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  1. The inimanager has some strange bugs. It's a really nice app and all but its not perfected yet.
  2. I dont find it to be too bad. I bought a new computer at the beginning of the year with the big 3060 video card and all. I can run it on a 4k tv screen now. But even with my previous computer which was 8 years old and only had a 1050 nvidia graphics card MSFS run pretty well. Very little stuttering, especially if I loaded the sim and let it sit and generate all of its cache before jumping into a flight.
  3. So inibuilds and Asobo are that intertwined?
  4. right.. that's probably what it is. I probably should have started up the sim, shut it down and then run it again.
  5. I havent had any problems in about a year and the latest nvidia driver that was released on APR 04 caused bad stuttering. I immediately reverted back to the previous version. Anybody else with the same experience?
  6. Ah Ray I have been away awhile. Yep I got a new PC with windows 11. I only reinstalled all my MSFS stuff as I had it on my old machine. It took about 6 hours total one afternoon. It helps that many addons in the modern era have apps that can install things youve purchased much faster than manually installing them into the program. I have right at 1TB of MSFS and MSFS stuff involved in the program.
  7. I appreciate it guys! This is kinda what I was thinking I just wanted to get some avsim community input. It'll be a long day of loading it onto new pc!
  8. I'm gonnna get a new PC that will have Windows 11 on it. I currently have Windows 10 with MSFS and all my 500 gb of addons. Is there any less painful and time consuming way of getting everything over to the new PC and Windows 11? I have searched and not found a satisfactory solution as most things concern just adding another Drive to the same PC, I get that. Do the files change with WIndows 11 and require a fresh install of everything again?
  9. I always enjoy reading your responses/posts. Some real world old school knowledge that goes a long way to helping the community better their skills. Keep it up!
  10. well tell them to be in no rush if SU13 is better than 14. Dont force it on all of us lol
  11. yea I appreciate it .. I have done some research on it and I think I have the hang of it now. I just wanted to bring it to the community here since this PC is mainly just my Sim computer. Wanted to make sure MSFS would still operate properly if some of my community folder was on another drive.
  12. Thanks. I have been researching and it is all a bit confusing. Is a symlink the same as a symbolic link? I was informed that the MSFS addonlinker has to run on the same drive as the sim does and my goal is to get airport sceneries and liveries off of my main SSD to keep it from filling up, but at the same time allow the Sim to have access to it when I use it.
  13. Hi everyone I am not sure what's possible and what's not when it comes to getting a new SSD for my computer because I am running out of space at the moment. Typically if you buy a new PC some will come with a smaller storage SSD and a larger mechanical hard drive. My question is: Do all the MSFS files hafta be on the primary (preferably SSD) in order to run? Can the program access info from another Drive in order for the Sim to run? Or do all the files, community folder and such hafta be on the same drive? I appreciate any technical input you guys can offer and thanks!
  14. Yea but when you go to that website all you see is Immersion packages. The Piper is actually only on the Microsoft marketplace and I never buy anything on there. I've always purchased directly from the 3rd party itself or one of the good retail vendors.
  15. oh ok. I always try to buy outside of the marketplace. I figured that was the case since I couldnt find it through any of the other vendors
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