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  1. There doesn't seem to be anything listed on their website either...
  2. Thanks Bert! I'm off to count the change in my piggybank...
  3. Forgive me for dragging the conversation back a bit... well a whole lot. I like the looks of the GTN, and am impressed with the great ratings that so many are giving it - but I'm confused. When I first saw it for sale on the F1 site, there were notes about needing to separately purchase extra discs from Garmin to use the GTN in Canada. Now it looks like extra disc are free? Does anyone know what all I would need to use it mainly in Canada and the US?
  4. I mean no disrespect to this product. In fact I've been wanting a small corporate jet for a while now - for anyone that is flying both planes - how does the LJ24 compare to the F1 Mustang?
  5. Thanks very much for sharing these paints Trevor - you did an outstanding job!!
  6. I will look forward to reading it - Thanks a lot Ray!
  7. Just wondering (as I haven't yet purchased the F1 750/650 set.) Is there software with them to help install these gauges over exisiting panels? Do the just not fit well in the Duke? Guess I'm just wondering how easily that they can be "retrofit"into my existing aircraft...
  8. The Cougar Baron is pressurized as well - they build the off of a Baron B58-P body Not that I don't love the turbine Duke; its one the most used planes in my FSX fleet, I just think this baron would be a blast to ride around in.
  9. Don't mean to hijack this thread, but I just caught my first glimpse of a Cougar Baron.... WOW!! It comes from the same folks at Rocket Engineering that gave us the Turbo Duke. With some of the panel similarities I think that RealAir could do an amazing job on this! With a max climb rate of 4600 fpm and a max cruise of 300 ktas - it looks to be a rocket! and a landing distance of 700 ft... http://cougarbaron.com/
  10. I know what you mean Scott - like you I've lost interest in just about my whole hangar since I picked up the V2 Duke. It's just sooo well done. Unlike some of my others *unnamed* it taxis well, it is easily controlled by hand in both departure and arrival and it just looks amazing! Best money I've spent on FSX in a while!
  11. This is great news! The Duke has been one of my most favorite planes ever since it was released. Although I didn't think there was much to be improved, I look forward to my first flight is this a/c.
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