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  1. Jay Perry

    North America part 2 download

    Well, I made a rookie mistake. Sorry about that!
  2. I'm having an error after downloading part 2 of North America. 7zip says it cannot open file as archive. Part 1 works fine. I've downloaded it several times and keep getting this error. Thanks
  3. Jay Perry

    No numbers

    Well, there are no Vista updates for my card :(So, is the only way to buy a newer graphics card? I was looking to update anyway.
  4. Jay Perry

    No numbers

    Sorry this has taken SOO long to get back to you...How exactly would I go about changing my vid drivers?
  5. Jay Perry

    No numbers

    I'm am running FS in 1024 X 768, and my vid card is the generic that comes with the computer. Also, I would like to add that I had this on XP, and ran it fine, then my comp crashed, got more RAM and installed Vista, and now I have this problem...Hope this helps.
  6. Jay Perry

    No numbers

    I am running Windows Vista... If that makes a difference, which I am sure it does.Here's what it looks like:Any ideas?
  7. Jay Perry

    No numbers

    No, I don't have that installed on my computer. The font is readable, just not the numbers. I'll post a screenshot later.
  8. Hi, I just recently installed FS2Crew, the PMDG 737-800/900 edition. I loaded a flight, and there were no numbers in the windows. On the config page, there were the time and dep time, and other things, but I could not change the numbers, b/c I could not read them. They were broken up, any ideas?Thanks