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  1. That fixed it! I had an old folder in my community folder called workingtitle g3000. I removed it and the Vision jet works like new - must have been a conflict. Thanks very much for the suggestion Alvega! Now to try the TBM...
  2. Hi everyone! I know that avionics issues with some aircraft were mentioned sometime in the last couple of upgrades, but I feel that I'm not seeing the same problems and I'm wondering if anyone has experience this. I currently can't see any avionics with default TBM - black Garmin screens as has been reported and in the Vision Jet, I get the Garmin 3000 screens to come up, but no display on any of the radios. I've tried updating my graphics drivers (I'm running an RTX3080) and have reset MSFS graphics settings back to default, but no joy. Has anyone seen this and found a solution? Thanks,
  3. You could also request that Navigraph create the aircraft via the forum over there too if you'd like. Navigraph
  4. Thanks Gerwil - I'm "glad" to hear that I'm not the only one
  5. Sorry if somebody has already answered this question, but I notice that the traffic radar seems to be inoperable. Is that by design, or have I missed a setting in the a/c? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks very much for this ang58! Much appreciated
  7. I've been reading through the forum and have watch 3 or 4 videos on youtube now and I can see the value in Pilot2ATC especially for practicing using the radio in a non-VATSIM sort of environment and for improving the voices and chatter of ATC. I'm wondering what everyone thinks of the quality of this product in terms of does it give better ATC control in MSFS? I've noticed before in MSFS that sometimes the ATC is late in giving me clearance to decend from cruise - forcing a steep decent into approach/final it also seems at times to give strange take off and landing runway assignments compared to what METAR for the airport is (I use live weather all the time). So I'm wondering if P2ATC will give me a more immersive experience, but also will it react to live weather changes and just better ATC before I buy.... Thanks in advance
  8. I was checking my options last night and noticed that my data settings had switched the online functionality to OFF. I'm not sure how that happened (I certainly didn't make any changes to this), but I imagine that turning it back on will solve my issues.... I hope. A good lesson in checking all my settings after an update.
  9. I'm not sure if I just missed something, or maybe I'm a little paranoid lol! Has anyone noticed issues with live weather in MSFS? I fly GA, and often fly between 6 and 15000 feet. I've noticed that the barometer settings given by the AI ATC don't match what I'm seeing in METAR from flightaware. Is this a known issue from the last update? Regards
  10. I've struggled with MSFS - especially getting my Saitek Yoke and throttles set up the way I want. For example, I have always used the hat switch to move my viewpoint around the cockpit and outside views of my aircraft. I can't find an appropriate function in the MSFS controller setup, and was wondering if FSUIPC is a better way to go? Are there any tutorials on how to use it? Thanks in advance
  11. That's too bad, but thanks for clearing it up for me!
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