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  1. Now that the dust has settled and I saw what was delivered from Fenix for a lesser price, I am too annoyed. I’m am not sure what 17k hours of development was spent on, but the deliverables are certainly underwhelming. I hate the drama, so I’m just going to let them as a Company come through with what they promised in the timeline they promised. They’re definitely under some major pressure now to deliver, or they’re going to have to deal with some major revolting.
  2. Just get both if the financial spend is not an issue and get it over with.
  3. Anyone with Bravo able to properly calibrate the reversers? I'm not. Could you please show the screenshot of your bindings? I must be doing something wrong, all other throttle positions are fine.
  4. Dang, back to the drawing board. I couldn't start the darn engines, did everything the same as with the FBW. LOL. I'm also struggling with calibrating reverse thrust on the bravo. YouTube here I come. 🤣 Other than my own shortcomings, this thing is pretty nice and it'll take me a bit to get comfy with it.
  5. I really appreciate all the posts informing me that you're downloading and installing.
  6. This is the first time in my 26 years of simming I am excited about an Airbus coming out. Bring it bro!
  7. I don't really have favorites anymore. The market and number of talented vendors expanded substantially with the release of MSFS and there are a ton of folks delivering very high quality products. Really having a hard time selecting favorites now. It used to be FSDT, ORBX, FlightBeam, FlyTampa and the rest was light years behind, but this is no longer the case and I love it.
  8. @Kaiii3 I am getting CTD's every time I turn on TC Does it matter if the Manager is on version .106? I just updated to .107 and as it is late here, I'm not going to have much more time testing this tonight. I tested it tonight in the PMDG out of KLAS 26R. First time with the TC from the beginning of the setup of the flight and CTD'ed right before take off. On the second attempt I turned it on 3 minutes into climb and not even a minute later, it crashed. was totally stable for me.
  9. That's awesome! You're my hero and gave me an excellent idea how to sim and keep the wife happy when I retire. Thank you, sir!
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