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  1. Nice pictures and very informative. John
  2. John F


    Those are great. That last one says it all. John
  3. John F

    Old biplane

    That middle one is magical! John
  4. John F


    Great city tour for appreciating all the details. John
  5. John F

    Monterey Regional Airport

    Great location! Great shots! John
  6. John F

    Dry Tortugas

    Sunlight and water couldn't look better! John
  7. Nice livery. Exciting flight. I especially like picture # 3. John
  8. John F

    Fun with FSL Spotlights

    Looks good. Always fun to play around with the stock offering and make it better. John
  9. Something different! That gray sky looks cold. Scarves definitely needed. John
  10. John F

    Video Games.

    The shot with the wind turbines is a real eye stopper. John
  11. John F

    B-47 over Iceland

    You've got a great airplane-scenery combo working for you with these shots. John
  12. John F

    A German Explorer

    Great series! John
  13. John F


    You found the sweet spot with the sun breaking through! Perfect! John
  14. John F

    She's fast but......

    I had the opportunity to visit Addison Airport back in 1994 during the American Society of Aviation Artists convention held at American Airlines headquarters. Many interesting and unusual planes there at the time. John
  15. John F

    B-47E Stratojet

    Just one picture is all you need when it's that good! John