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  1. Unless you have an acute habit of accessing something on the internet you'd rather not, why on earth would you want to be so draconian? It doesn't make sense in a modern world.
  2. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Framerates and blurred textures are the most common triggers of OCD related behavior in the fligthsim world. It has always been that way. Like you, I after a few years learned to look passed it all. It is the most futile chase in our world. There is only one way to combat FPS and blurred textures and that's with the best hardware you can afford - with sensible settings. Any tweak mechanism is placebo, at best, and never delivers a satisfactory result to those with OCD tendencies.
  3. Benefits to assigning controllers through FSUIPC?

    I don't have any issues - and PMDG aircraft is all I fly. I don't think PMDG recommend controller assignments using FSUIPC though.
  4. FlightBeam add-ons flashing textures

    In which camera definition section of the camera.cfg would you do this? There are various Chaseplane definition entries, all with a Clipmode entry. Do you need to change ALL of them to normal? I have flashing textures at most of my big third party airport sceneries.
  5. How do you evaluate a newly-purchased airport?

    I park up at a gate and use Chaseplane's external camera to swoop around the airport looking at the the details, in detail.
  6. Transferring to V4- Advice required

    As others have said, your machine is pretty good. I'm still running an i7 4770k @ 4.2ghz and only upgraded to a 1080Ti from a 980Ti about 6 months ago. I run my sim on a 55' 4k tv. The difference with the 1080Ti was noticeable, especially in heady cloud. As Squire Waddams has mentioned, hold off a bit until prices drop - and get yourself the 1080Ti. There is nothing more you need to change although I bumped my RAM up to 16GB as well.
  7. Just bought the FSL A320

    Not if it forms part of the original project plan and timeframe - like it has been with Aerosoft.
  8. Just bought the FSL A320

    I honestly cant understand the reluctance to implement this in all modern aircraft as a standard feature.
  9. Just bought the FSL A320

    Great link.
  10. Just bought the FSL A320

    Is there any plan for FSLabs to introduce shared cockpit?
  11. Flythemaddog is released.

    Problem with TSS is that their focus is external sounds. The internal blend of air /engine noise at different speeds doesn't work as well as internal sounds which are engineered to do just that.
  12. Just bought the FSL A320

    That's a winner for me. I'm definitely a sound guy so this is great news. You never truly get a sense of sounds when watching Twitch streams. My only dilemma is that I have a yoke system and will need to buy a joystick system to truly get a sense of flying an Airbus. I don't like mixing yoke aircraft with with stick controllers and visa versa. I'm looking at the Logitch (Saitek) X-56. Anyone using this with it? .
  13. Just bought the FSL A320

    What is it that most impresses you which is different from the PMDG line.
  14. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    You are being too sensitive. What Dan has suggested is exactly the logical thing to do if you want LM to address the issue - especially if only a few are experiencing the problem - as annoying as it is.
  15. Engine vibration?

    Is this supposed to be engine vibration based on turbine rotation or engine wobble based on turbulence or G effects. I assume the latter. Would be pretty cool to see it implemented, but that would also mean animations would need to be fluid. There is not much you can call out on the PMDG line, but animations in relation to the wing or anything attached to the wing just don't seem fluid. Is this by design to save on fps?