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  1. It’s very frustrating. First thing would be: Run your sim in safe mode and see if it still happens.
  2. IIRC, the range is controlled yourself via the FSLTL injector....
  3. In BATC Settings turn off UI Sounds
  4. PTT or any key bindings are not even working for me. Tried on keyboard and a controller. Multiple restarts of the app and controller, admin mode. Nothing. Not even the binding for Overlay even works. *******....
  5. It will be released today otherwise they would have gave us notice that it wont be sooner. An updated build has already been pushed but not yet released and I assume this will be final once released later today with the fix in place Regards DX12. It will always be in Beta IMO due to the architecture and the tile bleed will probably not be fixed this year.
  6. FYI, it can be a cause of CTD's for some users and you may not realise it. It was for me. Stopped using it.
  7. Not seeing anything like this with FSHud my end, performance definitely takes a hit as expected, but it perfectly reasonable. I have it locked at 40fps
  8. I have the same graphics card as you running the FSR3 mod.
  9. I run 50 / 50 and maintain a pretty much locked 40fps with FG in every possible scenario on a 5800x3d. I have no issues with performance.
  10. It was mentioned there was 2 SU’s planned before MSFS2024.
  11. Thats because it's a ridiculously difficult task to do and get right.
  12. Upgraded to 3.7.0. Yet to test. I had to download 3.7.0 from techpowerup and then import it manually into DLSS swapper to install it into my games.
  13. I had this once where it kept switching between LOD's every few seconds for some strange reason. Also try and separate them more
  14. I found the best way it just to uninstall Gaming Services, open the Xbox app and then start MSFS. Pain in the backside I can't believe it takes this long to fix it.
  15. Go to Add or remove programs and uninstall Gaming Services. Boot the sim up and see if it works, if not re download Gaming Services from the store. Fixes it for me.
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