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  1. John F

    Family shot.

    That's a great shot! John
  2. John F

    Incomparable feeling.

    Incomparable picture as well! John
  3. John F

    Turn limit.

    Steep bank...and a long way down, as the picture very clearly shows. John
  4. Wow, where to start? Great looking airplane, great shots. Totally engaging from beginning to end. John
  5. All good, but I especially like the cockpit shots. John
  6. John F

    Guimbal Cabri G2

    Hey, something different! Nice! John
  7. John F

    S50 to KPAE

    Really enjoyed those. Very atmospheric. John
  8. John F

    Ikarus C42C

    Great backgrounds for showing off the plane. John
  9. John F

    MD88 Iberia Malaga-Madrid

    Great closeups! John
  10. John F

    So near and yet so far.

    Composition and lighting A+. Draws the eye in like a fine painting. John
  11. Simply beautiful! John
  12. I just love that time of day! John
  13. Shaping up as a grand tour. John
  14. Great post. Very comprehensive. I was able to see the Swissair jetliner up close at the transportation museum in Luzerne, Switzerland. Wish we had a high-quality native FSX version of the 240/340/440/580 series. John
  15. John F

    True Earth Netherlands

    Looks sensational. John