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  1. I’m not sure that’s universally true. Isn’t PMDG planning to sell on the XBox, and Aerosoft CRJ?
  2. First off they need to determine where they can have a competitive advantage. Merely getting up to par, say graphics-wise, isn’t going to be enough to win back business that went over to msfs. Why go back if it’s not “better?” XP has thrived on the (alleged) realism of their flight model, helicopters, and freeware community. Well the freeware community has already exploded for msfs, so that takes that one off the table. If it were me I’d focus big time on weather/environmental effects, keep fine tuning their flight modeling/realism, and a significant graphics update (not streaming - too expensive; probably procedural). LM unfortunately is in a much more dire position, Once the big boys (PMDG, Leonardo, A2A) are gone, that’s all she wrote.
  3. It’s a known bug. Set your render scale to 100% to fix it for now.
  4. Having switches that maintain persistency across multiple sim sessions, along with service based random failures, would go along way toward realism. Of course the fear of death should something go wrong will never be there in a simulated environment.
  5. I believe PMDG has said it’s related to a rendering channel that is not currently available to them, but will be in the future. Hopefully this brings them closer to being on par with the glass gauge airplanes.
  6. The toolbar needs to stay. How else am I to remember where the menu is each time I play?
  7. Since this is your first time with MSFS I would recommend you go with the default C208 with the Garmin NXi. You can grab the free garmin on the msfs marketplace, and it’s the best avionics package by far as of right now. You can also use one of the two free C208 mods to improve the aircraft.
  8. Why would that be? Does the navigraph installer affect files outside the community folder too?
  9. If this mod could add a pre-planned route instead of having to drive the tow vehicle manually then it would be pretty much the same. Hopefully that’s even possible.
  10. I’d first try taking out all mods from your community folder. The nxi isn’t going to help you if you have other issues causing it. Once you get it sorted however, definitely install the nxi as it’s significantly better than default.
  11. I’m using the mod being developed by Bush League Legends. It seems to be under more active development, although I can’t say for sure which one is better. They updated it to beta version 1.8 to fix some autopilot issues after the garmin nxi was updated yesterday. https://discord.gg/6HRHb354
  12. I think Fenix will push PMDG to up their game a bit, even though it’s already at a high bar. Especially if they expect to sell their 7 series aircraft at or north of $100.
  13. I wonder if Jorg and team realize how much of a PITA it is to use their marketplace? They are giving up something like a 30% cut if folks buy elsewhere. I would have thought lost revenue would be a high priority for them. Maybe it is and they are working on it….who knows.
  14. You have to measure their performance against the competition. Last time I checked the other competing sims still had core issues after years, if not decades, of development, and updates are few and far between. You won’t be disappointed if you keep your expectations in check.
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