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  1. Nice! Hey Cryss, is DTG planning to announce something important at Cosford?
  2. Yes, all the early-access titles on Steam when left that state raised their prices. I would bet it will cost U$60.00 when fully released.
  3. Not true, Just Flight just released the Piper Arrow for FSW, JF is helping DTG to build their SDK. FSLabs could be Helping DTG with the heavy birds part of the SDK.
  4. This quote is from May, when FSW was just released. The op´s quote is from today.
  5. Thanks, will check.
  6. Where did you get those quotes?
  7. Probably as in the first version you didn't need to do anything like that.
  8. I'm pretty they have something big to the scenery, but it would be impossible to them to do something like orbx do (developing airports and large detailed regions of the globe). What I expect Dovetail will do is set a new level of quality to the scenery (like they did to the airplanes) and developers like Orbx will fill out the holes that dovetail can't. Dovetail can give the developers new and improved tools do build the sceneries. DTG can improve the base scenery and build the tools to let the 3rd parties work the rest. Imagine Orbx not just converting their old sceneries, but doing something greater with DTG. I don't know what kind of new technologies they can implement to the scenery, but I really hope for the best.
  9. Orbx uses custom objects on their scneries, so you will need their library to have them working right. You can try to use a fake FSX install to make them work right. There´s a tutorial somewhere in the Dovetail´s Forum. I don´t know if it´s an EULA violation.
  10. I´m pretty sure, I don´t know why, the reason is FSW is a DTG product. Every new thing they do, someone is complaining about it. Like I said, I´m not buying it, at least not now, because I don´t like those kind of missions. The thing is, I know some people like it and DTG is aiming those, not me.
  11. Yeah, you are truly right, we should all move to Prepar3d, a sim with no DLCs and is right now completely functional... Oh wait... Jokes aside, I don't see the point creating a thread to say you are leaving. I'm sorry to read that, but it makes no difference to Dovetail. And the sad thing is we don't have an excelent sim to go to out there(p3d has it's issues, x-plane too). I will stick with DTG as long I feel they have something to me. Just to be clear, I don't like this missions package, but that's just me, I saw some people that really liked. I would prefer if DTG was using all it's very limited resources building the core sim, but I cannot say how they have to use their resources.
  12. For now you don't need 32GB of ram. SSD will have no impact in performance, it will only load the simulator faster. But I fully recommend to use one. You should rethink about upgrading your CPU, simulators are really hungry for CPU power. Like X-plane, FSW will use your GPU a lot even more if you are using trueSky, so would recommend you to get the best you can pay. That said, I would firstly upgrade CPU (here, if you don't want to go to kaby lake, just look for an i7 3770k) and GPU, wouldn't care to buy 32GB of ram, 16GB of ram is more than ok for now. SSD and Windows 10 are optional, they won't make a big difference in the performance, the SSD will load the sim faster, but that's about it. I'm using Windows 10, it's a really great SO, but it has it's issues and some people are facing issues with it, for it's being a good experience so far.
  13. DTG thought it was fixed, in one of the last streams some people were complaining about it and they said in their office it's working and they don't have to insert it everytime. They guy who controls the DTG profile on the stream (Forgot his name) said he sent a message to the staff, to relook at this issue.
  14. Nice video! FSW is really shaping up well.