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  1. jon b

    CPDLC explained

    The aircraft printer is a thermal printer. Years ago I once got a bit lazy with my logbook and instead of filling it in after every flight I’d just take a print out of the flight details and times from the ACARS 0001 screen. When I got home I’d stick my slip of ACARS paper into a plastic bag in my desk along with 100s more and promise myself that soon I’d transfer all the times across to my logbook. When that day finally came I tipped out all my bits of paper onto the floor only to discover that due to the nature of the thermal paper all the details had faded away and I was just left with blank pieces of paper ! I laughed. cheers Jon Bunting
  2. jon b

    Advice for returning simmer?

    Hi John, I’ve been following your thread,I didn’t want to post a comment here previously as it’s your money that’s at stake and not mine, however... I was in a very similar situation to yourself, I stopped flight simming about 9 years ago, I used to be heavily into it but the family came along so ran out of spare time. I came back into it in January this year for various reasons. I’ve got three big cardboard boxes stuffed full of fsx aircraft and scenery that I brought down from storage. My initial plan was exactly the same as yourself, reload my new machine with all my old FSX add ons that I loved, but also install x-plane 11 as that had a couple of aircraft I needed to look at in real life that weren’t available on FSX. I soon realised that things had moved on , and I really liked x-plane but was still craving the familiarity I guess of the Microsoft platform that I’d used for years,since sub-logic in fact. The thought of going back to FSX though , at least in its default state sort of made me uneasy, as it was something I’d probably had way too much of in years gone by. A little how I now think about cider having made myself ill on it as a teenager if that makes sense. So inevitably I started doing the same as you and looked at videos and reviews of P3D and it’s add ons, and so took the plunge and bought it. Although it’s not cheap I have to say it’s the best thing I could have done starting afresh with P3D rather than going back to FSX. Yes, it still needs Orbx and a weather engine to make it work properly, really, but I timed it right and stocked up on global,vector, 10 regions and loads of airports during their 50% off anniversary sale. I’m lead to believe Orbx sales happen perhaps a couple of times a year if you keep a look out. As I mentioned I’ve also got x-plane and DCS installed and they just blows me away every time I use them , just how far sims have come in the last decade. Out of curiosity though my three boxes of FSX add ons have been staring at me for the last few months so last week I bought a copy of FSX steam and installed a couple of old favourites just to compare. And while it’s great to see and fly things like the Real Air duke again it soon becomes really apparent that P3D is the way to go, it’s advanced so much. I’ve invested in a very high end machine which runs P3D anywhere from 40 to 150 FPS obviously depending on aircraft and scenery combinations, so when I loaded FSX I was expecting it to run even faster. The truth is it doesn’t, my machine runs FSX slower than P3D using a similar scenario, but P3D looks so much better. I guess P3D is just much better optimised for today’s machines. The other thing to consider is P3D has only recently gone 64 bit and developers are only just scratching the surface so far. Once they discover just how far it can really go there’ll be some amazing things happening. So as a fellow returning simmer my wholehearted advice would be to bite the bullet and go 64 bit P3D, you won’t regret it. Good luck, and all the best. Jon
  3. jon b

    CPDLC explained

    Oh yeah, I wasn’t suggesting for a minute that printing at home would be a good thing to do, there’d be no need. Just giving an example of how the aircraft printer is used in normal operation.You end up with slips of paper everywhere on the centre consol, the more conscientious FOs actually bring a paper clip to put them all in a neat pile! You wouldn’t want that at home really. Unless of course saitek did actually do a small roll printer!😉 Jon Bunting
  4. jon b

    CPDLC explained

    Some messages such as the PDC ( pre departure clearance) can only be printed off and not be seen on the CDU, subject to the usual software version /company specific caveat when making these statements. Also our company SOP is to print off any climb or routing clearance received via CPDLC and compare the flight number and registration are correct, both pilots agree on the message content and then a reply is sent and the clearance executed The reason to print the clearance is to confirm what CPDLC message you are actually replying to , in theory the print function should the active message. There is a situation, and I have seen this where the current message displayed in the CDU differs from the one printed , and thus the one you would be responding to . Messages can get backed up and out of sync, especially when using both the left and right CDUs to respond to CPDLC. There’s a current Boeing bulletin for the 747-400 making crews aware of this possible left -right CDU sync issue. There is also then a hard copy for the records. CPDLC on the whole is a great feature, and is much better integrated in the latest generation of jets such as the 787, 747-8 A350 etc. With the 747-400 to be honest it’s CDUs aren’t really fast enough for what’s required.Its a bit like trying to run the internet on a Commodore 64 You can sometimes see their screens blank out for a fraction of a second as a CPDLC Message arrives under the strain. Quite often receiving and sending CPDLC messages in quick succession can cause a backlog of data for the CDU to handle and they have a tendency to just give up and drop out requiring a resync. cheers Jon Bunting
  5. jon b

    Good flying books recommendations?

