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  1. She is pretty load. To the point of drowning out the check lists. Can she be heard from the flight deck anyway?
  2. I can confirm it. It didn't work for me either.
  3. Fuel

    You're not parked by the fuel pumps are you?
  4. Can anyone land the plane?

    Surely, you can't be serious?!
  5. Virtual CDU request for...

    Number 4 for FSX as well
  6. Flaps problem

    I concur. That is why I am "Pilot in command" and the FO isn't just sitting there with his arms folded!
  7. And the irony is the first voice version was for the Maddog I!
  8. Virtual CDU request for...

    1,2, and 7 for FSX too.
  9. Pause at TOD?

    Is there a pause at TOD? If not can one be added?
  10. Updating AIRAC

    Point it manually!
  11. With FS2Crew Just run the pre-flight and your FO will do all that for you!
  12. The proper procedure is to hold the switch in the start position and then release.
  13. PFPX Fly Precisely and PMDG ZFW differences

    How many times to airlines have you step on a scale before boarding?