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  1. The auto throttle is normally left on, right down to the ground.
  2. I bet the FAA would.
  3. Yes, I did. As I said, it's the Android App that is the wrong version at the Google store.
  4. I just downloaded the Android app from Google. It is 1.1 and does not work with PMDG!
  5. But, what was the greatest thing before sliced bread!?
  6. The big problem is there is no distinction between <Shift><anykey>,<Control><anykey>,<Shift><Control><anykey>. It just parses out <anykey>.
  7. Hey Kyle, Is your new sig a hint of something coming?! (At long last)
  8. More likely: DC-6--->FSX,P3D 737,777,747--->X-Plane
  9. Mark, Do you realize "Lynx Airways Worldwide" is still flying virtually everywhere. Check is out again. The second oldest VA.
  10. FSX-MS

    The amber message says "Landing Altitude." Did you set up your FMC?
  11. Unless your FS2Crew FO handles it.
  12. It's not just the function keys. I'm having that happen with any key and control.
  13. fsx-ms

    So, do you use an unbent paper clip to pry it out?
  14. I think it all started when they put lights in Wrigley Field!
  15. Check your options on the plane, using the FMC. Make sure calls are set as you want. I have mine off because I use FS2Crew.