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  1. Send e mail to Support@fsreborn.com I just did, as I have just re installed. Response will be quick
  2. @Kaiii3 Thank you for replying. That folder I see is "Temp_Repaints, but it's empty. Will try again. Edit: No joy. I am using P3D V5 only.
  3. @Kaiii3 when I try to update simobjects FSP "C" series and A330 latest versions, I select zip file as asked, then it asks me to select again. Have checked files are correct. Keeps going around in a loop and have to shut down using Task Manager. Any ideas ?
  4. No, not in the foreseeable future. . Info from the Tomato Shade Discord Channel. Unfortunately I have some bad news: due to personal circumstances I won't be able to provide an update in the near future. Due to the ongoing corona crysis, I am required to have a stable and running PC for work and I can't risk to loose my currently perfect stable system. I would need to update my OS which is not something I can do right now. Don't judge me on that, it is now just the way it is. I have plans to build a secondary system where I can play around as much I want (because I would keep my current stable system for work), but the plans are not final yet. And because I want to upgrade to an HEDT platform, quite a lot of money is involved within that decision - which makes it even more complicated for me. To summarize: yes I want to provide an update but the real life situation prevents it from happening in the near future. I wish it would be different as well.
  5. What a stupid response. Hate is a strong word, and now you are speculating. I like the product(s) but Dis like the the way they have conducted themselves recently. It was PMDG that decided to publicly bag HiFI, so I won't apologise for calling them out on it.. You appear to be looking at this as a slur against PMDG, one must ask, why ? Then again, your well known for turning a debate into an argument.!!
  6. Well, PMDG should have held back from releasing till 1: They got a reply from HiFI or 2: the new API was released. HiFi could have been too busy to reply. I bet PMDG don't answer e mails too in a timely manner either. They PMDG are not demigods who must demand instant attention. PMDG have history of falling out with Developers, and customers.
  7. And PMDG must have realised that the API would be changing. They are so arrogant. HiFI is not the only developer they have fallen out with.
  8. So, I was not wrong after all...thanks
  9. My bad, was thinking of something else.
  10. If your still using P3D4.5 HF2. The beta only works in 4.5 HF3.
  11. I have been using FSC since the earliest versions, and it is great. The support from Dutch, Travis and Peter is second to none. They have never charged for updates and are always keen to engage with their customers.
  12. Oh really, well never knew. I am forever grateful to you for pointing that out. In fact, I am doing cart wheels. Your insight is much appreciated. Here is me thinking you mis understood.
  13. Hence, the time limited sale of the NGXu with the MS2020 discount. Why the hell make it limited time ?. I was done with them along time ago !!
  14. Remove the entry in the "EXE.XML"
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