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  1. We shall see after release. A purchase for me as the FBW has got me convinced that an Airbus can be a great aircraft in MSFS. I never went the FSL route in P3D as it seemed to be more of a cult appeal instead of a consumer product IMHO. My PMDG is almost flawless despite the critics but maybe, just maybe many of us are just bored as it a been there done that Groundhog Day experience. After all the real 737NG hasn’t changed much in its 25 years. Appealing for a fleet but for a sim???
  2. Flew my first complete flight today. Could find no faults with this bird. They got it right the first try. Now if we just knew how to bind buttons to our controls🙃
  3. PMDG secret, you can purchase using the previous credit, but no download link...😄
  4. For you. Don't define the term for others.
  5. What a bunch of complainers about nothing. The 800 will do little the 700 cannot do and as for the others, just why? They are all about the same in the cockpit where I spend my time. The idea that you need all four is just silly. Notice that no airline has all four, as far as I know so why would a simmer? Just my thoughts.
  6. It lights the runway well and that’s what counts
  7. The red handle is the gust lock described in a video
  8. $39.99 is a bargain. Purchased and will fly today.
  9. Could be a bigger bug but I never go flaps 40 on landing anyway so it would not bother me.
  10. Well, I would fire the leader of the snow removal team at these airport. He/she is clearly not competent.
  11. Is it just me? Everytime, I go to an airport in the North, there is snow covering and hiding all of the paved surfaces. Is there a solution when using live weather?
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