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  1. TangoSierraMike

    What's this about a C337 2.0?

    There doesn't seem to be anything listed on their website either...
  2. TangoSierraMike

    Missing Realair Legacy anything else like it ?

    OMG indeed! It has gotta be able to fly at about a zillion KIAS....
  3. TangoSierraMike

    British Columbia, mountain touring: XP10.40b3

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  4. TangoSierraMike

    RealAir Duke and the GTN 750

    Thanks for replying Robert! My apologies if it seemed I was complaining - that certainly was not my intent. I thought that you had probably already been asked the question by someone on this forum, and I could get my answer that way. I will send another note to you on the RealAir site
  5. Just was wondering if anyone has heard if RealAir is planning on retro fitting the GTN 750 into the B60 Duke V2? I emailed their support, but haven't heard anything yet...
  6. TangoSierraMike


    Thanks a lot Bert! I appreciate it!
  7. TangoSierraMike


    Just wondering if anyone has discovered a way to retro fit the new GTN 750 into the C340 , replace one or both of the 430's?
  8. TangoSierraMike

    GTN 750/650

    Thanks Bert! I'm off to count the change in my piggybank...
  9. TangoSierraMike

    GTN 750/650

    Forgive me for dragging the conversation back a bit... well a whole lot. I like the looks of the GTN, and am impressed with the great ratings that so many are giving it - but I'm confused. When I first saw it for sale on the F1 site, there were notes about needing to separately purchase extra discs from Garmin to use the GTN in Canada. Now it looks like extra disc are free? Does anyone know what all I would need to use it mainly in Canada and the US?
  10. TangoSierraMike

    Flight1 King B200 G100 blank

    Glad to hear its working!
  11. TangoSierraMike

    Flight1 King B200 G100 blank

    Not sure if this will help or not, but have you downloaded the F1 FSX Safe Startup for Complex Aircraft Install Program?
  12. TangoSierraMike

    Favourite Carenado Aircraft

    The C337, C340 and SR 22 are my favorites
  13. Thanks so much for this - looking forward to flying this mod!