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  1. Eclex

    3rd party gps with up to date data

    I think the F1GTN series has been updated to last spring. That should be sufficient. Not sure about stars and sids.
  2. Eclex

    Vertx DA62 Missing waypoints

    Sojourned is right. I use FsAerodata update and was able to set a direct to waypoint ZONSU. Dave
  3. I experienced problems staying locked onto my localizer at KFNL during an ILS attempt. I found I had to lock on much further away, about 10 NM for success. Other craft (C337) was less picky and could lock at 6 NM. I am thinking that the G1000 in the DA62 is much less forgiving than the F1 GTN750. Dave
  4. My order number is #2158 wonder where they start ? Dave
  5. Richard, the problems with the GO direct button happen in Windows 10, I think.
  6. Also this problem is being discussed over in the F1 SimForum. It has not been resolved yet.
  7. It should be mentioned that other aircraft in the marketplace suffer from the VC GTN GOTO button malady. These include: A2A C182, Carenado C337, RealAir Duke and Lancair Legacy. The one aircraft done correctly, in my collection is the Xtreme Prototypes Lear 25. Along with the Beaver, these are my favorite planes :) Dave
  8. RAPSTA: Thank you for reporting this problem with the Beaver by Milviz. This is a Milviz design flaw that never got corrected. Using the normal virtual cockpit view, access to the GOTO button just doesn't work. The workaround is easy, though. Bring up the 2D GTN window by holding keyboard SHIFT with number key 3. This will give you full functionallity of your GTN 750. Afterwards, you may click the left side of the GTN frame and choose 'close window' which will put that GTN device back into your panel. Let us know if this works....and also any response you have gotten from Milviz. Dave Swigert
  9. Yes: change radios=1 to radios=0 to select the autopilot buss NAV1.
  10. Eclex

    Best small jet for v4?

    Well Ryan, I am reading page 32, section 4, for the XP25 2.1 Flight Manual, and it says about the autopilot mode selector: airspeed hold mode the sim, speed hold is accomplished by the autothrottle. So maybe there's hope, yet. Will have to wait until release. Dave Swigert
  11. Also, I found that the GTN 750 radios were set to the NAV2 in F1GTN.INI. Change radio=1 to radio=0.
  12. Thanks for that, Bert- in the excitement of having a working gtn in V4 P3D, I hadn't noticed the inoperative radios below. Dave Swigert
  13. Eclex

    what are you waiting for in V4

    F1 GTN ORBX sceneries (so I can stop cheating with links to V3 files) Xtreme Prototypes learjet 25 version 2.1 with new autopilot with 10 buttons. New manual is on their site. Dave
  14. Eclex

    C337 v4 is Up

    Yes I bought it today from Carenado, and it does install into V4. Unfortunately, the installer that came out May 5 (or so) was also named 2.1. This new one unzips to a new named exe file: CE1900XV2.1.exe instead of the old C337FSXP3Dv2.1.exe Ha, go figure Dave