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  1. Yes, DA62. Just double checked, flashing message occurs with pitot heat on or off. Thanks, Mike
  2. I am getting the above on the PFD. What would cause this and how do i fix this. Thanks and Merry Christmas. Mike
  3. Mike62

    Ideas for Destinations

    Another website good for short or long flights for that virtual $100 hamburger. http://www.fly2lunch.com/ Mike
  4. Dropbox is only for storage, you need to find PDF charts on the web than download and save in the Dropbox folder for use in the app. Mike
  5. Mike62

    NavStaX KingNav Radio Navigation Suite

    Thanks for your help.
  6. Mike62

    NavStaX KingNav Radio Navigation Suite

    Thanks for the help. Mike
  7. Mike62

    NavStaX KingNav Radio Navigation Suite

    Les, would you mind sharing your panel.cfg for the Navstax and RXP V430 configuration for others to enjoy. I know that it is possible to activate the default GNS 430 with Navstax but how do do integrate the RXP unit. Thanks, Mike
  8. Chris, In case you have not seen them yet, some stores now have these on sale. I just bought the two of them from PC Aviator (U.S.) 30 percent sale plus 10 percent PC Aviator Easter sale. Mike
  9. How do I rename a custom checklist name. I created a custom checklist (Flooded Engine Start) and did not discover about entering a custom name until after the checklist was created. Thanks, Mike
  10. I purchased this yesterday and so far I am loving it. I have a question about the logbook. When I complete an entry and upload it to dropbox it creates a separate entry. Is there a way to have a single excel file file with all of my flights instead of separate folders for each logbook entry. Sorry if I am doing this wrong. Also is there a manual somewhere that I could print out for reference, most functions are self explanatory but it would be nice to have a document to look at to get the most out of the app. I especially like the checklist feature and how easy it is to create a custom one. Mike
  11. You are correct, from what I understand the current products already play nice with others and have good performance, so if you do not have a need for KSEA you can save some money now or upgrade to add KSEA later. Since I live in Seattle, both of these packages were going to be a day one purchase for me but other products that were also on my wish list took priority and as time went by I decided to just wait for a sale. Mike
  12. If it like previous sales it will include everything released before a certain date which is why both Seattle products have not been discounted in the earlier sales. I am patiently waiting also because I am still recovering from the 2017 holiday sales and these two packages are at the top of my scenery wish list. Also remember, DD said maybe so no guarantee that they will be part of the next sale. Fingers crossed. Mike
  13. If you are not in a hurry, DD has hinted that the Seattle packages may be part of their Easter sale. Mike
  14. Sorry if this has already been answered. I did a search and could not find the answer that I was looking for. I own REX Texture Direct with soft Clouds, Sky Force, Active Sky 2016, Active Sky Cloud Art and now ENVTEX. Sky Force and ENVTEX has already been answered so not interested in those settings. My question is the other way, What are the preferred options for Texture direct with EVNTEX. In other words, besides sky textures are there things in ENVTEX that look better then the TD options and vice versa. I know this is subjective but I am trying to get the most out of all of these programs. I hope this makes sense. Thanks, Mike