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  1. I think there are a number of causes for framerate issues right now. For me, if I fly in certain areas (the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area is a good example), my ram usage goes from a norm of around 7 or 8 gigs to 20 or more. Whereas normally ram usage fluctuates up and down, once the leak hits it only goes up. Sometimes I can fly out of the affected area and then ram use starts going down again, and once it drops below 14 gigs or so things smooth out. But more often, I can't fly out of the impacted area before it slows to 1 or 2 fps and finally crashes to the desktop. I was able to escape the leak bug in the Fort Lauderdale area once by flying well east of the Bahamas, but that was in an overflight of Florida at FL400, so I was moving a lot faster over the ground than the other times when I haven't been able to escape it before a crash. Further pointing to the idea that it's a memory leak is that if I start a flight in Fort Lauderdale, everything's smooth and memory usage is normal. But as I fly around the area, the ram use continues to increase, even if I just do circles over the airport, and a few minutes into the flight it starts getting noticeably jerky. None of the usually suggested fixes (disable multiplayer, turn off various graphics settings, etc) helps the problem at all. And when the problem hits, even the settings menus are very slow to respond, and they should not be affected by other players or graphics settings. I have discovered that the eastern Caribbean islands are reliably smooth, but if I try to head toward South America, it only stays smooth if I stay to the western side of the continent. If I head toward, say, Guyana, I'll start stuttering right as I hit the Venezuelan coast near Trinidad, and will be down to a slideshow long before I get to the Guyana border. On the other hand, crossing into Venezuela in the Caracas area, it stays smooth. So I believe there's a memory leak that's location-based, which suggests to me that they messed something up in the scenery files after update 3, or in the way the system handles certain scenery files. But I don't understand the commonality between the bad areas as far as scenery files goes, because the scenery near Caracas is really similar to the scenery in the same country near Trinidad. And I get a stutterfest around the Denver area as well, which has very different scenery from the Miami area.
  2. I courted my wife while driving a ratty old rusted out CRX Si with the stock motor. The good ones don't care what you drive. 😉
  3. Maybe that's what's been happening, then, and I've just had unfortunate timing. I admit I don't do all that many longhaul flights these days because they usually either end in the memory leak framerate bug or a crash (software, not airplane). But the few times I've done them over the past few months, the winds aloft have been wildly divergent from reality. I'm forced to wonder why, if it's reading METARs at all, it doesn't read the whole METAR and adjust weather accordingly.
  4. Not to the degree it happens in MSFS. And pilots can certainly know what's going on at the destination earlier than "I just got in range of ATIS."
  5. Yeah. I've been defending Asobo fairly consistently since the beginning, but the stuttering that they aren't fixing (just roll the @#$@# thing back until you figure out what's wrong) and the "let's release a payware ultralight before we've fixed the premium planes people already paid us for" stunt, I must admit, has annoyed me.
  6. Well unsurprisingly, I'm still getting framerate issues. Not that I didn't expect it, since I was getting them even with multiplayer turned off. There's still a massive memory leak. I can trigger it every time by flying in the KFLL area for more than 5 minutes or so. Memory use goes through the roof and the framerate slowly degrades until, if I kept it up, the sim would crash entirely.
  7. SimBrief's weather is generated by real world weather reports. So we're back to the problem that the sim doesn't display real world weather, which means you can't reliably plan based on what SimBrief is telling you.
  8. Why does any of this matter? We're pretending to fly fake airplanes. What's important to you is likely going to be different for others. As to why it matters to me, others have already said it. How am I supposed to plan for weather when the real world weather isn't accurately depicted in the sim and there's no way to find out what the sim's destination weather is until I get close enough to tune in ATIS? Or when I have no clue what the winds aloft are like until I'm actually flying in them? Kinda sucks to do a 6 hour flight and find out you can't land because the airport is socked in, and you've burned through your reserves because you didn't know about the 80kt headwind.
  9. You'd use them in conjunction with other real world "current" (much more current than the sim gives us) weather data in order to paint a more complete picture. And I don't think anyone's expecting a 100% accurate realtime weather sim. that's never happened, and it probably never will - at least not until long after all of us are dead. But there've been a number of times when the real world weather and the in-sim weather are completely different. I'll fly through a thunderstorm when in real life it's a bright sunny day. Or vice-versa. Once I was flying on a sunny, warm day when in the real world there was a 6" accumulating snowstorm. It's kinda silly when I look at a current weather map and I see a severe thunderstorm warning over a given area, but when I start a flight there, I might see a couple of clouds and maybe some light rain. And that can especially be a problem when the sim is generating traffic based on real world aircraft. Those planes are flying based on the real world weather, which means if the wind is shooting straight down runway 18, that's the runway those guys are landing on. If in the sim, landing runway 18 means I have a 20 knot tailwind, that's a problem, because I can either land with a tailwind or I can try to squeeze myself in opposite the traffic pattern, both of which are dumb.
  10. Except that would be a departure from MS SOP, which seems to be "we'll update what we want, when we want, and who cares what it breaks." Almost every time there's a significant Windows update I have to go through and re-do some custom settings I have going, like disabling the airplane mode switch on my laptop (because it's busted and keeps turning on and off). MS's MO seems to be update it however they want, and let everyone else sort out the fallout. And the one place that policy might be useful, they're not doing it? The depicted weather is really good in MSFS. Especially stuff like in your screen shots, where you have rain shafts, etc. The problem is that the depicted weather doesn't match reality. Not so much an every 15 minute update, but if it's been raining all day over my house and I when I fly over my house in the sim, it's CAVU, that kinda sucks.
  11. Yeah, and I give them that credit, but they should also allow us the option to use a true 3pd weather injector if we want to. I find it irritating that AS is pretty much written out of the picture, and for no good reason. Those guys managed to stretch the weather engine in FSX/P3d to get pretty amazingly close to real world conditions given the limitations they were working with. I bet they could do the same in MSFS, and the only thing stopping them is that Asobo has put weather behind a wall. That's actually my main complaint about the sim in general. The base platform is pretty great overall, but there's too much stuff in walled gardens. Let more 3pds in so they can improve stuff Asobo hasn't had time to get to yet or has no intention of getting to.
  12. Especially for a production model, that airplane is just ridiculous. The shot at 3:28 would be a preview to a crash in just about anything else. 😉
  13. What I've found works well in the many-buttons cockpits is to map the auto-zoom command to a throttle hat button on my HOTAS, and map the "pause tracking" command in the tracking software to the same button. Then when I have to punch buttons on an FMS or something, I look at it and hit the button, and it zooms in and then freezes the head motion while I click buttons. Then I release and everything goes back to normal so I can look around. I mapped the opposite-direction hat button to both center the view in MSFS and center the head tracker in the tracking software, so that if there's drift or I shift position a little bit I can reset the view easily.
  14. OMG. "I just cut the crossmember to make room" is not something you ever want to read in any "how I serviced my car before I tried to sell it to you" post. 😄
  15. Well, I've gotten it into Saba with room to spare! The thing's beta range is almost like trapping on a carrier. If you get the landing just right you'll get it slowed down before the turnoff.
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