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  1. I like to fy in different seasons so prefer 365 days
  2. I like to fy in different seasons so prefer 365 days
  3. I recall in Q&A session with Asobo some time ago the question about historical weather. Jorg seemed perplexed to understand why anyone would want it lol. Let's hope he is no long perplexed. I too like to fly flights in past weather conditions. Kinda kills immersion doing a flight from June and there is snow on the ground. And yes you can manually change the weather but not the same.
  4. Yeah..there is nothing causing it. It was working great until last two updates. I haven't tried one for today yet.
  5. AP was working great until last two updates. AP cancels whenever I switch to external view. Anyone else having this problem too? Plane running great otherwise.
  6. Are you doing this at world map or once you hit fly now?
  7. Two Questions: 1) How do you know when LW is down? Is there quick way to tell? 2) Is the WX now variable based on real weather? I have REX and did notice this problem when I first bought it over a year ago. Been waiting for historic weather.
  8. It was pretty good stop gap until AIG released its beta. I now use AIG and PSXSeecon Traffic.
  9. Tuskin...so the links Kaii has on his website are just fyi? They are all automatically loaded when you verify? Reason I ask is because I don't see Ugunda A330 in manager?
  10. How do you install the various repaints in the link? I tried to download a few but when I select install (zip) it asks if flightplan is in FS9 format. I tried selecting yes and no and nothing happens?
  11. Ah...it appears to be based on my computer location not based on traffic location?
  12. Hey Nico..follow up question: It is 1426 in Lisbon. But when I move RT traffic back one hour it shows LT time as 0634? Shouldn't it show LT as 1326?
  13. If it doesn't work, try this from MDFlier...has been working for me with P2atc. Make sure you set up p2atc plan AFTER you do below steps. "Hmmm... Sounds like the problem I had before I read the Simbrief info on FBW's web page. When are you doing the 1st request for the flight plan from Simbief? In the AOC menu, or on the init page? At first, I was using the SImbrief button on the Flypad, and then going straight into the AOC menu and sending the request. After I selected the departure runway, SID, and transition, and then the arrival transition, STAR, and approach, the "middle" of the FP was getting messed up. Goofy stuff like repeating all of SID waypoints twice and other odd stuff. The FBW docs say to make sure that you send the request from INIT page 1, before going into the AOC menu (it does not seem to matter when you hit the Simbrief button on the Flypad) After I started doing that, all I usually have to do is delete a single disconnect at the end of the SID prior to the 1st enroute waypoint after setting up the departure and arrival... One last thing. When you launch your flight from the world map, the only thing you need to do is select the proper date, time, departure airport, and gate. Leave the arrival airport and flight plan blank. Edited Tuesday at 06:25 PM by MDFlier"
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