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  1. Hi everyone,can somebody please give me the drivers for the throttle quadrant and rudder pedals 64bit Windows 10? I tried both over Logitech and saitek but it was impossible for me to download anything. At Logitech only 32bit and at Saitek nothing,their website is kind of buggy. thanks in advance best regards steve
  2. How to download from github? It looks like it's more complicated than the flight itself
  3. Same here. I preordered the stuff in march, waited, i got email from the vendor promising the installer in a moment a couple of month ago but still waiting. I emailed Bernardo yesterday and...we'll see. Lesson learned: i'll never buy again outside professional retailers.
  4. It's a question I've had for some years. I guess it would be appreciated a lot by simmers. C'mon developers, make a good PC6!!! Simmers community will be very happy!!!
  5. That's the recipe for making money, with FSX once you bought an airport it was for life but now users need to buy the same addon anytime a new sim version is out.😉
  6. my FSX ssd is 730 GB (payware aircrafts included, like almost every Carenado and Alabeo stuff and many others)...and yes, i got almost every payware and a lot of very good freeware,not mentioning stuff i made myself.
  7. I like having plenty of choices and by the way i meant 1000 entries not airports. My bad
  8. I know simmers with more than 1500 entries...i'm wondering if it's possible and how to keep my scenery.cfg sorted out after adding a scenery, by sorted out meaning with the correct order number and with right " gaps" between entries. Thanks again Regards
  9. Thanks for answering me...After i added the 1000th scenery i ran FSTscenery.exe to correctly format the scenery.cfg and it gave me a warning message "Area" Issues identified (Warnings) Questionable Area designation: Line 6999: [Area.1000] and the 1107 base scenery disappeared Is fstscenery.exe mandatory or can i avoid using it?
  10. Hi gentlemen,i have a question: can sce handle 1000+ sceneries? I'm asking because i added my 1000th airport to FSX and the number is stil 999 and the 1107 base scenery has been deleted (no big deal...its antarctica) I'm a bit worried to add more sceneries,i wouldn't wont SCE keeps deleting some stuff. Any suggestion, please? Best Regards Steve Smania
  11. Ah ok, got it. I'm gonna try it later and will let you know how things go. Thank you very much! Best regards Steve
  12. Thanks for answering...but how can I check that? Which config file do you mean? I ran the config file from Flight1 and it gives me 2 options:NAV2/COM2 and NAV1/COM1 not NAV1/COM2. Thanks again! Kind regards Steve
  13. Hi everyone, my autopilot (with GTN 750) won't follow the magenta line. By hitting NAV mode with GPS selected in the GTN the bird start a left turning. Any suggestion? Best regards Steve
  14. Yes,copy and paste, i don't want to screw everithig up :wink: thanks alot! steve
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