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  1. Stanislaw, what's the ETA on KSEA?
  2. They just had 30% off like a week or two ago on this and Athens. I also missed out on it as I was traveling for work.
  3. I pretty much went nuts this Thanksgiving and spent over 200 bucks on all sorts of goodies from ORBX alone, I also raided Simmarket and went crazy there too. I didn't tell my wife yet.
  4. I don't want to start a new thread on this and since ImagineSim brought it up in their FB post, who's doing the ATL now?
  5. Man! Alan, you like to write... lol
  6. Apart from people's financial limitations, I don't understand how one would not want to upgrade to P3D4 and leave the old witch behind. It's time, things are stable, everyone for the most part is happy, do it!
  7. scrambled to release prior to Drzewiecki's version release, gotta love the competition
  8. There's an issue with Radar Contact in the .30 release as it was in .18 too where you'll get cleared for take-off with 5 planes ahead of you. Went back to .23 for this reason.
  9. Installed your new version yesterday, took a flight KATL-KORD yesterday - the instruments appeared to be lit up in the beginning and then extinguished mid flight. I may have to start a ticket with PMDG on this.
  10. Can any of the beta testers try applying repaints to version .23, extract repaints.xml out of UTL, reinstall it to version .30, overwrite the repaints.xml with the backup and check if it's going to keep the repaints or even ask Tom if this is going to be a problem? I've invested well over 10h to get everything up to the current fleet standards in version .23 and I probably shouldn't have. Thanks.
  11. Same here, I am however on a brand new box built for v4 exclusively. Not sure if it means anything, but I've never had any technical issues with UTL apart from not having any traffic in versions prior to .23
  12. I can't get it to work in v4, others claimed they did. Really liked it tbh.
  13. Is anyone else having issues with some instruments not being lit up at night in the NGX with Gerard's preset? I like the preset, started using it yesterday, flap indicator is one of them that is entirely dark for me, I can see it just fine when the dome light is on.
  14. I know you can't tell us too much, but any chance it includes the ability to force AI to take-off and land on the user selected runways which we can change at any point in time? If you could bring this and possibly the ability for the AI to use STARs like AI Controller did, I'd be forever grateful.