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  1. I would too recommend the MFG Crosswind pedals. They are more expensive than the Saitek/Logitech pedals, but they will last a long time.
  2. I am not sure if the Steam store will ever offer addons. At the moment there are two ways to purchase addons: The marketplace (in-game) Directly from the suppliers (or simmarket) As the previous poster mentioned, if you do not have these aircraft, then you either did not purchase the Deluxe version of you still have to install them via the contant manager. In some cases you need to "buy" them via the marketplace first. If you are eligible, they can be purchased for free.
  3. So far having lots of fun with this aircraft, at least taking off and flying. Landing...not so much (yet). I tried winging the descent but ended up being too high and too fast. This aircraft will teach you the value of a stable approach.
  4. Left axis to prop axis, right axis to flaps, the four in between to throttles. We are lucky the real aircraft also has just a single prop lever, and mixture lever is not really necessary. Take care to select the first prop axis for each engine, not the 0-100% ones, because they don't work. Also the axes must be reversed. The TOGA button can be used to engage the prop reverse. If you live in the USA, you could order 2 more GA throttle levers from the Honeycomb shop. The jet levers function but are not really suitable for this aircraft.
  5. I have no problem with executable files in my community folder per se, but if they trigger my virusscanner I'd be worried alarmed. Now someone from PMDG has said it's a false positive but I found this statement a bit too casual for my taste. PMDG should at least analyse the file to make absolutely sure it is a false positive, and make the file optional in the installation since not everyone really needs it. The best solution is to make sure the file does not get flagged as mallware off course.
  6. Did you reinstall the C++ runtime also? Perhaps this will help solve the problem.
  7. If you cannot afford a larger or 2nd SSD, you can use an external HD but loading times will increase a lot. There might also be occasional hickups during flight. If you are using very large scenery addons, don't even think about it. You'll have to shave again by the time the sim is ready for you.
  8. Switching off AI entirely should work, but my guess is that only multiplayer is creating issues, since that's were DC-6's would show up. Regular AI (offline or online) should in theory work fine. Asobo should take a good look at the way they fixed the issue earlier. Perhaps they did not correct the real source of the problem. If they do not do this now, we will have similar problems with new aircraft in the future.
  9. I don't know whether they fixed it completely. They might have just worked around the issue instead of correcting the code. If that is the case, and PMDG is using parameters differently than Asobo has considered in their workaround, it might cause the issue to crop up again. instead of disabling AI traffic altogether, perhaps switching the "generic plane models" to ON in the traffic settings might also eliminate the CTD's. I made a short flight of an hour and had no CTD but am only using Offline AI. Since it is likely that there are no other DC-6's around in the baked-in flightplans that seems logical.
  10. Hope this will fix your issue. Also, I am not too sure if you should run this tool when MSFS is running. It might work though, but possibly MSFS only picks up the installed liveries after a restart.
  11. Seems like the same issue that plagued MSFS in autumn: AFAIK the issue was that the sim only could handle 1 set of data for a specific aircraft type, so if an AI aicraft of the same model you were flying entered the skies, the sim tried to use the same data for all both (or more) aircraft. Off course that really did 🤐 your flight.
  12. Can you clarify what your issue is? The OP center dialog fits easily on a 1080p screen.
  13. Especially for low and slow flying, TrackIR is great. As you can see from some of the he DC-6 previews it is also convenient for looking up at the overhead panels etc. If you need to keep your head still for a longer period you can assign a button to pause TrackIR, which disables tracking and the view remains fixed until you unpause. I use that when changing a flightplan on the G1000 for example.
  14. If the DC-6 sells well, they might just do that. They only have to remove 2 engines and move the nosewheel back a bit to make it a DC-3😀 (ducks) In fact, i'd love to see the entire DC range in this sim in this quality.
  15. He is using a TrackIR indeed. There are a number of free or low cost alternatives that can get close, but the real thing is still the most fluent and hassle free to set up. I recommend to buy the standard version without the trackclip pro though, since there are better trackclip alternatives without the need for a wire and more sturdy. The Hat clip that comes with the default version works fine as well, but you'll need to wear a cap to use it.
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