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  1. turnandbank

    XP Take off Question

    What you may be experiencing is the horizontal stabiliser going into ground effect which occurs at approximately 10 degs of rotation on the 737. This increases lift on the horizontal stabiliser, making the nose want to pitch down again. It takes additional back pressure to maintain the rotation through this point. If you do not increase the back pressure at this point the rotation will stop and the aircraft may settle. That is exactly how the real aircraft behaves, so things may not be as screwed up as they appear on the surface.
  2. turnandbank

    Orbx Global for XP announced

    I think they are an improvement, but not a huge one. I don't think they should add roads to the farmland textures, because X-plane overlays all the roads onto the textures anyway, and they will mismatch the roads in the textures like they do in all non orthophoto scenery including FSX and Prepar3d. I need to see a larger variety of landclass to really judge these. The default X-plane textures and landclass are actually surprisingly good where you see them transitioning into the ortho scenery, which I have a lot of, but I do think there is some potential for improvement, especially in farmland, desert and urban areas. Hopefully, Orbx can make enough of an improvement overall to make this a worthwhile purchase.
  3. turnandbank

    737 at CYHE (grass field) 1972

    This is an interesting video, being so close to my home and a field I have flown into myself in a C152 many years ago. It is located in a narrow valley with tall mountains on 3 sides so there is little room for error. The 737's were and still are an impressive performer.
  4. +1 for needing to know your settings and display resolution. I have a 4700K @4.2ghz, 16GB Ram at 2400mh and an older GTX780 with only 3 GB of vram. Even with max objects, I can maintain a solid (locked in NV inspector) 30FPS around KSEA or even heavy areas like KLAX on a 2560x1080p 21:9 monitor. My limiting factor is the GPU so I keep shadows off and use 2x SSAA+FXAA, but I am able to run with HDR on. Make sure you set reflections to minimum as they have a big impact on the CPU side.
  5. turnandbank

    Is adverse yaw well modeled in P3D?

    True, but only while in the turn. You will need to use a little rudder when entering and leaving the turn to maintain coordinated flight. This comes from practice and the "seat-of-the-pants" feel when flying an actual aircraft but is more difficult to get right in a desktop sim. You don't get the real world feedback.
  6. turnandbank

    Getting a new simulator and computer...

    Getting the near vision lenses is the best option IMO. It is the route I went, although I have a bit different focal length in each eye - about 2 feet in my left eye and 3-4 feet in my right. This allows me to read books and labels (when shopping) without glasses etc. The end result is clear vision from arms length to about 6 feet. I only wear my glasses for driving, outdoor activities and watching television now, but even my distance vision is far better than before the cataract surgery. I even meet the drivers license requirements without my glasses. I've talked to numerous individuals who have regretted getting the distance lenses and then can't even see themselves clearly in the mirror without putting glasses on. Best of luck with your proceedure and improved eyesight. The difference can be huge.
  7. I use Bing mostly now, but I used to generate quite a few tiles with Google. Google no longer works for me -- I just get plain blue tiles. I think they block the application from downloading their ortho photos now and others have said the same, so I'm surprised you've had some success with them. Did you have to change anything in the program files to make that happen?
  8. Looks great! What source did you use for generating the tiles?
  9. turnandbank

    Banking out of Santa Maria

    Great Shot!
  10. I have not experienced that degree of roll from rudder input on my setup, although I rarely touch the rudders during flight. On large commercial aircraft, the rudder is primarily used for tracking the centerline during the takeoff roll and f kicking out the crab angle after a crosswind touchdown. It is also used in the event of abnormal situations such as asymetric thrust due to an engine failure. The yaw damper takes care of coordinated turns and turbulence induced yaw. On most aircraft, rudder input will initiate some roll in the same direction due to the resulting slip, but I doubt it would be to the extent you are experiencing on your setup. Having said that, you would never want to use full rudder deflection on a large commercial jet during flight. Bad things will happen and have happened in the real world.
  11. turnandbank

    its gone awful quiet on this side!!!!

    At least you have plenty of altitude to work with! Every time I see a Shrike Commander it reminds me of the incredible performances by Bob Hoover. I was lucky enough to see him perform on two occassions, both times at the Abbotsford Airshow. That was many, many years ago, but it still stands out in my memory like yesterday.
  12. turnandbank

    beautiful Utah

    Beautiful shots. Just came back from a road trip that included much of Utah. It is a spectacular state. Very diverse and beautiful landscapes.
  13. turnandbank

    Storm in Seattle at dawn

    Nice! FS9 can still look great.