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  1. A well-worn paint but still looking good!
  2. Hard to top your previous set, but I believe you just did!
  3. A totally different flight experience and an imaginative use of all that this sim can offer.
  4. Glad you chose the F28 for this flight. Those cockpit shots show amazing detail.
  5. Interesting flight (as expected) with a few chuckles thrown in. Agree, that's a very nice livery.
  6. Great shots. Especially liked scenes after arrival at Tenerife.
  7. A good one, Darryl. Slick livery too!
  8. Your posts just keep getting better and better, Ryan. Always a delight!
  9. Subtle sky differences from shot to shot prove your point. That last shot...I can really feel evening closing in. Very lifelike.
  10. Those are beautiful shots. Glad you chose the Trimotor for your flight. It looks right at home in this scenery.
  11. Very nice shot! Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures..
  12. Really enjoyed this series. Great shots!
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