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  1. Building on what others have said, you might want to look into the companies that subcontract at IAH. Menzies is the chief one for ramp operations that aren't handled by United, so check on their website and see if they have any openings. Make sure you can pass a drug test, because you're going to have to take one to get cleared for a movement area badge. Good luck.
  2. Apple vs Orange vs Tangerine? Help me decide guys.
  3. Why on earth would we ever want to compare and contrast 2 different things that accomplish the same thing is beyond me. ;)
  4. Welcome to the internet. So you're aware, if you type "F""S""D"T" in your search bar, the top return is the dev's website where you can explore all the content they offer! /s
  5. I fly an average of 2-3 10+ hour flights a week with the 777 & 747 and haven't had this issues. You should either do a reinstall or verify you have the most recent set of nVidia drivers.
  6. http://fsdg-online.com/home/55-bangalore.html
  7. I also updated this morning, and am 6:34 into a flight from VOBL to EGLL and have had no issues.
  8. FSX-MS

    They have already discussed separate pricing ad nauseam. Just be patient.
  9. I loaded trucks at UPS during college. If anyone moved that slow they be re-tasked to a different employer ;)
  10. Sorry. Reading back into my inital reply I can see the confusion. SCE will read and write to your scenery.cfg file only. (In v3 I found it useful because it allowed me to group scenery into regions, and "flip on and off" the areas I was using to avoid OOM errors) As of v4 I've noticed newer releases utilizing the addon.xml method of install. SCE will not read nor be able to edit those entries. For the most part, it's a non-issue as most Airport scenery tends to favor the top layers, but I wanted you to be aware of this limitation if you decide to use SCE. :)
  11. Yes. It works well, but will only read from the scenery.cfg. Something to note if you also use the add-on.xml method to install add-on scenery.
  12. You can also put it at a font size so small, no one can read it, much like the brave Captain above. ;)
  13. FSX-SE

    They work in concert (with a few files removed/turned off) The choice is yours as to what you find more important.
  14. I would venture to say the "casual" simmer who is not present on Avsim, reddit, or other enthusiast sites is likely aloof of the add-on market. The fact remains FSX is on it's way out. QW will do what is best for them. If releasing for FSX first is their shakeout cruise, then I don't begrudge them one bit.