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  1. jon b

    weight just to hold plane down

    When I used to fly HS748 turbo prop freighters doing night freight runs we used to have barrels of water that were used for ballast in the rear of the cabin to ensure the aircraft remained within its centre of gravity limits when not carrying freight. I sometimes fly empty 747s around (I only fly aircraft with 74- in the name) , they don’t require any ballast or extra weight despite being almost 200,000kg below their maximum take off weight. So no, you shouldn’t need to add weight just to make it land properly, unless you’re outside the CofG envelope.
  2. jon b

    T2G MCO

    Thanks Ciaran, I was hanging on to see just how upgraded the orbx KMCO was before going any further. I might start delving into the inner workings now then and get T2G up and running
  3. jon b

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    I’m a regular user of gate 85 and checked that out already, it’s just a default building, for some reason im not getting any jetways either. Just for the record I’ve been following this on the orbx forum and was fully aware there wouldn’t be a commercial level airport included , and for the price I wouldn’t expect one,so not complaining at all, the CityScene is great, However with this and the amount of other threads about T2G KMCO and trying to get it working in V4 I’d say there was a big demand for a decent KMCO for P3D.... please , please,Orbx😉 As I’ve said elsewhere if you also use X-plane the nimbus KMCO is absolutely outstanding.
  4. jon b

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    I’d also be very interested in seeing your screen shots of the terminal and gates . I’ve just installed it and all I saw was a default block terminal building with no jetways so I wasn’t overly impressed,but judging by your positive reaction I think I might have done something wrong.
  5. jon b

    T2G MCO

    Well, although I’ve bought T2G KMCO through sim market I’m unable to get past the copy protection and install it. Sim market say it’s a problem with no name being in my registry. I’m not too keen to start messing with registry things so I’ve just left it alone. I’ve been using the nimbus KMCO in x-plane as an alternative which is a fantastic airport product,should you also use x-plane. Having just flown around the new Orbx KMCO I can confirm that the CityScene is great but the KMCO really needs a proper commercial add on airport to go with it,the included upgraded airport isn’t up to much (they did warn us) Hopefully Orbx have something in the pipeline.
  6. jon b

    T2G MCO

    In the mean time Orbx CityScene Orlando is now released, I’m off to try it out.
  7. There’s a few of us lurking about, normally easy to spot by the use of bad grammar 😉
  8. I was operating out of the real KMCO yesterday and heard on the radio that the J bridges had been closed because they’d found cracks in them , they’re going to be out of service for quite a while apparently. So it seems the real MCO is following the T2G version with bridge issues.
  9. On that note the flyjsim 737 has quite a few peripheral cabin functions and panels modelled. So for example for an enhanced realistic experience at “study level” I can get my wife who is RW cabin crew to go through the virtual cabin opening individual window blinds, closing overhead lockers, dim the cabin lights and then retract the airstairs using the correct panel and close the door. I can then send her off to the RW kitchen which can double as the virtual galley to get me a cup of tea! Of course I don’t really do that, but I could if I wanted!
  10. I buy quite a few study level aircraft simply because I want study level flight dynamics modelling and am happy to pay for that. I don’t have the capacity to learn all their systems in detail so like Vic says I also just do routine flights and enjoy the aerodynamics, most of the time I’m happy just flying circuits with a good aircraft. Likewise I’m happy to buy expensive DCS aircraft simply for their exceptional aerodynamics and never flip the the master arm switch out of SAFE. My current favourite is flyjsim 737-200 in x-plane which I fly VFR up and down the coast line. The best handling aircraft I’ve ever used though would have to go to the DCS A10-C, that thing is a real aircraft somehow trapped inside a computer.
  11. jon b

    A-10 tidbits....

    I remember many years ago as an 18 year old private pilot I too got to see a couple of A10s, four in fact , much too up close and personal for My liking. I was flying into Brough in the U.K. , which is a BAe airfield where they make the Hawk trainer. I was in my little Cessna 152 at maybe 1000- 1500ft and talking to Brough approach outside controlled airspace. The controller it seems was also in contact with the A10 flight on UHF which I couldn’t hear.He informed me that there was a flight of A10s approaching from the south but not to worry they had me in sight. I frantically searched to my right for the A10s but couldn’t see any sign of them in the sky. Then suddenly I spotted the first one as it came straight at me climbing almost vertically from below me, it went straight above and slightly in front of me,rolled inverted and pulled down descending rapidly back down low level on my left side.This was closely followed by his his wingman doing the exact same thing, while the last two A10 went straight underneath me, making me into a sandwich. I can’t remember my exact words to the controller as this happened but I remember my 18 year old voice went all squeaky!
  12. jon b

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Thanks Dave, very kind of you. I’ll try and research what the problem is and get it sorted , I’m sure the answer is simple and already on a forum somewhere. To be honest I’ve not been in a hurry to upgrade anyway, I’ve been waiting for all my add ons to be made compatible ,and I can get my PBR fix with X plane if needed. Thank you for your kind offer though ,and a very happy new year to you. Jon
  13. jon b

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    That’s very kind Steve and thank you for your comments, simming is also my hobby and passion too I’ve been at it since Mig alley ace and solo flight on the Commodore 64 before RW flying. I’ll try and help out on the things I know about where I can because there’s lots of things in this hobby I don’t know about where I have to come asking for help, I currently can’t get the P3D V4.4 update to intall for example, so it’s a case of give and take🙂
  14. jon b

    SF260 is out

    Tony, are you basing that on screenshots and YouTube clips you’ve seen? All I can say is that in the sim the SF260 has possibly the finest set of analogue instruments I’ve ever seen. I use a 40” screen in 4K and zoom right up on the primary instruments to make them life size and practice IFR flying ,they’re faultlessly smooth and clear.
  15. jon b

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    There seem to be at least 4 of us lurking on this thread alone ! Times have changed, years ago these and the Aerowinx forums used to be populated by school kids pretending to be 747 pilots😉 - by that I mean they were telling other forum users they were real pilots and giving flawed advice, they were always found out in the end though!