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  1. Must agree as we must actually be able to use the instruments on our simulated aircraft as a number one priority.
  2. For real hands on great aircraft, the PMDG DC-6 is the ultimate workload in MSFS. I bought it and love it, but it sits in the hanger for the work required to fly. IMHO>
  3. I believe the Tonga address was a bit of fun as when FS went live, it was believed Tonga would be the first place available for downloading the product.
  4. Wow, the overreaction on this just nuts. Take a breath and really review what they have done and the options available. Or better yet, go shoot a few balloons out of the air with an F22 and a Sidewinder missile. Just overkill.
  5. Let this negative speculation end now. The developer is now clear on their position and product to the normal human. All of the negative Karen's can go on to their next target while most of us hope this and other developers can and will deliver products to enhance our enjoyment of MSFS.
  6. I highly recommend buying and using Axis and Ohs to bind controls. Using scripts found on flight/to sure makes life better. Not only CRJ scripts but all popular aircraft. Sure makes it easier with my Xtouch mini, Bravo throttle and Alpha yoke along with the Axair. I hate using the mouse. Axis and Ohs is very well priced
  7. MSFS does see the Axair although it does not picture it. Just find what you want to control and then move the Axair control you want to use. Take a look at some of the Aerosoft threads on assignments as they use a different setup than others. The Axair will do it.
  8. I know what the command is for the autothrottle to be set to a button on a controller. LVAR ONLY… L:HJET_THROTTLE_MAN … 0 = FMS , 1 = MAN I just cannot figure out how to insert the command when setting it up. The AAO manual does not help my aged mind. Help please about setting up new LVAR commands.
  9. It can also be programmed using AAO as I do or FSUIPC. It is a fine little device that I have owned and used for well over one year.
  10. I use both the Axair mounted on my Bravo and X touch Mini on top of my Alpha and always run out of functions before I run out of buttons and dials on all of the controller possibilities. I use Axis and Ohs for assignments or MSFS if that works better. I hate having to use a mouse for dials and push/pull.
  11. Just change each aircraft and livery to non-traffic.
  12. Going through each folder and resetting does work.
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