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  1. I've had lower performance and more stuttering in larger cities since the last update too.
  2. Yep! I made about 4TB or scenery with Ortho4XP. I even replaced clouds with textures similar to the surrounding area on many tiles or I would swap in tiles with no clouds from a different provider and try to colour match them. Very tedious work to do manually. Glad MSFS as figured out a way to automate the process! It isn't perfect, but it is nice to just be able fly almost anywhere with this level of realism. Rather spend my time doing that!
  3. In areas with significant cloud cover they replace the ortho images with generic landclass textures. The transition from ortho to landclass textures and back again is blended, but more noticeable in some areas than others. Overall it does a decent job. Ortho tiles containing just a few small clouds and/or wispy clouds are displayed as is.
  4. Nice ones! All of them are very striking.
  5. Sadly, that already happened in February 2017, just over one year after the above jump was filmed. https://globalnews.ca/news/3219444/canadian-wingsuit-flyer-graham-dickinson-dies-during-base-jump-in-china/
  6. Try emptying the community folder of all addons before doing anything drastic.
  7. Suddenly having the same problem here. I thought it was because I updated to a newer version of Windows 10 yesterday. Reset all of my settings and keybindings, which takes a long time to get everything the way I want. Next restart everything is gone again. Very annoying. We should bombard Zendesk. Be sure to upvote the official thread https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/ui-broken-and-reset-user-settings
  8. I would try turning off the fps limiter in NCP and turning vsync on and selecting 30fps in game. 30fps smooth and stutter free is better than trying to get 60 and having stutters. You should not have any stutters then providing you use settings that would consistently give you over 30 fps without vsync enabled.
  9. Odd. I have always had photogrammetry extend south and east of downtown Vancouver, even back in Alpha. It extends south to 16th Avenue (more in some locations) and east to Glen Drive. That is what I still see since the update. Are you seeing photogrammetry any further south or east than that?
  10. This is certainly an issue since the last update, but he also mentioned getting a bluescreen with a full system restart. That sounds more like a hardware issue.
  11. Getting back to the original test data, it would be interesting to compare the graphs for the same data using the default C172 in X-plane and and a good payware addon such as the A2A 172 in FSX/P3D. Not that that data is representative of everything that makes up the flight model, but it would be interesting all the same.
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