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  1. A little preview of Heathrow ground with traffic.
  2. Assuming that DD's Washington Landmarks stays untouched after this installation and remains the priority? I'm not sure how these city updates work in relation to base sim + City update + 3rd party?
  3. There was tidbit from Jorg in one of the interviews from FS Expo (I think it may have been FS Elite) where he openly says they'll never be able to deliver chart or service on the level Navigraph, so I'd think twice if anyone is overly excited about completely dropping Navigraph subscription and quite frankly, I have yet seen anything from Microsobo that would surpass the level of quality of third party devs.
  4. I think this may be a known issue according to Randazzle's post in their forums. Check that.
  5. Yep, same here but my flickering is so bad I feel like I'm inside of a techno club in Berlin.
  6. Yep and even if they hike up the price of the most expensive version (whatever they call it this time, if anything different) I’ll gladly pay for it, given now I know how they’re operating in terms of updates and freebies. Money well spent for sure.
  7. 100% not going to happen. It’s a completely new product and Microsoft wants every penny of that profit.
  8. Is anyone experiencing any cabin lights flickering issues? Started on final to FSDT's ORD and continued until I parked and shut down. Arrival around 9:25pm local.
  9. Nice, thanks. I guess all of it is evolving so quickly it is hard to keep track with all that jazz.
  10. There are plenty of short routes in the T7 in the States. For example, there are daily morning flights KDEN-KIAH using it to transport a large number of tourists connecting to Central and South American destinations in Houston.
  11. Did they actually say that? I don't do Discord so I'm not close to what's going on. If in fact they did say that and it isn't related to technical constraints, then it would be nice to have an option of live traffic vs scheduled one.
  12. As much as I can't stand RSR and PMDG as a company, I really like their products. Don't really care for the price, how much they made on it or all this other nonsense. I work for a living to be able to afford nice things and so are they...
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