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  1. Hello Jevon. I received your mods the other day and they have been installed into P3D V4.3. I've had two flights so far, and also a flight without using the mods. There's no difference. Your mods work perfectly in P3D V4. Thank you for your time and effort and willingness to share. Regards Bruce Ross
  2. Meeko

    PC 12 what the TBM SHOULD be Steveo1 style

    Bert turns the weather radar off with his mods. If you want it "on" go into your Carenado PC12, panel.V55 (Bert's panel whatever version you have) folder and open up the panel.cfg. Find [Vcockpit04] and delete the // from the lines starting with gauge00, gauge01, gauge02 and gauge03. You should then be able to turn the gauge on, on the panel. Bruce R
  3. Meeko

    PC 12 what the TBM SHOULD be Steveo1 style

    Do you have any of Bert Pieke's mods for the PC-12 by any chance? Bruce R
  4. Would you please advise if these awesome mods will work with P3D V4. Regards Bruce R
  5. Meeko

    PC 12 what the TBM SHOULD be Steveo1 style

    On the bottom line of the GTN750 make sure "GPS" is shown. If it shows "VLOC", click on "CDI" immediately above it which will then bring up "GPS". This is what you should be in. NAV and AP should them work. Bruce R
  6. Meeko

    Flight Deck Companion for P3D V4.X

    Yes, I remember Flight Deck Companion. I think I used it with FS2004. If you want something similar go for FS2Crew. They have a support forum further down these pages, and of course, have their own web site. Bruce R
  7. Meeko

    Flightplans wanted

    As Bob Martin said ... Flightaware. These are real world flight plans of aircraft that have just flown a particular route. Put your departure and arrival airports in and search. Click on a "landed" flight. The flight plan will be on the right side of the page. It can't be easier. Bruce Ross
  8. Meeko

    New Majestic Official Forum

    Thank you. I appreciate the reply. Bruce R
  9. Boss - are you able to advise if the Majestic Official forum is up and running yet? I do see a limited number of new topics there. I have tried to log on with my existing details but "I'm not found". Is it necessary to re-register? Bruce R
  10. Meeko

    longest flights

    Try getting those last flaps out at 95 and greazing on at 85, or may be slightly less if you're light. Bruce R
  11. Meeko

    Majestic website down?

    Their website to currently down at the moment. Here's a quote from their FB page; Majestic Software Dash 8-Q400 Yesterday at 6:32am · *****ALERT BULLETIN***** Fellow Captains, As some of you may have noticed, we are having some technical difficulties with our server which has made the website, forum and authentication functionality inoperative at the moment. We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences that this has caused especially to new purchasers of the Q400. If you require use of a forum, please feel free to use our Unofficial forum over at the AVSIM forums (…/603-the-majestic-software-dash-8-s…/). For other services unfortunately we'll be down until we can't get this problem rectified. There may be a bit of a delay in responses to support as we are a bit busy with the problem at hand. ********************AMENDMENT************************ WE HAVE REQUESTED THAT ONLINE STORES TAKE OUR PRODUCT PAGES OFFLINE TO PREVENT SALES OF THE Q400 OR OLDER Q300 VERSION....THIS WAY USERS WILL NOT BECOME MORE FRUSTRATED WHEN ATTEMPTING TO AUTHENTICATE THEIR PURCHASE, ************************************************************** As always we thank you all for your patience and continued support. Respectfully, The Majestic Team Bruce R
  12. Meeko

    Soundsair PC12s

    Brilliant Ron! Thank you very much. Bruce R NZ
  13. Meeko

    Sounds Air Repaint

    That would be great thank you Ron. I look forward to it. Regards Bruce R NZ
  14. Meeko

    Sounds Air Repaint

    Anyone willing to try a Sounds Air repaint? I stand to be corrected here, but I think these are the only PC-12's flying in New Zealand. Bruce R
  15. Just go into your account and re-download it for free. During the install there will be options which platform to install it into (P3D V4 included). Bruce R