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  1. I was in Alaska doing a simple go-to PANC about 60 miles away, at 12,000 feet agl . In the TPM it was TIME TO verify the runway altitude so i could begin my descent. I checked the info on the destination in MFG (sp). It gives the LAT and LONG and runway lengths.... BUT NOT THE RUNWAY ELEVATION !. So I had to go look it up on Skyvector. GEESH... Hope this gets included in whatever NAV data MSFS ends up with.
  2. But if I don't create a flightplan in advance, ( I'm a privateer type) there is no way I know of, in the 172, to select an approach to a last-minute airfield selection.
  3. Optimist I am...MS will create (or buy) a perfect Garmin GPS soon ! Dave
  4. I prefer not to rebuild a point-to-point flight plan going through unknown bush territory. But I know your approach works.
  5. Once in the air, flying anywhere, There is no way to select any other airport approach in this 'sim' using this Garmin imitator, such as MS has provided. If any good third party can make a real G1000, G3000 or GTN 750, I will pay $200 for a working version. Tell me I'M wrong !
  6. The 'active pause' feature does not halt the elevator trim during altitude-set in the autopilot. At least in the Cessna 170. You can watch the trim wheel moving while paused. Not very good if large corrections built up during your "break" . Update: There are unassigned (not in keyboard) commands which operate a bit differently. I put them on my flightstick just for test. They are: 1. 'Set Pause On' 2. 'Set pause Off. They appear to halt autopilot activity. We'll see... Dave
  7. For those with multiple monitors, I had that problem whenever focus was lost on the game monitor. Left click the mouse there (even if you can't see it) and focus is restored to the game monitor , making all controls and keyboard available again. This never happened in P3D.
  8. No approaches in the nav devices (G1000) show the vertical nav GPS options. Without this, we're flying in 1950's. Maybe I'm missing something...
  9. Dare I to say this: There is no 'Simobjects' folder in the new FS. Forget about "importing" your beautiful Milviz Beaver from P3D... sorry
  10. Looking carefully at the aircraft selection screen, in the videos, I saw a biplane. Will there be a biplane in the released product ?
  11. Disregard the above post. I discovered a strange effect on my file structure after loading HF2 for P3DV5. It seems that my P3dV5 root got moved from a location on a a separate disk over to my C drive. I am still trying to figure this out, but by moving the XMLTools file to the new 'root' I was able to activate the Vertx DA62.
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