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  1. Outstanding shots from start to finish. John
  2. Great-looking paint, beautiful scenery and sky. John
  3. That first shot...silver against gray. Really showcases the aluminum. John
  4. Stunning shots. And a beautiful livery. John
  5. What a pleasure to view all of these. And that inside-the-terminal shot is absolutely stunning. John
  6. Very entertaining mix of shots. John
  7. Avianca livery really brightens up those shots. John
  8. I think you're on to something here. Cuisine route maps. Now that would be a great idea! John
  9. Glad you're back posting. Looking forward to more. John
  10. Cold, stark and beautiful. John
  11. Palermo...one of my favorite destinations in simming. Your cloud enhancement adds some dramatic effects. John
  12. Beautiful shots even if the winter landscape is perhaps overdone. John
  13. Just the vacation I needed! Thanks! John
  14. Liking your venture into the nighttime. John
  15. Nice looking paint job. John
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