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  1. ErichB

    Performed a nature balance.

    Yh, that's the amazing bit. We thought computer graphics of the day just couldn't be better. Who'd have thought.
  2. Since Tom left us, I don’t recall any. I think polls are useful and fun as they give a voice to a silent majority of people who come here. The fora are usually drowned out by the outspoken, which sometimes skews opinion.
  3. I considered the option, but secretly, everyone always has a preference 🙂
  4. That's fightin' talk for some (but that's a tongue in cheek comment). Both are great
  5. These forums are a small slice of total usage. Although a good indication of what users here do, there are thousands who don't visit these forums.
  6. The option wasn't about exclusive use of AF2, it was about preference. I personally know 2 people who prefer it as a sim (and who actually use it exclusively because it suits their kind of flying) - to mainstream sims. It's a broad brush poll - not to be taken too seriously
  7. Yup, that's what's important.
  8. I understand what you are saying and that is my stance too. But I tried to limit the splits.
  9. We all use our civilian sims for different and good reasons. Some use all sims available. One sim is not better or worse, they all have merits - what is important, is what makes the simulator work for you. I have run a simple poll before about which sims we use, but this is a more expanded poll about your views based on what we currently know and where we see the future for our sims of choice. We are an interesting community with sometimes, polarised views on this issue. What is your current stance on sim choice? This isn't reason for a bun fight, nor is it an invite to start one.
  10. ErichB

    Holy smokes!

    I don't use Xplane, but it is beginning to look and feel like a completely different sim to what it was. Impressive looking.
  11. ErichB


    XPlane is the platform you want for helicopters, if that's what you are after, specifically. I don't use Xplane, but I would if I was a helo flyer
  12. ErichB

    They say a "video" is worth a thousand words...

    Its a logical deployment of this kind of tech.
  13. ErichB

    They say a "video" is worth a thousand words...

    At this point in the world's state of affairs, they're becoming an attractive option. I might join them
  14. ErichB

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    If that IS in fact the case, I'm surprised others have given it the green light. Although (apart from the TOD issue) as I understand it, the real world software isn't 100% bang on the money either.