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  1. And then check it as a favorite.😎
  2. KevinMM

    EFB on 747-8F question

    Why then do you need to Navigraph to use the EFB?
  3. KevinMM

    EFB on 747-8F question

    The EFB reads Navigraph. The ND (Airports map) reads scenery.
  4. Yes, It has an EFB and ECL. I haven't read all the docs on what is different yet.
  5. KevinMM

    Visitor to McCarran

    I'm sure your CO believed you.
  6. KevinMM

    make up your own mind about the clip

    But, what about the tanks for the chemtrails?
  7. Using Samsung Odyssey, whenever I switch to VR with the Majestic Q400, PMDG 737NGX, or Aerosoft 'bus I lose sound. Not with the Maddog, however. This is P3D4.3 native VR.
  8. Hello, I am using a Samsung Odyssey with P3d4.3 . Is there any way to use the hand controllers to work (other than Flyinside)?
  9. KevinMM

    FS2Crew Does NOT Start

    Is that a separate purchase?
  10. KevinMM

    FS2Crew Does NOT Start

    Bryan, I just installed this in P3d 4.3 The entries are showing up in the panel config, and Vehicle>Instrument Panel but it's not working.
  11. KevinMM

    Live Streaming of "every inch" of Earth Coming Soon

    When you go to the mall, and they have that big map with the arrow that says "You are here." How do they know?
  12. She is pretty load. To the point of drowning out the check lists. Can she be heard from the flight deck anyway?
  13. I can confirm it. It didn't work for me either.