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  1. If you want paper charts, mypilotstore has expired sectionals for the U.S. for simulation use. https://www.mypilotstore.com/mypilotstore/sep/7089 Mike
  2. Mine came back on after exiting and restarting the simulator. I have also heard that there may be a mod conflict but mine still works win the GNS. G1000 and G3000 mods.
  3. This will be great with the bush trips or just flying new places with landmarks nearby. I have been looking for something like this with multiple simulators for a long time.
  4. Sorry, their website is having issues.
  5. I did not see this posted so I thought I would mention it. This website and the free client allows for some wonderful sightseeing with audio. I stumbled upon it and preceded about flying about two hours in Nebraska exploring various landmarks. Combine this with your favorite flight plan program and you have instant sightseeing flights with audio commentary. I did have a small glitch, the client inside of the sim, I needed to make full screen in order to log in but after that it resides in the top options bar in flight. https://bushtalkradio.com/ Mike
  6. Has anyone had trouble with water Rudder toggle (Ctrl+W), on my system, does not seem to do anything. I looked and that was the correct command for water rudder. Thanks, Mike
  7. One of my favorites too. Author also made Sportsman Paradise and he included links to the libraries that was used.
  8. I still prefer FSX/P3D/MSFS ATC over the default X-plane where you have to create a flight plan even at small uncontrolled airports. At least with the MSFS, pronunciation of certain numbers are correct, 3 pronounced "tree" and 5 pronounced "fife". Unless my ears are deceiving me. Mike
  9. You may try seeing about adding a donation link on the free site, do not ask me how you do this. This may help with your efforts but have seen it done with another mod.
  10. It is now a premium product available at Simmarket https://secure.simmarket.com/bijan-habashi-winter-season-msfs.phtml
  11. How do I download, my system does not seem to like Google Drives. I tried Firefox and MS Edge. Thanks, Mike
  12. Here is what Scott said about MS2020 version of the Aerostar: "We are not able to bring the current version of Accu-Sim into MSFS2020 until Asobo / Microsoft make it possible. We expect this will happen soon. We may develop it primarily for P3Dv5, so at least we can work without any roadblocks then whenever Asobo / Microsoft make it possible for MSFS2020, we would then move it in. I don't want to predict timelines as it's still not even alpha and progress can change rapidly, but it's definitely not this year. Scott"
  13. I have OnAir until early January and may uninstall before then. I like that you can rent aircraft but I do not like that it takes forever to find an aircraft and jobs that I want that are near where I am located in the program. With AH, depending on amount of time I can fly just about anywhere that I want and be flying in a few minutes.
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