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  1. Mine is 6 Bert, would I benefit from HT ?
  2. In the app under System status, is the "Restart" button greyed out ? if it is, it is blocked by your firewall.
  3. When you first load the app, does it connect to the Sim after 30 seconds ? If not, its the firewall. I had to try 4 or 5 times before it would catch.
  4. Have you added the fenix app to your firewall ? That can cause the issue you described.
  5. I hope you got your moneys worth out of it Howard. My Samsung went south just after the end of the warranty period. Have changed to LG now, and very pleased with it. We have an LG in the main bedroom ( 47" LCD ) which is 12 years old and still going strong. I will never have Samsung again or Phillips. Good luck in your search for a replacement. Regards Julian
  6. Hardware issue. My Samsung TV had the same fault. It was un repairable and was binned
  7. Neo is a different kettle of fish. Maybe someone who is familiar with the CFM LEAP or Pratt & Whitney GTF engines can comment.
  8. No, CFM engines you have to use throttle. IAE can move off at idle.
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