    For large aircraft flying I’d recommend HANDLING THE BIG JETS this has been the standard U.K. text on large aircraft aerodynamics for years. For a less dry read on modern -ish airline operations FLYING THE BIG JETS is a good read covering a BA flight from LHR-JFK in a 747-400, at least in the version I own. I believe it was updated in later versions to cover 777 operations. A fantastic read on historic airline ops, not so much the technical side but the fun human element try THREE DIMENSIONED DARKNESS. Written by a BOAC 707 captain in the early days of the 50’s and 60’s when jets were new, exciting and extremely glamorous.. He tells the story of the crews exploits down route while traveling the world before it became the stale politically correct place it is now. I’ve not read it for years but one story that sticks in my mind was the crew were out at night in some distant foreign land having fun when they found some building materials. I think it was the captain who was having an early night asleep in his room, so as a prank the crew built a solid brick wall in front of the the captains chalet door completely encapsulating him! I can only imagine the reaction of airline management and the health and safety executive to that in the present day. There’s a few copies to be found at amazon and the like but just digging around there’s free digitised copies on the internet.;view=1up;seq=1;skin=mobile For those of us who have been simming from the C64 80’s era this website is a great resource I used to love the books by Charles Gulick, in particular A FLIGHT SIMULATOR ODYSSEY They really used to add to the immersion and gave a credibility to the early simulators , filling in the gaps left by the wire framed graphics ! Jon
  6. There’s nothing better in an evening than soaring over the mountains in condor sim 2 while sipping on a glass of quality rum and ice... in fact it’s just about that time now, going to poor myself a glass and sort out an aerotow, cheers!
  7. jon b

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Well,I think there’s a serious point in there somewhere! I’m doing good Rob, yourself ? Jon
  8. jon b

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    X-plane and P3D are like testicles , one is not better than the other and both should be loved and cherished equally, because it’ll be a sad day if you ever wake up one morning and find one is missing. Jon Bunting
  9. And I can guarantee you the people stuck in there are hating every single second of it!
  10. jon b

    A2A C172 or JustFlight C152?

    Although it has to be said you can’t beat an A2A aircraft, if you’re learning on the 152 that’s the one you want. You’ll be able to practice your drills and the power ,pitch and speeds should all be correct for your actual training aircraft, that’s much better than practicing on something not quite the same. I’ve got the justflight 152 and it’s a very stable accurate flight model great for learning on and the cockpit is a very accurate rendition of an actual 152, you’ll feel right at home in it. Ive been using it to teach my 9 year old the PPL syllabus, it’s a cracking little plane. Jon
  11. I’ve spent the last 20 odd years following an FMC generated pink string but many years ago I spent 10s of thousands of pounds and dollars learning how to fly proper IFR on analog gauges and dials. So this is a cheap way , certainly in comparison, to rejuvenate those skills and exercise the brain. You never know when those skills might come in handy again. Also knocking around in real world jets gives me a justification to spend on the hobby. I went to JFK last week or the first time in 5 years so bought the New York airports package to reacquaint myself. Off to Atlanta soon, never been before, I’ll need the imaginesim KATL scenery then ! Ive also got a choice to make in a couple of years as my aircraft is being retired, what to fly next. I’ve got some pretty high end ,costly add ons which haven’t even left the ground or have only been as far as the circuit, jar design A330, FF A350 FSL A320 and QW B787. These have allowed me to familiarise myself and play around with their systems and FMCs etc and essentially try before I buy so to speak. Each change of aircraft is a good six months of hard work and study and it’d be at least 3 years before I could change fleet again . So these add ons though costly have allowed me to make an important real world decision. Which is basically...”if it ain’t Boeing I ain’t going” (though I reserve the right to change my mind, you never know who’s reading this) Jon
  12. jon b

    JustFlight Spitfire vs. A2A Spitfire

    Thanks Stephen, good info. I’ve found the Real Air American champion aircraft, SF260, and duke in my storage boxes, and I have the spit on one of my download accounts. My duke is the poor man’s piston version though. i think now I have FSX installed I’ll try them in their native environment again first. Having been away from simming for almost a decade I’m intrigued to see what my new super computer does with FSX, I’m hoping it’ll do things that I could have only dreamed of back in the 00 naughties! Cheers Jon
  13. jon b

