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  1. Are you sure you didn't misunderstand and their answer was "GTFO"..? 🤣
  2. Yeah, he probably enabled 2fa and lost access to his other email, so no codes...
  3. Think the same... held off buying some items waiting for the end of year sale, to find it is now 30% only... Guess I will hold off this year then and look elsewhere.
  4. I guess so did I. They say you can "lube" it, but haven't yet
  5. I purchased one about 6/7 years ago and it was (or got) rough. Purchased a second one about 4/5 years ago and it was (and still is) super smooth. So there is no "recent improvement" in quality, rather just very random qualities...
  6. sure, I mean it probably won't be top of their list until 2048, but still...
  7. Not buying anything from Captain Sim again, since they never delivered on the free v4 updates...
  8. Yeah I posted it here in the bargain hunter forum. It required "a" gamepass subscription, doesn'r matter if you had a long term one or the trial (or purchased the 1 month trial for $1).
  9. Or, If you would have seen the deal I posted you could have gotten it for 20% off several weeks ago, being you even have Gamepass as you say...
  10. Maybe your next add-on should be a sense of humor...
  11. Which kind of tells you that THOSE will be the ones to compete against the AMD, meaning they will be nothing worth waiting for....
  12. You have no clue about the numerous games already on both platforms, right..?
  13. Is this being a flight related website a reason why people might tend to think more they are in an airport and feel the need to announce their departure..?
  14. Sure little buddy, you tell yourself whatever you need that helps you sleep at night while the neighbors enjoy the fabulous new car...
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