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  1. I am not getting this to work. Does the fix only work with EA enabled? I do not use EA. Is there a solution for non-EA users?
  2. Thanks for this, but it still bleeds through. No shaders applied. It seems the autogen that bleeds through is the flytampa autogen, not the standard orbx/LM autogen. Wonder what could be done.
  3. thanks for your reply Here's the section from the shader file with the amendment made: #endif // 4.76837158e-7 is 2^-21. In theory this offset should be // depth buffer is 24 bits but this is added to (f+n)/(f-2) which is then multiplied by z // and devided by z. As a result, there is precision lost and we must use a smaller number // The GDC presentation suggested 2^21 this value works fine for two coplanar meshes with same positions // It doesn't work for very long markings on a runway. Adding 1mm y bias fixes the markings though. // NOTE: You should not pre-muliply world view proj. iewspace position should be multiplied into this proj // matrix directly or percision will cause issues. float zBiasOverride = -1; if (ZBias != -30) zBiasOverride = ZBias; vProj[2][2] += zBiasOverride * 4.76837158e-7; return vProj; } /** * Monitor resolution gama correction.
  4. I cant seem to get this to work. I have made the changes to the file and deleted the shaders. When I take off from LGAV (fly-tampa) the autogen on airport and in surrounding area/ city bleeds through the clouds. Nothing has changed. What am I doing wrong?
  5. No I dont know. I suspect that EA is causing difficulties with the developer. But it works well when just using the cloud textures.
  6. I did use Active Sky together with REX Skyforce cloud textures on P3D v4. Now I have ASP3D together with REX Skyforce cloud textures on P3D v5. It all looks the same to me and I have not noticed any graphical or performance difference between Active Sky for P3D v4 and ASP3D for P3D v5. I dont use EA. Both kills FPS with multiple cloud levels and precipitation. Having said that I would never fly P3D v5 without ASP3D- its really great for weather.
  7. This sounds almost too good to be true. Will all navigational aids function as they should, e.g. ILS landings and so on? The ILS will take you to the runway? Are there things with this setup that do not function properly?
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