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  1. Maybe a screen shot later. But for now, with the headset on in VR look down at the ground from your left side window.
  2. They show up. But not where they can be easily seen and manipulated.
  3. AI=Artificial Intelligence or Actual Ignorance!
  4. And when a caveman ate one what did he say it tasted like?
  5. The fact that is WD-40 Means there were 39 failures first.
  6. The NGX's fmcs work fine on the NGXu. Can we get the EFB to hook up?
  7. Who says you can't? I do right after the after start checklist.
  8. Sweet, if your'e looking for check captains. let me know!
  9. The pin is already disconnected at this point. They are clear to disconnect the headset. The pin gets removed when you reset the parking brake.
  10. The video also mentions auto-throttle.
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