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  1. Update: Tech support got back to me and said it’s on the list to fix. Apparently it was fixed for the 747 but not yet ported back to the 777.
  2. I have this problem too. The mouse has a "ghost-like" flicker on other click spots after using the checklist display on the 777. I submitted a ticket on the PMDG site as well. Gary Vainio
  3. Sorry, I didn't say earlier, but I'm using the x-plane version. Is there an update for that as well? Thanks.
  4. It does the same thing on a number of airports. Recent examples are 08 at PAJN and 28L at KSFO. Is there a specific phrase that I need to speak, at departure and arrival? Otherwise is there a setting where he won't ask anymore?
  5. No matter what I say: Departure runway is X Runway X X Landing on X Nothing seems to stop him from repeatedly asking "do you have the active runway." If I respond with, for example, "runway 8", he will repeat "ok, runway 8" but this doesn't stop him from asking for the active runway again repeatedly, even after I land. Is there a setting to disable this question, or is there something specific I should be doing that I'm not doing? Thanks.
  6. Agreed with the much needed UI upgrade. I think this posed a huge barrier to entry for the MSFS crowd. I know that it turned me off quite a few times before I finally decided to dedicate time to learn it. Now I find it easy to use, but it wasn't easy to get there!
  7. That's your choice to stick with XP 10. But I don't think it's crazy that developers expect to be paid for their work. Especially since we've had plenty of free upgrades to XP 10 over the last few years or however long it's been.
  8. The feature list on the website, and the manual pdf, doesn't go into any detail on the navigation system. Does this support GPS/WAAS approaches, and have SIDS/STARS in their database? I'm guessing not if it's not mentioned anywhere.... Yeah I hope someone can put in a GTN 750 :smile:
  9. Right click on the altitude select knob to change increments from 1000 to 100 feet.
  10. They are two separate programs. I have both ASN and AS16 installed, but now just use AS16. One of these days I'll just uninstall ASN as it's no longer needed.
  11. The GTN 750 looks absolutely horrible at night. Way too bright and looks out of place. Otherwise the night lighting on the rest of the panel is quite good. I also find the stock eye viewpoint to be too low, especially when you try to look out the side windows. Maybe this is normal IRL.
  12. I just bought this and simply installed the fsx version into P3D. Other than a few switches not working, which by the way aren't needed for anything as far as I can tell, it works just fine. I was on the fence too over the last couple days, but this seems like the best temporary solution for now.
  13. When I'm on approach and try to adjust the altitude knob on the autopilot it doesn't follow the normal 100/1000 foot increments as it does when I'm flying at higher altitudes. For example, I might set my altitude at 5000 and then start my descent. Once I'm there, when I try to further adjust the altitude downward using the 100 foot increments setting to, say, 3500, it will instead jump all the way down to zero using the altitude knob. When I try to slowly adjust it back up, it can then jump all the way up to 10000, which should not be possible as there is no 10000 increment setting . This only happens on approach when I'm closer to the ground, and doesn't seem to happen at higher altitudes. In order to fine tune my approaches, when the altitude "bugs out" like I just described (and it happens every time, not just sometimes), I just set the altitude to zero and then use VS to control my step downs. Any one else notice this? PS. Using Bert's GTN mod. Thanks.
  14. Carenado posted the link on their facebook page. There was absolutely no mention of the Lear and the poster who stated Carenado was the developer had no basis for making that claim, other than taking a random shot in the dark.
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