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  1. Nice! I hope to hear more in a future Partnership Announcement Update.
  2. Actually both. Bing can update the imagery with better quality ones and the A.I. can improve the way it “understand” the images.
  3. Sure. In 10 years time would be nice to see MS revolutionize again, like they did last year. New/renewed partnerships, new/improved engine etc. I’m sure in 10 years we will have a lot of reasons to have a totally new version being released. Or we would be stagnant again. But just to be clear, I was answering to the OP’s concerns about the partnerships and services being shutdown in the future. And the way I see it, if the product is successful, they would take care of it before anything gets shutdown. Be it a new version or an extension of the project. Right now I’m more concerned with the v1.0 and it’s updates. When the time comes, we will see what happens with the new/old franchise.
  4. I meant a new version after the 10 years time.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I hope with time the machine learning will work around those limitations.
  6. I would like to see a new sidewinder family of controllers being released by Microsoft. Including the FF ones. Would be really to have them totally compatible with new sim.
  7. Me too, also I would like to “fund” their project as much as possible.
  8. They’ve said, since the beginning, it was a 10 years project. I think all their partnerships will last until this project is over. If they succeed, we will hear about a new version coming before the 10 years have passed, with new or extended partnerships. I wouldn’t worry much about the partners. They will take care of it as long as the project is alive. Be it the version they are currently working at, or new versions coming in the future.
  9. They’ve showed Seattle in offline mode in the discovery series.
  10. Look at the blurred image here, it's in the background of the site: The name of the image is FirstCustomers2. And this, I'm pretty sure, in the sim (San Francisco).
  11. Way higher I'd say... If you rewatch the first Discovery Episode and the first videos they've talked about the scenery, you will see the scenery base will be there, no matter if you are running it on the online or offline mode. The water masks are the same, the shorelines are the same, the buildings (execpt the photogrammmetry areas of course) are the same. Also remember the A.I.: https://blackshark.ai/ 😉
  12. Like eslander said, if you are upgrading with just MSFS2020 in mind, you better wait for the final release of the sim. Until then a lot of new hardware releases can happen, you can find some prices discount etc. If not and you have/want to upgrade right now. the 10700k would be a really nice upgrade (he has the same performance of the 9900k, and this is an awesome CPU).
  13. They’ve said Bing is just part of the equation. It’s not just Bing, there are other factors involved: https://blackshark.ai
  14. Did you try to log out from the flight simulator forum and log back in? Also, you can ask them for help here, you don't need forum access for that: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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