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  1. FSX-SE

    They work in concert (with a few files removed/turned off) The choice is yours as to what you find more important.
  2. I would venture to say the "casual" simmer who is not present on Avsim, reddit, or other enthusiast sites is likely aloof of the add-on market. The fact remains FSX is on it's way out. QW will do what is best for them. If releasing for FSX first is their shakeout cruise, then I don't begrudge them one bit.
  3. xp11

    Alternatively, you could just not post a lame comment and simply enjoy a great photo.
  4. My suggestion to you is to upgrade now, while the discount is still active. Once they release for v4, it will be a full price purchase for P3D going forward. An extra $40 is a small price to pay versus $140.
  5. FSX-MS

    HI. Judging by your posts over the last few days, you don't seem very clued into the hobby or the state of development. This is more than ok, and let me say "welcome to the world of Flight Sim!" I suggest you use the search function in the upper right on the page to check for topics so you don't end up asking the same questions that have been asking over and over again. :) Despite that, I will answer your question. Right now there is a 787 under development by Quality Wings. It is expected to be released some time this year (many people will reply with cynicism to this statement. Watch...) As for the A380, there is no good variant available. A few dev teams have mentioned up that they are going to attempt them, but the fact remains that currently there isn't so much as a render. (even MORE cynicism will follow below. Enjoy) Welcome to the Avsim forums. Have fun.
  6. All FSDT sceneries work out of the "box." Just make sure you update using the Live Updater and you'll be all set.
  7. Obviously you have to leave some real world restrictions and procedures at bay to accommodate for a virtual environment that is 24/7. Not everyone has the ability to fly at the time when tracks would be active. Also This - "FAA licensed dispatcher B744-400 + 747-800" This is triggering me to no end... :P
  8. It's not a manufacturer certification. It's a legal restriction that keeps it within 50 miles due to not carrying life rafts on board :)
  9. Why? It's all speculation. It could release next week, or next year... Cheer up.
  10. FWIW, don't think of 4.1 as a hotfix. It will be a full-feature incremental update in the life of the platform. That notwithstanding, so many small things about v4 add up to much better performance on your current hardware. If you mirror your settings in v4, you'll be blown away by how much smoother it is.
  11. FYI, I run my DC comfortably at 4.7 and was able to bench this chip all the way to 4.9, so do know it will give you everything you ask and more.
  12. I run 1600mhz memory in xmp and am very happy. What will help is lower latency, but as DDR3 is slowly dying off, it may not be that easy to find or worth the increased price.
  13. It's likely to cool the brakes after a short turnaround or other issue.
  14. It doesn't matter where you put them as Mesh scenery is loaded "under" airport, vector, and landclass data. Your order is fine.