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  1. So had you purchased those "L" shaped ones? Would the one specifically for honeycomb be a good option in your opinion?
  2. Sale or no sale, not a very good idea to buy something that they will evidently stop supporting...
  3. Clickbait title (in the article and in this post...) The game does not "require a 4080". The requirements are pretty clear. Needing it for Ultra settings is a different thing, and sure, why not when it is so poorly optimized? It is not really a claim that should be made with pride but with shame.
  4. Again, I don't really care, and your opinion is biased by your personal experience, as you have no idea what mine was, and it was not about asking questions (which is, again, something you assume based on your own experience). Also, not really sure how that would make it worse. If I had to go back and correct all your post typos, we'd be here all day... TLDR: You had a good experience, good for you. I did not and that is my opinion of him and will not change it.
  5. Not really sure what to make of this sentence or what it means.
  6. Whatever, couldn't really care less...
  7. Yep, personal experience and we are all different people and different issues. My experience was the complete opposite, and he was nothing short of rude and impolite.
  8. Well, sure, nice, but who cares really? You have to select the plane anyway, clicking on one more thing to select the profile is hardly trouble at all. And would certainly do that instead of giving Pete Dawson money ever again.
  9. Never heard that before anywhere, which on the other hand makes zero sense... Different editions simply add more aircraft and airports, not functionality.
  10. Zero doubt for me... MS store gives me Xbox and PC versions, steam PC only.
  11. Hi all, Trying to find information on what the best airliners are for MSFS, since there are so many addons, sometimes from very bad devs, that I wanted to know based on those who know and have tried them, which is/are? the best of a certain model (when it even exists of course). The idea is to fill this list, with the version/dev that is the best (As of today at least): Boeing: 737: 747: 777: 787: Airbus: A320: A330: A340: A380: Others: CRJ? MD? Thanks in advance!
  12. Nice. I will have to check that because my MS/Xbox account was from waaaay back before there was an option for Argentina so it is a US account. For buying "normal" stuff I just use the web and it works anyway, but for the marketplace will have to see.
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