'm sure. These older aircraft gives you more to do during flight, while sounding better too. And with their lower speed there's more time to admire the landscape. I'd love to have historical scenery, being the nostalgic type, but I don't think that's feasible. Maybe a few historic airports could be created but they would not fit their up-to-date surroundings. A complete 50's earth might be created someday but since there are no satellite images from those days that would be difficult. Nighttime is easier, just remove 80% of the streetlights and you can get away with the current earth.
  6. This shouldn't be too hard to fix, methinks. Whether ATC is asking you to do the impossible or you want to deviate from the flightplan because of a storm, by saying "Unable" or something like "deviate from flightplan", AI ATC could just switch you to VFR with flight following until you are able to get back on track. Maybe not 100% realistic but close enough for built-in ATC. This might help to deal with many situations AI ATC can't handle (yet).
  7. I don't suppose we can ask the locals to restore the building so reality matches the sim better, can we?
  8. The AI might have been fooled: Hey, the grass has a dark patch there, might be a building instead... When I compare other buildings in that photo I notice that the sim does a good job on smaller buildings/houses but it has difficulty in finding the right type or scale for large buildings. Considering the AI has to do the whole world (which is BIG, as Asobo explained) it has done a good job and hopefully it will continue to improve even after release.
  9. This update has the first true screenshot of The Netherlands I believe. LiduRob captured the city of Naarden quite nicely. interesting how, next to the sewage treatment plant, there is a building that isn't there in real life.
  10. Some pops could be related to internet speeds but there's no way of knowing. The stutters could be caused by video recording software, similar stutters during movies on your TV during panning of the camera. As it is still Alpha I am not worried, but especially the stutters would be an immersion killer if these end up in the release
  11. Currently I am making a trip in a Cessna from Alaska to Southern California, just to get the hang of flightsimming again. I want to make the same trip in the new sim to compare the experience. Especially looking forward to landing at Catalina (if it undulated/sloped). I might even extend that trip to go around the world over the poles, just to see wether that is feasible (perhaps not in that Cessna) After that , recreating Earhart's final flight around the world, preferably in a Lockheed E10) might be interesting.
  12. I wasn't expecting new footage but WOW, did they show us beautiful landscapes and clouds! I've paused the video a few times just to enjoy the visuals and then rewinded to follow what was being explained.
  13. I am pretty sure you can re-configure keys in the sim. Most games have that feature. Otherwise you could use a keyboard like the Wooting Two I am typing this on. It allows every key to be assigned to an Xinput or DirectInput button, so you can emulate an xbox controller with the keyboard.. Since the keyboard is analogue, you can even assign a controller axis to keys because the keyboard also measures how deep a key is pressed. Instead of an on/off switch, every key is actually an optical sensor. Off course the travel is tiny compared to a joystick so it wouldn't replace a yoke but when limited to a keyboard it might be helpful.
  14. I think not even the sky is the limit here: Aircraft (we never have enough of those) Airport scenery, ATC voices, AI aircraft, A timetravel mod so you can fly in the 30's with matching scenery...
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