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  1. LAX can't even keep itself current, so this will be amusing. Maybe we can have a dynamic add-on in a constant state of flux.
  2. Sadly, this is a harsh truth, and one can even speculate the LM may have little desire to keep investing deeply into the platform since there is a case to be made that FS has negated the need to maintain a consumer grade tier for the general public. Personally, I doubt the intention of LM was ever to fully compete in the space from the start and more of "well, we offer this to contract clients, but we can make revenue from lower tiers too since no one else really is in the market" (Obviously paraphrasing but you get the gist) Very much doing this because they can, not because they need to.
  3. This comment should be pinned to the top of every "MSFS v P3D" thread on this forum.
  4. It's about the same amount of buttons. Maybe there is one or two more key sequences needed on the Universal because the system actively works against you but let's not pretend you need a degree in astrophysics ok?
  5. LGA has one glaring problem in it's tower where Feelthere have taken significant creative liberty, but the terminals and taxiways are great, so if that won't put you off it's passable. RDU is as bland as it is in reality, so no critique here.
  6. That would be great, but in the meantime you can pretend it's a few years into a future where wireless tech has evolved and your immersion can remain intact.
  7. LM bought the rights to commercially develop the ESP platform in 2010 and has released a completely new version every 2-3 years since, with 4-5 sub-revisions to those major builds. The program in now in it's 5th iteration over the last 12 years, so you could argue it's on par if not exceeding what MSFS has delivered to date. While the forced updates can be a bear for many, it also saves both devs and users the question of what is the most current version. IMO this a good thing over time if not a minor inconvenience for those of us used to the "old way of doing things"
  8. That's not at all what I said and no one is conflating MSFS with notepad. My point is no piece of software "knows" the system is being overclocked. That sounds like "tanker logic!" -Sent with love from an ex-63E Abrams repairer.
  9. "Software does not mix well with systems that are unstable" FTFY Please don't spread this kind of misinformation. The fact is MSFS nor any other piece of software has zero clue if the system is being overclocked. Folks will experience errors with OC'ing if they haven't done proper stability testing to ensure there isn't other flaws. It tends to get blamed on the most used software because that's the last link in the chain.
  10. There's an avg of 3500 people playing MSFS on Steam alone at any given time, so I'm not sure where you're getting your data, but it would seem incorrect.
  11. Move without her. Problem solved! 😉
  12. +1 Kudos to PMDG for getting it out the door and I look forward to everyone's excitement.
  13. https://www.studioformcreative.com/product-page/reverb-g2-apache-strap
  14. I'd like to thank th... Wait. I've already typed too much. 😉
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