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  1. This is all your fault - @pmplayer Once I get a hankering for a plane or bit of scenery, it's only a question of time. DIdn't hold out for long this time though! So here we are in a wintry CYVR, in my shiny new MD-11. Happy to say it came up nicely hot-started on the runway, and took off and flew ok without having to wade through a manual or even a readme. Which is what I want from a plane. As an aside, I've just downloaded an update for the FlyingIron Spitfire, and having looked at the changes, which apparently make it much more realistic (or "difficult" as I like to think of it) to control, I may install it but I will certainly keep the older version to hand as well. I likes my flying to be simples. This MD-11 is a fine looking thing though, and I'm pleased with it. Sitting on the runway AIG hard at work as ever So, first time out in this then That third engine looks about the same size as my A318 These sort of shots, wintry scenes with strong lighting, are the type that tend to get a bit washed out in the move from HDR to standard, and some of these are a bit like that.
  2. Just checking it out to see if I want to buy the Bridges addon (probably will) but grabbed these in passing In the sunshine - and with a light dusting of snow (or possibly ash or cement dust - wasn't particular impressed with the look of this) - Definitely one of my targets for a fuller exploration.
  3. Very nice set of shots, PMP. Pretty much the complete opposite of what I like to do in the sim, as looking down at clouds and mountains really don't do anything for me when I'm simming, but these truly are wonderful shots, and I have the feeling I may have to get a copy of that plane, even though it would wasted on me in many ways. It looks so sharp, and for a man who's not that bothered about being up in the clouds, that first shot is magnificent. The third engine on that beast looks like it was borrowed from the Starship Enterprise - massive!
  4. Last part - arrival at OLBA, Beirut, and a brief look around the airport and surrounds. One last headland to pass and in the distance, just about visible at the top of the screen, is OLBA. Touch down. No barf bags required this time (unlike my recent Houston arrival) Not an addon-on airport, and not a special one in the sim either, so a bit basic but that's where AIG makes all the difference - it feels like somewhere with a bit of life so just a quick look around the airport and the city itself. After all, we came all this way . . Another sprawling sort of place Seems like everyone here buys the same towels and t-shirts, and it looks like washing day And that'll do. It's all a bit generic but still way better than the sort of thing we had in the past. Perfectly acceptable to me, and worth exploring, but I won't bore you with any more. Hope you enjoyed the trip.
  5. Continuing this short sightseeing trip. About 50-60 km north and turning out to follow the coastline. Haifa in front of us Haifa and its port ahead Acre ahead of us. A place that probably ought to have a sign on the approach that says "Acre welcomes careful invaders", as it's been fought over so many times over the centuries. And moving further up the coast, there's the border with Lebanon below us Not somewhere I spend much time! Sidon below us now And that, apparently, is the Saida Football Stadium. Wonder if they've kicked any balls into the sea and lost 'em Slight turn now towards Beirut Coming up on the Jieh Power Station, according to Google Earth And that's it for this post. Next and last is the arrival at OLBA and a (brief) look round at the airport and city
  6. Second part. A look around Tel Aviv and the area around the airport, then off we go. At the end of the first part, our AI friend had taken off and here he is heading off over the city towards the coast And this is the view back to the airport from the edge of the city where he's flying From Wiki - "Tel Aviv-Yafo (Hebrew: תֵּל־אָבִיב-יָפוֹ, romanized: Tēl-ʾĀvīv-Yāfō [tel aˈviv ˈjafo]; Arabic: تَلّ أَبِيب – يَافَا, romanized: Tall ʾAbīb-Yāfā), often referred to as just Tel Aviv, is the most populous city in the Gush Dan metropolitan area of Israel. Located on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline and with a population of 460,613, it is the economic and technological center of the country. Tel Aviv is located around 32°5′N 34°48′E on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline, in central Israel, the historic land bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa. Immediately north of the ancient port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv lies on land that used to be sand dunes and as such has relatively poor soil fertility. The land has been flattened and has no important gradients; its most notable geographical features are bluffs above the Mediterranean coastline and the Yarkon River mouth. Because of the expansion of Tel Aviv and the Gush Dan region, absolute borders between Tel Aviv and Jaffa and between the city's neighborhoods do not exist. The city is located 60 km (37 mi) northwest of Jerusalem and 90 km (56 mi) south of the city of Haifa. Neighboring cities and towns include Herzliya to the north, Ramat HaSharon to the northeast, Petah Tikva, Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan and Giv'atayim to the east, Holon to the southeast, and Bat Yam to the south. The city is economically stratified between the north and south. Southern Tel Aviv is considered less affluent than northern Tel Aviv with the exception of Neve Tzedek and northern and north-western Jaffa. Central Tel Aviv is home to Azrieli Center and the important financial and commerce district along Ayalon Highway. The northern side of Tel Aviv is home to Tel Aviv University, Hayarkon Park, and upscale residential neighborhoods such as Ramat Aviv and Afeka." Put it another way, it's a gert big built up strip along the coastline, as you can see here I'm using the SamScene Israel package, and I assume most of the signature buildings here are from that The port at the mouth of the Yarkon River Finally (I hear you thinking) - a plane! Time to head off Slightly fish-eyed view back towards the airport. We're over the Yarkon here Busy looking place Beautiful setting. Like most of the planet, seems a shame people and their hormones seem determined to screw it all up (hey, I'm just an old hippie at heart). Away we go Two more parts to come. I'm aware that these pix might look a bit blah on a smaller monitor, but I do run big screen and this sort of detail works fine there. And these pics are primarily for me!
