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  1. I have 3x75" 4k tvs angled at -45/0°/45° encompassing my cockpit creating a 200° FOV. Using MSFS "experimental" setup option. Easy to set up and no distortion. It looks fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.
  2. I have three 75" 4K tvs and it works and looks great. With Samsung Auto Motion Plus (soap opera effect) enabled I am able to run at 25hz/25fps super smooth. Absolutely fantastic.
  3. I run MSFS on 3 x 4K tvs on a single pc only. With my 11900K @5.3ghz+ RTX4090 I am able to run MSFS on high 4K settings with no problems. In my view networking MSFS on 2 or more pcs would be unneccessary, costly and cumbersome creating all sorts of pc/msfs management problems and issues. For the cockpit MIP screens I also run Prosim737 on a second low-end computer with 2 GPUs. This is an easy, low admin networking solution for my home cockpit. Just get a high end PC for MSFS and you're fine with a miltiple screen setup.
  4. Problem is that it is not possible to assign fsrealistic to a spesific soundcard. At least I have not found out how to do it
  5. Is there any way to make the bass shaker sound when there is turbulence in msfs? This used to work in P3D with simsound and Active Sky. Simsound works in msfs also, but does not register turbulence in msfs. Anyone knows how achieve this in msfs?
  6. I have used the judder tweak for years. Previously in P3D, now MSFS. Have run the sim with 25 fps and it's super smooth. Its really the "soap opera" effect turned to max. I believe most tvs have this option, not only Samsung. It may be called something else than "judder" though. I would google soap opera effect followed by the tv brand to find the relevant setting.
  7. have been testing msfs2020 lately, planning to switch to msfs2020 from P3D. I use 3 75" 4K screens, and the graphics are spectacular. However, the clouds seem to have a very low resolution, they are blur and pixelated/grainy. This is very visible on the big screens. Is there any way to get better cloud quality? I have volumetric clouds on max and I have tried the "sharpening" and "filmgrain" tweaks, but they do not seem to make any difference.
  8. You should update to P3D v5.3. P3D v5 will utilize your graphics card much better - including clouds/weather - and is overall a lot better than v4. With v5 you should easily run REX with high resolution clouds and max coverage on your computer.
  9. He has always responded to me in the past. There was a message on the forum that he'd be away on holiday in August. His sceneries are the absolute best available for P3D. I have the whole of Europe and northern Africa, and I can say its truly breathtaking. All respect for his hard work.
  10. You have to send a pm to Matthias. He will send you a link
  11. The very best photoreal sceneries for almost the whole of Europe (including greece) and Africa are available here as freeware: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/photosceneries-and-autogen-packages-for-the-world.447703/page-12 These packages are way better than any payware scenery available for P3D. And they include high quality autogen.
  12. I could not make it work in p3d 5.3 HF2. The clouds seem to be deleted. Reinstall of REX clouds does not fix it. Reverted to original cloud.fx.
  13. I am struggling with the same issue. The indexer hangs on weather/themes. P3d v5.3 I have tried to deactivate one, several and all addons. Nothing works. Did anyone manage to find a solution to this issue?
  14. These freeware sceneries cover Europe and Africa, and are made for P3D v5. Includes very good autogen. I find these sceneries are way better than Orbx: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/photosceneries-and-autogen-packages-for-the-world.447703/page-10
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