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  1. RSR has gone into alot of detail as to what they did any why. It's an interesting technical read. If you don't understand the context of his explanation then it simply feels wrong. It takes getting used to. I still don't like it. I think some things on a desktop sim need to be left to what 'feels' right.
  2. It looks like a super useful utility but it's a real project to get to learn how to use it properly and efficiently. I didn't want to screw up anything with my installation, so I left it. Video walk-thru would be highly useful on youtube.
  3. Yes please. I bought it years ago but never actually got into using it. A walkthrough would be good
  4. I hope the REX boys are working some magic in the back room for V5. That water is much improved.
  5. Have not had those issues. Doing a full first flight today. Are you directing your flightplan from Simbrief to the correct V5 folder
  6. Is it just me or do the wing physics look pretty much like they did in the previous version. I was expecting more of a fluid motion (much like the 737NGXu) which looks realistic. I haven't flown through any chop yet, but the wing physics on the ground look much the same as the did before.
  7. Matt Davies said on his PTA forum that he had made good on his commitment to supporting the life of P3DV4, so who knows what that means. As usual with Matt's products, they are very good, but there is no consistency or clear messaging.
  8. A highly complex aircraft done by a company that is not known for complexity of their systems. It's like a Carenado Concorde. Pass.
  9. Then that's the best solution for you. No need to rain on everyone else's parade.
  10. I suspect even with all of the TrueSky beta issues, it'll still be a pretty awesome experience in a sky that looks like a sky. I'm willing to accept the anomalies they have mentioned until they get addressed by LM/Simul collaboration. As long as the aircraft doesn't do anything ridiculous in cruise, I can live with it for now. Very excited to finally be getting this. Now just need to wait for that 747 from PMDG.
  11. Wind smoothing redesigned for higher frequency force actuation and organic feel Does this address the upper wind issue? They have not specifically mentioned the upper wind layer shifts as being a residual problem, so I guess they have addressed it.
  12. It's a good day for all. I can't wait to see some cargo ops on VATSIM
  13. The clouds themselves look brilliant. 20 x better than 2D sprites. What does not look convincing in (some) pictures is the shader colouration of some of the lighting scenes. Over-saturated in some cases, but most of the pics look great. It will get better over time.
  14. He really doesn't do himself any favours.
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