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  1. Hi Bernd, more to do with zooming too fast. I'm one of those folk getting these CTDs since SU13, and always when zooming is involved. Totally convinced (I had a good explanation of likely theory from someone I trust) that it's an internal MS/Asobo issue so just hoping it goes away with SU14. In the meantime, I forgot on this occasion and zoomed the view too fast - hence the CTD. Nothing to do with GAIST (the crash, that is). Just a shame I didn't get in for a close look at this. Oh yes, forgot to add, that F-86 is a beauty, isn't it?
  2. Happened to be heading towards Mobile from Pensacola when spotted this. CTD'd when I went to zoom in to inspect it but grabbed this shot first.
  3. Well, for me, all this signage is just stuff I try and avoid crashing in to if I ever actually bother to taxi anywhere around an airport. I've seen the numbers on there but just assumed it was something to do with in-flight bingo. Still, like IRS says above - "whatever floats your boat".
  4. Actually, I just had a quick Google and I am prepared to admit she's not as ugly as I remember her. My memories are from the Airfix days and probably around 60 years old now. If I thought about the Valiant at all in the interim I wouldn't have pictured it accurately. I didn't remember the Victor-like engine configuration, for example. Almost like a Victor but with the (to me) ugly nose and cockpit "lump" of the Vulcan. Still, I'll probably end up getting this Vulcan eventually, as I do like to have the planes from my childhood available in the sim, and I'd probably even buy a Valiant if it came along. But I'd snap up a Victor in a heartbeat (and a B-58, B-36, XB-70 to name just a few more)
  5. Just scanning the manual now. This panel is marked "(Temporarily Inoperable)" in the manual so maybe they'll get it working on an update.
  6. Just now got a copy as it's showing 40% discount on the //42 site (rather than Orbx Central) - http://parallel42.com/
  7. Ooooh! that sounds interesting. No idea but I shall investigate. That would be a big help if they do. I've just tried one flight, start hot on the runway and use my pedals/stick/throttle as usual. Only glanced at the documentation briefly and didn't spot anything other than page after page of pictures of dials and buttons, which is the point at which my mind just shuts down. I guess one of those pictures might actually be useful!
  8. It's what I love about this sim. I just spent an hour or so replaying my Mi-17 flight from the Grand Canyon to KLAS, pausing and exploring with the drone camera. Sat a couple of feet in front of a 55 inch HDR screen that completely fills the visual space in front of me (can't see the window in my cave when I'm sat there). Flight was in bright sky with high cloud. By the time I'd finished it had gotten dark outside but I never even noticed, and the visuals in MSFS are so good I swear I can feel the sunlight pouring out of my screen. Magic! (or radiation poisoning, but hopefully the former <grin>)
  9. just posted some pix here - https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/639853-cera-sim-mil-mi-17-and-1g4-grand-canyon/
  10. First flight in the Mi-17. Found it a bit wobbly but I dare say I'll get used to it. Had a quick look at the manual but didn't strike me as useful (for my purposes, anyway). I'm sure there'll be some youtubes on it before long so I might get some tips there. Out from 1G4 at the Canyon, off to Vegas. Bit of exploration around 1G4 as well, - nice little bit of scenery for under £4 in the sale. Anyway, enjoy - I like the look of most of the big old Soviet choppers, and this is no exception. And who knows, I might even get able to fly it smoothly. On this first flight it was very difficult to keep it steady and level, but then I found that with the Bell 47G originally and I'm reasonably comfortable with that now. Always feels like a muscle memory learning thing with choppers. And that becomes an issue of whether or not I have the patience.
  11. Bought it, quite like it but feels like a bit of a b*gger to fly. But then I'm a well known non-button pusher kind of guy. I just jumped in and managed a flight from (and down through) the Grand Canyon to KLAS. A bit wobbly in the air, quite difficult for me to hold it steady and level but took off and landed without damage and that's not bad for a first attempt. Looks nice, bit overpriced, and someone who's a better pilot than me can probably comment more rationally on its behaviour. But I don't regret buying it, and am looking forward to getting more comfortable with it.
  12. OK, and thanks for the info. I was asking because I remember in the early days (I've always had the Store version) when I started using the Addons Linker, I noticed that most of the folders for stuff I installed into the MSFS community folder were flagged as encrypted and wouldn't be moved initially, until I turned the encryption off with my file manager (Directory Opus). I have been using that manager for ever, and haven't used an MS file manager this millenium (and actually, not much in the previous millenium either <grin>). So I'd just assumed that the encryption referred to with the Store products was the same thing, as I always move store-bought products out of the Official folders and into my own addons folder setup and never have any issues with encryption. I did just do a check through a few random aircraft folders on my system though looking for/at "systems.cfg". For any aircraft I bought outside the store I can see such a file in the SimObjects folder ok, but I haven't been able to locate such a file in any store-bought aircraft folder. I can see that the store bought aircraft simobjects folders also have a bunch of subfolders along the lines of "random letters.fsarchive" which contain unintelligible stuff, so I guess those are the various encrypted files in some form or another. Never having had the need to mess with things like the systems.cfg files since MSFS came along (although I seem to remember the odd tweak in P3D), I had been assuming using Directory Opus as my file manager had gotten round the encryption issues, and was going to suggest it here, but that looks to not be the case. I'll still put in a good word for Directory Opus though, it is a very powerful file manager and I wouldn't consider running a PC without it.
  13. I keep seeing references to problems with encrypted files in products like aircraft bought from the Marketplace. I've never been aware of any such problems on my system, but was curious if anyone could give me an example (ideally an actual file from an actual aircraft maybe?, or if not then the type of file to check) and I'll check if I do indeed have a problem with it. Only reason I'm asking is that if I don't have a problem with encryption and others do, I might be able to suggest a solution but I don't want to suggest a "solution" if I actually still have the problem without realising it.
  14. I always figured the set were actually "Vulcan", "Victor" and "Vot vos the other one called?" The Valiant was really a very plain looking thing. Kinda surprising give the striking appearance of the other two.
  15. I may well be the only wing-nut on the planet who doesn't care for the Vulcan, but I wish somebody would come up with a Victor of the same quality as this Vulcan. To me, the Vulcan has always been an ugly SOB, but the Victor is a thing of true beauty and elegance. Eye of the beholder and all that, I guess. I can't be right and everybody else be wrong. Hang on, what am I saying!?! - this is avsim after all <grin>
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