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  1. John F

    Early Morning Blues

    A nice sequence following through a time of day we don't see that often in the sim. John
  2. John F

    CS Aloha B737-200 in Hawaii

    Great post. Not just good to look at, but informative too! John
  3. John F

    Carribean Dreams

    Pure escapism for me right how. Cold and snow-covered here. John
  4. John F

    Crossing the Alps

    Terrific shot! John
  5. John F

    Why i love X-Plane?

    I can see why. All the elements are there. John
  6. Really nice "parting" shots. Good luck with your move. John
  7. John F

    Some of my favorites

    Wow! All good, but that last wing shot especially. John
  8. Real good stuff! John
  9. John F

    Amazing Sim you are.

    Speechless!! John
  10. Great tour of the area in a very interesting aircraft. John
  11. John F

    The beautiful Ryan Navion

    Really like the worn interior on this plane. John
  12. John F

    Points of interest

    You've got a great eye for the exceptional moment. Number 2 floored me! John
  13. Wonderful shots. The weather seems like a perfect match for the terrain. John
  14. John F

    EGCB to EGHI

    Dark and dreary, for sure, but still looking good! John
  15. John F

    Another trip...

    Nice but very bright! May need my sunglasses. John