  7. Thought I'd head to the Middle East for the next trip. Out of Ben Gurion and up the coast to Beirut, in the freeware Bombardier G6000 ( https://flightsim.to/file/35553/bombardier-global-6000-e-11a). Lots of pix, so I'm doing four posts - first one here is my now customary exploration of the airport with full AIG AI running. I am so impressed with this piece of software. I see that JustFlight's Global Traffic has just come out, and I'll probably end up getting a copy just to see how it looks, but I am in no rush for it now, and it was one of those packages I was really keen to get hold of. Love it on XP, but I can't imagine how it could better AIG for my purposes (which are purely visual). I just wish I could post the original HDR images and you each had a 55" screen to see them on - words, and these converted SDR files, can't do them justice. The quality of the light and colour are breathtaking. So this is what we shall be flying in, but not in this post In the background in the previous shot - And what is probably a static display of various fighters. Couldn't find anything about this on Wiki, but they don't look like they're there for actual use. Looking back to where we're on the runway Keep an eye out for that guy taxiing in the middle of the shot, he'll show up later Our friend from above is now almost ready to turn on to the runway (in the distance) This is another nicely populated airport with AIG I did load up every single airline, flight plan and model in AIG. Took a while and the database is around 54GB but it doesn't slow the sim down for me and it's nice to see what pops up and where There's our AI friend turning for take-off And there he goes! We'll be following him at some point in part 2 of this series. So part two will have a look around Tel Aviv, itself, and then we'll get airbound and on our way. Hope you enjoy the trip.
  8. Welcome to Motown! (as was). Haven't explored this myself since I got it, but I know in the past when I've been hovering around there the surrounding area is pretty well done and looks rather fine, so I would thinks it's a great place for some low'n'slow now. And yep, overcast looks pretty fine to me too - nice shots
  9. Thanks John. Don't remember doing Miami, but I've been taking lots of similar shots in places like EGLL, KMEM etc recently as I've been testing out AIG with my new(ish) PC Cheers! Cheers Ed. KDFW is very impressive. The jet is not the FSS one, but the older and slightly poorer VirtualCol one so is the 170. I'm waiting to see some shots of the new one to see if I want to get it. Thanks Todd. And it sure is! Cheers Jack, and you don't really think I'm serious about that, do you? Remember you're dealing with a guy who thinks SID is the name of a dead punk and STARS are what you see in the sky. The same guy whose only ever attempt at a repaint was a coral/pink SU-27.
  10. I'll skip over the bulk of the flight (I was doing this manually and just whacked the sim rate right up once I got away from Dallas), so we're now heading in to Houston. The city and surrounds look interesting, so this is another place I'll come back and explore more, probably in a chopper. I was quite close before I came out of speeded-up-sim mode, so we really are heading in to KHOU at this point I do quite like the lines on this thing Amazingly, a fairly neat landing for me, and not even a bounce. Give me a couple more years and I'll get the hang of this! Even pretty much on the centre line. And that really is unusual. So all in all, a pretty nice flight. KHOU is nothing special. Doesn't seem to be a payware version available but I might have a sniff round .to and see if there's anything there. Someone is producing a version for maybe April, according to the MS forum - might be good, who knows at this point. But I will come back and explore the surroundings. I seem to remember from P3D days there's some nice stuff down to the coast. And now (roll of drums) - The Blooper Reel When I came out of high-speed mode in the sim (I was running it at 32x speed), I'd obviously not had the trim set right and had managed to climb a good 6 or 7,000 feet along the way. So I had to make a fairly swift and expeditious descent to try to avoid my frequent ploughing activities. So this is why you should always keep your seat belt fastened (well, on my flights, at least <grin>) But with the speed brakes full on, she did come down to an acceptable level and speed, and I did make the landing shown above quite happily. And so, as she'd behaved so magnificently, I thought I'd let her have her way and do a little bit of grazing once we'd landed. You do realise these things like to graze? Actually, the playback I was using to grab these shots finished but I'd stopped recording the original flight at the end of the runway and hadn't set the brakes, so once the replay stopped the sim carried on in present time and she just sort of meandered off into the grass. As you might be able to tell, I'm really enjoying this sim now I've got my new setup working.
