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  1. No such thing anymore, ntsc and pal are a thing of the past.
  2. Having absolutely no clue about who on earth that person is, I would say no... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Are addons on sale only through dev site or marketplace as well?
  4. Yeah, no kidding.. the whole site is flight sim related. Just this board is for good deals/prices, public or private, but that info is for asking elsewhere
  5. Not "trying" anything (or need to), you state it yourself, and yes it a little piece in the grand scheme if things. But hey, whatever rocks your boat..
  6. yeah, why explore and itravel the world when you can limit yourself to just a little piece of it...
  7. Besides the discussion in whether 10% off is significant or not, they do these constantly, and every Tuesday too, so it's hardly news...
  8. Nah, that's not an intelligent answer at all.. you really think there will be that many support requests from people who fly casually and don't even know how to try so many things? Additionally, most likely support requests will just get ignored as usual, so... 🤣
  9. Yes, I did whereas you evidently did not even read what was posted...
  10. Do you have to pay money? You're buying it again...
  11. So just like all software, huh? And oh, how much fun is it when p3d update make all your favorite addons stop working and you have to wait for *them* tp update too..? yeah...
  12. 100% disagree here... there so much iptech ignorance in it, not even worth a reply too. Then there's the obvious if it were like that, nobody would pay attention too it, and of course the nobody's forcing you to buy it, one...
  13. Uh oh... watch out for the haters to start coming bashing the Aerosoft CRJ....
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