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  1. This is going to be my first complaint ever since they've released the news last year. I am not a big fan of the ATC phonetics at all. Should have contacted John Dekker for some schooling on this. I love everything else to date.
  2. Lacking any kind of a wow factor for me.
  3. I will be forever grateful to LM for taking us out of the nightmare of FSX into where we are today, but this is a hard pass for me. Thank you LM!
  4. I'll never look at the word undulation the same ever again, ever! Matthew, you must be real fun at the parties...
  5. I waited for 20 years to see a flight simulator to come to this and finally it does. Absolutely outstanding!
  6. @Kjelle I've assigned the Rudder to the Rx axis replacing the mixture and it does the trick. It takes time to get used to it though and if you want to go back to fly GA, you'll need to reassign the mixture back to it.
  7. Is there anything in the NDA which prevents talking about whether the Alpha One was released to testers yet or not? If not, can anyone confirm whether that is a true statement?
  8. It''ll be weird flying into MSP in thundersnow in the middle of January and everything down below will be lush green,
  9. I know it's off topic, but I can't even imagine the things that FSDT, FT and FB will be able to whip out in this thing. I am so stoked, my lawd,
  10. ATC, ATC, ATC as everything out there right now is absolute garbage. I would hope that within 5 years of development you already have something up your sleeve. Also, good SDK for ATC so third parties could fully integrate. AI control, with full runway control, please don't mess this up. TrackIR support from the first day of release. I can put up with no seasons initially, but the rest would be welcomed from day one.
  11. Me every time something new is published by Asobo, literally. https://tenor.com/view/excited-hockey-kid-gif-10474493
  12. I don't want to stir the pot, but he also had a dig at Avsim in one of the posts announcing it. I was going to say something to him as Avsim is my home for many years, but I decided to shut my mouth (keyboard) and let it go.
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