  11. KDFW is a little gem in MSFS. I'm guessing it may only be in the premium edition, but it's pretty impressive. I picked it at random for a flight and found myself thinking "I don't remember buying this airport" - I seem to remember having it in P3D, but when I checked this is an Asobo airport, and it's about 1.5 Gb in the official folder, so obviously a lot of work has gone into it. I shall go back and explore more later. Saw the Aerosoft E170 on SimMarket and remembered I have one of those (the VirtualCol version) and thought I'd dig that out and use it. Not terribly wonderful, but it'll probably do for me. Houston seemed reasonably close by, so I thought I'd head there, have a Texas sort of day. First though, load up AIG and have a look round at KDFW. Been there a couple of times in real life but don't actually remember much about the place. Both times were just airport-hire car-hotel-office-airport sort of trips. Like I say, a really nicely done airport in MSFS though, and of course, AIG brings it to life Lots going on, plenty of movement. Sort of place I like to just hover in that Volocopter thingy and just watch planes come and go Busy in the car park, too And those trains seem to be running all the time OK, so now we'll head off. Realised I picked the wrong livery once I'd had a look round the airport but I didn't want to go back and change it at this point. Took off northwards, turned round and heading south down to Houston And away we go (arrival is in part 2)
  12. Hi GD, it's DD. I've got most of their stuff for most of the sims over the years and always been well pleased with it. Having a PC where I can use their stuff to the max now is a bonus. Cheers John. I really don't anticipate any further travel at all in real life, but this sim brings out my inner Pete Townshend (Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere I choose!) Thanks Jack, and it's well worth exploring there. Cheers PMP Cheers Bernd. Actually, I was looking at that pier and those boats and thinking about our own little pier and harbour here in Torquay. Not a comparison I care to think much about! Thanks Phantom, because I don't go back as far as most folks here in sim terms, I don't feel particulalry sentimental about Meig's. I can imagine it must feel like a loss in RL though. Cheers Ikbenik. It all kicked off because I was trying out KORD with AIG on the new PC to see how it handled it. It handled it well and I just sort of got involved with Chicago for a bit. There's a huge amount of exploring to be done in MSFS, even in places you might feel familiar with, but folks like DD add a whole extra dimension on top, for sure
  13. Cheesuss Crisis. I really don't clucking believe the level of nannyhood that goes on here sometimes. What a load of flap. I've even had stuff marked as "initials not allowed". Are people really that offended by certain combinations of consonants and syllables? DId I waste all that money on my Profanisaurus?
  14. Ok, a bit of messing around but finally a semi-reasonable attempt in the not-much-loved CS B777 in Fedex colours out of Memphis. Planned to head down to N'Awlins to pick up a plane load of gumbo, didn't quite work entirely as planned but I'll continue with the experiment. Thing is, as I've said before, I'm not really interested in all the piloting stuff. I just want to gawp at the scenery and take pretty pictures. So I've never bothered to get into the whole flight plans, programming the FMC and using AP thing. I did get a very nice and easy to follow word not allowed's guide on how to do so from @Chock a while back (and what a very helpful and friendly gesture that was, and much appreciated), and did do a couple of flights successfully using it, but It's a long way from familiar for me. So being in a bit of a rush to do this flight, and not wanting to have to sit in front of the PC and hand fly it all the way, I picked a flight plan via the world map, and once everything was loaded just used the "use AI to fly the plane" (or whatever it's called) option to run the flight, and left it recording as a video while I had supper! I popped in to see if the thing was still in the air from time to time, and it seemed to be going ok - still airborne at least. When I eventually came back in to deal with it all I found it still flying a couple of hours later, and when I looked at the track on LNM it seems like it had decided to vary the route a bit, in fact it seemed to have gone off on a completely random flight of its own for about an hour (heading north out of KMEM) before turning round and heading back down to do the original plan. At the point I got back to the PC, it was heading in to (actually past) NO so I put it back to manual control and tried to head in to KMSY. And of course I was way too close and too fast so the end result was not pretty and will not appear here! Anyway, got a few ok'ish shots, and I will dig out Chock's instructions and have another go but doing it properly. See if I can make that work. Parked up, ready to push back Heading out to the runway When I'm doing this myself, I just head for the nearest runway from where I started (in fact, I usually start on the runway all fired up ready to go), but this flight plan seemed to want to taxi all the way up to the other end of the airport. I dare say it is more realistic, but all in all it took about ten minutes, and it's not the most exciting thing to be doing But now we're off! I watched it do one complete circuit around the airport, thought that was a bit weird, but then it seemed to be heading off so I went away. Turns out it did another circuit and then headed off northwards for a jaunt of its own for a bit. This was just a random shot form when I was checking it was still airborne, no idea where this is Purely coincidently, when I came back in it was heading down over Lake Ponchartrain towards the city. By my rough guestimate of flying time it should have been down on the runway for at least an hour at this point When I came back in, it was approaching New Orleans And you can see it was passing KMSY over to starboard, I let it run for a bit in case it was going to turn in or circle round to land, but it seemed intent to head off in to the Gulf so that's when I switched out of AI control, swung round and converted it in to a plough. Guess I'm going to have to get to grips with that FMC stuff if I want to try this again. Yes, I realise it's not that complicated, but it's not part of the fun for me.
  15. Lovely stuff. Love the Newark atmosphere, then the clear blue sky shot and the last one probably my faves here.
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