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  1. My rudder pedals don’t fit well under my desk and buying a new desk just means more cost
  2. I would love this yoke but don't like rudder pedals. Would it be a sensible purchase?
  3. You should check your settings after the hotfix. It does change them so apples to oranges
  4. Maybe it is just me but performance in v5 is Much better than 4.5. Flying the new PMDG 747 with the new Active Sky, ProATC, an ACARS, Navigraph Charts, Chase Plane, new ORBX.P3DV5 and Ultimate Traffic at about 50%, it is behaving quite well on my modest system. I5-9600K, GTX1060 and 32G 3200 Memory. I did lock my FPS to 30 because the noise from the video card annoys me when I run it unlimited where i will do about 62fps at Flightbeam KDEN. This is a 1920x1080 display running 2 monitors, I like it.
  5. I had the same issue with an out of business vendor. HiFi nicely resolved my issue within 18 hours by submitting a ticket. Their customer service and their product are great.
  6. Run only one video card and you should be happy
  7. Twice in a row landing on Rwy 12 at KMIA in the new simulator, I encountered some sort of problem that felt like I had hit the ground about a mile or so off and below 1,000 ft. Flying the PMDG 738Nu, .once my own landing and the next autoland. Exact same thing like I had hit the ground but was well above. KMIA was default and I had clear skys. ORBX products installed. Anyone else having something similar.
  8. Wherever v5 installed, program files/Lockheed Martin, p3dv5
  9. My CTD's were caused by something on my computer. I redid everything including a reinstall of Windows 10. Everything looks good now.
  10. I find the new P3D very touchy when trying to change anything. If on the start screen I try to go to options, it ctd's, when loaded if I try to change a/c it ctd's or try to add scenery, again ctd. Anyone else? John
  11. Just temporary to rename your p3d v5 to v4 and reinstall PMDG. Make sure they are not installed in V4 already. Then rename p3d to v5 and you are good to gol
  12. I just noted when I turned my setting from unlimited to 30FPS, my video card relaxed and all was good.
  13. Same problem with 3 installs and then reinstall and activate. Something odd
  14. Fair price and worth every penny for the upgrade.
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