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  1. Drumcode

    AI Malcontent's ERJs?

    Getting a cool and up to date AI models and paints have always been a chore in every single version of the simulator. It takes incredibly huge amount of work to get things right if AI is your thing. I love AI, I fly for work on weekly basis and I'm always glued to the window checking airport ops.
  2. Drumcode

    AI Malcontent's ERJs?

    If I had to guess, egos?
  3. Drumcode

    AI Malcontent's ERJs?

    I've been updating some of my AI recently and came across AIM's repaint texture for P3D model. According to a post at AIG, the model isn't P3D ready, is it just an incorrect description in the ReadMe file?
  4. Drumcode

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    Nice. Thanks a lot. It took me a little bit fiddling around to get this to work, but it works. I am getting the scenery.cfg messages frequently, any idea what's causing this?
  5. Drumcode

    Active Sky for P3Dv4

    Build the darn forced runway control in the P3D already LM!!! Geeez!
  6. Drumcode

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    Is 1.4b available for download anywhere?
  7. Drumcode

    How to get the correct Departure Runway ?

    I've never lost faith in you man, I gave up on asking you about the status of that project you're working on but I am hoping it is progressing?
  8. Drumcode

    How to get the correct Departure Runway ?

    Also, if you are using Active Sky with real live weather and check the conditions of the departure and arrival airports, lower left corner of the screen shows active runways in use in P3D at the moment.
  9. Drumcode


    Related to my earlier posts in this thread. I've had an offline discussion with Zimmerbz and cleared a few things. I lost my cool a bit, sorry about that.
  10. Drumcode

    How to get the correct Departure Runway ?

    This is one of the controls that is missing in P3D and I've whined about it for a long time, an ability to control runway operations or in general any basic tools to control AI and general airport operations of this type. I find it pretty ridiculous that LM never bothered to improve this.
  11. Drumcode

    Jo Erlend Sund's EDDK preview - WOW!

    Ah yes. Mitch and his daily dose of positivity.
  12. Drumcode

    Skyforce, active sky, tomato shade

    Gerald, so if Skyforce clouds are used in combination with AS/ASCA, full dynamics aren't being used at all? If Skyforce is disabled, how is the overcast depiction with just AS?
  13. Contracting a one man show aka Tom Main to work on a global platform like UTL is both reckless and completely irresponsible on Flight1's end, or any licensing company for that matter. A developer bumps into personal issues which prevents him from working and we have what we have. To me this is an amateur hour by Flight 1.
  14. Just read in the manual that programs like Radar Contact will not recognize this traffic, correct?
  15. I think I am finally going to try PSXseeconTraffic, just to see how it works. How long does it usually take to get it all configured when I have UTL and all other models ready in the folders already? Can you actually control the model/paint assignment through the interface? What happens to the plane in the live schedule which I don't have the model/paint for?