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  1. The latest from TFDI regarding their B717 crashes. Push back from that hanger and get ready. https://forums.tfdidesign.com/index.php?/topic/4018-ctd-via-changing-views/page/4/#comments Bruce R
  2. Yes I’ve been getting a strange page as well. If I scroll down to a small ‘sign in’ I can get in but then have to click on ‘forums’. Bruce R
  3. This is excellent news. The cause has finally been solved, and those who swore and coursed at TFDI should perhaps take out their frustrations elsewhere. "As of 12/12, Lockheed Martin have confirmed that this is indeed a bug in Prepar3D. They are now working on a fix and a workaround in the interim. Please keep an eye on this thread, and we will continue to update you here." https://forums.tfdidesign.com/index.php?/topic/3754-view-switch-crash/ Bruce R
  4. For those interested, QualityWings have have released their Service Pack 2, Version 1.2.0. This of course includes the 787-10. Bruce R
  5. 1. Are you using Orbx Central? 2. Are use using the latest Orbx Libraries? 3. Why don't you go over to the Orbx Forums. They are the experts and I'm sure they can solve your problem. Bruce R
  6. It seems TFDI are onto the cause of these crashes. This is good news. https://forums.tfdidesign.com/index.php?/topic/4018-ctd-via-changing-views/page/2/#comments Bruce R
  7. Presumable you're flying in RNV/Map mode. In that case, just before GS/Localiser capture press the V/L button (next to the RNV button). You should then capture the GS and Localiser. Bruce R
  8. Hello Allan. I read your reply with interest. I had a look at my settings and they were already at "Very High". I still got the flickering at that setting. What I suggested above has fixed it for me. Cheers
  9. Hello Pat. Welcome to Dunedin. I live only 10 minutes from NZDN, so of course, I have Godzone Dunedin. In my previous life I did a lot of flying from NZTI which is included in the Godzone package. If you're not from these parts "Taieri" is a Maori name. The common pronunciation is "Tie ree". it's a great little aeroclub airfield on the outskirts of the town of Mosgiel and directly under the flight-path of runway 21 into NZDN. Anyway back to your problem .... I had the same frustration as you have. I have ORBX SI installed and when on the NZDN tarmac and runway I had flashes of the default (or probably ORBX) textures. I've done a couple of things, and I suggest you do the same; 1. Go into your main flightsim folder (in my case P3D) and click on ORBX. Then FTX_NZ and FTX_NZSI_05_Scenery. Make sure you don't open the "NZNI" file by mistake. Click on scenery and then scroll down to these files; ADE_FTX_NZSI_NZDN.BGL ......NZDN_CVX.bgl .....NZDN_objects.bgl Turn these files off by renaming them by putting .OFF after them. 2. I have also done this ... and I have no idea if it's necessary or not, but it probably doesn't do any harm. Go to your main flightsim folder and scroll down to Scenery / World / scenery and find ADE_FTX_NZSI_NZDN_elevation_adjustment.BGL Turn this off. And while you're there find the NZTI file and turn that off as well or you may find ditches on the Taieri airfield runways. Let us know how you get on. Bruce R
  10. Make sure you check your flight plan as well, especially if you're entering airways. I did a flight NZDN to NZWN (an Air New Zealand flight). The route was Runway 32, Bidel2P Bidel Y477 Ladis Y727 Wards Wards5A to Runway 34. The FMS accepted the routing but I noticed in the legs page Ladis was missing. Even after starting again Ladis would not appear. The legs went from Bidel direct to Wards. I had to manually insert Ladis after Bidel. I'm not sure other routes would do the same as this is the only flight I have done so far. Just be aware. Bruce R
  11. Your best course of action would be to hop over to the ORBX forums and into the "Prepar3d V4.X Support Forum". They're experts over there and I'm sure they could help. Bruce R
  12. The Vertx DA62 uses the default database. If you use FSAerodata it will update the default navdata to the latest airac. Hence the Da62 will be using the latest navdata. Bruce R
  13. No issues, also highly recommend. Bruce R
  14. I've had weird green textures like that with ORBX Pago Pago and Port Jackson sceneries. You're right, there was something in ORBX forums about it but I can't find it either. The advice in their forums solved the problem for me. "From memory" the green writing/textures has something to do with old textures being being left over after updates - or something like that. I think their advice was to uninstall the offending scenery, in your case FTX Vector, and reinstall it. Give that a go. If that fails I suggest you hop over to their forums and ask in the P3d V4 section. Bruce R
  15. Hello Jevon. I received your mods the other day and they have been installed into P3D V4.3. I've had two flights so far, and also a flight without using the mods. There's no difference. Your mods work perfectly in P3D V4. Thank you for your time and effort and willingness to share. Regards Bruce Ross
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