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  1. Hotfix 0.7.1 for the NXi just came out. Fixes bug preventing automatic transfer from VNV mode to GP approach mode in RNAV plans. Among other fixes.
  2. Either full or properly tuned.. both needed some idle speed. Try it at KDEN and let me know. Anything less than 600 rpm will kill the engine Tx,
  3. I think that the idle rpm must be set close to 1000 rpm at high altitude ground levels (Denver). Throttle set at bottom seems to kill the engine at that altitude. Haven't read the POH yet.
  4. And YES.. The spoilers deploy again ! I have them assigned to my left F2 switch on my Gladiator NXT. It's been unused the last few weeks, ha.
  5. Asobo has hired WT to fix (change) the base by the end of the project. That is what is happening with this beta.
  6. I am amazed at the excellent results from WT on this G1000. It has made the IFR flying experience so enjoyable to me, that I spend much less time dwelling on the forums. The new Kodiak 100 will be available with the NXi in the next few weeks (I think) and boy will i have fun with that one!
  7. Same here. I think I'll take my car to the car wash and try here later...
  8. DISCORD.... even the name is repulsive ! I hate it.
  9. Hmmmm....seems we've gone off topic for a while 🙂
  10. Can't wait to find out how/if it works with the new sim changes coming Tuesday. But I have enjoyed it while it worked. Maybe not $50 worth yet 🙂
  11. Simworks studio is impending release of the 'modern' Beaver called the Kodiak 100. My cash is ready !
  12. My first impression was the view of the city outside of the boundaries of the airport itself. It appears as a bombed out Van Nuys via the very low areal photo quality there. Sure, it's default, but maybe Orbx could have spruced it up a bit. The underground tunnel entrance for Sherman Way street is not rendered The frequency list for the airport does not include the ILS freq . My overall impressions is that the KVNY from Orbx is better than default, but its price should be half of the initial offering.
  13. I hate any 'cartoonish' people in any flight sim. Static or 'animated' . Van nuys , regardless of 'people', and which I now regret buying, does not satisfy me at all. Orbx, as we know, is an entirely NEW company now. From now on, I'll have to read the reviews from the forums before I buy anything with the 'ORBX' name.
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