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  1. Did you see the guy with his carry on suitcase in the first twitter video. What a jerk stopping to get his bag out of the overhead and risking the lives of others during an emergency evacuation.
  2. Not really a complaint, but I sure wish Canada would get some more attention. Some of the ortho imagery is very subpar. Some of Google's imagery isn't that good either, but in most cases it is superior to Bing. Unfortunately, Canada's relatively small population compared to the USA means fewer flight simmers giving MS the incentive to improve it.
  3. Some time ago, I remember one of the developers from Asobo stating on their Twitch Q&A session that while they are aware of this issue it is not an easy fix, in fact it would be very difficult to fix.
  4. Seems to be on MS end then. 130 GB is a lot, but even with an average download speed of 15 Mbps the entire download and install shouldn't take more than 24 hours. I can't conceive of any way to speed up the MS servers though lol.
  5. What speed is your ISP providing you? No way it should be taking that long. Have you run a speed test in your web browser?
  6. There is a strange known issue where having photogrammetry enabled in other continents significantly lowers performance at PG cities in the USA. There are threads on it here and on the official forum but I don't have the time to look for them right now.
  7. Avsim is probably allowing Google AdSense to place ads automatically rather than managing the placements themselves. Google encourages this as well as enabling interstitial (full screen) ads, but their automated and suggested ad settings are far too aggressive for a good user experience. I avoid this by using Brave browser on both my desktop and mobile, but Avsim does need to take control of their AdSense account settings. I tested automated ad placements on my own website and immediately reverted back to manual placements due to these same issues.
  8. turnandbank


    There's an article linked to from the Youtube page that references this accident. He was climbing at VX when the engine failed and, from that low altitude, even if he had lowered the nose he would not have gained enough airspeed to flare and slow the descent. He would have probably hit the ground nose down instead. The combination of low altitude and climbing just above stall speed at the time of the engine failure left him between a rock and a hard place.
  9. Not working here. Only landclass scenery and no live weather.
  10. If you change from switch from live weather to a weather theme that is close to the live weather and then manually add a bit of snow the water bodies will not be frozen solid. This looks better when flying in areas where they are not or are rarely frozen over in real life.
  11. Personally, I think it is more trouble than it is worth. It is very location dependent. Google is better that Bing in some areas, but worse in others, so it really depends where you are flying.
  12. Hi posted a solution in this thread. This seems to fix it for a few days, but the problem tends to reappear, so you have to repeat the fix again when that happens. Otherwise you can just put up with the annoying added step of having to click "Try again" a few times.
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