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  1. Who are these developers? If I go to the flightsimstudio website it takes me to torquesim which is an x-plane developer. Are they one and the same?
  2. I doubt it, not after asking to pay $80. My understanding is the beta release won’t be until next summer so I didn’t see much value in a prebuy. My guess is they will hold back the beta until they are reasonably confident it will “show” well once released to the public.
  3. The good news here is that we’ll have 1000 people to tell us if it’s worth paying $70-85 upon release.
  4. I don’t have an issue with this. It’s very clear you are paying for beta access, and if that’s not your thing, then just wait until late next year when it’s “finished” and it’ll only cost you $5 more.
  5. Well, I just downloaded and installed it about an hour ago, so it most certainly exists. Here’s what it is from their website. # INFO : MD-80 Sound Addon for MSFS 2020 # What's inside : PW JT8D Engine sounds Battery , Avionics and AC sounds (Cockpit/Cabin) Exterior_Env : Wind , Rain , Drag , Gear_Door , Touchdown , Roll # What's New : v1.14 (07/Nov/2022) Minor Tweaks on the Pitch settings of the Engines Sounds Louder interior idle noises Older Fix added for the Warning sounds Position .
  6. You might need to be their patreon subscriber first before you can see it.
  7. By far one of the best investments I’ve made is my LG C1 48” OLED monitor. Your new system will be more than capable of handling the 4K resolution with most settings maxed out. The biggest difference is night time flying - no more backlight bleed with an LED monitor. Dark is truly dark!
  8. Seems like a healthy list of fixes to me. If you want better sounds I highly recommend FTsim. It’ll cost you a couple bucks, but well worth it. I use his sound packs for the King Air and Caravan too.
  9. I’ve been very impressed with frame rate generation as well. I’m running at 4K on a 48” OLED TV, with TAA on. I too would have originally preferred a 4090, but right now those are unicorns at unicorn prices. PC specs in sig.
  10. They are going to have to compete with the two other regional turboprops in development - Asobo and Blackbird’s (Milviz) ATRs. If it’s a port over without any major upgrades I think sales will be somewhat disappointing. If the Maddog wasn’t the first one out of the gate I suspect they wouldn’t have done nearly as well either.
  11. The sounds were fantastic from what I remember. It’s been a few years though.
  12. Same as the scenery gateway in xplane. This is great news!
  13. While that’s always possible, I think Microsoft has much bigger plans for it’s streaming scenery than just flight sims. Trains, boats, cars, just to name a few. Time will tell.
  14. Local storage is terribly inefficient. Just like going to 10 different stores versus ordering from Amazon.
  15. Interesting, because that didn’t work for me. No matter what tilt angle I set, I still got the same weather returns. I’ll have to try it again, and I’m not ruling out operator error.
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