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  1. Yes that’s certainly my favourite in the A2A fleet it’s a cracker, I can’t seem to get on with the bonanza for some reason. i’ll Just have to fly the Comanche flat out ! Rich - I forgot to say I checked out the DC9 on YouTube, thanks. Sadly a notchy HSI again , a shame because that looked perfect.
  2. Thank a lot for the suggestions there gentlemen. A good selection and in fact in my quest for an IFR platform I’ve already purchased the flysimware conquest and Lear 35, and the xtreme prototypes Lear 25, all of which sadly have the same notched HSI needles. I’m holding out hope that version 3 of xtreme prototype’s Lear May have custom navigation needles. I keep toying with the idea of elite but never quite get there. Thanks again, I know it’s just a small thing (probably) for most people but it just bugs me and spoils the immersion for me seeing the glide and localiser needles click over in low resolution degree increments rather than moving smoothly. As I mentioned the A2A fleet and the milviz PC6 all have a realistic smooth action to their navigation instruments. I use the milviz T38A for shooting ILS approaches but that too has a notchy HSI , I’m just wondering if now milviz have started using higher resolution HSIs like with their newer PC6 if they’ve upgraded the HSI in the T38A redux? Anyway not to worry, I’m sure one day they’ll let me near a real aeroplane again , I’m just hoping my brain is still going to be up to it.
  3. Hello. I’m after something with a realistic flight model, a comprehensive steam driven analogue IFR suite with HSI & RMI and have high performance,something in approach category C or D, so most likely airliner / military category,but would consider something more sedate,to try and keep my brain active during lockdown. Here’s the crucial thing though ... it has to have proper needles. By that I mean ILS deviations should be smooth and imperceptible rather than the unrealistic segmented movements that are standard in P3D and pretty much have been since FS95. It really spoils the immersion as real instruments just don’t act like that. I’ve found good examples of realistic deviation needles which I believe have to be custom coded on all of A2A’s fleet and also the Milviz PC6. They’re all cracking aircraft but a little slow for what I’m after. Sadly the models of real world IFR training platforms which you would think would be perfect for IFR practice are let down by these notched needles, for example the JF Dutches and MV310 and T38A The upcoming JF A300 and 146 agin would be perfect but I suspect they too will have notched needles. I could use X-plane I guess which seems to have smooth needles as standard but I’m really after something in P3D. Any body have any suggestions ? many thanks, stay safe and all that
  4. A quick cross check for vref I use in real world ops is: flap 30 vref at 240T is 140kts. This speed changes by 1kt per 3T change in landing weight, eg 250T vref 30 is 143kt , 230T its 139 kt
  5. Thanks for that, most interesting ! it seems airports and airfields have more than their fair share of supernatural stories. I recall people telling me about the airport hotel at Newcastle which were the old RAF barrack being haunted by a WW2 pilot. The cabin crew always seem to find a ghost at every hotel we stay at ! Certainly there are more things in heaven and earth ! You really wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen.
  6. Not wanting to drift too far off but as Stan’s Problem seems to have been fixed and we’re now onto football.....where are the word not allowed at Manchester? edit... the word not allowed above was another word for ghost! Sp00ks
  7. I was based out of Liverpool back in the mid 90’s flying HS748 freighters. i remember flying right hand circuits on 09 flying along the river and the approach lights stretching out into the river. My other memories include a strong whiff of chemicals on foggy evenings as you pass overhead the chemical plant near the Runcorn bridge on approach to 27. Also on the northern airfield, which I believe has now been built over? It was reported that there Was the ghost of an old airman!. Our maintenance facility was up there and the engineers would often come back looking spooked.
  8. MSFS uses ground breaking scenery techniques and is putting considerable effort in to their default aircraft, true enough, but they are at the end of the day still default options. When in this hobby has a default scenery , airport or aircraft ever been better than a good quality payware or indeed often freeware add on? Certainly never in the 30 odd years I’ve been enjoying the hobby has that been the case, and I don’t think that’s about to change. I believe MSFS will raise the bar in the level of detail and quality that comes as standard out of the box in flight simulation, but it certainly won’t get anywhere near the quality delivered by ORBX, PMDG ,FSL and the like.
  9. I’ve just had a look on my up to date, real world jeppessen flight deck pro, no sign of the Sheffield NDB.
  10. I’m running 4.5 not 5 however from my experience.... If you’re just interested in flying in the U.K. and nowhere else then you’d only need the orbx true earth products and wouldn’t need to bother with global or Europe LC . The TE contains the mesh and everything else you need. I have both the Just flight VFR and orbx TE. I liked the JF product, it was light on performance and disk space , but to be honest as expected the orbx TE wins hands down. Nicer crisper scenery, and thousands of points of interest and custom auto gen buildings . I’ve also just added the new terra flora package which looks superb with TE. TE is a bit more expensive but worth every penny, in fact considering the area it covers in such detail I can’t believe it’s so cheap, and it’s sometimes on sale. The UK2000 airports stand out a little sometimes with TE but obviously orbx versions blend perfectly. I do a lot of low level military jet flying around your neighbourhood up in the highlands in VR using orbx TE and it’s absolutely stunning. ‘Orbx keep updating TE with new custom POIs , I could well be wrong but I don’t think JF have ever updated their VFR scenery.
  11. Yes, on further investigation you are quite right it should.
  12. I’m no expert on the 787, I know very little about it so far but a change in circumstances means I’m currently wading through the real world manuals. From what I’ve read the 3 degree line is the Glidepath reference line and is used in conjunction with FPV symbol and so it should remain parallel to to the FPV symbol wings , and not the horizon as the pitch lines do. In short the behaviour you’re seeing there with the minus 3 degree line remaining in parallel to the aircraft and not the horizon is indeed correct. Or at least that’s how I’m reading it in the manuals, like I say i’m not an expert on the 787.
  13. Did you have LOC and GS as the active modes on the FMA ? If the 787 has the same logic as the 747 and I presume it does, then the only way out of LOC/GS is either a press of TOGA or autopilot off, flight directors off then back on again.
  14. As a real world comparison I’ve been flying since 1990 , so 30 years. The last 23 in long haul and I have somewhere in the region of 18K
  15. There’s a really nice coffee table book I’m flicking through at the moment simply called “cargo pilot” written by a Cargolux 747 pilot. Quite an interesting lifestyle. Instead of flying from A to B back to A ,2 days off and repeat like passenger airline pilots , they seem to take their jet on a 2-3 week world tour then get 10 days off in a row.
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