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  1. It is a great piece of freeware Pull the rotary knob towards you to set STD. In your MSFS settings, make sure the cockpit interaction mode is set to 'Legacy'
  2. In general, I'm a little more bullish on what's to come. I am willing to give Jorg the benefit of the doubt in this case, based on his comment that there is a lot which is not yet disclosed. There are many positives to what they are doing and I think it's wrong to prejudge at this stage. Whichever way you slice the cake, we are getting a new sim version, which none of us were expecting. We were all expecting to carry on for another 7 years with this version. The positive indicator is that the sdk for 24 will be made available before the sim releases. Remember the FSX days where we got 2 (two) very simple functional updates...and then tumbleweed
  3. In many ways, it's an almost entirely new sim since it was first released and the mods to support various aircraft take it many levels higher.. As Jonathan has said, look at those mods and there are many very good Youtube tutorials on each of them to help you along.
  4. Tell Charles Lindbergh that (I also think he may have used canned spaghetti ATC as VATSIM would have been offline - probably all day in 1927. How upset must he have been in those temps, lack of sleep, just waiting for them to log on.)
  5. Hopefully the A338 is no too far off now. Although, apart from Kuwait, Greenland and Uganda Airlines, it isn't really flown by others. A330 definitely looking forward to it. It will be interesting to see how much (true) added value is in the payware Aerosoft version
  6. That settles that then, because I was looking to ask the same question with the intention of buying it.
  7. It is not superfluous at all. It is an ATC option and a more realistic one at that - whichever way you chose to slice the cake. No need for histrionics lad.
  8. Well it is anywhere from 8am to middle of the night in the US at the current time Bob - and a working day. I did say, it's compromise of choice.
  9. The flightsimmers ATC dilemma: Option 1: Fly with canned spaghetti ATC and get : 100% ATC coverage together with fake sounding voices, dumb instructions, conflicting instructions, no actual human interaction, ATC by key press, and 20 years worth of forum threads complaining about canned ATC Option 2: Fly on VATSIM and get : (depending on the time and where you flying) sparse to excellent coverage of ATC. You need to compromise your choices, but, you interact with real people, excellent ATC quality, other aircraft flown by real people, authentic sounding and a substantially enhanced overall sim experience. . Events will always guarantee ATC coverage and there are many of those all the time. The only difference is compromise of choice. Nothing else Can never understand why people bang on about realism but chose to fly with Option 1. There is nothing realistic about it. Even third party options. If VATSIM didn't exist, I think I might have given up simming entirely by now.
  10. I'm very bullish on the Headwind project in general. It's a superb aircraft for free. Looking forward to their redesigned cockpit
  11. I can't really see the video because its in the dark. But make sure that you don't have ailerons assigned to another controller, like an Xbox controller. It sounds like the input from one controller is overriding your PCA inputs. So make sure all aileron assignments in other connected controllers are deleted. That is the most likely issue. And like you said check the sensitivity/reactivity scales on your TCA
  12. I've used GSX from its early days - pretty much from Day 1 of its FSX existence. I'd never do without the pushback utility - but I have found that over time, I don't much bother with any other aspect of it now. If I have time, then I'll do the de-boarding sequence and watch it all happen. Visually, it's a pretty impressive achievement, to be fair.. One thing I have noticed since the latest update is while pushing back the Fenix, until the towbar is disconnected, the engine sound is at maximum N1 thrust and the landing gear bump sounds play continuously. Annoying.
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