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  1. Hi,can you please link the mod because i can't find it. Many thanks
  2. 13900K and 4090 here...disappointed. not well optimized imho. Stutter on approach and ground.
  3. I forgot the plane...from what I read the Ini A300 is pretty heavy.Or unoptimized.
  4. This or poorly optimized scenery. Very common,unfortunately.
  5. Thanks for the advice! Please be patient with an old timer like me, but what is "AA to enhance the application and left at 2x"? Can you kindly post a screenshot? Thank you very much! Best regards
  6. Hi, I own both and is there a way to toggle between PMS and TDS? Maybe using AddonsLinker?
  7. Same. VSync on in NCP and no fps limit super smooth. Gsync monitor 180 Hz.
  8. And the drink too!!! Merry Xmas to y'all!!!!!!!
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