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  1. I use the file to determine what gate the plane can depart from. It is a pain in the neck to try to look up reg code for each plane just trying to find a matching gate. The sim does a pretty good job of selecting proper gate upon arrival. I hope you reconsider adding back the type of plane at each gate as this is a sim and none of us is a real pilot in the game. I think the files were already pretty small...we're talking about kbs.
  2. Here's couple of gates at KDEN <parkpos id="C30"> <opt reg="N163US" day="1" hh="30" cs="AAL1328" /> <opt reg="N973AN" day="6" hh="35" cs="AAL2579" /> </parkpos> <parkpos id="C31"> <opt reg="N569WN" day="1" hh="30" cs="SWA3248" /> </parkpos> I see at gate C30 American and C31 Southwest. But now I don't see what type of plane it is. Is it A320 or CRJ etc. So I don't know whether the plane I am flying will fit at the gate. In other versions I could see what type of plane parked at the gate.
  3. How can I see what plane fits what gate (e.g. A320) with the new notepad format?
  4. Can't get link to discord to work...What is the discord? Beyond ATC didn't show in search.
  5. Yes...I would like a copy of the handmades. Thanks.
  6. Seanhardt...thanks for starting this topic. I was having same problem at KMIA and other airports and couldn't understand why. Strange thing is until a few weeks ago I was getting plenty full airport at KMIA with park percentage at even 30% and my norm at large airports is 50% which generates many planes. I have notice this problem recently at other airports too. What are handmade airports?
  7. I'm showing 1.0. I might be looking in the wrong location. Appdata/roaming/PSXT is where I am looking.
  8. Am I just adding this line? I am not seeing it in parameters.
  9. Where do I go to disable? Not seeing it in parameters.
  10. I don't recall if I noticed this before but this is a major drop in fps. Not sure if this is a bug or if it can be corrected?
  11. I am frankly surprised this is not requested more given the number of simmers who clamor for realism. Historic weather is realism; yet, they scoff at those who request it.
  12. Oh great...I will look at that. Driving me crazy to see American operator at SWA gates. 🙂
  13. Thanks for the explanation. So if I wanted Southwest as the default handler at KSAN (right now it is American), can I do that manually?
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