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  1. I went with the LG 43" IPS 4K Monitor in my new build. Cheap as chips, and image quality is superb. Supports 30 and 60 Hz. And the only monitor I know of that comes with a remote control.
  2. This video will help https://youtu.be/iu5V9a1tGfI
  3. ZKOKQ

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Why ? This thread is very informative, I have the exact same system as Ray, and I never knew about my 8086 and the dynamic o/c, which would suit me. All I have to do is learn how to do it 🙂
  4. ZKOKQ

    30Hz Options

    GTX1080Ti which arrives tomorrow in my new rig. Asus Prime370-A I7 8086 CPU
  5. ZKOKQ

    30Hz Options

    You won't be disappointed. I got mine for the same price, and with a 3 year warranty. Great bang for the buck. It is factory calibrated, but with a play in the extensive menu, it has some great features. The remote is fantastic. Let us know what you think of it, once you have it up and running.
  6. I have to agree Ray, My 43" LG IPS panel is excellent. Could not be more happy. I tested our lounge TV which is a Samsung 49" UHD and although worked fine, it was nowhere near as good as my IPS panel. And 43 is as large as I can go without knocking a wall out 🙂 Incidentally, my new rig arrives tomorrow, exactly the same specs as the one in your sig. I was lucky to get the last one that incorporated a GTX1080Ti, as all new stock of 1080Ti's has dried up here. Julian
  7. ZKOKQ

    30Hz Options

    I was able to fire up P3D on my old rig, ( only a Asus 970 ) as I am building a new rig at the moment. I can tell you it looked awesome. The panel has very good color range, and it also has multiple split screen options if needed. The remote control is a great bonus. It has heaps of features, and as I have come from a Viewsonic 24", this panel really looks big to me at first, but have got used to the size. I prefer the IPS panel than to TN or VA, as the screen does not change color or go blurry at different angles.
  8. ZKOKQ

    30Hz Options

    I just received an LG 43" 4K IPS panel. 43UD79-B. Has Display port and 4 HDMI slots 2x 30HZ and 2 60HZ. Highly recommend this monitor.
  9. ZKOKQ

    Should I get the FSLABS A320?

    One of the best FSL A320 Guides around https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-fsx-fslabs-a320/
  10. ZKOKQ

    P3D v4 : New rig, new hopes...

    Good one, thanks Bob.
  11. ZKOKQ

    P3D v4 : New rig, new hopes...

    In P3D Bob, do you set frames to 30 when using hardware vsync ? I am about to do a major upgrade with a 9900K and 2080 ( a 2080Ti will blow my budget unfortunately ) I have a LG 43UD79 43" IPS panel, with option for 4K @ 30HZ.
  12. ZKOKQ

    Jo Erlend Sund's EDDK preview - WOW!

    Köln/Bonn professional has been updated to version This update can be installed via the Updater tool. - Fixed incorrect texture formats. - Adjusted stand radius. - Adjusted glide slope touchdown locations. - Fixed incorrect ground markings for stand C 06. - Adjusted SODE jetway ranges. - Added missing night textures for UPS terminal. - Updated optional SODE download