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  1. This is why the majority of people still are not sold on cryptocurrency. They all think there's no user case behind any cryptos and most of them can't get their head around what blockchain is. Bitcoin is a bit of an anomaly - there is no true user case behind it. It's simply become a store of value (initially driven by hype) - but now, it'll probably be the world's preferred store of value going forward (like gold) But there are a significant number of blockchain tech projects based on the Ethereum blockchain, with significant, world changing use cases. Here's one. https://www.vechain.com/
  2. That video, aside from the dramatic music, was an amazing showcase of function. That really is pushing functionality and the user experience to what it needs to be. The trend is very much towards a connected flying experience and I really hope this is something we'll be getting in MSFS A superb mustering of talent with their best offering yet, on a somewhat redundant platform. I'm just not sure if there is enough revenue potential for FSLabs with FBW on their wing though, but I sure hope this pans out for the benefit of all.
  3. If Navigraph has taken it over, I'm okay with it. It's a completely sensible acquisition and I'm glad the Simbrief guy got something for his monumental efforts over the course of many years.
  4. I think that's the most ridiculous workaround yet.
  5. 'Tweaksim', 'Mess-around-with-the-files sim', 'Spanner & Wrench sim' - it's back
  6. Everyone these days is an expert. Your co-worker is apparently therefore an expert on Asobo's in-house skillset and capability - which I'm sure he is not. I'm pretty sure Microsoft's due diligence on Asobo was much more thorough than a whim.
  7. There are many Youtube videos with opinions
  8. If you are flying multiplayer with a friend and you'd like to record your formation flight, will it record/sync both aircraft?
  9. Not sure what the point of your original post was. Of course pilots do not do those jobs, but they do command when those actions occur.
  10. Yeah, not sure how they missed the point of no-one seeing their own contrails. But it's progress nonetheless.
  11. Yeah I sometimes forget that some people are so far off the spectrum, that nothing will ever please them
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