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  1. Hi all, Will be upgrading my 7 year old PC very soon, and will be adding a GTX1080Ti to the mix, just hoping this TV will work. Ignore the price, can get it for about $500USD. Any advice appreciated. https://www.harveynorman.co.nz/tv-and-audio/televisions/4k-uhd-televisions/samsung-43-4k-smart-tv.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwh9_bBRA_EiwApObaOBYCY47543_LnHqXZOxld5uyWBS8RZJnHjUiXA1clnIIv2GJHBC0MxoCrWAQAvD_BwE
  2. ZKOKQ


    Get over it.
  3. What a find. I have had my Viewsonic FullHD 24" for 6 years now, in TV mode lol. Thank You Lodestar.
  4. ZKOKQ

    Flight Deck Companion for P3D V4.X

    As JH posted, works fine in P3DV4, and compliments PF3, as they are tied in together. You can still use FDC stand alone also.
  5. ZKOKQ

    What do you guys think of Air Hauler 2?

    This may get you started. The date of the video maybe a hindrence though due to many updates since, but will give you insight all the same.
  6. ZKOKQ

    Ultra Weather XP

    This app really shines if you use Xvision with it. Certainly a WOW!! factor anyway.
  7. No not me, but like you I did read it. I think it is more the window stays clean, and still get bugs, that is what I have experienced anyway. But all good, great plane, bugs and all 🙂
  8. No mention of the window bug fix ? If you clean window, in the 319, the bugs don't return anymore
  9. Many thanks Brian. Very much appreciated. Have bookmarked this page so I can refer too it when I upgrade my pc, very soon. Cheers Julian
  10. ZKOKQ

    who stole the plane

    Nutter alright. There will be another knee jerk reaction, hope he didn't have the Majestic Q400 on his PC, they will get the blame.
  11. Thank you Brian, very much appreciated. My system runs on coal, i72600K 🙂
  12. Hi Brian, just installed Rendering Options, but not sure what I can enable and not enable using xvision ? Are you able to advise ? Cheers Julian
  13. ZKOKQ

    Another ORBX sale soon?

    Ok Bob. That can be slow, when you don't want it to be.
  14. ZKOKQ

    Another ORBX sale soon?

    You must have a slow internet connection ? I downloaded 3GB in 4 mins. I do have a 900mbs download connection though. Yours is going at almost dial up speed.
  15. I bet a night with my ex wife that the developer will be back when UT 3 Beta is released. Flight 1 are just as gulity taking on his work, as they know his history. I now no longer have Flight 1 products on my PC, and I don't care what they release, I will never darken F1's door step again.