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  1. I just started MSFS now (Wed morning USA time) and it didnt even prompt me to update.
  2. Well what would you use as a replacement to the default ATC? Vatsim? Or is there something esle that I'm not aware of. I kinda use it but really do not follow their directions well. lol.
  3. Yea.. That's what I remember. I hope they will just come out with a huge surprise and just blow us all away. So we can have a2a and PMDG back on top again!
  4. There are really weird and eerie sounds when you are at an airport without the engine running. Almost spooky. Doesn't sound like a vacuum. Sounds like a ping of some sort associated with something else that I cannot accurately describe.
  5. Haven't noticed much of that. But the SU8 did screw up some of my key bindings, very annoying, had to go back and fix them.
  6. Getting rid of the snow on runways and taxiways.. I agree . You cannot see anything. On the ground or from the air. You're only hope is that you can spot the lights but that varies from one airport to the next..
  7. I've noticed the same thing I believe. I'm a tad bit color blind in certain parts of the spectrum so its probably just harder for me to notice it. 😁
  8. Thanks for sharing this! I have the Geoforce Experience app and all I have really used it for is recording short videos. I assumed that this part was for other virtual games but It does seem to work well here too.
  9. It is a real phenomena that has been modeled well by MSFS. Takes some getting used to in the Sim, Especially when you dont have a huge (or multiple monitors).
  10. How do you get MSFS to look like this on the ground ? and How do you do the actual "walk around" like that? Can it be done with any aircraft or is this just an official production from its sponsor?
  11. It's still on the fritz.. I did a 1.5 hour flight and everything was fine until I was 20 miles out. then it went back to a clear skies and 20C temp default. I hope they are addressing this type stuff in the update instead of eye candy in some remote place.
  12. Thanks, I'll give that a try. That's an official source lol.
  13. Yea I believe they have it down.. I can load up the sim but I cannot get any real world weather data. And yea I did hear that theres an update tomorrow supposedly. Sucks for us Sunday fliers here in the USA.
  14. After farting around with MSFS for the past few months.. I'm not impressed. with all its hype and praise.. Its buggy as can be and nothing more than eye candy. Flying bing maps pretty much. And 3rd party developers are probably gonna have a really hard time making a quality product that works as well as it did in FSX.. maybe things will change, who knows.. But with microsoft these days, I wouldnt hold my breathe.
  15. Really? I never actually went and updated to DX12, and my computer is 4 years old. So in the MSFS settings it asks if you are using dx11 or dx12 beta right?
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