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  1. jon b

    who stole the plane

    Yes, I think your probably right there. Not being flippant with this comment, but if the poor guy had no experience he made it look easy, that was some fancy flying. I suspect from his fuel burn comments and manoeuvres he just firewalled the power levers and left them there, probably overspending and overstressing the airframe on numerous occasions. The FDR playback will be of great interest. Poor guy,
  2. jon b

    who stole the plane

    I’m having a problem accepting that these manoeuvres could have been flown by someone without some prior experience. Commercial aircraft are heavy on the controls and are designed to be inherently stable, these manoeuvres would be uncomfortable ,high G, and require a lot of control force with the aircraft being well out of trim. Anyone who flies commercial aircraft for real will have flown jet upset / outside envelope manoeuvres in the sim and know that these things aren’t that east to throw around.The level out just above the water is either very lucky or skilled, not sure which at this stage.
  3. jon b

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    Hi John, PM sent, Cheers Jon Bunting
  4. jon b

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    A crew would take the empty plane to BFS hand it over to the long haul crew and nightstop then operate the inbound ferry the next morning. Technically yes, a 3 crew operation could do the 2 sectors but it would be tight with any delays so a separate ferry crew offers more resilience to keep the operation moving. Things to think about for your ferry flight ... normally you’d use maximum de-rate TO-2 ATM 64 degrees, V1 is normally VMCG limited at 125kts. Minimum fuel required at take off ( not push back) is 22.0T and pitch is also limited to 15 degrees nose up on Climb out, this is to try and prevent uncovering the forward fuel boost pumps. The takeoff and landing rolls will be shockingly short and climb rates nothing short of breathtaking. The power to weight ratio on an empty 747 is entering the realms of early military jet performance.Jon Bunting cheers
  5. jon b

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    Yes this is correct. A crew will operate back from KMCO to EGAA and then get a lift in the cabin back to EGCC or EGKK while the aircraft is flown by a fresh flight crew. These short hops in an empty 747 are literally breathtaking with the power to weight ratio available you’re clearing over 2500ft by the end of the runway! Jon Bunting
  6. That was just awful on many levels
  7. jon b

    Are these aircraft close to the real thing?

    Hi Pete, It doesn’t have to be just the big airliners of course, the general aviation sims now fully model just about everything from the real counterparts. To answer your question though, yes, modern study sims require you to do just about everything you would do on a real world aircraft and the procedures followed like for like. The real world throws in things that provide more of a challenge, normally related to the human element of the operation , but within the confines of sat in front a monitor manipulating things with a mouse the experience is quite authentic. Jon
  8. jon b

    Recycling the Flight Directors

    Thanks Ian, most intriguing, I’m sure there’s something really useful there that I’ve never heard before.I’ll look into it when I’m not so tired as I am now. You do right, keep your head down ! cheers Jon Bunting
  9. jon b

    Recycling the Flight Directors

    Hi Ian, I’m not quite following this FCTM recommendation , I’m sure there’s a clever trick in there which is worth knowing , but I can’t see why you would get full GA thrust on selecting another APFDS mode or why having a FD on would prevent this? cheers Jon Bunting edited to add.. I can see that it might be useful in preventing both FDs from disappearing once selecting something other that TOGA on a go-around but I’m still confused about how this would have any effect on the thrust.
  10. jon b

    Recycling the Flight Directors

    RW 747 ops: after taking the autopilot out you can either leave the FDs on and follow them for guidance from the ILS or RNAV, or if you prefer to go visual the FDs can be turned off. Hitting TOGA in a go around will bring the FDS back in TOGA modes if they’ve been turned off. Then once you select a mode other than TOGA on the go around the FDs will disappear again. I’ve never heard of the procedure of recycling the FDs as described on the 744, it must be from other Boeings. cheers Jon Bunting
  11. jon b

    Roll in speed at the gate

    This I’m afraid is one area where the limitations of the desktop simulator are evident.Maybe VR would help in this I’ve not tried docking with my headset yet, but it’s very hard using the 747-400 on a monitor at least to obtain the required sense of motion and inertia that you rely on in real life to dock precisely. If it makes you feel any better I have real problems docking my PMDG 747-400 too without switching to an external view , and I’ve been flying the real one for over 20 years! Taxying in general feels a little strange in large aircraft in P3D to me, the best taxi feel I’ve experienced has been DCS, especially in VR, though yes with smaller aircraft. That last couple of meters of docking is an acquired skill and pretty much relies on having a good feel for what the aircraft is doing in a seat of the pants sort of way, which is why it’s so tricky in the sim without that sensory feedback. I can’t remember ever having docked on the full motion sim to compare it. Large aircraft can indeed be controlled very precisely at slow speeds, the pilot monitoring will be calling out ground speeds during the approach to the stand, it’s not unusual to get “2kt, kts” as you get very close so you’re controlling the speed to less that a KTS accuracy.As I’ve mentioned the trick is not to let it come to a complete stop just short! cheers Jon
  12. jon b

    Roll in speed at the gate

    In real world ops I normally turn on just under 10kts, 7 ish I guess then reduce to about 5 heading straight onto the gate an/d then further reduce to between 1 and 3 it’s for the last couple of meters, depending on the type of docking system. some systems like the safe dock will actually start flashing TOO FAST at you if you over cook it. Other systems will give you an amber light in the last couple of meters and that’s your que to reduce down to 1-3 kts, likewise the marshaller will give you a slow signal. The trick is a slow constant deceleration from a couple of meters out stopping just at the correct point, it’s frustrating when the aircraft stops 50cm short requiring a relatively large injection of thrust to get it moving again followed by and immediate application of breaks normally leading to what’s known as a rocking stop-very sloppy. A good FO will be calling your ground speeds out as you approach the gate allowing you to keep heads out looking at the guidance system and checking for obstructions. Jon
  13. jon b

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    I had the same error message, after a bit of research it appears this was being caused by the FSL 320, if you have that installed? I uninstalled the 320 and P3D now loads up ok. I believe there is an update to the FSL 320 that addresses this issue , but I’ve not got around to installing it yet. cheers Jon
  14. jon b


    A very good interview that on the parts of both the interviewer and interviewee. I already have ASP4, ASCA, Envtex and Envshade, but on the strength of that interview I've just bought a copy of Skyforce and am looking forward to the further developments mentioned by REX. I've got to sit down with the tutorials now and work out how to make it all work together. Cheers Jon
  15. jon b

    Veteran Flight Simmer - First REAL flight!

    I’m quite envious as you’ve done something I’ve always wanted to try and that’s fly out of the real KCMI. That was the base for the Commodore 64 cassette version of sub logic’s flight simulator II, and I spent hours and hours of my school holidays doing circuits and ILS work there as a lad. Do you use or know of any good scenery for the airfield? I hope one day Orbx will pay the same tribute to KCMI as they have with Meigs. Sometimes when the winds are right I sometimes fly pretty close to KCMI in my real world jet on the way back to the U.K. from the west coast or vegas, and I’ll always tune in the CMI VOR for nostalgia , but it’s usually dusk or too dark so can’t see anything. So for me in my minds eye KCMI will always be runways and taxiways made up of white lines on a green background flicking past at about 5FPS. Cheers Jon