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  1. More info: https://fselite.net/content/salty-simulations-developing-efb-tablet-for-the-747-8i-freeware-mod/ Roll on the PMDG banter.
  2. I’ve had some time this evening to check this out and it’s disappointing, but the price is justified. The texturing is not the greatest, especially the ground textures on the apron. It’s certainly missing the wow factor imo. Maybe that’s the reason they haven’t been previewing any screenshots and just went ahead and released this. I’m going to go ahead and say it, but FSDT at this point is coasting on their brand name in terms of airport scenery design and is far behind the competition on quality of releases. I know GSX is their cash cow, as Umberto himself said this on a number of occasions, I have a lot of respect for the Company and Umberto as I’ve been a customer for many many years, but the level of quality compared to the likes of Inibuilds, Flightbeam or Pyreegue has significantly dropped.
  3. Yep, https://store.inibuilds.com/products/inibuilds-london-heathrow-egll-msfs
  4. Do you think you will update the taxiway center line lights? At night some of them are dark. You've mentioned a while back there was some sort of issue from Asobo, but since then they've addressed it.
  5. If you can't, one of our awesome moderators probably can. Maybe they'll see it and adjust. 🙂
  6. Are you planning any update work done to KORD in terms of optimization or any new feature additions? I know you've been swamped with GSX and stuff, just curious. @Jeff Nielsen Assuming that by now you were able to install the product. Could you please change the thread name to just release?
  7. Just for laughs and giggles, here’s the FSX version. We really came a long way, wow.
  8. Oh come on, man! We gotta sleep somewhere after arrival! Need the modeled rooms with beds and hot flight attendants!
  9. I've been waiting for months for it and it's finally here! How is it?! Finally I can do United flights to Central and South America! Congrats Umberto!
  10. Does anyone know if it’s possible to turn off the annoying “Simulator flight plan detected” that pops every time you open the charts in the in-game panel?
  11. This could be cool if integrated with SimBitWorld. Fly on a commercial route somewhere, select an excursion from this and have some fun.
  12. I've been whining about this on their forums for months. They gave contracts to weather "experts" that never step a foot in the flight sims and it bit them hard. They should hire them like they did Working Title guys. Do it!
  13. @virtuali Any chance you can share some screenshots of WIP? Come on, throw us a bone 😉
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