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  1. https://www.studioformcreative.com/product-page/reverb-g2-apache-strap
  2. I'd like to thank th... Wait. I've already typed too much. 😉
  3. Considering you’ve made many generalizations in this thread as to what simmers are thinking, perhaps you would best be served if you took your own advice.
  4. Mate, you are sitting at your desk staring at a computer monitor pretending to be an airline pilot. Yes, take it seriously, but please don't get so caught up in your own idea that you think your above anyone else.
  5. Asobo is working on it. Give them time. It took ESP almost 15 years to reach the state it's at which is still pretty flawed at a base level. MSFS isn't even a year old.
  6. While my post count may not indicate that I have the benefit of spending my retirement all day on the internet, a simple check of my join date should surely qualify me for at least one or two opinions. I've been here about as long as you Dirk, the difference being I know when to open my mouth. 😉 EDIT: for the record, my issue isn't with Bert. (He's a wonderful source of information and anecdote) It's with the notion that one needs a special kind of software to have a realisitc experience. Perhaps that's not explicit enough in my initial post.
  7. "Serious" flightsimming. Every time this term (or "study level") comes in up a post, I spit coffee/beer/tea/water/fava beans all over my monitor and fall back on my chair. MSFS can support "sErIoUs" flight simming just as well as XP, P3D, FSX, flightgear, or even Aerofly in the right hands. The SIMMER is the variable, not the platform. I can execute flights in the 152 that get a serious as real world if I want. Realign your expectations and way of thinking and embrace the leap in technology this platform does and will continue to provide. Seriously.
  8. Don’t you all realize this is the ghost of Eddie Rickenbacker, sent here to chastise your paltry flight model!? Let’s all bow down to this 20000hr god. 🤣
  9. Hide the yoke. It's the knob to the right of the ignition switch.
  10. I contemplated this same question years back and settled on "why not" (caveat: I was able to sell my i5 for about $275 so it ended up becoming a $75 upgrade) in the end I was happy with the gains I saw in OC. My i5 would never break 4.6 but the i7 happily chugged along for 2+ years at 4.9 up until the day I sold it for $50 under what I paid. If you can justify the return, I think you'll enjoy it.
  11. Just did a tour around socal and the mod works really well. Thanks!
  12. I had the opposite experience. P3D felt stale and stoic. The Airbus will keep me coming back, but only for a while. Despite it's teething problems, MSFS is the sim of the future and it shows.
  13. There isn't a one size fits all solution. Follow this link and see what works best for you and your rig - https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-graphics-settings-and-performance-guide-8-18-2020/132407
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