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  1. All good. Sorted that not long after I posted the Question 6 months ago 🙂
  2. Thanks Marcus. Have not had time t check if it has corrected itself, but seems like a Navigraph issue.
  3. Yes, correct. Shows pointer and High and Low alt tracks, but no map
  4. The desktop charts are doing the same thing.
  5. Yes, same here. Will have to give it the Spanish Archer.
  6. Some of Orbx add-ons are Gold Standard, but a lot of there products are just above Bog Standard. EDDT ( Gaya ) is a pig in performance and elevation issues. The "Big Hole" between the runways etc. I stick to the gold standard developers now, like FlightBeam, FSDT etc.
  7. Its only a dll file, just add it using Lorby Addon manager.
  8. I got that yesterday, had to sign out ( in game ) then sign back in again
  9. AA is working fine my end. Using 4K though.
  10. Might be to do with my Samsung TV now I think about. Once I changed the input to Cable box.
  11. If you have W10 HDR disabled, HDR10 will be greyed out in FS2020.
  12. The render scale is the key, if using large airports, flying around big cities, I bump the the RS down to 80%. The RS is my friend when using the 1080Ti.
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