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  1. I got that message too. For now I will just ignore and see if it really cause me any issues.
  2. As far as I know, some TIN cities get to the sim without getting to Bing Maps (Paris, Japanese cities etc). But all TIN cities present on Bing Maps eventually make their way to the sim (Christchurch was 3d in Bing Maps for months and only got to the sim with the New Zealand update). I really like the TIN cities, so I’m excited to see those implemented in the sim.
  3. Watching it, curious to know what's the next WU.
  4. Maybe it's already installed or you are using the wrong content manager filters. There are 3 filters: Installed, Not installed and Update available. Try all of them. Or try loading a flight there to check if the update is already installed.
  5. It's not that, man. Testing it on a CPU bound scenario helps you to understand how it will handle situations like KLAX with lots of traffic + Study Level aircraft (PMDG or Fenix for example). That's the reason I think 1080p helps us (simmers) to understand how much gain we might have and differences between CPUs. When you use GPU bound tests, you won't know that.
  6. 4K is a GPU bound scenario. If you really want to test the CPU itself, 1080p is better. The same review:
  7. I am looking forward to this update. I’ve been flying on this region since Orbx released their sceneries for it. To be fair, it’s great to fly over it since release but I won’t complain because of more realism.
  8. I saw that today, it wasn’t clear to me. Unless the scheduling is good, it might be problem. Not for the 5800x3d, but for the other two.
  9. Probably the 7950x3D will be best of all on MSFS. Highest clock + more cache. But the 7900x3D is really close behind. Depending on the difference of the prices, I would go with the 7900x3D.
  10. I wasn’t expecting it would almost double the %. 😂 Remember those are hardcore users. People that invested a lot on their main sims and are a little reluctant to move.
  11. Impressive numbers, IMO, for MSFS. I mean the jump of people using it as main sim comparing 2021 vs 2022.
  12. For those interested, comparing to other games, from twitter:
  13. You are missing the point here… the real important thing is there are signs flight simulation is going back to be mainstream. The fact 10 million different persons were interested on it is huge.
  14. 10 million different persons (accounts) have at least tried MSFS in any way. And that’s huge for sure.
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