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  1. Soundsair PC12s

    Brilliant Ron! Thank you very much. Bruce R NZ
  2. Sounds Air Repaint

    That would be great thank you Ron. I look forward to it. Regards Bruce R NZ
  3. Sounds Air Repaint

    Anyone willing to try a Sounds Air repaint? I stand to be corrected here, but I think these are the only PC-12's flying in New Zealand. Bruce R
  4. Just go into your account and re-download it for free. During the install there will be options which platform to install it into (P3D V4 included). Bruce R
  5. TFDi Design 717

    Chris, you probably need to hop over to the TFDi 717 forum. They're very helpful over there. To get there, open up the TFDi Addon Manager. The link is along the bottom. Bruce R
  6. Problem with ground handling with v4.1

    You're not the only ones. I started a topic in the Prepar3d forums. It's getting quite a few replies with the same problem. It's in the "Other Support Questions" under "Ground Steering with V4.1" Bruce R
  7. I just want to say a big thank you to Bert for all his work and willingness to share with others. Bruce Ross
  8. P3D v4

    Yes, now has P3D V4 installers. Just downloaded from Carenado and installed. Bruce R
  9. P3D v4

    Unfortunately the installer still doesn't allow V4 installation though. Same with the TBM850. It indicates V4 also. We can only wait and hope. Bruce R
  10. longest flights

    Here's another one for you. Just completed this flight today - Dunedin (NZ) to Sydney (Au), NZDN/YSSY. Took 4hrs 45mins. 85% fuel (Total fuel 2312.2lbs (1156.1 x 2)). Two crew, cargo 350lbs. FL290. 1145mls Depart R21. Baso1Q Adkos P766 Tonim Y84 Optic Manfa Suzan Approach; RNAV-Z for R34R Default weather, Flight1 GTN 750 for navigation P3D V4 Bruce R
  11. CTD upon touchdown

    Two complete flights each in test 03 (a and b) and also two in test 04. No CTD on taxiing or touchdown. W10, P3D V4, fuel 50%, 10 pax and 200lbs freight. The AFE did all the hard work. A great aircraft. Bruce Ross
  12. CTD upon touchdown

    Can't believe it. My first whole flight without CTD either taxiing or touch down. Now had three flights without problems. W10, P3D V4, test 2. Will try test 3 tomorrow. Bruce Ross NZDN
  13. CTD upon touchdown

    Chris - From my reading there didn't appear to be any mention of an error in the event log.
  14. CTD upon touchdown

    I had an identical CTD on my first flight NZDN - NZCH. The moment the wheels touched the runway at NZCH I got the "Prepar3d has stopped working ........" error. I have W10, 64 bit with P3D V4. I've advised support as per Henning's request. Bruce Ross
  15. What is the latest version of the 777 for P3Dv4?

    Well I'll be ............. a few moments ago I opened up the OC and clicked on the two 777 updates expecting to get the error message again. But no, they installed. Either my computer is playing ball now or PMDG have done something with the update installers. Bob Z, thanks for the support.