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  1. When Umberto says 2018, it'll be 2018.
  2. Without starting a new thread, are there any airports in the US with glass jetways?
  3. Wow. Total game changer at default airports, this combined with REX's WAHD is an instant win. Well done Umberto, well done.
  4. Bus full of alien Oscars! Cool!
  5. Super excited about this and getting it tonight. Umberto pushing the envelope as always, well done. Hopefully this release means we're closer to ORD! 🙂
  6. Drumcode

    QW787 in 4.3

    I love everything about it if I can complete a flight.
  7. Drumcode

    QW787 in 4.3

    Forgive me for owning a product I can't use and being impatient.
  8. Drumcode

    QW787 in 4.3

    Is there any ETA on this version? I can barely complete a flight.
  9. Drumcode

    QW 787 TCAS - Where is?

    It's a white dial in the top of the pedestal in the panel section called Transponder Mode. Sorry, I don't have the sim handy. It is in between the two transponders.
  10. Drumcode

    QW 787 TCAS - Where is?

    It is in the top of the pedestal, a round switch. It is not on the panel where you usually enter squawk.
  11. Drumcode

    Cancun scenery announced by Fsimstudios

    Bring it on, it's been missing for a while. I will buy it instantly if the developer show that they cared for the quality and use all the tools in P3D SDK. If it looks like crap, forget about it.
  12. Drumcode

    AI traffic call signs

    Unfortunately I don't, I was doing all this over the course of a few months, on the fly. Sorry!
  13. Drumcode

    AI traffic call signs

    I don't think this is an intention of doing so, they are (Flight1) notorious for these sorts of shenanigans and fully deserve the lulz.
  14. Drumcode

    Need help in time settings

    P3D doesn't adjust the time to a local time of where you are starting your flight at, it is using the local computers time, at least it does for me. I'm not sure if there are tweaks for this or if something can be switched on in the p3d.cfg.
  15. Drumcode

    AI traffic call signs

    Now, that was some funny sh....! Gary, I have spent a ton of work correcting the .cfg's for their models. All sorts of stuff, from call signs to parking positions (cargo were set to gates...,) to parking codes etc.