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  1. Sorry, I didn’t see there was already a whole thread about the 747.
  2. No, me neither. Its all a mixed bag , in some areas compared to the MSFS 787 the QW has better features , in other areas worse. I know study level take a lot of time now, with the depth that’s expected nowadays, but four years on and still no 747, the real aircraft has practically become a museum piece in passenger form in the meantime. And the world’s current long haul mainstay, the 787, is still not even planned in study level form, until perhaps a well established developer pulls the sheet off one and reveals they’ve been working on it for the last 4 years in secret.
  3. Quite agree, get the RJ and F100/70 launched before moving on. As an ex HS748 pilot I sadly found the Aeroplane Heaven rendition a bit off the mark performance and systems wise, but nothing that couldn’t be revised in a MSFS version.
  4. I often think a great product line for Just Flight would be the HS748 followed by the BAe ATP, a natural progression from the BAe146 and RJ line of British airliners.
  5. Forgive the one word answer I was in a rush at the time but could tell you needed to know ! 🙂
  6. When I was flying the 747 I used to put the inboard landing lights on below 10,000ft and then once I’d received landing clearance I’d also then put the outboards on as a visual aide memoir I’d been cleared to land. The landing lights on the 747 are on “low beam” normally , and switch to “full beam” once the wheels are down, they also have a much greater rate of climb than those on the 787 😉
  7. Right, thanks. A bit of an oversight by the big M then.
  8. To ask this question another way, does MSFS not have any guidance systems by default, a 3rd party app has to be installed first to see them ?
  9. Hang on , I’ll just ask the “say intentions “ controller what they think on the matter
  10. Yes, as a VR flyer the checklist feature looks good. However my one complaint, why is this statement released to Reddit, is avsim no longer considered the world’s premier flightsim forum ?
  11. Anyone who doesn’t own it would be daft to pass this up. Mind you it’s still a good plane for its full ticket price.
  12. I’ll give that a try, thanks very much for the suggestion.
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