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  1. For me, if there isn't a drunk guy in first-class hitting on the flight attendant and threatening to sue the airline, it's just a game, not a sim.
  2. If the upgrade is for the new FS, I'd wait. You've got plenty to run FSX/P3D/DCS/whatever you're running now. You can either save money or spend the same amount and get more power if you wait until the new one is out.
  3. I think you missed the point of the answer. No, it's not just for flight sims. Any game that needs to have a realistic real-world city can get a jump on its graphics by using this technology. The real advance here is in the AI image doctoring. The cities would look like junk if they just left them as they look in the sat pics. They're using AI to edit those pics to make the cities look realistic. Now apply that to other games. Have your Assassin's Creed visual artists sketch out a city and then let AI fill in the details. Much cheaper and easier to generate giant but detailed maps if you don't have to have a human going over every square inch. The real answer is exactly what I said. People will pay for nice graphics. If you have the nicest graphics production capability around, or the most cost-effective one, people will pay for your nice graphics and you will make money.
  4. What practical reason is there for ever improving visuals? Why couldn't The Witcher 3 have been a text adventure? 😉 People want nice graphics. They'll pay for them. Thats' all the practicality needed.
  5. Yeah, I don't really know how they'd reliably generate real-world tornadoes in-sim without teaching the software how to interpret radar. And if they did that, they'd be more likely to market that capability to TV stations for 6 figures so they wouldn't have to pay their meteorologists overtime every time severe weather cropped up. 😉 Almost makes me wonder if the feature doesn't work with live weather, and you have to actually go in and tell it to spawn a tornado in a specific place.
  6. Nice little wall cloud from Rex. It's not really all that fantastic - it almost looks like someone made it by using the cloning brush in photoshop - has that blotchy fake look to it. Here's a real one for comparison: But considering it's a flight simulator and not a severe storm simulator, it ain't bad. Does Rex use a different weather source than Active Sky? AS uses METARs, which isn't super current (you wouldn't base tornado warnings off of METARs) and also does not distinguish between a funnel cloud and a tornado (they're both called FC in METAR-speak and that's all you get unless they get more verbose in the RMK section). To really do a good job of simulating something as quick-changing as a tornadic storm, you'd need to be pointing the weather engine elsewhere, like radar which I would think would be really hard to get home-use-priced software to interpret accurately, or the NWS's warning system, but then you'd need to get it to accurately parse plain text and translate it to the right geographic location.
  7. I didn't realize you were that Skip Talbot. Nice to see that you sim, too. There's already a tornado chasing game in early access on Steam. I have no idea how good/realistic it is, though the demo video isn't all that promising. I think there's another one on Kickstarter trying to get attention too. I'm kinda opposed to developing those games though. Remember when Twister came out and all the yahoos started imitating the movie? The morons made chasing more dangerous than the tornadoes ever did. At least with flight simulation, there's a high barrier to entry for actual flying so you don't get the stupids bleeding into real life. With chasing, all you need is a car and gas money to create problems for everyone else. 😉
  8. I'm on the anti-TrackIR bandwagon now. I have one, and could never get it to work well. It's either twitchy, or you have to smooth it down so much to make it too slow to respond to head movements. I was starting to wonder if I was getting tremors running TrackIR. Manipulating clickable cockpits without pausing the head tracking was pretty much impossible. And if you wear glasses and have large screens, it gets confused by the reflection of the monitors off your lenses. You'll be looking forward and all of a sudden the view starts snapping around to full deflection until you move your head just right to eliminate the glare. I switched to a Delanclip with a modified PS3 camera running Opentrack software. It's more of a pain to set up, but once it's up and running, the difference is considerable. No more jiggly viewing, and head movements are smooth and timely, and it only ever sees the IR lights from the clip, not random reflections. The best part is that you can get the setup for a lot less than TrackIR costs. They'll even sell you the already modified camera if you don't have one.
  9. Well, congrats. You wags have gotten yourselves into the dev update: In other news, FS2020 delayed to 2025 for incorporation of realistic animal behavior and development of new astrophysics engine.
  10. To be so sure about it, you must be X-Plane employee? See how that works? 😉 It's best if we keep away from making unfounded assumptions as to the motivations of people who post speculation, lest it be turned around on us.
  11. It's definitely out in the weather. If you look close you can see raindrops shooting past above and behind the plane. I suspect they just haven't implemented on-ground effects. I can't imagine it wouldn't be affected by wind on the ground - even FS4 did that. I remember as a dumb kid setting up a 120kt headwind and lifting the Cessna off without even starting the engine.
  12. That whole thread is a study in how not to deal with potential customers. A shame. I've been watching ES for a couple of years now because I'm among the group that's very eager for a good biz/private jet for P3d. Even though I plan to get MSFS2020 (yes, I know, I'm calling it that anyway) most likely on release week, I'd still pay PMDG prices for a high quality private in P3d4. But that window's closing fast - I'll still buy P3d stuff until I own the new one, but once MSFS hits, that's where my dollars are going even though I will most likely continue to dual-sim on P3d for a long time after. And the bizarre decision not to support the navigation subscription that probably 99% of simmers use and instead require an extra $40 per year on top of that subscription (because it's not like I'm gonna let my PMDG/Leonardo planes go navdata-stagnant just because ES wants me to get a different service) does make it a hard sell. And then all the angry, mocking responses to real, non-trolling complaints/concerns.. Well, that's not really helping their PR image any.
  13. I'm uh... Not going to mention to my wife how much I took advantage of this. 😉
  14. I paid full price for Witcher 3 a week after release day. Now you can get it on sale for 7 bucks. Does that mean I got ripped off? No. Things get cheaper the farther you get from release day. You chose to buy when it was full price. You got a lot longer time to enjoy it than the people who only bought it yesterday. We can debate on whether or not $5 to upgrade to v5 compatibility is OK, but you don't get special treatment just because you decided not to wait until the price inevitably declined.
  15. Yeah, I have the A10 module for DCS and it's quite impressive, but this is something I'm doing just as a challenge. I'm not really looking to drop 80 bucks on a combat sim when I have pretty much no interest in actual combat. 😉 If this works well enough to give me a fun challenge, great. If not, I'll skip it for now and go back to flying tubeliners. As far as the ball in p3d goes, I don't really see it all that well until I'm pretty close to the fantail. I think it's because it's just not all that bright, so there's this dim light against the washed out colors of the p3d world. (yes I have dynamic lighting on). Might also not help that I'm on 1080 screens, not 4k. But there are definite problems with the carrier addon itself, and I think I may be closing in on it. Sometimes I'll be sitting on the carrier, and steering doesn't work - and not because the launch bar is down, it's not. If I reload the plane, it works again. Then I noticed that when it doesn't work, my wheels are half sunk into the deck. So I'm thinking maybe all of my problems stem from the carrier deck surface not always being in the same place as the carrier deck hit box. My wheels sink into the deck, the hook sinks under the detection area for the wires, and so vLSO thinks I've boltered even though the sim considers the wire grabbed and stops me. Could that be a potential cause?
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