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  1. What a trip down memory lane this is! I started in the Cessna in one of the ancient versions of MS Flight Simulator. Of course, realism was quite lacking back then, but back when color monitors were a novelty, it wasn't so hard to suspend disbelief and imagine yourself flying. I didn't get hooked until about the late 90s with the Jane's F-15 and F-18 sims. For their time these were state of the art, and I was fully immersed in my Top Gun alter-ego. When these waned, I tried to get into FS9 but I never got far. Then, when FSX came out I got hooked again. In those days I was still more interested in MIL aviation, like the Alphajet SAAB Gripen and B1-B. My first study sim was the Level D 767, followed shortly thereafter by the original PMDG 747. For years I would spend the weekends planning and flying a long-haul in one of those exceptional birds, followed by some joy-riding in a fast military jet. When the MD-11 was released, I fell in love and that's all I flew for several years. When the NGX came along I was all over it, but I had two young kids at the time so let's just say when deciding between sleep and simming, it was a hard call to make! In the years since, I started to get a bit more serious, and really studied how to fly rather than simply following a checklist telling you exactly what buttons to push and always doing full autolands. Lots of time in both the NGX and the 777. Alas, I still miss my MD-11, but had to let her go when I moved to P3D. Last summer I got back in the Queen, but this summer I've spent most of my time with the NGX, after quite a bit more studying. In my personal opinion, subject to frequent change of course, the NGX is my current vote for the most enjoyable sim experience of all time. So my "sim persona" then is a former Air Force pilot who took an airline job, got a 767 type rating, then MD11, 747, and 777, flew for various cargo airlines across the globe and is now acting as an Instructor Pilot on the 737.
  2. captain_adf

    Any good resources for Airport gate information?

    Although this takes a bit more time, check out the local vatsim regional websites. For major airports you'll usually find very well documented procedures both for pilots and ATC. They'll usually have gate and parking information, as well as typical runway operations and taxi routes.
  3. For me, the cost of flight simming isn't money, it's time. Not that I have an endless supply of money, mind you, the point being that my time is in even shorter supply. I can't bring myself to enjoy the hobby with the wife and kids around, so this means I only get to indulge when the Fam are away on holiday. This doesn't happen as often as it used to, so I'm basically down to one month a year. The rest of the year I spend in anticipation of the next opportunity, picking up add-ons here and there, drooling over 747 trip reports, but trying not to think about it too much. Alas, as my recent avsim activity betrays, I am now a mere week away from the next sim season. Can't wait to get back up there again.
  4. Musical aviator on YouTube has a lot of vatsim flights in all manner of aircraft. He's based in Australia but makes flights all across the globe, usually uploads weekly and always involved in vatsim events. He's also got a great "armchair pilot" demeanor! Funny guy but also very professional. He doesn't always fly by the book, but you can certainly learn a lot about vatsim flying from his videos.
  5. captain_adf

    Good flying books recommendations?

    Check out the books by James Albright, the guy behind The books chronicle his career starting with USAF training and VIP airlift and then his leadership as a Lt. Col. in the USAF in the 90s. His website is a treasure trove of pilot education and he's a great writer.
  6. captain_adf

    Windshield failure

    Could you land with no forward visibility? Take a look at AA-1897 which diverted after a massive hail storm shattered the front windshields on the flight deck (and did quite a number on the radome cover as well). It appears the safety glass didn't break into the flight deck but the spidering made it impossible to see anything using the forward windows. Is there any way to simulate total obscuration of the forward windscreens on a PMDG aircraft? That would be an interesting challenge if it could be added to the Failure scenarios!
  7. captain_adf

    Ground turn in same sim session

    Thanks, Kyle! The rebooting is habit from the old and thankfully gone FSX days.
  8. When doing a ground turn in the same sim session (ie. without closing/restarting P3D or rebooting windows), will this cause any problems in the next leg of the flight? I assume for a standard 90 minute freight turn, you'd run the Secure checklist, IRS off, APU off, and establish ground power. When the pilots come back from lunch (or the bar :) can they then proceed to start things up as if the flight scenario was freshly loaded? Do you have to clear out the old route and PERF data from the FMC? I'm cruising at the moment but given that P3D has been so much more stable I may try the turn without the usual ritual of rebooting windows. Thanks!
  9. captain_adf

    P8-A Poseidon in P3D V4

    Russ, I had your very nice textures in v3 but right now in my first V4 flight I'm using the default Poseidon paint. Apart from the eyepoint issue, I'm also having trouble changing the altimeter setting on the EFIS. The in/hpa knob works but unable to change the altimeter setting. I haven't tried the default ngx, so far just the p-8a.
  10. captain_adf

    keeping track of miles flown in flight

    I thought perhaps the IRS would be able to keep track, since it always knows the aircraft's present position, but indeed it does not appear that track miles are maintained by the system. OT: I see you're in YPPH, any good looking (or even not so good looking) sceneries for Perth that work in p3dv4?
  11. Do the Boeing FMCs allow for keeping track of actual miles flown? My not exactly thorough perusal of the FCOM hasn't turned up anything yet. The situation is let's say there are significant deviations from the programmed flight path, due to diversions or ATC vectors. Is there any way at the end of the flight to have a record of actual air (or ground track) miles flown?
  12. captain_adf

    Speed restrictions on climbout

    Temporary restriction for spacing, so MCP SPD is probably easier, then back to VNAV when instructed to resume normal speed. Thanks for the advice!
  13. When reacting to ATC speed restrictions in the climb, is it preferable to input the target speed on the VNAV climb page or use MCP speed intervention? I find it hard to edit the FMC quickly since you have to enter an altitude as well as the speed you wish to climb. So I'm wondering if speed intervention would be better. Any advice on the pros and cons of each method?
  14. captain_adf

    VATSIM with UTLive in P3Dv4

    Has anyone tried yet and are there any special configurations to run to get model matching working with vPilot? Is the VMR Generator tool still required?
  15. captain_adf

    Big thanks to all at PMDG

    I'm going to take some flack here but I say no, take your time with the 737! Having just upgraded to p3d4 and purchased the Queen, I am having the time of my life relearning the 7-4. While I do miss the lovely little 7-3, I have more than enough airplane to keep me very busy for the summer. I will of course echo Allen's expression of gratitude to the fine folks at PMDG. 20 years ago when I first started flight simming I had no basis for even imagining it could advance to this level of realism. Thank you.