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  1. I hope marshallers and docking systems are featured as standard within the sim. It really should be. Has anyone seen these things in any of the videos? I may have missed them. It's hard to imagine they have not included those things when I have seen the people animations and baggage being loaded.
  2. Greetings fellow South Walian! I must ask, have you seen the appalling and insulting state that most AAA games are released in these days? Half-baked, broken, buggy, cynical word not allowed designed only to leverage more monies out of you through microtransactions and gambling mechanics. Honestly, my last few experiences with the AAA gaming industry have been exactly that, my last. Rockstar is an exception but you can't compare what they do to anyone else just like you can't compare flight sim to anything else. They are modelling the ENTIRE world as it is. This has always been ambitious but this iteration, well, this has never been done before so let's give them a little credit here. I must say I have found Microsoft's approach to this sim encouraging. I may not have been selected for the Alpha but that is fine. It would be difficult because I never entered 😉 but I appreciate why they are doing it and frankly, they don't owe us anything. Well, except perhaps a decent final product after dumping us 14 years ago 😁 However, their actions and communications are telling me that they know what this sim means to many of us and that they are listening and trying to get it right and from what I have been seeing, they have been getting an awful lot right. I could be being conned but right now I must take them at their word and compare that word to what I am seeing and what I am seeing is superb. Having these testers will help that they get some insights into optimisation and bug fixing. It's all valuable information for them I'm sure. If I'm honest, I am not really understanding these complaints about the Alpha and they tend to sound a little like sour grapes and well, as I said, they don't owe us anything. You like it? You buy it. Simples. The Alpha is necessary and how they go about it is entirely up to them and the fact they are involving any of us is a positive as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Well, I believe I may have seen it all now.
  4. Yikes almighty! Get a grip woman. What on earth was that all about? I can't imagine why she even got on the thing in the first place. Perhaps the family would be better off sending her by post next time.
  5. Check your messages. I sent you the link through there. Not sure if I was allowed to post it on the forum.
  6. Sound is an area that most people overlook and try to save money on and in my opinion it's a mistake. Especially as sound engineering complexities and quality in games increase. I would certainly replace your headset, it's not worth saving but I would also suggest that you choose something from a company who's only business is the sound business. Just forget "gaming" headsets from companies like saitek, logitech, razer...whatever. These companies do a lot of things and they can't be expected to get everything right. I'm not saying there are not decent ones but most of them are poor in my experience and are more about style, packaging and awful "sound enhancement technologies" that muddy the audio and mask its deficiencies. The trouble with my advice is that it also means you will need to increase the budget. I don't know if that is an option for you or not but I would, if I were you, be looking at something from someone like Sennheiser. They have decent offerings that are even aimed at the "gamer" space but it's done right and at varying levels of cost. Sound is all they do and they do it well. At their lower end I would recommend the GSP 300. Yes, it's a little over the amount you want to spend (I just looked it up on Amazon Canada and its on offer $100 down from $130 which is a steel for this headset and makes it an absolute no brainer in my mind) and it doesn't look great to my eye but the sound quality is excellent for the price point, the microphone is also very good for this price point and it is without doubt the most comfortable headset I have ever worn. It's not perfect, it has it's weaknesses, but anything does at this amount of money but I feel certain that the audio quality will be a huge step up from your Saitek one. There are of course better and more exspensive sets out their from Sennheiser and many other qualtity audio companies. Frankly, you can pay what you want and up to truly eye watering sums but I can't with good conscience recommend anything less than what I just did. Anyway, I hope that was helpful in some way. Regards
  7. I have been waiting for this one. So much to get excited about in this video and it realy looks as though some of my hopes are a reality. The thing I am most excited about is actual taxi and runway lights instead of those dreadful floating orbs 😁 It's the little things. Everything I have seen so far just seems better and not just a little better but a HUGE leap in the right direction. I really can't ask for more. Literally, the only things I have seen that have raised an eyebrow is the grass from Honey I Shrunk the Kids and some matching massive trees but honestly, even if they make it through to to the end product I will live with it because everything else is just so damned impressive. The chances are that even those things will be addressed anyway. I think this is great work that I am seeing.
  8. But how are you doing it? I mean, I'm pretty good at GeoGuessr but this seems ridiculous.
  9. It really depends on what you are playing and what you are playing it on. But, yeah, I hear you.
  10. I must confess to a similar feeling.
  11. GSX built in and vehicles that move with some awareness that your 747 will crush them.
  12. If I can't see the feedback loop on my monitor whilst peering through my window in sim then this will be an outragrous failure.......ASOBO, I expect to see infinite me's or you're rubbish 😋
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