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  1. While a new order would seem to be more profitable, in the long run they won't really lose at all since Boeing is the sole supplier for parts and heavy maintenance.
  2. It will be interesting to see if this becomes the reality.
  3. DCS: F/A-18C

    It appears you read deeper into this than expected, and that's fine. Though I have not been the most vocal, I've read and absorbed the content on the Avsim forums for a very long time, so forgive me if certain members feel more familiar than they actually are. Despite that, I apologize if you took offense. I wasn't trying to compare resumes with you, just simply making a correction in case someone who is new to the place wanders in, since this is a subforum dedicated specifically to simulating military aircraft operations - where detail matters significantly in the real world. So as Boomer says above. Back on topic.
  4. Aerosoft Anchorage PANC for P3Dv4 released

  5. DCS: F/A-18C

    It amuses me that you of all people are calling me out for being pedantic about something in this forum. Never change, Dave. Never change...
  6. DCS: F/A-18C

    No one is using Mk-82's for precision bombing. You are confusing it with the GBU-38.
  7. Don't take this the wrong way, but are you familiar with overclocking or is this your first go? It's a relatively simple endeavor provided you understand some basic concepts about how your CPU interacts with the BIOS. Also, I'm not entirely sure what you mean when you say "I don't care about temperatures." Once you get into high overclocks, you absolutely will care. Have you run a stock benchmark yet to get a baseline for your system? I have my chip clocked to 5.0 at 1.26v with just the multiplier modified, and my temps hover at 65-68º over 9 hour long hauls. I can probably push it more, but 5.0 is plenty stable and sufficient to get great perf.
  8. Will these addons work in P3DV4?

    Barring the usual theater of hysteria, it's not actually a virus, just a poorly written piece of software. Despite that, I agree and also strongly advise against using it for v4. Just a heads up. While this product works well in v4, the lastest and greatest version with all bug fixes can only be installed if you opt-in to the community access program.
  9. Traffic Addons For P3D

    For those of us that do enjoy custom AI programming, the folks over at Virtual Boston ARTCC are set to release a huge freeware AI model pack. Looks to be the best offering in recent time - http://forums.bvartcc.com/index.php?topic=14258.0
  10. Red text on from top left to top right.

    Try ticking "Top Right Corner" in the Information submenu.
  11. Aerosoft Anchorage PANC for P3Dv4 released

    While I will agree that accuracy of navigation beacons and essentials such as runway placement, typography, etc. should be correct, I will say this in defense of many scenery designers- If "eye candy" was not placed at a premium, this lot would surely complain about how drab the scenery looks until everyone went blue in the face. AS certainly knows the grip they have on the market and at times, flaunt it in our face. I can't blame them though. We continue to buy and consume despite obvious flaws and projects rushed to market. Where is the motivation for them to change their ways?
  12. I second this. It's very VERY easy to crush the die if you don't know the exact pressure tolerances.
  13. It's fun to think we are in the age of 5ghz+ CPU's. I built an 8700K box over the break and hit 5ghz with minor vcore increase. I am certain it has more headroom, but under load it hums along at 65º max, so I don't know if I want to go higher. (I probably will ) Nice to see others breaking the barrier.
  14. AMD is ok, but it has been proven that the Intel chipset just works better with ESP sims. Don't buy into the "30% less perf" hysteria that everyone is hyping up. At this point everything is 100% speculation and reports have stated it may not even affect 7th and 8th gen processors. ATX boards are sized to fit in both mid and full tower cases. I am an MSI guy, so I went with the SLI-Plus because it had multiple m.2 ports for the right price and MSI has the easiest BIOS to OC with imo. The other board I was seriously considering in the same budget range was the ASUS TUF Pro Gaming but couldn't find it anywhere in stock. You can spend anywhere from $80-350 on a mobo tho, so do your research and ensure it has the features you want now, and might consider in the future.
  15. May I ask why you are going for an ITX mobo and putting it in an ATX Case? The ATX offerings for z370 are pretty robust and you'll get a lot more features for the dollar. (Also, more space to work with!) I just built a Coffee Lake based build and it's incredible! OC'd to 5.0 with zero issues and jaw-dropping perf. Enjoy!