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  1. yep thank you dave, That will most likely be my next one. I am a huge fan of the old steamers and well built sim models.
  2. Thank you so much! i was already on that forum but I finally figured it out. Flight 1 does not tell you that you must update patches first before it will work in Steam addition. I finally found it on the coolsky developer's website, not flight1. So moral of the story, I need to be more patient and Flight1 needs to work on their communication lol.
  3. Hello everyone. I finally just purchased and dowloaded Coolsky's DC9. The download seem to go ok but i have not gotten anywhere because the MOUSE will absolutely not work in the virtual cockpit. Will not flip one switch. Also the aircraft dowload was supposed to be accompanied by a program screen with the load balance, etc. Cannot figure out why that's not there either. I am running Windows 10 and FSX:SE. Can anyone give me any hints or help as to what the problem may be ? I appreciate it.
  4. I have been searching for scenery updates to the downtown Minneapolis area and have not been successful in finding any. I have found updates to the kmsp airport itself but no nearby scenery of the downtown area. Do people even develop add-on scenery for non airport areas? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Also if you dont mind me asking.. Is your c-17 payware or free ? I have not run across it. Thanks!
  6. Does ground frequency allow you to taxi to GA ramp parking?
  7. Yep. It does it all all airports large and small. Ive been all over the country in that aircraft. The livery on this one is the military c47 EATS European airlift livery throwback from ww2. Ill try to use some of your cfg formats there and see if anything changes.
  8. It is this aircraft: FSX/FSX-SE/P3D DOUGLAS C-47R SKYTRAIN V3.14 BETA. its a really good freeware. and yes it happens at all airports all the time.
  9. I am hoping someone cane help me with this issue I have been having. I have had this freeware add-on aircraft for quite sometime now, no glitches except for one. I have played around with it but no luck in fixing it so far. I will explain what it is.(keep in mind my atc is default original fsx atc) . When i land at an airport and contact ground frequency it asks if i wish to taxi to the gate, ramp or fuel. I designate to the ramp parking. the ground atc tells me to taxi to GA parking via taxiways blah blah blah. and then when i confirm, it automatically says " taxi to fuel", it only will let this aircraft taxi to a fuel box. I do not know how to fix this. I have tried changing to aircraft.cfg files to where it says the same thing as the other aircraft regarding atc callouts and i still have the same issue. Can anyone give me a helping hand or advice? Thank you!
  10. yes!! or some rogue ground equipment traffic
  11. yes sir i sure did. i never have the prop rpm at max unless im on take off. i start reducing it as soon as im above a thousand feet or so. I think, as i suspected the problem is AS16 and fsx, as kowen said..
  12. nah. cruise speed for that aircraft is 150 kias i was doing like 130kias. those type planes are supposed to take a beating lol
  13. ok I want to see if any of you guys have had any of these experiences as I have had (little frustrated): I am flying an add-on. Its an s2f-3 Tracker. Love the plane! I am running AS16 as my active weather. I'm flying around 2500msl about 1000 feet below the overcast layer in rain. There is lightening but its not right on top of me. It gets turbulent, as expected it would be, and then the flight ends in a crash scene that says "aircraft overstressed" Now I do have the realism settings set to the most realistic possible with the setting of "show aircraft stress". But i am like really? How can the plane fall apart with that? Oh and.. The winds were very minimal, like 12 knots. This isnt the only aircraft that this has happened in. I do not want to go and change the realism settings unless I hafta. Has anyone else who flies these type scenario's given the settings had this happen to them a lot?
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