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  1. The proper procedure is to hold the switch in the start position and then release.
  2. How many times to airlines have you step on a scale before boarding?
  3. I keep blowing tires (tyres for those across the pond) om my Majestic!
  4. "Set and checked" does not work for the flaps challenge either before take off or landing.
  5. How is this landing fps Measured? As the bottom surface of the wheels touch the tarmac and go to 0 FPM, the seat cushion passenger interface is still at 200 FPM! The struts contract spreading out the deceleration. It this how much the deceleration is spread out that you feel. Remember, you never notice the 1800 FPM from altitude.
  6. Do you understand what a step climb is? On a long haul (777,747) level off at cruise altitude, fly for about an hour burning fuel and getting lighter, then climb higher. Repeat the process a couple more times. If I set my flight plan at the first step then when I climb ATC tells me to descend. If I set it for the top and level off ATC tells me to expedite my climb!
  7. How do I request a step climb?
  8. Affirmative on the side by side config manager. Support ticket coming shortly.
  9. No, the installer did find the steam version. But the configurator still tries to put the config in the box version. I've got the Airbuses, 737, 777, side by side with no problems.
  10. Well that didn't work! Let's try this. There is my problem! If my FO hadn't just given up when he couldn't find out where to go, he would have been told: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400
  11. I'm having the same problem. The configurator is set to run as administrator. When I click the switch to enable FS2crew I get a pop-up saying that it is disabled!
  12. The auto throttle is normally left on, right down to the ground.
  13. I bet the FAA would.