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  1. Shaun, Just bought KSAT, must say that your sceneries have gotten much better with each product. Will you be revisiting KBNA anytime soon? Would love an update with updated textures and night lighting. Thanks!
  2. So that means I’m obligated to spend my money even if I don’t want to?
  3. Well, there are no Vista updates for my card :(So, is the only way to buy a newer graphics card? I was looking to update anyway.
  4. Sorry this has taken SOO long to get back to you...How exactly would I go about changing my vid drivers?
  5. I'm am running FS in 1024 X 768, and my vid card is the generic that comes with the computer. Also, I would like to add that I had this on XP, and ran it fine, then my comp crashed, got more RAM and installed Vista, and now I have this problem...Hope this helps.
  6. I am running Windows Vista... If that makes a difference, which I am sure it does.Here's what it looks like:Any ideas?
  7. No, I don't have that installed on my computer. The font is readable, just not the numbers. I'll post a screenshot later.
  8. Hi, I just recently installed FS2Crew, the PMDG 737-800/900 edition. I loaded a flight, and there were no numbers in the windows. On the config page, there were the time and dep time, and other things, but I could not change the numbers, b/c I could not read them. They were broken up, any ideas?Thanks
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