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  1. This is called a DLSS overlay. Google "How to remove DLSS overlay"and you will find some articles on how to remove it.
  2. I did try DLSS, worked well for 10 minutes, then it bogged down heavily (low 20’s and high teens) and couldn’t recover, I think the VRAM went over using DX12, then I had a CTD with the Graphics card warning.
  3. Been on the SU10 beta since day one, ever since .18 I've had nothing but crashes and issues unfortunately. I'm not usually one to complain and moan about minor performance discrepancies but I loaded the game twice after the public release and had CTD both times, one whilst sat at the Main Menu and one whilst loading a flight. I tried again and removed everyhting from Community folder and it happened again whilsts loading a flight. I have completely reinstalled the sim and getting constant connection issues and not enough bandwidth (900mbps Fibre), I assume the servers are getting hammered but my Airport (EGCC) is barebones with just jetways and cars in a car park, thats it (running DX11)
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