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  1. What? no "thread not allowed"? I'm disappointed <grin> Have a happy and breezy flight!
  2. Ray, I had this PC built in anticpation of MSFS, as I was hoping that would be a more modern design that would take better advantage of the extra cores and maybe break away from the overclock thing. So far, business as usual with MSFS in terms of CPU threading, but this result in P3D is actually encouraging to me. At least all those cores are doing something now, so maybe MSFS will go the same way when it goes DX12.
  3. Don't know if this is helpful but I tried 5.2 and found that it was a lot smoother than 5.0 or 5.1 for me, no more stutters and pauses like I used to get. Using Orbx True Earth GB and all the UK airports as my test I had all sliders maxed, including EA and vol clouds, and running at 4k and was mostly hitting my target 30 fps without stutters. But, CPU was running around 70%, fairly evenly split across all 32 threads (!) on a R9-3950X and I was only using about 6gb max on a Titan RTX. One other thing I noticed is that the LOD draw distance felt dramatically reduced, down about 50% it seemed, so I wonder if they've done an Asobo and reduced the draw distance to reduce the vram load / boost the smoothness.
  4. Well, I've had one of those happy/sad moments this week. I happened to notice that LM had released P3D 5.2 this week, and I've been thinking for a while now about all the aircraft I miss from P3D and how I'd try and get round to setting up a clean system to use for my old hangar, so I went and did so with 5.2. Absolutely clean install - I renamed my old 5.1 system folders so that I had everything if I did decide to bring anything over, and because I wanted to keep all the gauges, sounds, effects etc for the aircraft - but the 5.2 system went in absolutely clean. I then re-installed Orbx global stuff, also completely fresh, and a couple of True Earth areas, and then tried it out. To be honest, I was quite impressed at first. LM have obviously done some work on the engine - I was getting a fairly consistent 30 fps (my target rate) over TE London without any of the stutters and pauses I was getting with 5.0 and 5.1, and that was with everything maxed out and the EA and volumetric clouds also full on. Pretty impressive. But after a very short space of time I realised that I just couldn't stand the look of the environment any more. The atmospherics aren't bad, with EA on, and I dare say that once the various shader manipulation addons are upgraded for 5.2 the overall visuals will improve even more, but that still left me with two major issues. First is (and I don't know if Filou is still around here at the moment, I'd be interested on his take on this) what I suspect is a LOD issue. It feels like they may have done an Asobo and fixed the stuttering and some of the performance issues by crippling the LOD distance. I was very aware of what felt like a vastly reduced detail horizon, maybe half what it used to be. Second, and more final, is that I realise I just can't take landclass tiles seriously any more. TE mitigates that to some degree, but even within that it seems to be an issue. I took off from KSFO within TE Nor-Cal and noticed a tile of buildings rising up the side of a hill and then just stopping dead, including the good old half-a-building cut through on the edge of the tile. I know P3D does this, but having been using MSFS almost exclusively since it came out I realise I just can't do that any more. I tried a bit of photoscenery and that looked pretty poor as well, So it all just confirmed for me exactly how wonderful I feel MSFS is. Maybe not for everyone, I know the tubeliner/serious button pusher folk are still missing some tricks bit for me it really is a done deal. But I'm also sad, because I realise that I'm really unlikely to ever get any use out of my huge hangar of P3D aircraft - probably 500-600 strong. I won't actually delete them all - I've got Tb of spare HDD sitting on the sim pc so it doesn't cost me to keep them there, and maybe P3D v6 or even v7 will be a version that I can live with, but for now, P3D has become a relic. Oddly enough, I might actually straighten out my old FSX system to use some of the old hangar as at least on FSX I don't have any great expectations, visually - it's a sim and can't possibly pretend to look real in my eyes so I accept if for what it is. But with MSFS I can really almost convince myself I'm there. The price of progress, I guess.