    JustFlight Spitfire vs. A2A Spitfire

    Have you thought about getting a free copy of DCS and buying the Spitfire and Normandy scenery? Not only will you get more realistic flight dynamics and systems,you’ll also get a realistic WW2 combat environment to fly it in the way it was intended to be. Going back to the Real Air discussion , although running P3D v4 I’ve some cardboard boxes full of FSX software that’s been staring at me for the last couple of months including a fleet of Real Air aircraft. Yesterday I finally gave in and bought FSX SE primarily to fly the RA duke again, not installed any add ons yet so I too would be very interested to learn if I can get the Real Air stuff to work in P3D v4 without messing things up. cheers jon
  14. jon b

    Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator news

    That’s the thing, I suspect after a while of using it these mystical non existent places will in fact become real to us, the flight sim community. Just as real as anywhere else in the “real” world. Look at Meigs field, it no longer exists in real life, but to us all ,it still does exist and is real (thanks to Orbx ) it’s our home !
  15. jon b

    What does a modern day Flight Sim NEED?

    “What does a modern day simulator NEED?” I’ll spin that around and say do we NEED a modern day simulator ? If a new all encompassing multi use simulator were to be released would I buy it? Certainly I would , do I think we need one? No We’re extremely lucky at this moment in time with the platforms available to us and their quality. I think the key to getting the best possible simulator experience is to employ multiple platforms, and making the most of each platform’s specialities and capabilities. P3d/FSX is without doubt the king when it comes to airliner flying at this moment in time at least. Real world wether integration, systems modelling, and the breadth of aircraft, scenery and airport add ons available means that just about any real world scenario can be recreated.With the addition of Orbx or similar the P3D world is also a cracking VFR platform. Moving on, X-plane, I’ve always loved this platform for its flight dynamics. This was always well ahead of Microsoft’s offering.Having recently returned to the hobby after a few years away I’m now not feeling much difference. I don’t know if X plane over the years has lost a little fidelity in the flight model or if P3D’s third party add on aircraft have caught up , I suspect it’s the latter.X plane provides a superb platform for IFR flying with its silky smooth instruments and flight dynamics, and of course a magnificent VFR/GA platform. I must admit I don’t fly X plane as much as P3D and it can go weeks unused. But like yesterday when I took the vflyteair twin Comanche out of Orbx Meigs field for a short spin around Chicago I’m left mesmerised and literally sat swearing at my screen at just how astounding it looks and handles. Once the third party development truly ramps up this will be one heck of a platform.Will it ever overtake P3D? Who knows,personally I think the areas where P3D is falling behind slightly at the moment will be addressed in the future. Of course if you are in the mood for a bit of gliding you can get yourself a glider for P3D or X plane and off you go, ...but you don’t want to do that! What you want to do is , again , specialise.Get yourself a copy of condor soaring simulator 2 and be amazed by is flight and weather physics, realistic whinch and aerotow launches.Putting a glider into a spin and watching it spiral down from an external view in this simulator is truly spellbinding. Now, after spiralling around the sky all day at 45kts you’re in the mood for some high performance aggression !. Again you could buy a military add on for your favourite civilian platform.But if it’s the realistic feeling of a high performance jet you’re after you simply can’t do any better than get yourself a (free) copy of DCS. I’ve never known flight modelling like this, in all the years I’ve been simming, the realism is just superb. Perhaps a little too realistic if anything. The first time I tried taking off in the mustang I crashed on takeoff the first 3 attempts.Despite having around 18,000 hours of real world flying experience, I’ve no experience or training in high performance piston tail draggers and so I made exactly the same handling errors I would if I just jumped into a real mustang and tried to take off with no training. The thing bit back ! I’m certainly no pacifist but I’ve not fired a single shot in the ‘ combat ‘ sim DCS I’m just there for the flight dynamics and system modelling and with the addition of VR and good control hardware it’s the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to real flight on a simulator. And as I’ve said before, I include multimillion dollar level D sims in that statement. It seems we’ve also a treat in store for low and slow bush flying when Deadstick is released. Of course we can bush fly in P3D and X plane, but like with condor it won’t compare to a simulator specialising in and optimised for its particular genre. So, personally no, I’m not longing or looking for a new one size fits all simulator. Running several specialised platforms along side each other is the way to go I feel. We have such a rich and varied selection of simulator platforms available to us at the moment, buy them all, if finances permit, and and enjoy and savour the different flavours and styles of each and every one of them. Cheers Jon