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  1. Status - Matches FAA Release - SU4 It means this specific feature will come with the Sim Update 4, aimed to be released later this month.
  2. Better wait for the WU5. It will cover Iceland.
  3. I've changed the steam server to US - Seattle and got it.
  4. It was said the update was for the launcher only. No in-game updates. From the OP:
  5. Is the performance at the 76T always bad now? I'm not having performance issues, but it could be the routes I make. If the issue always happens at the 76T, I will try it.
  6. They don't have to keep much to be considered based on it. They've kept what they considered good enough to start with. They would be crazy to keep a lot of things of a 2006 software, specially the graphical engine.
  7. When you say only MSFS is giving you issues, what other softwares are you using? Do they need as much as computer resources as MSFS? Like I’ve said before, MSFS is the game (or simulator, as you wish) that uses the most all the computer power you offer to it. CPU, GPU, RAM, network etc. All are used intensively. And when you have a defective part on that scenario, things like this usually happen (shutdowns, restarts etc). You should try other softwares that stress your system as a whole.
  8. If you are not confident to do it yourself, take it to a shop. I have 99% confidence you have a hardware issue, most probably it's your PSU failing. I don't see how a software could make your PC shutdown/restart. CTDs, bluescreens etc yes, but not actually shutting it down. Also, if it's really your PSU, you should take care of it soon. A defective PSU can break other components. The fact you are seeing this behavior with MSFS is due the fact it's a software that uses a lot of computing resources (CPU, GPU, RAM, Network), all at once. Not all softwares will put that presure on your system. A fully working system will handle it fine.
  9. SR-71 by Milviz: Milviz SR-71 Now Being Developed for MSFS Instead of P3D – FSElite
  10. Did you really read what the user posted? He didn't say anything about the podcast. He's talking about other subjects (the issues the sim has, issues that have several topics about them on the forums, where he can discuss this without beeing off-topic). Also did you read he is derailing this topic on porpose, to force Asobo/MS to fix the problems? Well, I don't think anyone here can help him on that.
  11. On the internet we call it OFF-TOPIC. It isn't very polite to "derail" topics like that. But, well...
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