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  1. Chances are far greater that you made a mistake somewhere. If purchased via the Microsoft Store, the most convenient way to install is to start the Xbox app in Windows and login with the same account you purchased MSFS with and install it from there.
  2. First of all, MSFS is much more stable than the first year after launch. It also requires less RAM and has greater performance. The flight model has improved and a lot of irritating bugs have been solved or improved. A lot of stuff has been added, some to allow third parties to do great stuff, others to prepare for the autumn update for even more flight model improvements. In short, Asobo has done a lot to improve the core of the sim and currently seem to be laying the e foundation for a few new features.
  3. Size is everything. After two years my MSFS with all addons is taking up a little over 1 TB.
  4. I think AvAngel put it in one of her reviews like this: You fly the C310 if you want to go anyware, the C414 if you need to go somewhere. The C310 suits my type of flying better and seems to have a quite realistic flight model. I am not a real pilot thoug so can't really comment on it.
  5. Do you mean you have not flown just these aircraft, or any aircraft at all? Because even if you have flown a few aircraft yourself, It seems very difficult to me to determine how accurate a flightmodel is if you haven't flown the actual aicraft yourself for at least a few hours in different circumstances. As a strict desktop pilot, the C310 feels very realistic but without real-life experience I cannot tell whether it is accurate or not. It is a lot of fun though and it seems to match with a few real-world reports I have read. It is different from most aircraft in the sim and requires more attention on landing than I would have expected. Especially at higher altitude airports it can be a struggle to land in the usual landing configuration. The engines are not powerful enough at these altitudes to keep the aircraft in level flight with full flaps and gear down so I have to land with almost full throttle, making a go around quite interesting.
  6. According you your vision, every piece of software must be beta then, since there is no complex software without bugs. If Asobo would have released MSFS only when it was free of bugs we would never had seen it, ever! Neither would we have had X-plane or P3D. Even if Asobo had 500 internal testers they would not be able to find all bugs since a single end user can try things no sane developer would have thought off. MSFS was released earlier than I expected and probably a bit too soon but if they had waited two more years we would not have been able to enjoy MSFS for that time. The major developers would have only just have started on their addons so we would still need to wait until 2024 for the first commercial jets to be released, and the software would still contain a lot of bugs and we would still be having this discussion. It is also possible that Microsoft would have cancelled the MSFS project two more years of development is expensive and they would only know whether MSFS would be a success after those years. The moneycounters might not have taken that gamble. Besides, the release of Xplane12 would be very close to MSFS which might have axed one of the two. Off course, without MSFS, there might not have been an Xplane12 just yet because without competition, Xplane 11 would still be the latest and greatest.
  7. The Milviz C310 is the best and most fun, The Boeing 247 is also a great and rewarding aircraft.
  8. I might be mistaken but as far as I could tell the top side of the adhesive pad is glued to the mounting plate. That glue is probably there to prevent the adhesive pad to stick to the desktop instead of the mounting pad when removing. Except, I did clean the pad (with plain water) and after that it stuck so well to my desktop that when I tried to remove it, it did not want to let go of my desktop but rather separate from the mounting plate, despite the glue. . There are two levers at the back that are supposed to help lift the mounting plate but all they did was bend the mounting plate. If that happens to you, be very patiënt when remove the mounting place to give it time to get unstuck slowly. Once the glue between the mounting plate and the pad has separated it won't stick as well so at first nothing seems wrong. In my case it's not as bad since the clamps are actually more practical than I though. @Flaps30You could also mount the yoke and throttle to a plank next to each other and mount the plank with clamps to your desk. That way you can perhaps bypass the keyboard tray. I used that solution when I still had the CH yoke and Throttle quadrant. I now have the Fulcrum yoke which is much to heavy for such a solution but it might work with the Honeycomb's.
  9. ATC in MSFS can be considered quite good, as long as you think of it as interactive background noise. If I remember correctly, Asobo had not planned for ATC to be in the sim, at least not at launch date, and the current version is just a stopgap copy of what was in FSX with some update. I hope they will be able to do a major update for it, together with AI aircraft in the future.
  10. I have a Bravo quadrant and until a few weeks ago is used the adhesive pad. Since I use the same desk for other things besides flightsimming I have to be able to remove the Bravo a few times each week. That worked quite well until a few weeks ago when the adhesive pad seemed more willing to seperate itself from the mounting plate than my desk! After that, part of the adhesive pad did not want to stick very well to the mounting plate and I could not mount the Bravo to my desk properly. Everytime I pulled on of the levers down the back of the Bravo would move. I was looking for a replacement pad but they are sold out at the moment. Besides, Honeycomb does not deliver outside the USA, so e.g. in Europe there are no spare parts available. Luckily I can use the clamps for my desk so it is not a showstopper for me but without spare parts, the only way to get the pad functioning again is glueing it to the mounting plate. That might make it impossible to replace it if I ever need to and probably will void the warranty.
  11. Depending on how you have disabled the default offline traffic, it could have been restored by a recent update for MSFS. Also, if you have ground traffic enabled it also generates parked and taxiing aircraft. And finally, third party airport scenery can have static aircraft parked at a few gates. On my machine, whenever TC crashes (which is often) all traffic it has created is removed from the sim. The only traffic that I still have is the default GA traffic from the mod, which includes a few business jets and heaps of TBM's.
  12. I hardly use ATIS in the sim, but most of the time the weather matches those on Metar-taf.com quite well. What the sim doesn't always gets right is which runway to use for takeoff and landing.
  13. Don't remind me. I also know how it looked in those days: This probably is FS4, which I played on a friend's dads PC. FS 5.0 was the first version I purchased myself. I still have the book that came with it (yes, these days it came with a manual)
  14. Nope. Apparently my virtual co-pilot sees them all the time but I rarely see another aircraft except when it's on top of me or at night. Might have something to do with the LOD for these aircraft. Am I the only one who wonders why there are so many TBM's flying around? It is like every other GA aircraft belongs to a millionaire in the sim.
  15. The update is not official I think but you can download it from the Milviz forums already.
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