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  1. Problem solved. took the Bravo apart and removed the switch. It was totally broken (shame on Honeycomb) I'm going to replace it As soon as I can find the replacement. Thank for your time. Regards
  2. Nope. I suspect it's the switch that's broken. I'm not going to open tiket and send it back,but I'd like to fix it myself. Maybe it's the toggle switch broken. Any idea on how to fix it...maybe😁? thanks
  3. Hi,anyone having the landing gear not working in MSFS 2020? It's not even detected when I use it in Option-Controller.
  4. Sorry for bothering: I have a gsync monitor 144hz, do I need to set max frame rate even with a gsync monitor? thanks
  5. Thank you! The information about fps and refresh rate is what i was missing.👍
  6. Hi everyone,I'm about to buy a new G-sync monitor along with a new rig ( intel 13900k and rtx 4090) and I'd like to have some advice on settings in the graphic option in fs2020/Nvidia c.p. because even having done some homeworks these days I'm more confused than before. Some say v-sync on with frame capped half refresh rate, some others off because g-sync monitors don't need v-sync on...The monitor has a 180Hz refresh. Thanks in advance best regards steve
  7. Hi,may I ask your settings both in MSFS and maybe Nvidia Control Panel to achieve that? Asking because I'm in the same boat: building up a new rig I9 13900K and 4090 with a 60 Hz 36'' TV not willing right now to buy a new fancy sync monitor. thanks in advace
  8. Sorry for bothering,I'm pretty new about this,but how did you do that in the NCP?I mean Vsync and frame capping. thanks
  9. How did you do that? Which button if I may ask?
  10. Ok I'm sorry. I asked the same question over at the Flight simulator forum and the answers are:I’m guessing either you are on the ground, so no terrain info will show, or you are so high above terrain, nothing will show. I think when you are above terrain by a certain amount (I don’t recall the exact number, and it might be different for different avionics), you don’t see terrain info .The terrain map is only relative terrain, not absolute. You will only get colors as you get near enough to the ground to have them be displayed. hope this helps. (when it was black i was flying btw)
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