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  1. I mean, Windows already has an AI called copilot, it would fit nicely in the new sim. LOL P.S.: I've been using it for a couple of months and It's nice actually. P.S.2: I don't think it means RIP Windows Central, the devs won't make/write all tutorials, I believe the co-pilot will look for them on the internet. Gamepedias and sites like windows central will probably be used as a source for the AI.
  2. I believe they will just repeat last year: 1 - Release date in the Xbox event and Trailer #2; 2 - More details about the new sim in the FSExpo; 3 - Finally a Dev Q&A to get the feedback and also answer whatever we want to know about 2024.
  3. I really doubt it. They will most certainly announce it in the Xbox event, and maybe show another trailer in there. They will leave more (technical) details for the FSExpo, like they did last year. The reasoning is simple, the Xbox event has a lot more visibility. Also, they can’t say much in there, so they will have plenty of stuff to share at the Expo.
  4. I have created a thread with a rumor by Tom Warren (well informed “leaker”) where he said that the probable release date will be November and it will be announced on June 9th at the Xbox event. The thread with the article:
  5. By rush it I mean releasing before testing it on every way possible. Or else they will need to hot fix it a few times.
  6. This will be the last sim update for this year, I hope they don’t rush it.
  7. He could, but he's always posting educated guesses. He's usually spot on on things related to Microsoft (I think he has good inside sources).
  8. "What’s the Difference Between Rumor and Rumour? Rumor is the U.S. spelling of the noun, meaning a piece of unverified information of uncertain origin (it can also serve as a verb). Rumour is the preferred spelling in other English-speaking countries." 🤣
  9. “Activision is targeting the next Call of Duty for late October, with Avowed and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 likely to follow in November and Indiana Jones in December.” Source:https://www.theverge.com/2024/4/30/24145262/xbox-games-showcase-summer-2024-call-of-duty-direct
  10. Hopefully, but at least the A320v2 is better regarding performance.
  11. AFAIK it’s the best fleet so far, no other comes close. I mean in number and quality. It’s unmatched. And I’m talking about 2020. If 2024 is really a leap forward, the gap will be broadened.
  12. Ok, but that's not the kind of artifacting I see when using the default FG. It's way less pronounced and they are not that colourful, they follow the colour pattern from the surroundings. Like spudro said, it could be Vram. Those coloured artifacts are usually related to Vram, like faulty VRam.
  13. I wouldn't be so surprised if they release an A330 with 2024, it's just the scene the A330 shows up there's no clear sign it's the plane they are flying (it could be the A320 or the caravan). All the other planes "confirmed" were recorded flying. But yeah, it could be. As a side note, I really like the Ini products, but they need to optimize better their products. Their airports/planes are too heavy on the FPS. The A310 is awesome, but it's too heavy (even for my pc: 7800x3d + 4090).
  14. I think it can be the hacking software, because the native frame generator (for the 4000 series) doesn’t do that.
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