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  1. Running a mix of recommend to ultra settings and it cruises. As an aside, how amazing is this game!? It's reawakened my enjoyment of RPG's.
  2. I find a comment like this quite ironic when you have the MD11 as a your avatar. 😁 The main "question" many have tho is why P3D vs. MSFS. We know the obvious answer but FSL would've printed a Mint had they gone in the other direction.
  3. Pretty par for the course tbh. I'm on su13 and it's working just fine 😉
  4. Fwiw, canned AI in game will never come close to the multiple free and payware options currently available. Better they strip it out entirely and focus on core elements like weather and seasons.
  5. Maxis, you have 1400+ posts here. Don't act like it's your first visit 😉
  6. Never understand the stress of driver updates. If something goes amiss (and you can for sure blame it on the new driver) you can always roll back. This isn't a dark art.
  7. Nothing that matches the volume and quality of what's on .to unfortunately. For as bad as the front end is, the library and content hosting side is really nice.
  8. From Intel to Intel, plug and play no stress. From Intel to AMD, I would do a clean install. I did a similar upgrade earlier this year and found that doing a clean wipe was the smart move.
  9. Frank, this post should be the gold standard of organization. Kudos!
  10. Without going too far down this road, you can blame the meteoric rise of constantly connected social media and 24/7 opinion-based television for much of it.
  11. Curious who you consider the "big 4" to be apart from PMDG and maybe Orbx?
  12. Pauly, you'll need the Premium Deluxe edition to access the 787's. The included one is the 78X and the freeware Kuro 788 piggybacks off of it.
  13. Wow. That was a callback.
  14. No. Hans Hartman of Digital Aviation and the AS CRJ did but as an independent producer for MS.
  15. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. In P3D you need to exit into the UI which means pausing the flight in order to change parameters, and then waiting for them to reload. That's not dynamic as you need to "leave" the current scenario. in MSFS, you can implement time/weather changes on the fly while the flight proceeds as normal. (e.g. no reload)
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