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  1. There's an update post in their product support forum.
  2. UTL developer is having some sort of "personal" issues again. This sucks and I can't see how this thing ever becomes a stable version with Power Pack and all.
  3. Am I the only one not seeing much difference in this versus Orbx Lights+Vector?
  4. With that being said, I've been downloading the update from simmarket for over an hour now. Come on!
  5. Spent an hour on the ground yesterday at ORD figuring things out in the cockpit which is unbelievably crammed, I'm sure as in the real thing. So far so good, visually pleasing and at some point this weekend I'm going to take it for a spin. There's a major learning curve to this bird for me personally as I've never tried flying the jet without the auto throttle, so some things are a little confusing to me, but I'm sure it'll come in time. Since I only just bought it yesterday evening and received an e-mail from Simmarket this morning about the patch, is it more than likely that I've purchased the first release version? Does anyone know if the patch was precisely released today or yesterday at some point?
  6. This one is absolutely outstanding during the day, I find it hard to get used to it being so dark at night but I'm still using it. There are a lot more floating around PTA's forums. I can't even image flying without PTA at this point. https://www.sass-projects.info/thopat/
  7. Doh! Thanks. Man, this actually looks pretty decent.
  8. Poor marketing campaign, three shots of the developed product a day before release? Geez.
  9. Could anyone point me to an up to date list of parking codes used in P3D? FSDT's ORD AFCAD is all outdated and I'd like to correct, especially the international terminal.
  10. I am very happy for all sim hobbyists from South American Countries as I feel they've been kind of left out and there haven't been much quality stuff for their regions.
  11. Excellent. Thank you for this.
  12. I also want to see an option in their Live Updater to disregard AFCAD file overwrites.
  13. Is there ADE version that actually works in v4? Could someone please link to the download?
  14. Thank you for the clarification. Did Mir find a new solution for this since the gates at MSP are no longer set to RAMP GA?
  15. Could someone please explain the reason why FSDT's afcads have all gates set to RAMP GA?