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  1. Rick, that is certainly a challenging overpass, for sure. And yes, there certainly seem to be a huge number of power pylons around in that part of the world in the sim. Haven't investigated what's going on there yet (still getting to grips with the basics, as you can see <grin>) Hi TImothy, and yep, you're not wrong. I can keep a closer eye on that in the p3d version as I'm more used to the way everything works there. But I'm loving this XP/Ortho world and can see me spending more and more time in it. Glad to have bought a smile to your keyboard, Patrick!
  2. So, I'm slowly getting familiar with XP11. Learning about controls, scenery etc. Gone and bought 16tb of disk (8tb mirrored) to hold Forkboy's Ortho scenery (and boy does it look great), discovering all sorts of things about how to make it all work the way I like, and then spotted the MV22 for sale. Really like this beast and am trying to get to grips with the excellent Maryadi version in P3Dv4, so had to buy this. First really enthusiastic buy of an aircraft for XP. Loaded it up and off I went - so far, so good . . . and then . . . Ok, so I guess it's time to RTFM. (actually, have done since this and am coping better now. Even managed a landing without bursting any tyres. Couple of hundred yards short of where I was aiming, but hey, one thing at a time) (PS no pixels were harmed in the making of this scenario)
  3. andy1252

    Around LA in XP-11

    Thanks for this, hamoody, I'll go grab a copy of that, and I'll take a look at those rotors too. At this point, I'm just grateful to have something I can vaguely get into the air and control reasonably ok - although I have to say the whole "crash and burn" thing is very well done in XP - I dread to think what my tyre bill is by now <grin> If you can spare the cash and storage space, I'd say definitely go for it. There's a lot of really good free/donation stuff out there for it and a lot of interesting tools. I'm very much at the beginning stages, and I can see it's not going to be a full world replacement for P3D for me personally, but I'm already finding places and aspects where I suspect I shall be using it in preference to P3D in future. Thanks Patrick!
  4. So, I'm beginning to get to grips with XP-11 at last. Hadn't been terribly impressed at first but Orbx releasing Meigs got me playing with it a bit more seriously and I'm finding things that I rather like. Still a lot I don't much care for, but I am really enjoying the roads in California. I've always felt the roads in FSX/P3D are one of its biggest letdowns, and as I like to go very low and slow the discovery of some of the roads in XP is a revelation. The freeway system seems to work really well, but haven't had the same joy in the UK scenery I've tried. Anyway, I also discovered the joys of Ortho4XP, and have been experimenting with making my own tiles, and also downloading Forkboy2's US ortho scenery, which is what I've got in these pix. Long way to go yet, but at least (and at last) it feels like a journey worth making for me now. Just a few randoms around LA - enjoy!
  5. Just curious if anyone has found a workable Fulcrum for v4. The IRIS one and the AFS one don't work, and I haven't found anything else via Sherlock Google, and it's an aircraft I'd love to have available in v4.
  6. andy1252

    B-25 in P3Dv4?

    OK, answered my own question. I bought this, and it's a fine looking beast but it doesn't work in P3Dv4 - the model doesn't appear at all. Ok in P3Dv3 though, so I guess I'll keeo it for my fall-back system, along with the CS 130 and a couple of others that didn't get migrated. Shame, but there you go.
  7. Just a simple question - I've just found the MAAM B-25 online, and wonder if anyone has had this working in P3Dv4? I'd love to have a B-25 in my hangar but $30 is a bit much to speculate with for a possibly non-working model. I've got plenty of FSX models working fine in P3Dv4, but I'm a bit cautious with models originally built for FS9. Thanks for any advice, Andy
  8. andy1252

    X-Plane11 My first two shots.

    Wow! But then why would I expect anything else? Two things, Filou - one is that I think I'll have to keep an eye on this forum now as well, and secondly, you are possibly going to inspire me to look more seriously at XP. I had XP10, and now have XP11, but have never felt involved with it. But seeing these makes me think I will have to try a bit harder to get to grips with it. Inspirational stuff.
  9. andy1252

    Real or ?

    Now that is one fine looking airplane! Nice work, Paul.
  10. andy1252

    The big apple

    Lovely stuff Berndt. I did a trip down the Hudson back with P3D 2.5 and pre OLC NA, ending up in DD's NYC, and you've reminded me that I want to go back and do it again with all the more recent stuff in place. And spookily enough, we did almost the same shots and in the same 'plane. These are inspirational! (and I love the evening shots particularly)
  11. andy1252

    [FS9] approaching Palermo

    That's a Wow! from me too. I didn't even get into simming until MS Flight, then FSX and now mainly P3D (with occasional XP and AFS2), so if I'd thought about it at all I would have assumed FS9 would look pretty primitive but these really are quite wonderful.
  12. andy1252

    Fujairah to Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Lovely shots. I'm not normally a fan of photo-scenery, but I have this and a couple of other middle-east areas and it works really well, and these shots do it proud. (Have you tried the Isreal 3D package? It's pretty impressive)
  13. andy1252

    Modern Goose

    Nice Goose! (I feel a bit like Leslie Neilsen say that <grin>)
  14. andy1252

    Boston Sunset

    Lovely stuff! Catches that 'cold crisp morning' feeling beautifully.
  15. andy1252

    Alaska. Snow in simulator

    Gorgeous set of shots!