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  1. Also remember that it looks at your vertical speed in raw altitude, not vertical speed relative to the ground. In other words, if you land on a runway that slopes downhill, you'll get dinged as having landed harder than you really did. The opposite is also true, so if your test airport has a sloped runway, land on it uphill for a free boost in rating.
  2. I did solve it, but as it happens my motherboard conked out this week and took the drive MSFS was on with it. So I'd have needed to figure it out again. Thanks for saving me all that work once the sim redownloads!
  3. Does MSFS model pilot blackouts now!? I didn't think it did.
  4. Something I've not seen answered, and I'm sure it has been but I just missed it - we'll be able to turn off those chimes that sound every time input is processed/etc, right?
  5. It looked like about a 2-4 second delay before the reversers even started to spool to me. OK, yeah. I'd check out SPAD then - there's a free trial you can do for 2 weeks to test it. Reversers/beta in MSFS is one of the best things SPAD does for me, because seemingly every plane wants a different input for them, and some even have bizarre bugs that cause physics-defying behavior which you have to edit out in the control input handling.
  6. Oh this is interesting, I looked at the beginning of the video where you used reversers to exit the gate (lol) and the delay was there as well. So definitely doesn't have anything to do with engines spooling down. I'm guessing the delay is somewhere in your control interface setup.
  7. First, I want your sim. I know I saw it a couple weeks ago in another thread but... Man, every time it just blows me away. The video resolution is way too low to really see what your engines are doing or your speeds, and the camera position makes everything look weird so I'm probably way off base here, but it looked like you were coming in pretty fast, but also low, so it's possible you were throttled up enough that you weren't truly at idle when you touched down. At least in MSFS, reversers will not engage at all until the engine spools all the way to idle (at least, that I've experienced). That aside, it did look/sound like the reversers sat around for awhile before deciding to obey your input. What are you using as a control interface to the sim, and how do you have the reversers behaving? I've seen some schemes where reverse is engaged when a "button press" is held, but then the hold time is defined as a second or two, which causes significant delays. Is your throttle reverse like most of them, just really a button, or is it an actual separate axis? If your control interpreter is the one inside the sim, I'd recommend moving over to something like SPAD.NeXt. It gives you a lot more flexibility for how control inputs behave and you should be able to get around whatever is causing the delay. I've definitely never noticed a delay in the PMDG 737 like that, and that's with much lower-grade hardware than you have. One workaround you could do in the meanwhile is to hit the reverse levers before you hit the spoiler lever. By the time the spoiler is out, the reversers should be at least starting to engage.
  8. If it does, it will be such a small difference that you won't be able to perceive it.
  9. Check your settings. I was wondering why the altimeter was 29.92 everywhere and discovered live weather had reverted to the partly cloudy preset when I wasn't looking.
  10. The more I fly this thing, the more I like it. It has a surprising amount of systems depth for the price, and now that the wx radar is functional and has a magenta line mode that also works, it's even better.
  11. Well whaddya know, updating the plane fixed it. Thank you!
  12. The missing libraries thing was suggested by someone else way up the thread. I had no idea if that was the problem or not. It was also suggested to restart Cautl every time the menu failed to load, which not only didn't work but would be obnoxious even if it did. 😉 I do not know what is wrong with my GSX install. I'm not a developer. I only know enough about software to be dangerous. I haven't programmed anything since BASIC on the Commodore Vic20. The only thing I do know is that whatever is wrong with it, I will be told it's my fault, or the sim's fault, or Windows' fault. Any of these may well be true, but if that's not backed up with "and here's what you can do to make it work," it's not very useful. RE: bugs in jetways. I hope not, because I was testing it at your O'Hare. I suspect it's safe to assume that any jetway bugs in your scenery have already been dealt with. I don't expect the FSDT installer to fix everything, but if GSX is hanging because of a specific reason, whether that's missing files, bad jetways or too many objects it would be nice if that were echoed to the user so the user could have the possibility of doing something about it. Like I've said many times, I enjoyed GSX a lot in P3d, and I'm looking forward to enjoying it again in MSFS once it works. Eh. You're not wrong, and having participated in a bunch of open betas/early accesses I know how over the top people can get. I definitely do not believe the customer is always right and I wouldn't advocate that he take that stance. On the other hand, the "I am never wrong" stance is somewhat obnoxious. I was (and still am) ready to sit back and wait for the thing to work. I only said something because the more time he spends pointing fingers at everything else instead of investigating what's going on or coming up with workarounds or, at least, a way to let the user know what's causing problems, the longer it will be before the product is usable. At bare minimum, we should have access to information about what we could do - for example instead of saying too many objects are loaded, tell us what to do about that. How can we restrict object loading, and more importantly, what number should we restrict it to? If it's not something we can fix, then the product does not work with the sim in its current state which I'm perfectly willing to blame Asobo for, but it should be pulled from sale until it can once again work. I definitely get that not everyone experiences these problems, but I also know that I am far from the only one experiencing them, and I know that people have been experiencing them for years, including in the P3d version which, presumably, cannot be blamed on Asobo's SU10 update. I don't have a problem with brusque customer service. Hell, I'm here on Avsim, and that's where I was once sarcastically told by a mod to block ads on the site when I let them know one of the ads was a phishing scheme. That was not only garbage "customer" service, but pretty dumb to boot - after all, Avsim makes money off of those ads, its staff probably shouldn't be telling people to cut off that income stream. And of course I have PMDG products, and they're famous for making you jump through hoops to get help. Abrasive customer service doesn't bug me. Insisting on the perfection of your product when it's obvious there is a problem is what gets under my skin. There is a problem with GSX that makes it not work well for many of its customers. That should be addressed. They can address it in as insulting and abrasive a manner as they wish, I won't care, as long as it actually gets addressed.
  13. First, it started. The menu frame came up. The GSX-unique loading spinning circles came up. That it subsequently hung doesn't mean it didn't start. Second, plenty of other programs out there run error checking at the start, and if a windows file is missing, they will tell you that so you have some inkling of what to do to fix the problem. Finally, you've been a great developer in the past which is why I haven't requested a refund despite GSX Pro *never* working right for me, across multiple reinstalls and even a complete wipe and refresh of the OS. I figure eventually you'll find the bug(s) and fix them. I had admittedly hoped the blaming your users because you're perfect phase would be a little shorter, but I still have faith you'll find and fix the problem at some point.
  14. It's a fresh install. I've looked at every setting I can find with no luck. I'll try reinstalling it again, maybe something got messed up the first time around.
  15. https://www.google.com/search?q=gsx+pro+stuck+on+loading+screen+site:www.fsdreamteam.com And that's just from his site. Flightsim.com, Reddit, etc are all full of the same issue.
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