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  1. Good to know. Will keep my eyes on the announcements. Thanks,
  2. Hi Tony, can we expect to see large regional packages from orbx (like OpenLCs: custom autogen, custom textures and no Orthos/Orthos limited to some areas). I mean, I really like X-Plane 11, but would be awesome to have some landmarks + regional autogen + more accurate terrain textures on places like South America, Africa and Asia. I can understand if you can't talk about that, but I'm just curious since I saw your old projects with W2XP. Thanks,
  3. ca_metal

    TrueSKY tech for P3D ?

    In that case, I'm interested to see what Matt could do with it and how much it would cost. TrueSky is one of the things I would really miss from FSW.
  4. ca_metal

    TrueSKY tech for P3D ?

    I think DTG owns the rights to use TrueSky on Flight Simulators, don't think LM can port it to P3D. What LM could be looking into is the technology developed by Sundog, SilverLining Sky & 3D Clouds. LM already uses their technology for the water, Triton.
  5. ca_metal

    Career Mode Beta Opt-In

    That's a nice update, will try it later.
  6. I saw it a while ago. Really amazing. And he just activated some reflections based on the old code, it's not the FSW's PBR. He said that with PBR it would look even better.
  7. I won't argue with that. I'm just anxious because some features are stopping me to use it more.
  8. I will be there watching. But to be fair, I would like to see a stream with the devs, with more news about what we should expect in the next updates and when they would probably come. Not saying Jordan Kind's stream won't be good, but on the actual state of the sim, I'm more curious about the development than seeing someone flying with FSW. P.S.: Not trying to be annoying, I know developing a sim takes time. Just saying what I'm more curious about right now. Not saying DTG should be deploying a new update every week, but I would like to hear more about how things are going on development side.
  9. That's why I'm looking forward to the real-time weather.
  10. I had 2 flights with really dark clouds in the UK. But where I fly the most of the time (Brazil) it's mostly clear or foggy weather. It really add some immersion, when you are creating the flight you have no idea waht you will face. Can't wait for the real-time weather.
  11. ca_metal

    Lack of Hardware support in FSW

    For sure, someone will fill in the gap, sooner or later. In the case of FSW, I'm really confident DTG will do this work.
  12. It's not forbidden to disagree, but people has the right to disagree with you too, don't be mad. You have the right to disagree with this model, the same right we have to support it. Simple as that.
  13. I know a lot of people that like the missions and like Theo said, not developing the missions wouldn't speed up the other improvements as they have different people working on each feature of the sim and the guy that develop the missions doesn't work developing the scenery, for example.
  14. The amphibious and tundra tires models came to the sim on the phase 2 update (january). Now they released some missions suited to those.
  15. ca_metal

    New to FSW

    Yes and as I heard they are working on that. Unfortunately they are a small team and they can't give us timelines to the features they will implement. For now, all we know is things are being done, but no release dates.