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  1. Did they say anything about tomorrow’s World Update? I mean, what will be covered/updated in the Iberian region? How many PG cities?
  2. Now they have went too far... It's definitely a game. Am I right? Just kiding, that's actually awesome, it's a good entry point.
  3. PMDG, mostly because I want the 737 and I want it on the Marketplace. Maybe in the future I will get the Fenix A320.
  4. Jörg called it Iberia Update, but I think he didn’t mention anything about Portugal, did I miss it?
  5. Kaii is focusing on offline A.I., as far as I know (and I like the idea) Asobo/MS is focusing on Online Traffic.
  6. RELEASE NOTES If you are playing on PC, some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior. Please move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times. Stability Several crashes have been fixed across the title Weather Improved management of high proximity METARs to avoid hard weather transitions Fixed abnormal temperatures above FL450 Fixed custom weather preset save data Live Weather clouds on ground should now be displayed as fog Rain and fog now correctly receive shadows from clouds above Fixed “10SM” metar visibility Fixed live weather refering to AMSL instead of AGL VR Fixed the issue that prevented interactions with the toolbar in VR Added some of the VR controller specific controls (e.g. switch between proxi and raycast modes) that were not available in the binding menu Fixed the rotate and drag buttons that did not respond well with WMR VR controllers VR controllers are now working when using Legacy cockpit interaction system Peripherals TrackIR support has been fixed Fixed unable to pan / drag WorldMap using a custom mouse profile. Add a slot in Control Menu Planes Fixed HUD shader support for for 3rd party planes Fixed Reverse Throttle Fixed livery overriding mechanism for WASM modules Fixed glass cockpit remains off when starting from cold & dark for the Volocity Fixed white rendering of the Copilot HUD in the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner World Fixed an issue where roads could blink Fixed color banding introduced in Sim update 5 Reno Performance optimization for Reno multiplayer races Reno stands are no longer misplaced during RTC Fixed “Too high” notification when starting a time trial UI Assistances preferences should no longer be set to Easy without user’s input Localization update across all supported languages SDK Fixed crash when loading a project Fixed aircraft no longer compiles because of glTF errors Fixed game crashing when trying to add a PaintedHatchedArea in the Scenery editor Changed “Parking not linked to the main graph” to warning Fixed disabled interactions with the sim when Aircraft Editor is open Ignore null-size flags file (avoids invalid materials) Fixed newly created project XML file path in PackageBuilder Navigation New AIRAC cycle 2113 is now available = Fix based on Community feedback Source: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/release-release-notes-sim-update-vii-january-build-1-21-18-0/487287?fbclid=IwAR2LCuQaS0ZUsRPnwzFNI--ZB_japwwcTxWzpHCDGmuChQcaN32qyqL2ASo
  7. I've seen people wanting to know if the current state is what Asobo thinks is ok, but to ease some concerns: Source: Live Weather Report - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  8. Their snow implementation is a good sign they will use shaders for that type of feature. Also they have mentioned they want to implement seasons the right way (they’ve even talked about animal migrations). Nothing against that developer (Bijan), but I wouldn’t consider his product a good implementation of seasons. It’s more like new tree types. Weather changes are way more comprehensive than that.
  9. I watched the VOD, the stream was already finished, so I watched it as a whole. But I think we have understood his statements quite differently. But my whole point is to say no one is really "guilty" of anything. PMDG and Asobo have their own agendas. And RSR himself knows that, he isn't "angry" with Asobo dev, and of course he shouldn't be. He has his own concerns about the MSFS development of course, and this is his role as a manager. Also, we, the community, shouldn't be charging Asobo as the only culprit on this "mess". I really doubt Asobo has anything to do with the decision process of choosing a date to release the 737. PMDG should have done that when they were sure about everything. If they set that date believing Asobo would deliver feature X, Y and Z on any given day, they were naive. They are on the right direction now, they will announce a date when they are sure about it. And it's not, by far, the first time PMDG cancelled/postponed any of their releases, accross all platforms and working with different groups of developers. I'm still waiting for the updated 777 and the Global Flight Operations. LOL
  10. Sometimes I fail to understand this community. This sim is a little more than a year old and PMDG already delivered 1 complex aircraft. And it means nothing to the people. But as soon as PMDG faces issues, people see those as an unsurmountable wall. And people point their guns exclusively to Asobo/MS. People forgot all the other PMDG products that are taking forever to get released? Where's the airplanes they once promissed to develop for X-Plane? All that to say I believe their fleet will be released one day and that's not anyone's fault it will take longer, things are what they are. Asobo has their own Agenda, as PMDG. Eventually both will converge and users will have amazing aircrafts on an amazing sim.
  11. I understood it a bit differently. Asobo doesn't estimated anything, Asobo is just supporting PMDG (when they have the time/resources to do so), like they are doing for the other 3rd party devs. PMDG needed a feature that's essential to the release of their fleet, but Asobo didn't have answered until now and they have decided to hold the announcement of any release dates. He didn't say Asobo is taking longer to implement it, they just haven't answered to the request yet. He also stated he knows Asobo isn't working exclusively with them, so they have their own schedules and roadmaps.
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