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  1. Wonderful scenery unfolding below this flight. Each scene more eye-popping than the one before. John
  2. Nice progression. Really captures each era. John
  3. Nice! Second from bottom looks real. John
  4. Some really striking images there! John
  5. Very nice virtual excursion to get me out of lockdown temporarily. John
  6. Another very interesting compilation! Beginning to sound like a broken record, but I DID visit Yakutat in RL in 1998...an Alaska Airlines 737-200 combi flight from Juneau to Cordova. We deplaned and walked around for about 15 minutes. No terminal, just a small cluttered office with some fishing gear, etc. John
  7. In the movie "Miracle" about the US/Soviet Olympic hockey matchup, there is a great scene where the US team has to get out and push an FH-227 back to the ramp after striking a moose on the runway. John
  8. Love your choice of aircraft to highlight. Flew on one of these once...and once only...when USAir did a last minute substitution/reroute for a cancelled DC-9 flight out of Allentown (mid 80's). Quite a surprise! John
  9. Nice to see a less-visited locale. John
  10. Whew!! Very thorough and exhaustive writeup, but thankfully not exhausting for the reader...at least not for me anyway. Thanks for doing this. My only RW experience with the type: Not a 707, but a 720...Continental Airlines Chicago to Denver 1967 (the old black and gold livery). John
  11. Great mix of beautiful shots! John
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