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  1. orchestra_nl

    Malaysian Flight 370

    It is highly doubtfull this would lead to a banning flightsims but if it did it would diminish the already tiny market that developers can sell their products to. A ban in the US would probably remove access to P3D to simmers in the rest of the world as well. It might even lead to simmers wanting to visit the USA being denied entrance because of their hobby. At the moment it still seems far fetched but stranger things have happened.
  2. I have one of these assigned to cowl flaps and another to elevator trim. I haven't found a use for the third one, but still looking...I like the elevator trim especially. It may not be a wheel like in real life but at least a lever is better than just keys. I can't check now, but I think I needed FSUIPC to make the cowl flaps work.Cheers,Allard.
  3. I made a headband with some velcro and fixed a spike (1 inch) on it that protrudes from my forehead. On top of the spike is a piece of reflecting tape that has been rolled into the shape of a cone. It works very well but it looks very weird. I just make sure I take it off when I leave the house so not to scare the neighbors.Cheers, Allard.
  4. orchestra_nl

    Dc-3 Nose Overs

    You're welcome :-)I have flown the dc-3 quite a lot (love that plane) but have rarely had this happen to me. Even on relatively short airstrips I had little problems avoiding a noseover. Maybe something isn't right with your brake setting. You are probably doing this already, but make sure that you don't apply 100% braking power right away, but start gradually. If you apply only little bit of brake pressure, you should be able to release braking power if the nose starts to go down.Allard.
  5. orchestra_nl

    Dc-3 Nose Overs

    Here's what I do: once the tailwheel is on the ground, I pull back on the yoke to make sure it stays down. Off course, gentle with the brakes.Allard.
  6. orchestra_nl

    Landing / Taxi light???

    I've been experimenting and noticed that with some FS9 aircraft in FSX, the taxi light IS visible, but only from the 2d cockpit view. In VC and spotview, there is still no light visible. With some other aircraft, the light is not visible even from 2d cockpit mode.
  7. orchestra_nl

    What would happen if.......

    My experience is that Windows XP doesn't like new chipsets, so if you have changed your motherboard, it might not even boot properly, but at least expect stability problems. Windows 98, and even windows 2000 had fewer problems with this.Windows will also run smoother after a fresh installation, so it is recommended anyway. You have to reinstall most software, but it is possible to copy your old Flightsimulator folders so you might not need to reinstall these. There is plenty of information in these forums on how to do that.The good thing is that with a new install you also get rid of any adware and virusses that Windows may have gathered in the past.Good luck with your new PC,Allard.
  8. orchestra_nl

    Landing / Taxi light???

    I noticed the same in the demo. Taxi lights don't appear to work and AI aircraft don't use taxi and landinglights. I was hoping it would be solved in the final version but it seems that it is not. A few weeks ago I saw another thread where someone mentioned the same problem. That thread had only a few replies and dissappeared quickly.Since I fly at night a lot, I am waiting on confirmation that the problem has been solved before I buy FSX, but I only found your message, confirming my fear that it has NOT been solved. However, I find it curious that there aren't more messages about this since to me this is a major bug; it effectively makes taxiing at night impossible.I have the demo installed on two PC's and both have this problem. I have a ATI videocard in both as well, an 9800 Pro and a x1400. I am hoping that some can either confirm that they have this problem as well, or that someone can confirm it can be solved with another videocard or driver.Allard.
  9. Hi Jim,I advise you to test your memory with memtest86 (http://www.memtest86.com/.If it is OK, you know at least that there is no hardware problem. If you get errors, you can try and find out which memory module is the problem by trying them one at a time.Good luck,Allard
  10. orchestra_nl

    Windows Vista

    According to this site: http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/winvista_licensing.asp nothing has changed in the eula, except that it is now more clearly written, less open to "favourable" interpretation.If that is true, I am sure lots of hardware tinkerers are in violation of the eula for XP.I always assumed that when I scrap my old PC, and removed the software from it, I am in my right to install windows (and office, and Flightsimulator) on my new PC, and that that would be completely legal. It seems I was always wrong. I am allowed to upgrade a machine, but I cannot install on a brand new machine. I wonder then what is the difference between a OEM and a retail license, and why I would purchase an expensive retail version instead of the OEM.It seems to be the same as with the activation for FSX, microsoft MAY grand you another activation, or they might not. You MAY be granted a new activation on a new computer, but you are not entitled to it according to the eula, and microsft has every right to decline the activation if they suspect that the computer is new.Allard
  11. What I learned from the demo is that they HAVE improved on multimonitor support. In FS9, I couldn't drag panels to my 2nd monitor in full screen mode. It didn't trouble me as I always used windowed mode.In FSX however, even in full screen mode I can easily move a panel to the second screen.Allard.
  12. orchestra_nl

    Anyone running FSX on XP x64 Edition???

    Unfortunately, to be able to use more than 2GB ram, both the software and the operating system must be 64bit. FSX is still 32bit, so it is limited to 2GB. Howver, hopefully windows can assign the rest of the memory to other applications.It's a pity that ACES couldn't convert FSX to 64bit, but it is understandable. It would take more than just recompiling it in a 64bit environment. In fact, my guess is that most of the code in FSX is inherited from older versions, even as old as FS98 and can't be easily take advantage of newer hardware. Hopefully Microsoft will consider multi-core and 64bit for the next version, but it would mean that a lot of code has to be started from scratch. That means a longer developing path and thus more expensive. Also, new code means even more debugging, and new, fresh bugs to haunt us. If MS decides to go multicore/64bit on FS11, I would be surprised if it would be ready before 2010.Allard.
  13. orchestra_nl

    FS icing? An essential part of flying.

    I don't know how accurate the ising is, but it does indeed have an effect. I remember one flight where I had to go over a 8000ft high mountainrange. The Cessna 172 I was flying then collected so much icing that it couldn't make it that high and I had to descend to higher temperatures. I had a utility (the name escapes me at the moment) that even showed the weight of the ice, and it was increasing rapidly. Too bad that FS doesn't show ice on the wings, or that the windscreen can't get frozen over. That wouldt teach some simpilots a bit about proper flightplanning!
  14. orchestra_nl

    A few minor bugs/issues

    >>3) No taxilights visible at night - at least on my system.>I don't have FSX yet, but tried the demo on two systems and on both the taxilights were not working. I was hoping they would have fixed this in the final. Both systems had ATI videocards (9800pro and x1400). Can someone confirm wheter or not this bug is fixable?Allard.
  15. Well, if you have a lot of addons you could run these on the second core. FSX does make a little use of the second core and you will probably lose that by assigning FSX to one core. You'll have to experiment which is faster.Allard.