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  1. This happens often to flight simmers. A bit of a paradox though, as I don't like updates downloading whilst flying. Best way I suppose is to wait longer to update. https://www.howtogeek.com/369656/dont-click-check-for-updates-unless-you-want-unstable-windows-10-updates/
  2. ZKOKQ

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    Don't believe everything you hear 🙂 I run a PC that is 7 years old, Sandy Bridge 2600K and a GTX970 16Gb Ram. (Soon to upgrade to a mega monster) and my old system runs it very well. Like anything, be modest with your settings and all will be fine. I get the same smoothness as the PMDG 747
  3. Many thanks. Will purchase EBBR now.
  4. ZKOKQ

    Pro ATC X current thoughts

    Do you use ADE to check that ? Might try it
  5. Hi Denny, Maybe the 420 Squadron which was part of the #6 Bombing Group, which my Uncle flew in (RNZAF, he flew Hudsons with RCAF and RAF and was killed on a training mission with all crew except one perished ). This web site may help, I hope. http://www.aquatax.ca/Wellingtons.html
  6. Thank you for your assistance, very kind of you.
  7. How do you join the forum, as it is not an English forum, cannot see how to register ?
  8. Does not excuse customers being rude either. If you saw some of the FB comments on the FSDT FB page, you would be astonished. At least Avsim is moderated, however, Umberto is one of the developers I trust, and always asnswers every support question.
  9. You always have something negative to say, and rude comments like a few posts back says a lot about you. You seem to have a hate relationship with FSDT products, yet you continue to purchase said products.
  10. ZKOKQ

    Fix for FLAI Aircraft Effects

    Many thanks Dave.
  11. ZKOKQ

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    Yes you can.
  12. ZKOKQ

    The Leaning Tower Of Middle Earth

    Woudn't that be awesome. Use the tower as your sim pit.
  13. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/take-sneak-peek-wellington-airports-new-air-traffic-control-tower
  14. ZKOKQ

    New GeForce RTX DLSS AA and P3D

    I am about to upgrade in about 10 weeks, so it's borderline which route to take in regards to Graphics Card. I am going the 4K path using a Samsung UHD TV so I may just get a GTX1080Ti and be done with it. Here in NZ, we can now buy online through Newegg, so with the exchange rate, it maybe cheaper for me. The RTX cards won't be available here for sometime I am guessing. US and Europe market usually get first pickings.