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  1. I am posting this in the hanger chat forum because I really don't want to get into the weeds or have the moderators jump on me about where a post is appropriate and where its not lol.. With that being said, what do ya'll think of the new sim? I havent bought it yet, im still dabbling in FSX. I have a few questions about it for you members on here who have the new sim and have thoroughly evaluated it. 1. How are the flight dynamics? Are they at least as good as FSX or better? I had heard there was a lot of bugs, at least in the beginning before updates. I love good scenery and all the other aesthetics, but I'm a stickler for how the aircraft handles and functions. As realistic as possible. This is the reason I'm a huge fan of A2A, they did so well with their FSX aircraft . 2. How is the global weather? Are the winds and other atmospheric conditions at least as good as the ActiveSky product? Anything else you guys could add would be helpful. I plan on making the investment to get this soon but I'm not ready yet. Thank you all and have a great day!
  2. I have FSX and ActiveSky16. I never had any of the previous versions of Ezdok and I finally decided to jump on board so I got the latest which is Version 3. Took me awhile just to understand the camera functionalities.. It definitely deeply imbeds itself into FSX.. I have had a couple of annoying CTD due to it. The main thing I wanted to ask (if someone has V3 yet)... Have you had problems with its new turbulence effects simulation? Its supposed to work in conjunction with Active Sky to have a more accurate feel of turbulence effects of aircraft.. I changed the setting in Activesky that ezdok recommended, but I found it to still be too much. Turbulence threw the aircraft around during conditions that would otherwise be smooth. I had to just turn off the effects of this part of Ezdok. Its a shame because I believe it did good on ground effects simulation, but up in the air it was just unrealistic and annoying. Anyone else have any experiences to share?
  3. I knew all this was going to happen when MSFS2020 was released.. I do not post often, just read and try to learn. It's been hilarious but not helpful.
  4. That's right.. And meanwhile while many people struggle and get frustrated with 2020.. I will wait as I continue to dabble in FSX, and then later finally download 2020 lol.
  5. That's great to hear that it works well in a VFR stick and rudder scenario. That's where every pilot should begin anyway! I can wait for the improved airliners and IFR autopilot stuff. Im mainly concerned with accurate weather and flight dynamics.. And no I have not even downloaded this yet! haha. I'm still dabbling around in FSX and buying some old airplanes that I never got the chance to get before.
  6. Thanks for your response. I am not really a fighter pilot type guy. I usually fly GA or the old birds like the DC-3, im well aware of their limits lol. I did play around some more today with the f-14. I did the same manouever at a slightly higher speed, 250 vs 200 when it collapsed. It went fine, held the inverted position for 30 seconds or so. I believe the first time I just had a little too much down pressure on the yoke. And for the record. I was a young kid in the 80's , first time I saw Top gun I knew that hollywood entered into a lot of the real life scenarios. I Just love it because its yesterday and its iconic. And after two days Ive made some pretty sweet landings, unloaded and low on fuel that is.. Carrier landings.. hmm im not there yet. I have only had 3 successful ones according to fsx lol.
  7. Thank you so much The webpage was very informative.
  8. Here's the scenario.. I got a freeware f-14 tomcat from flyawaysimulation.. Its typical freeware but not bad honestly for what it is. I have fsx. Anyway, I have the fsx realism setting set to realistic as usual, the label it as "hard". Im flying this new aircraft and i attempt to hold an inverted level flight doing right at 200 tas.. Wings are fully extended on the f-14. 5 seconds after holding the inverted position fsx says oops your'e dead, "aircraft overstressed". Do you guys think this is a realistic simulation given that particular aircraft and scenario? It never happens with that default f-18 that fsx comes with in the original program. I'd just like to hear the thoughts of others on here who may have experienced the same thing?
  9. I think we are all just a bit picky because we are so used to 15 years worth of tweaks and fixes.. Understandably so.. They have put so much effort into this new platform with the aircraft exterior details and the Bing map scenery that many of the other details we have come to know and love are not there yet, but I have confidence that all of that will come with time.
  10. geez. with all these criticisms I think I will just wait for awhile before I purchase this and begin to fly. Give it time and they will adjust it all. That or 3rd party developers will. I honestly think FSX and a weather addon like ActiveSky does a pretty darn good job for local weather and enroute winds aloft, given what it is and how old it is..
  11. Yea its just not worth trying to download it yet. I just read a news article this morning about some patches asobo is working on that comes out in the next week or so.
  12. I am not going to get the new MSFS 2020 until some time passes for the developers to get feedback from people like you guys and fix all the bugs that they can fix. I am going to spend this time (and money) on upgrading my PC :)
  13. yep thank you dave, That will most likely be my next one. I am a huge fan of the old steamers and well built sim models.
  14. Thank you so much! i was already on that forum but I finally figured it out. Flight 1 does not tell you that you must update patches first before it will work in Steam addition. I finally found it on the coolsky developer's website, not flight1. So moral of the story, I need to be more patient and Flight1 needs to work on their communication lol.
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