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  1. Well this comment didn’t age well 😂 https://inibuilds.com/products/bmworld-amsim-san-francisco-ksfo-msfs
  2. You could also look at the engine page on the tablet. Cowl flaps will show open and closed positions.
  3. I thought they are underneath the engine, not visible from the cockpit?
  4. Make sure you are calibrating your airspeed indicator for TAS as those are the speeds referred to in the manual, not IAS. To calibrate TAS, you can use your pressure altitude which you find displayed on the garmin transponder and then move the airspeed indicator dial to align pressure altitude with OAT.
  5. This was from the Justflight forums. However it seems to suggest the right has more capacity than the left. From the manual: "In Turbine Duke has approximately 34 gallons ofadditional fuel compared to the Piston Duke Grand Duke upgrade kit. The left tank has acapacity of 135.9 gal with 130.0 usable, and the right tank has a capacity of 138.4 gal with 132.5gal usable."
  6. There’s small red lights in the top left/right of the prop rpm gauges that lights up when in beta.
  7. Not sure about FSUIPC, but my bravo mixtures are bound normally to the default mixture settings within MSFS, same as any other plane.
  8. The piston also comes with a performance enhancing Grand Duke variant, so from that standpoint you are getting more than the turbine standalone variant.
  9. Same as the clouds. There is little sense of speed compared to flying through them in a real aircraft.
  10. I think “release” is the key word we are all looking for 😊
  11. Justflight posted on Facebook that they will be releasing for SU14, and then once SU15 releases you just rerun the installer. Now just need to wait on the exact date, but sounds imminent!
  12. He wasn’t being disrespectful to other developers. It was a factual statement. Now, if he said “we are able to do X because other developers don’t have that capability” then I would agree with you. But he didn’t.
  13. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Sure, there are delays specifically related to the Xbox, but on the other hand, you’ve brought more users (money) to the table and if you can optimize for Xbox then it should benefit the pc as well.
  14. The FSR500 is also waiting on SU15 for updates. In hindsight it might have been better to release without being dependent on certain SU15 features and patch those in after it goes live. Every delayed day is a day without income for those developers.
  15. This is great. It’s nice to have realistic navigation options to kit older aircraft with and learn something new.
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