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  1. No worries. A re install sometimes works. You could try that whilst waiting for your ticket. Good Luck.
  2. Bob, in settings, turn off :Network Usage " and all should be fine
  3. From the Dev via e mail If you have Prepar3D V4.2, we would like to let you know that we tested Prepar3D V4.2 and despite they fixed some UTC and time zone issues (The Main menu GMT/UTC box still doesn't work fine for London!) BUT they didn’t fix whole world time zones and there are still many wrong time zones in Prepar3D V4.2 For example: Adelaide in Australia must have UTC+9h30 DST: UTC+10h30 but it has UTC+9h0 in V4.2 These countries: India, Iran, Nepal, Turkey, Libya, Marrakesh, Finland, Brazil and many more airports in the world still have wrong time zones in P3D V4.2 and many airports don't have any Daylight Saving Time(DST) definitions. If you want to test it yourself, We can refer you to our patch release page (Go to our website, Login to your account and then go to 'Download Patches' page) First disable your SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer in your Scenery Library and then check all those airports that we have fixed in our latest patches. You can see most of them still have wrong Time Zones in P3D V4.2! It means you can still enjoy the most accurate time zones ever exist in flight simulator with your SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer addon. Our new patch (V1.1.8) for 2018 Daylight Saving Time(DST) adjustment will be released in next few days.
  4. I have been using PSXseeconTraffic since Nico's first release. I could not fly without it, and I will certainly be renewing my sub. The cost is less than getting my car serviced, so IMHO, I have no issue with cost. I use FAIB, FSPXAI, FTG and UTLive. Nothing more satisfying than building fleets for ai.
  5. If it is a timezone issue, I wonder if using SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer may fix the problem. May have to do a trans atlantic flight to see. When I got the CTD many months ago, have not flown a TA since.
  6. Gboz, my apologies, seems I am mistaken regarding ASDLL being 64bit. I was mixing it up with Opus PDKdll. I posted a thread late last year about it, and appears to have been deleted. The dev does not seem interested in a 64 bit version. What I did find out, was, one user was able to use Opus DHM and ChasePlane together. Disable DHM in CP, and just use the camera views from CP, bt keeping the Vibration effects from Opus. Which is one of it's best features. Anyway, will remove that asdll from my dll.xml. Shame, would have been nice to have Active Sky intergration.
  7. I will check. I remember downloading a 64 bit version that was on the forum. Will get back to you to confirm.
  8. Something wrong their, maybe check with Stephen at the Opus forum, it should be a once only un check of the box.
  9. I am using OpusFSIV5 as well, and my OpusASdll is the 64 bit version for P3D 64. Make you are using the 64bit version. Opus cameras read the AS weather for better bump aircraft, the developer would not have created it if it did not work. If you have not set it up correctly, you may have noticed no difference, as it is not functioning.
  10. Not sure why you have to do that with every start of P3D/FSX ? I disabled Opus weather one time, and that is it. It remains disabled till re enabled again. Also, to get the benefit of AS weather using opus cam, you must put OpusAS.DLL into the DLL.XML
  11. I would suggest starting PSXseeconTraffic after P3D is fully loaded. Also Avilasoft EFB, some times you can flood simconnect, and it is best to start after P3D is loaded, to reduce the load on simconnect. The plumbing has a very narrow pipe, so softly softly is the best approach.
  12. Disable the weather engine. I have to go to work now, but you need to put a dll in one of the xml files, then Opus cams will get weather info from active sky. Will post how too later, if nobody has in the interim.
  13. Agree. I will buy this one, and AA one when it is released, just to support him.
  14. After reading that thread, it could be a long time waiting. Seems he will do P3Dv4 later with an update, unless I read it wrong. He also needs a new computer. Dev: "Yes, I think FSX:AC, FSX:SE, and P3Dv4.1 but I need a new computer set for P3D4.1. So, I think it will take a while."