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  1. Congratulations on the pending release Raul. 🛩️
  2. Please tell me that PMDG have not ignored Simbrief integration. Its a fairly basic development essential for an airliner. EDIT: They haven't. It works
  3. I think PMDG said, no pop-out screens initially
  4. Hope someone does a high quality A330, A350 I know Aerosoft is doing an A330, but over recent years, I've lost faith in any aircraft they do
  5. Europe is generally very well covered most of the time. Maybe not on the whole sector all the time, but certainly partially.
  6. People should just dump awful tin canned ATC anyway and fly on VATSIM. It is an overall much better experience. No idea why people keep banging on about stupid ATC AI. It is a complete immersion killer.
  7. Superb work. Never thought I'd be an Airbus guy, but ...
  8. We all sim in different ways, but this rant and approach is a little extreme. A sure fire way to get voluntary contributors to lose interest.
  9. I use AIG exclusively on VATSIM and I have the sounds working.
  10. I can't find enough superlatives to express how amazing this sim is. Equally, I can't find enough superlatives to express how quirky this sim is. It now works. I tried spawning in about 5 times last night before giving up. It crashed every time (only at EIDW). After 2 PC restarts as well. This morning I tried again and it works fine. The gate of doom was Gate 403, but somehow it seems fine now. It was probably too busy enjoying Guinness at 1am 🤷‍♂️ thanks all
  11. Hi all Just purchased EIDW for MSFS. Not sure if its SU9 related but spawning in at the airport keeps crashing the sim. Anyone else having the issue? cheers
  12. I tried the Headwind A330 for the first time two days ago after giving it a clear miss for months. For me the rocket type take-off is a clear immersion killer. With the latest update I was super impressed. Integrates well with FBW. First test flight from Toulouse to Gatwick. Very stable, plausible and convincing flight. I love it. If this is the baseline, then It can only get alot better. Looking forward to further refinements and implementations. Will do my first long haul in MSFS this weekend. Lisbon-New York Just need a more convincing sound package.
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