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  1. This is your issue. You're "brand new car" install of v5 runs like word not allowed when you stuff in all these add-ons that aren't quite 100% coded to the sdk. The onus isn't so much on LM as is it on the devs of these add-ons to make sure it works with the new sdk. I have been running v5 with only things I know are certified ready by the devs and it's night and day compared to v4. When I feel like checking out an old scenery to see if it will work I install it and see how it reacts. If it drags down performance, out it goes until a compatibility patch is announced or a new version is released. Try going slow and seeing what works well and what doesn't. I bet the results might surprise you.
  2. Tomatoshade is not v5 compatible. Once he gets a machine that he can install win10 on, he will work on an updated version.
  3. Answering a question with a question. Solid play!
  4. Just understand that when that happens, you can expect to see a significant increase in cost to offset the staffing and backend required to provide direct support.
  5. This link will take you to the page you want to use. Input into the box or scroll and click the type and it will return a list of every active flight in the world on that aircraft. Enjoy.
  6. FYI, this sale is also active at their own website.
  7. yes, it's marketing, but it's not too off base to use that term if they are the sole designers of an airport for the platform. In any case, it looks really nice so probably worth a look.
  8. I doubt there will be another point refresh as v5 is all but confirmed if you follow most of the major FS news sites/personalities. Despite that, nothing dictates the NEED to abandon your current platform right off the bat. As others have said, it will take time for the new ecosystem to flesh itself out and compatibility is still pretty unknown at this stage. This may be true, but you are being naive if you think the market won't adapt to and correct any upward trend they may not see as viable or for lack of a better term "fair." I value your input and opinion (also, I like your product) but this comment feels slightly antagonistic, so it's helpful to mind where the power balance lies in the dynamic of vendor to consumer. 🙂
  9. I used it for a while. It works well provided you tune it properly and mount the camera so it's centered in line with the clip.
  10. AFS2 has about 10% of the overhead and fidelity of both P3D and XP so not a really apples to apples comparison.
  11. He has everything to do with the product when it comes to communication and updates. There isn't another dev working on it behind the scenes. I suggest you do some research on it before you spread misinformation. As for OP's original question, Tomatoshade all the way. Not only is it a better application, but the dev is actively updating it and providing more features with every new version. Also, it's free
  12. I'm jealous of OP that he had the time to both think about and post the question.
  13. While you may not want to do that, many do, and will. When I'm flying into London in a 747, I want to be able to look out the side and see what I'd see in reality - THAT is the purpose of this scenery.
  14. Not to drag on you but even tho I am into my 40's I can still figure out how to type "live stream of X" into a search bar and make magic happen 😉 Jokes aside, from what I have seen, it's mainly cosmetic improvements to the model and the addition of PBR. Systems have not really changed from v1, which is fair considering they were pretty ahead of their time back then. Good luck!
  15. I think you confused my point, Jim. For clarity, the onus is on Natural Point to support compatibility with MFS, not the other way around. 🙂
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