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  1. Buy matching RAM. If I were doing this I would be buying 2x16 sticks of the fastest stuff with the best timings that I could afford and that was appropriate for my CPU and MOBO combo and taking the old stuff out. I wouldn't be buying another two sticks and adding it to what I already had. Even if you get the same speed with the same timings you may still run into trouble. Trying to get mismatched sticks to work is just not something I'm prepared to waste time on anymore. There are benefits and disadvantages to running both 4 sticks and 2 sticks but for most this is really not worth worrying about but 2 sticks is easier to get running faster and tends to be more stable and it has 2 less componants to go wrong in your machine. Like I said, I would be buying 2x16 of the best stuff I could afford.
  2. 😆 That's what I thought. Well, I can't live with that. That is a realism and immersion breaker for me so that won't be used.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. So if I am understanding this correctly, currently, most of the the airlines and routes in AIG are direct point to point ones. That is to say, a straight line from airport to airport but this is gradually changing so they fly actual routes? Is that correct? Also, I'm still wondering about SID's and STARS, are these still ignored? It seems likely they are if most are still doing this direct line thing. And this Real Traffic and psxseecon - due to the nature of it I suspect that it runs ignoraing ATC? An unstoppable animation that doesn't respect your existence and that you must work around? Perhaps I'm wrong but if it's streaming live data into the sim how does it know not to drive through you when you're in line for the runway and such like?
  4. As accurate as possible😁
  5. Hmm, I'm definitiely interested in this. Once I have bought all my software again😄 Thanks for getting back to me.
  6. This looks interesting. How accurate is it? I must confess that although I can't fly without track Ir the cables and the clip are a nuissance. If Tobii Eye is as accurate this may be in my future.
  7. Thank you. I just had a small look into AIG and it seems much less of a ball ache than it used to be so maybe I will look into it a little further. It looks quite promising actually. I still wonder about the SID and STAR behaviour though?
  8. This was one of those things that once I got used to it I couldn't fly without it. I have been away from flight sim for 6 years but soon to return and it will be one of the first things I set up.
  9. I have a memory of this or something like it. Wasn't it a tedious installation and management nightmare though? One of the things I liked about Ultimate Traffic was that you just installed it, the interface was great and it just worked. I used to enjoy tinkering with my sim as much of the next guy but I don't want to spent hour upon hour messing with AI after all these years if I can avoid it. Is AIG more of an install and work thing these days or is it still a fiddly process?
  10. I have been away from flightsim since about 2015 because I was bouncing off the fsx memory limitations and my PC was beginning to show its age enough to put me off P3D until I had a new one. This did not happen but gradually, I have been rebuilding this last year and it will soon be done (providing we ever see graphics cards again). Anyway, as much as I'm looking forward to MSFS my passion is in the big stuff from PMDG and the like so my main sim is still going to be P3D. At least until all my favourites have made the move and assuming MSFS flies as good as it looks. Back in the FSX days I used to use Ultimate Traffic 2 for AI if my memory serves me correct and I am wondering what the options are for good AI these days? Another thing I wonder is does AI bother to fly SID's and STARS these days? One of the things that used to really annoy me about AI was that it did not do this. So, what are you all using these days? What are the options and the pros and cons of each?
  11. No. The non K chips are slower out of the box than the K. Slower clock speeds. They really are not the same. This idea that K chips are only for overclockers is complete nonsense. They are just faster anyway.
  12. Cheers, Ray. I look forward to giving this an ear whilst walking the dog tomorrow.
  13. No, I'm not getting anything mixed up. I just listened to what they said. They didn't say it's a 10 year product line. They said it was a 10 year product and that that product would recieve constant updates throughout its life. Flight Simulator will be THE product for the next 10 years and I suspect that is why this time around it's called just Flight Simulator and not Flight Simulator 2020 as previous versions have been titled by being coupled to a year or version. You can carry on "expecting" a new release every 2 years. By all means, crack-on. You can also, for whatever reason, dream about paying them for it over and over for all I care but the reality is that that is not their plan. "It's like that" 😉 But thank you for your patronising "product" lesson. I feel I now know far more about the world of commerce because of it. I shall also endeavour to "keep my mind open".
  14. Expect all you like but they said this was a 10 year product with constant updates. They won't be making their money from sales of the sim beyond the initial purchase. They have other ways to keep the income coming. This is good for us. We get a constantly evolving and improving platform that we don't have to keep buying over and over again.
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