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  1. Sometimes we get frustrated with MSFS because we're hardcore sim nerds who miss certain features of old sims. But in reality, this is hands down the best civilian flight sim I've ever had, and I've had almost all of 'em since the early 80's.
  2. This, exactly. I'm fine with them bringing in the "silly" stuff. Heck, as an early simmer, I was just screwing around. When FS4 came out I spent an idiotic amount of time flying Santa's sleigh. 😉 And now I fly the advanced stuff and have a ball, but would I be doing that if I hadn't gotten introduced to simming with the unrealistic stuff (because let's face it, the sublogic stuff was not exactly realistic!)
  3. Especially since a lot of the sound complaints is that it's too quiet in the cockpit. Well, that's what the real thing was like. I remember flying the DC-9 sim at Northwest Airlines. It was almost spooky how you'd advance the throttles and feel the acceleration, but not really hear the engines.
  4. It is, in fact, possible to simultaneously be the best ever, and still need a lot of work. 😉
  5. Do you have another computer you could plug it into to determine if it's a hardware problem with the yoke, or an issue with your computer? That would be my first step. No need for a sim on the other machine, just load up the controller config window and see if the axes move.
  6. I think when it's known that a ground physics fix is coming, spending money on fixing what we have now would only lead to more expensive 3pd planes. 😉
  7. They overstretched a bit with some of their FSX/P3d offerings. They did fine on simple GA aircraft that you fly VFR within 100 miles of an airport, but more complex stuff was beyond them. Especially their jets - the systems were often bad to the point of almost unusable, in airplanes where things like navigation and being able to input waypoints actually matter. I was mad at 'em for a good while because they had an extra-cost upgrade to the Phenom 300 to make it compatible with Navigraph's charts. Trouble is, the upgrade broke a lot of system functionality, including being able to reliably enter waypoints and have them appear in the order you wanted. When I wrote to ask them about it, they just shrugged. They seem to be doing better in MSFS, which I hope continues.
  8. Has Honeycomb lost its mind? $350? Is that a typo? I could swear I saw it was going to be $270. At $350, it's within decently close spitting distance of the Fulcrum yoke, and if you have the money to burn $350 on a yoke, you probably can come up with the money to burn $150-ish more. Hopefully Honeycomb brings that price down a bit, or I think they might see some sales slowdowns.
  9. The AFC Bridge software is kinda.. Garbage right now. I have the same problem as you. There's a 3pd plugin called BetterBravoLights that makes them work reliably, but certain other 3pd software such as A PIlot's Life and Pilot2ATC will lose the ability to connect to the sim if you use it. For now, I've given up on having lights on the Bravo until Honeycomb fixes the problem.
  10. Your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust them. 😉 This is an almost ludicrous amount of free content. Just the DC3 and the A310 would have been spectacular, but... Dang. I'm impressed.
  11. I took that to mean the community invested in PMDG. Because many of us bought the p3d NGXu knowing we wouldn't get much use it of it since we knew we'd be switching sims soon, but it was an investment for them to put towards bringing the 737 to MSFS.
  12. I noticed it's pretty sensitive on the controls, and since my axis settings were set to fairly sensitive, I was wobbling around too until I reset them for my yoke rather than my HOTAS stick. I've found a few bugs, but nothing overly earth shaking. Rain appears to be on the inside of the side windows, there's an issue with punching in a transponder code on the right screen if the transponder is up on the left screen (they fight, and end up setting the transponder to "0" until the second try). And I noticed the wheel rolling animation is pretty bad, not that this will bother me much since I do 99% of my flying from inside the cockpit. All in all though, while I only had time to fly a quick spin around the pattern tonight, it seemed like a real nice little jet, and I'm gonna have lots of fun with it I think.
  13. The average fighter jet doesn't need to make it all the way across the Soviet Union unescorted before refueling. 😉
  14. The speed thing could be because you are in TO mode. You need to switch to CL after takeoff or the plane will just keep the throttle at takeoff thrust regardless of your speed.
  15. Yeah, same. It's the perfect blend of old and new. It has an FMS and can follow a flight plan by fixes rather than the pain in the butt that is VOR to VOR navigation, but you still have to manually handle a lot of systems that are automated in the newer birds. Just a fun plane to fly.
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