  5. Thanks folks. The airport (FACT) and the general area around the Cape have always been pretty impressive from day 1, and the Orbx cityscape is just a nice additional touch to finish things off. And Darryl - it fits right in a treat, it's just the city centre mainly and doesn't contribure anything towards the airport, AFAIK.
  6. Another Samscene city/airport package. I rather like these, they're usually pretty good. So a misty morning trip out and back from RJFF around the city a very faint rainbow as we turn to head back up the coastline My usual imprecise landing, if you can even see me!
  7. Thanks for this, I'll give it a try. Nice scenery, glad I bought it.
  8. Thanks P, I always thought the tower looked a bit sci-fi anyway, very much super-hi-tech when it went up in the '60s.
  9. Not sure I'd even go that far, myself <grin>
  10. Excellent product, been using it for a long time now. As mentioned, the trees are one of the best things about it - much better trees generally, better allocated and really make a significant difference to the appearance of the surroundings. Any screenshots of mine will have Bijan's trees in there. The seasons are, as of the latest release, set so that you have a set of four seasons each of which has a northern/southern hemisphere function, i.e Spring in the north is fall/autumn in the south and so on. Just put the single season you want to use in the community folder, and nowadays there are separate folders for the trees and 3d objects. Used with the addons linker it works an absolute treat.
  11. Just got the new Orbx Cape Town Cityscape, and went to check it out. FACT is one of the MSFS fancy airports, and the whole area is incredibly well done. No idea if it's done in PG, but these are all with PG turned off anyway, as is customary for me. All 4k, ultra plus. Off from FACT Robben Island A place that will certainly take more exploration.
  12. I usually ignore the threads that seem destined to degenerate into the usual rubbish and name-calling after a few pages, but I was feeling like a bit of light relief just now and went to look at one and boom! It got closed while I was thinking about it! I guess God, or more accurately - Mod, is working in mysterious ways to preserve my better nature and stop me letting go with any (probably) regretable replies. Before I moved over here from the Orbx forum, I was frequently seeing mods comments there along the lines of "if you want to behave like that there are other forums where you can do that" (is it possible to type sniffily?) but now I'm here I quite enjoy occasionally watching people get all het up about some of this stuff. It generates lovely mental images of medieval theorists getting into a rage on a 14th century version of Twitter - endless arguments, with of course a vast amount of surety, about those angels on the pinhead and the relative authenticity of the different flight models of the average witch. I like it here! (but there is some use of the ignore facility. It's a fine line between clever and stupid, as a wiser man than me once said)
  13. As I'd been thinking about trying a clean P3D install to let me use some of those old favourite aircraft that I miss in MSFS, when I saw that there was an update I grabbed it and went ahead. Complete removal of my unused 5.1 system and full fresh install of 5.2. Kept the folders from 5.1 in case I want to stick much of the scenery back on, but so far I've only bothered with the global Orbx stuff and TE Washington. Been very impressed, in the sense that all the stutters and pauses I was getting with 5.1 seem to have gone, and I'm getting smooth 30fps (capped) with everything maxed out in the settings and with EA and volumetric clouds on high. What's interesting (ish) is that I can see my cpu is hitting maybe 70% utilisation, with all 32 threads in use, but my Titan is cruising at maybe 20% and using only 5-6gb vram. Feels like LM have done some major work internally, and gets me all buzzed up about how MSFS might be once it goes to DX12. I can even wander around maxed out over London in TE GB without it being a slide show, but it looks so bad in comparison to the other sims that I have no desire to. Still way below MSFS in terms of looks, as far as I'm concerned, but at least I now feel it's worth getting it set up with all the aircraft I want to preserve for that environment. It's still #3 on my sim preference list though, after both MSFS and XP. Over Seattle in TE Washington Heading south from KHQM EA on (as in the above two shots) - and the same shot with EA off - I guess with a bit of tweaking it might become quite reasonable, but like I say, the main thing for me is having a usable platform for a whole currently idle hangar full of aircraft. If you've got room for it and you have a P3D license, even if you've given up on it, I'd recommend giving it a go. cheers, Andy
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