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  1. Delete you're scenery.cfg (back it up) and let it rebuild. This is usually my last step if all else fails and has always eliminated the issue. You may have to re-add scenery to the scenery library if individual scenery installations haven't been added via the .xml method.
  2. I thought this was a new Amazon device for ATC
  3. Excellent work. Looks superb.
  4. FSX first.? Honestly?
  5. I remember Roy from FS2002/FS2004 and particularly enjoyed his B-24 and contribution to MAAM-Sim
  6. These should be your leading pics. Can't understand why publishers and some developers don't make the effort to showcase their products to their full potential with high quality video production and pics. It's all about the detail these days.
  7. Brilliant
  8. To be fair, I was a big Control-E fan too at one stage.
  9. Another perfectly clean aircraft with Control-E start. Pity.
  10. Fair enough. I've always thought FSX/P3D's depiction of turbulence was dubious, but good to know that it plausibly simulated the scenario. Well framed. thanks
  11. I did a long haul over the weekend from MSP to AMS in the 747. When arriving at the AMS TMA i flew into an area of (red) precipitation (yes, I know) But I figured everyone else is following the STAR, so I'd just go with it instead of being that person on VATSIM trying to be an word not allowed and requesting something contrary to what everyone else if experiencing. Well, my airspeed went from 220 knots to 320 knots in about 3 seconds - struggled to reduced and maintain the controller assigned speed of 220 knots. Then the stick shaker would sound and the aircraft was borderline stalling. Overall, extremely difficult to control, and after about a minute i figured this was just a very extreme and poorly simulated weather scenario. It seemed highly unrealistic. It was a particularly busy arrival as AMS were running an event. So eventually I had to ask the controller to vector me out of the STAR so I could get the aircraft under control (he was excellent) - which resulted in me having to shut down AS16.and set P3D 'clear' conditions so that I could land. I've never done that before. No-one else reported particularly extreme weather conditions being experienced and of course AS16 (or whatever program is being used) would represent the weather differently to some extent from person to person. I think had that been a real flight, there would have been quite a few injuries reported. Real pilots. @iwebber What are your views on extreme weather and effects on an aircraft that large under similar conditions - even though you probably would have avoided it. I was pretending.
  12. Thanks Dave. I've heard about using VAC but I'm completely unsure of how I would set that up.
  13. You are right. He was yes.
  14. FSX

    Only a mother could love those two.
  15. So you trained with Jim Davis?