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  1. This is just not true, I play FPS games, in fact there was a period in my life where I played shooters a lot more than simulations, these days though I use MSFS for about 95% of my gaming/simulation time. So 100% people can transition over to flight simming.
  2. Anyone who purchased FS Realistic Core, should have received an email from Just Flight with the discount for the upgrade price.
  3. FS Realistic Pro is now available on Just Flight, but there currently seems to be no way to get the upgrade price yet, usually there is a code given with the original product.
  4. If were going down this route, well Xplane 12 will be sort of subscription based, because to get the live real time weather, it needs an always on internet connection, and then there's all the updates, in this regard MSFS and XP12 have a lot of similarities.
  5. I think you've hit the nail on the head here. No small to even medium flight sim dev company could afford afford all the resources that mega corporations like MS and a select few others can, mainly because they are so big that they already own the individual specialist sub companies, so things are available at very little cost, or that your company is so wealthy that you can easily afford them. LR basically have to operate with their own means.
  6. It's fine if MS taking their time as long they do actually get things right first time, we all know that just because they have gave themselves a few month between Sim Updates that bugs can still sneak through, they're just less likely.
  7. I'd bought and installed it within about two minute but I have things to do before I fly her, also bought Fsreborn's sting S4 at the same time, so I have plenty of aircraft to enjoy tonight.
  8. The problem with those that feel threatened by MSFS is that they can't bring themselve to give MSFS any credit. Those who are able to see that all the major Sims have their respective strong points enjoy all 3 of the major Sims without going on various forums and pulling apart various aspects of the competition.
  9. Everything about the Fenix A320, Fenix Simulations, Aamir and his team are simply put..... Inspirational. Congratulations Everyone involved. Their work will be in my hanger as soon as I hear it's been released.
  10. I totally agree, as for the past seven days, I've been away as my family have been away as my son was given a footplate experience as a present for getting a first in his Computer Science degree, then I've been at work for five days working 12 hour shifts, so today is my first day off, then I'm back at work doing nights until Thursday morning. Hell Although I bought the 737 last Monday I haven't had time to install it yet. @Aamir if you release the Fenix later Today I promise I'll fly the Fenix A320 before the 737.
  11. That MSFS has some issues, not many people would disagree with that, but it's definitely generally improving. obviously it's had it's ups and downs. But at this point in time it's the sim I always use (I have them all) IMO MSFS is not far off from being an exceptional flight simulator. But with all the staff that Asobo are hiring, be it from SDK specialists to graphic designers most of it's issues will be a thing of the past relatively soon.
  12. I'm hoping my decision to upgrade to upgrade my 3800x to the 5800x3d pays off, so I'm quitly confident that I'll be ok FPS wise.
  13. I think it will be streamed today, didn't Fenix say they would do some promotional videos/streams before release?
  14. What fantastic news to get up to regarding the imminent release of the Fenix A320 @ only £49.99, as I'm going in early at work (RR) @ 6am for my last day of overtime, I've put the hours in at work and I feel justified in spending so much money on all these study level aircraft lately, all rather good timing
  15. It's a good job I'm stuck in an hotel room unable to install the 737 until tomorrow when I return home, and then I'm at work non stop until Thursday morning. I'd be so frustrated if I was sitting at my PC right now continuely pressing F5 like the rest of you.
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