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  1. Thanks. I downloaded the autogen again, and now there is no autogen on the runway. Dont know why, but now it works. As regards the missing autogen on Corsika, this is because Corsika is not part of the France Photoreal package. It is actually part of the Italy Photoreal package (although a part of the country of France so far as I know). I simply had to add the Corsika autogen to my Italy texture folder.
  2. I have also been troubled by stutters and pauses on v5.3, especially during cruise. I enabled HT and deleted the whole Jobscheduler section of Prepar3d.cfg, and suddenly all stutters and pauses were gone. I notice that P3D has not rebuilt the Jobscheduler section of Prepar3d.cfg. The whole section is now missing from the file - but the stutters and pauses are gone. Performance is now better than v5.2. I'm on a i9-11900k with 3080TI.
  3. I seem to be getting bushes on the runway on Zurich LSZH and in Geneva LSGG. These are addon airports with priority above photoreal scenery. Is there any way to remove the unwanted bushes?
  4. Regarding Corsica: I downloaded the Vogel pack & the exclusion pack, but no autogen is working. I also installed the Global X Autogen. I have p3d v5.
  5. I have downloaded the Corsica autogen complete package from the F-BMPL website, but no autogen is working there. i have autogen working elsewhere in France it seems. Anyone gettng the Corsica autogen working and how?
  6. Thanks a lot for your help! The autogen has started popping up now! Really looking forward to trying some flying in France once all the downloading is finished. Quite a job downloading, unzipping and sorting the files!
  7. Thank you very much for this. I now have autogen at some locations. I note that some (or most) of the links at the F-BMPL website also contains Scenery files (in addition to texture files). Should I also paste in the Scenery files into the France Photoscenery folder, or only the texture files to the texture folder?
  8. Thanks again Scott! I am however struggling a bit with this, I am sorry for my ignorance: Do the AFCAD files go into the same Scenery file as the photoscenery files? I am also struggling with getting autogen/texture. The "www.f-bmpl.com/index.php/france-scenes-vfr" link does not work, and I am not able to locate the files om this web site even with google translate. My french is unfortunately not vey good. I have found some files regarding roofs and roof textures but they do not seem to help. Would you help me to find the correct autogen/texture file I should download? Thanks again for your efforts.
  9. Thanks! Started downloading. It seems the AFCAD files are also not accessible. Will you look at that? Thanks for your efforts!
  10. Scott, The files are not accessible. I am asked to get permission to access files by google. Shall I just do that?
  11. Gerald, I agree with you that the LM stock shaders are looking better than ever with EA on, volumetric off. However it would be great to reduce the haze. I tried Envshade, but I cannot see that this helps with reducing the haze (set at 0.5 but makes no difference). I have to say that the LM colouring is now more natural than Envshade's. Any clues as to how to reduce the haze?
  12. And the feeling when the autogen pops up right in front of your face! If you are lucky it will be all black or floating in the air. A true winner every time. Anyone saying this is not true FSX style has never tried FSX
  13. Is there any way of reducing the intense haze blocking the view with ea on?
  14. I would compare P3D with Mindcraft. Both are stable. But no one in their right mind would say Mindcraft is particulary realistic. There is however one big difference between the two - Mindcraft looks like it does intentionally. With P3D.., well I dont know. Take for example autogen. Who doesnt love the massive oversized autogen taking you back to the 90's? Gives you that distinct Mindcraft feeling. With P3D v5 you can even turn the autogen sliders further up, giving you a really intense Mindcraft feeling.
  15. I have just updated from v5.1 to v5.2. After 6 months the update seems to focus on bug fixes/more bugs. And, yes, EA. After a full year, EA still only seems to generate two kinds of cloud patterns- clear or overcast. Wow. Nice waffles and pancake clouds. And to top that, lets make it all disappear in a great haze and mist. What is going on over at LM? A team of developers and programmers working full time, and all they produce are a couple of bug fixes every 6 months? Fixing a bit of dis and that? The graphics are still the same. Nothing really new in 20 years. EA has only developed an inch in a whole year. No terrain overhaul, no enhanced regions, weather, colours, no nothing. Still cartoon FSX style. New updates trigger new bugs and hotfixes to be worked on. Wow, lets work on those bugs. And lets have a whole team of professionals do it full time. Dont get me wrong. P3D is better now than before. Maybe even fewer stutters in 5.2 compared to 5.1? I dont know. But basically it is the same stuttery product. Looks the same cartoon and performs the same. What is the ambition? What is the vision for the future? Where is the wish to create and develop? Where are the fresh thoughts? What is the plan? Bug fixes? Come on LM: Have a dream - make P3D shine and come to life! Get out of the past, grab the steering wheel and push to the future.
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