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  1. What about performance? Did you try on big airports (KLAX, KSFO, KJFK...)? Anyway, nice find!
  2. Small hot fix probably, it was less than 20MB. I tought it was the new missions too and checked there, but nothing new.
  3. Another addition that will change a lot the lighting in general is the shadowing (clouds, autogen etc). Right now, even if you set a major thunderstorm in the settings, you will see the terrain looking too bright. I would say we have to lighting systems acting in FSW, one that looks very impressive (Sky and Airplanes), and another for the terrain that looks odd. I think the PBR 2.0 for the terrain may change that. As Stephen Hood always says, they want that "WOW" effect when they implement new features, I think when they start "fixing" the ground, we will see real improvements in all aspects (Low LOD, ungly autogen, blurry textures, odd lighting etc). Unfortunelly it must take more time than we would want.
  4. They've replaced, and it looks really great:
  5. Yes there is, unfortunatelly they have a small very specialized team and things take time. Stephen Hood is planning to implement really nice things, including the lighting system, if they deliver everything, they will have a really great sim. Right now their focus is deliver the SDK before the end of the year. After that we may see some more updates in the visuals hopefully.
  6. Nice reading, Stephen Hood is really a visionary in my opinion, I really hope he gets there.
  7. Words from the man, Stephen Hood himself, I hope you rest assured: Let's just give them time and things will come.
  8. I'm not sure if P3D team is that large nor if they have a large budget to work on. Sure Lockheed Martin is Huge, but I'm not sure about P3D's team size and budget. If you look P3D development, they have a really slow development. If I remember right, It took 6 years to get where it is right now.
  9. That's why I don't get it. People say "DTG is selling core features as ADD-ONS", but I don't see those core features being sold... I know FSW lacks some features and others are not that good, but they're still developing. Most of the things people are complaining Stephen already talked about, he said they have the intention to improve, still people keep complaining. As I said a while ago, DTG released with a fast update policy, but now it has slowed a little. I get the reason why, but most part of the simmers have no patience, that's why people are complaining a lot.
  10. The sim isn't finished yet, I'm pretty sure they will update FSW for years to come, like they do with their other products. As they are a small team and have some other priorities, the 3rd parties, and soon the freeware developers (SDK will be ready before the end of this year), will fill this void until DTG can catch up. FSW is just taking it's first steps. I'd rather see real 3D lighting (Like X-plane), new autogen, new scenery technology, new data (airports, cities, roads, rivers etc), than seeing some small features like a moving map or a cam add-on. P.S: I'm as excited as everyone else to see how FSW will evolve, but I'm realizing that's a long term project. So I will just try to be more patient.
  11. It looks really good, from what he said it appears to be a study level AC. Unfortunately military aircrafts are not my thing, I'm looking forward for their civil ACs. I hope the next project will be a civil large aircraft
  12. You will see that same attitude towards every sim but P3D. Guess what? P3D is the most expensive to get things right... The OP proves what I'm saying... Every P3D fan was saying how beautiful this "EU Netherlands" was getting, but it was just X-Plane 11 + W2XP + Orthos.
  13. I agree with you and I really hope for that. My deepest fear is they losing the time frame to succeed and we lose a product with great potential. Customers need things to be done fast and they will stick with the most promising product. If you stop doing appealing improvements to the product, people will lose interest. I know a Flight Simulator is a really complex software and Flight simmers are a really demanding crowd, but that's the enviroment that FSW needs to adapt. FSW has to have all the good features the others have but even better.