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  1. Yes, it just freaked out on me at ORD when I was pulling in to C18, so I just killed it using Task Manager. Is this Live Update thing supposed to update the Addon Manager too?
  2. Glenn, you need to chill on the submit reply button a little.
  3. OK, I'm ready. Give me the NGX or give me death.
  4. Damn, hotfix already. When I reach back in my memory to the ACES days, we could only hope SOME things would get fixed in the next version of the FS. I'm quickly becoming LM fan b.o.y, and I'm usually not a fan b.o.y of many things in life. Thank you. I finally feel like this community is appreciated by the developers. Love it.
  5. REX is working on SimAir since like the last decade, maybe they'll be done this year. You may want to wait for it.
  6. I'll wait, I'm patiently keeping my v4 clean without any hacks to get things to work.
  7. Excellent. Nah, I know Vector is still not ready for v4, I just wanted to ask before I shell out for it. Thank you. :)
  8. That's with Vector, correct?
  9. Well, these are completely unrealistically lit up, especially in the rural areas. Since I never owned Vector I wanted to ask if these are corrected (extinguished) with this add-on? I can't imagine flying over mid Pennsylvania and seeing I-80 lit up like a Christmas tree.
  10. LOL
  11. I would assume that now when the switch to 64bit platform successfully happened LM will start focusing on these areas to improve it? I mean we've all been patiently waiting all these years and it is finally here so I am hoping great things will begin to happen within the next several years.
  12. What?
  13. I'm going to shamelessly barge in without helping because I don't know the answer to your question and I apologize, but I just wanted to ask about the dark blue top part of the sky, should it look round like this? I always wonder about this and meant to ask before.
  14. Did you contact FB? A correction to the afcad for all of us would be nice.
  15. I've seen it several times and yes at busy airports, last time it happened was at ORD last night. I'll keep my eye whether this is constant or not. Thanks Ray.