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  1. ErichB

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    What is achievable with the new sound tech, Rob? In my opinion, sounds are significantly underrated in FS. Glad its getting attention
  2. ErichB

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    I am using REX Skyforce for cloud textures and the sync function. I updated 1080Ti drivers on Saturday to the latest version.
  3. ErichB

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    Update: So after another day of clean installing, one bit at a time....restarting P3D after each install and checking, things seemed to be stable. Snow textures were snow textures and everything seemed to fit together quite well. Then I installed Matt's preset for PTA(the one that he provides with the PTA update). at the same time as Flytampa's Toronto. I restarted the sim and all my ground textures turned into the brown colour you see in my first pics. I deleted the preset and the textures went back to white snow textures. Very strange. I had installed the PTA preset early on in my other installations. Lesson learned. To be clear, it's not a PTA problem, but the preset itself. I am now using another preset and all is well. No more issues. There were other issues in the pics I posted in my first post, and that related to unchecking the Landclass option in the Flytampa config for Toronto.
  4. Next Vegas FSExpo, you're going to have a queue of flightsim geeks on your lawn
  5. ErichB

    Does Ryanair really land hard as people say?

    I'd have thought the compliance with requirements around this type of thing would be mandatory unless safety was compromised. Seems like a bit of a ego sandpit in reality by your account. (in edi/gla anyway)
  6. ErichB

    Wireless speakers with P3D

    Yep I do the wireless headphones for ATC too. Might take a punt on the speakers then. thanks
  7. Does anyone use wireless speakers on their P3D set-up? I tried them before a few years ago and found I had a slight problem with lag. I assume things have moved on. Looking to eliminate cabling as far as possible.
  8. Not so much V4 labelled installers as it is about V4 compliant installation routines.
  9. ErichB

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    Ipads Howard. Ipads. 🙂
  10. ErichB

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    Thanks Howard. I'll also only have time to get to P3D tomorrow
  11. ErichB

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    I'm starting with an install of 4.4 first though. If the install process renders faulty again, then I'll do a 4.3 check. I'd like to eliminate the tree conflicts as a potential cause of my problems first. Part of my overall issue wasn't just ground textures but also autogen. Would be interesting to hear from the other guys who reported the same issue here whether they had the Orbx trees and the P3D speed trees installed at the same time. Can't believe I actually did that.
  12. ErichB

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    This may very well be the root of my problems. word not allowed. Foiled by trees. I will let you know.
  13. ErichB

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    It was checked Scott. Thanks though.
  14. ErichB

    Does Ryanair really land hard as people say?

    Is the general rule not 160knts to 4 DME and then VREF - or does that only apply at Heathrow. Seems to be a good rule to apply everywhere with appropriate aircraft