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  1. agreed. all i use the xbox controller for is when im flying the drone camera around.
  2. I have tried it this way also. And yet, it also did not work. I finally got frustrated and gave up for awhile. The good thing is the PMDG has great preset custom views for their virtual cockpits. I was attempting to set up the same type views for the inibuilds a310 because the ones it came with were trash. Tried all the methods we have discussed and "saved" and went back into the sim.. Doesnt work.
  3. What if your keyboard does not have a "num lock" key? I have a very cheap simple keyboard that came with the pc years ago. It has the 10 pad on the right but no num lock key. I have also been having the same problems as the author of this thread.
  4. In the case of FSX.. Microsoft abandoned it long before we stopped using it. So 3rd parties were a must. At least with MSFS they have had some updates and improved upon the weather.
  5. We have an interesting group of flight sim consumers these days. We got a whole new generation of simmers who are new and want xbox and to do away with all the C++ oldies and such. Then we have other simmers who are veterans from way back who just expect way better in the year 2023 and are disgruntled to no end. Then you have simmers like me who get to maybe fly a handful of hours a week, been around awhile, and are just happy with whatever we can get! I can see how as a developer that all the negative feedback from numerous outlets can get you run down. I feel for ya!
  6. Last night I had it on real world weather. And in the "real world" there was a decent size t-storm just north of the field. I never saw any lightening or anything else. I took off in msfs in the pmdg 737, I only encountered thick clouds, no noticeable turbulence, no violent shifts in winds. It was pretty uneventful. Who knows if MSFS will ever really improve upon it or if a 3rd party will step in some day. We will see.
  7. I have had it for awhile now. I do not believe there is a configuration tool. It was last updated in early March, which you hafta use their download installer to install udpate. And yes the monorail is moving around there in MSFS. I like the scenery. It's a little rough on the frames but overall its not bad because you got the city scenery with the airport also. I agree with the previous poster about the static aircraft. They are nice, but take up spaces that you may want to use.
  8. wow. after reading all this I am glad that I have steam. I actually do not have any other products on steam. Just msfs. And if I were to get a new PC i'm pretty sure all I hafta do is get the steam program and then msfs would still be there after signing in. Then just let it do its 4 hour install or whatever it was the first time I got MSFS.
  9. I was considering buying flytampa CYYZ. I usually only buy thru orbx and simmarket also. I know that flytampa has an installer program that you only use for updates. I am not sure about a configuration option. I believe the other poster her found the answer to that in another forum. Let me know if you find a way.. I'd like to know before I purchase it.
  10. I am attempting to climb the summit also lol. I am trying it now to see if it works or not. I do know that the vnav does not work very well in the a310. Which im sure in the 1980s it wasn't really required to anyways.
  11. ah I do see one detail that I didnt know. I wonder if this is unique to the older Airbus'? Selecting your to/from and then setting the iris switches to align and then going down to the fms init page and line selecting "align iris".. I am new to airbus. Im accustomed to the boeing style.
  12. 😁 no im only 42. I didnt believe in the "pandemic". I wanted to carry on with life as usual. Discord Is just another product of the time. I just cant and dont spend that much time online.
  13. Yea that's probably true. I dont use discord much, im old school.
  14. Just FYI.. The A310 Iris system set to "realistic" seems to not be working. Please let me know if there's a work around of if I'm just crazy.. I tried it twice today and didn't get the iris aligned until I set it to instant in the EFB.
  15. I will give this a try. I was able to do this in the PMDG 737 using the single number on the number pad to look at the different instrument views. I'll try it on the A310, it didnt have any good camera views that came with it.
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