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  1. | Completely new set of high-quality autogen buildings - Baked ambient occlusion - Night textures - PBR materials Complete autogen tiles - High-resolution ground textures - Details like cars, trees and fences Different kinds of houses, large apartments and industries Enhanced cities - Naha: cruise terminal, cargo harbor, photoreal scenery - Tokyo: Skytree, Tokyo Tower, harbor Highway signs Vehicles - Cars and trucks (dynamic and static) - Shinkansen (bullet train) Fully compatible with Ortho4XP/HD Mesh FPS optimized models Small portions of orthophoto included
  2. ca_metal

    Flight Sim World assets scuttlebutt??

    I was following DTG's moves since 2014, when they got the license from Microsoft. I got flight school on day one then won for free the FSW license. It was a good sim, but never was my main sim, as it was unfinished. Since they closed the development I moved to X-Plane 11 for good. I think I'm happy with what I get and have no intentions to move back to FSW or move to a new Sim based on FSW. I think most part of the other simmers think the same. Their first steps were made on 2016 and it was really hard to them, the feedback was bad. Still they had a small chance to be successful. Now we're almost on 2019, they failed, both P3D and X-Plane 11 are maturing nicely. We have a third option with Aerofly. I think the enviroment isn't the best to release a new sim, even more if it's FSW 2.
  3. You should try this for Antarctica: Both free, and there are some aiports/aerodromes to download for free, just look on the discription. For the north, besides the Great Arctic scenery, there's Svalbard Archipelago also:
  4. Actually there´s at least one title using Vulkan + RTX: Enlisted I don´t know if Ipacs plans to implement it, but they already have Vulkan running on Beta and they have a lot of headroom for that. X-plane´s developers are aware of RTX, but their focus right now is to implement Vulkan, but RTX will come eventually, depending on the performance impact it will have in the sim. You can read their first toughts here:
  5. No you won't, that's what I'm saying. Games and, in our case, sims using Vulkan won't need Windows 10 to run the ray-tracing tech. On the other hand, games/sims using DirectX, will need DirectX 12, and it only runs on Windows 10. The guys developing Vulkan will update it soon to implement raytracing on it. And as I said before, Vulkan runs on Windows 7.
  6. Laminar Research currently uses OpenGL and will be updating soon the engine to use Vulkan, both OpenGL and Vulkan run fine on Windows 7, so you shouldn´t be forced to use Windows 10. The same is true for Aerofly FS2. Aerofly has greater chances to be the first FSim to receive this tech, followed by X-Plane. Regarding P3D, as far as I know, they didn´t release any info about updating their engine to use DX12. Sure they could be in the works in secret.
  7. Look inside the folder you just downloaded, there's a file called activation key, just copy and paste.
  8. Good to know. Will keep my eyes on the announcements. Thanks,
  9. Hi Tony, can we expect to see large regional packages from orbx (like OpenLCs: custom autogen, custom textures and no Orthos/Orthos limited to some areas). I mean, I really like X-Plane 11, but would be awesome to have some landmarks + regional autogen + more accurate terrain textures on places like South America, Africa and Asia. I can understand if you can't talk about that, but I'm just curious since I saw your old projects with W2XP. Thanks,
  10. ca_metal

    TrueSKY tech for P3D ?

    In that case, I'm interested to see what Matt could do with it and how much it would cost. TrueSky is one of the things I would really miss from FSW.
  11. ca_metal

    TrueSKY tech for P3D ?

    I think DTG owns the rights to use TrueSky on Flight Simulators, don't think LM can port it to P3D. What LM could be looking into is the technology developed by Sundog, SilverLining Sky & 3D Clouds. LM already uses their technology for the water, Triton.
  12. ca_metal

    Career Mode Beta Opt-In

    That's a nice update, will try it later.
  13. ca_metal

    3PD can bring out the best in FSW!!!

    I saw it a while ago. Really amazing. And he just activated some reflections based on the old code, it's not the FSW's PBR. He said that with PBR it would look even better.
  14. ca_metal

    Live Stream - Jordan King (28th February)

    I won't argue with that. I'm just anxious because some features are stopping me to use it more.
  15. ca_metal

    Live Stream - Jordan King (28th February)

    I will be there watching. But to be fair, I would like to see a stream with the devs, with more news about what we should expect in the next updates and when they would probably come. Not saying Jordan Kind's stream won't be good, but on the actual state of the sim, I'm more curious about the development than seeing someone flying with FSW. P.S.: Not trying to be annoying, I know developing a sim takes time. Just saying what I'm more curious about right now. Not saying DTG should be deploying a new update every week, but I would like to hear more about how things are going on development side.