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  1. Every time I open MSFS the AutoFPS app (on last 3 versions) turns down my cloud settings from ultra to high. I have turned target FPS down to 10 to avoid this, but still cloud setting is turned down from ultra to high on startup. AutoFPS starts automatically on MSFS startup. Also I have unticked "DECREASE CLOUD QUALITY" so this should not happen no matter what target FPS I insert. But it still happens every time I start up Why is this happening?
  2. I have been testing the program over a number of flights now and I am not getting the FPS relative settings to work properly. I am using VSync and have mostly consistent 25 fps at all times. The counter varies between 24 and 25 fps. When I am in big clouds the fps counter takes a hit, and fps may momentarily drop as low as 15 or 17 before climbing back after a while. In these circumstances the TLOD does not reduce, nor does the cloud settings reduce. I have set target FPS at 22. What target fps should I set? Would it be possible to have the option to choose between fps TLOD reduction and/or fps cloud reduction setting? I would prefer an option that cloud settings reduce in air, rather than have to wait until TLOD has counted down before clouds settings change. In my opinion, in air, fps cloud reduction makes most sense, whereas on approach TLOD reduction makes most sense.
  3. Many thanks for your good advice, Reset! I changed DLSSG from 1 to 0 in UserCfg.opt and, voila, now the Auto FPS app detects correct FPS on all screens. I shall now try the App again and see if I can tweak it to work optimally on my system. Thank you very much!
  4. It would be great if someone who uses more than one screen in MSFS - multi-screen setup - try the following: 1. Have Auto FPS App on "Stay on top", so the app window is visible when in MSFS. 2. Press mouse pointer (left click) on center screen (main screen). Check FPS counter on Auto FPS App. 3. Press mouse pointer (left click) on side screen. Check FPS counter on Auto FPS App. 4. Press mouse pointer on other side screen (if you have 3 screens) and check FPS count in app. Are the detected FPS values in the Auto FPS app the same for all screens? I am getting different readings on main screen and side screens, which makes the app not work as it should.
  5. Yes I have tried FG, but as it only works on one sceeen, I turned it off. And HAGS is also disabled. I do not have DLSSG IIRC in the UserCfg.opt. I do have DLSSG 1 and DLSSGVR 0 if this is of any relevance. Does this mean I should make a full reinstall of MSFS to rule out any FG- enabled-bug in the code?
  6. I can confirm that DX12 is enabled. I have the MSFS Store version, and I have never had the Steam version. The userCfg.opt has no line where FG is mentioned at all. FG option is not active in settings - in fact, it cannot be activated - it is greyed out. Very strange indeed
  7. Hi, My point was that I am not using FG. FG is disabled. But still the app thinks FG is enabled and detects incorrect (double) FPS on center screen. It would seem the app does not work in multi-screen setups.
  8. Thanks for reply, Just click on "experimental" in the settings and create a new render window there. Then drag the new window to the other screen. That's basically it. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-set-up-3-monitors/543985/3
  9. Hi Reset I checked the link, and my situation does seem somewhat similar as more than one screen was used. I have a standard MSFS multi-screen setup, NOT a multi computer setup. I do not have any pop-out instruments or such - just visuals on 3 screens. It would seen the app's FPS detection does not work on multi-screen setups. Could anything be done to rectify this?
  10. I have a 3-screen set up and I have tried the app (and the Adaptive LOD app) and both apps incorrectly report that I have Frame Generation (FG) ENABLED on the CENTER screen, while NOT FG enabled on SIDE screens. I do NOT have FG enabled at all. On center screen, the Auto FPS app (and the Adaptive LOD app) reports double FPS on center screen and correct FPS on side screens. I have checked FPS with other FPS counting software and then equal (correct) FPS is reported on all screens. This would imply that the apps detect incorrect FPS on center screen in a multi screen set up, and hence, does not control TLOD/OLOD and cloud settings correctly. On my 3-screen set up the apps induce stutter no matter the TLOD/OLOD/cloud settings.
  11. I have a question as to the "reduce cloud quality" feature. I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I have tried to find information about this in the 79 page thread without luck. How does the reduce cloud quality feature work? By how much is quality degraded and how quickly? As I understand it, TLOD will be reduced first down to minimum, and then cloud quality will start reducing. But how much and how quickly? Can this feature be triggered stand-alone without having the FPS TLOD reduction ticked? I find on my system that the cloud quality is a heavy FPS hitter, and just being able to reduce cloud quality instantly as FPS drops (e.g from ultra to high) would be a welcome feature (and it may already be implemented, sorry for my ignorance).
  12. In the .ini you can set Enroute (wind effect) and Terrain effect. Terrain effect is how strong the terrain formations affects wind. The terrain effect is best felt close to the grund, but can also be felt flying high above mountains. Some would say the terrain effect high above mountains is too strong in MSFS, and I tend to agree.
  13. I think this mod works very well now. All it does is simply amplify the wind effects and the ground effects. There is no further analysis of weather or anything else. You just set the level of wind and ground effect in the .ini file and fly. I personally prefer more ground effect and less wind effect. I really like the choppy feel on approach and landing, - which, in my opinion, has been missing in MSFS so far. I fly tubeliners only.
  14. In the community folder. The program reads altitude and fps, and changes TLOD at the start. It reads my altitude as I pass through my altitude tresholds, but does not change TLOD accordingly - although the program reads my altitude correctly all the time
  15. I finally got it to work; all "msfs", "simconnect" and "session" in green. But the TLOD levels don't change as the aircraft passes my set treshold altitudes. The sim value for TLOD turns red, but no change in the program or in sim. Anyone who gets the TLOD changes to work properly?
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