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  1. Just bought Heathrow again. I already had it through MSFS Marketplace, but I thought that for the price I'd rather buy directly from INIBUILDS for the ability for the ability to adjust it's settings and faster updates!
  2. Does anyone know when the Bell 222B will be available in other stores like Orbx and Inibuilds?
  3. As far as I know FlyTampa haven't said whern EHAM is planned for release for MSFS other than it's coming soon, or have I missed something?
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if in the future, as the aircraft that have been released early on in MSFS 2020 release, that as these aircraft lose revenue that MS/Asobo pick these up for a modest cost and add them to the default aircraft package. It could be a policy that could save the new simmer a lot of money in their early days of simming, and any new flight sim pilot would surely decide to get MSFS ahead of any other sim if the other sims only have a few fairly basic aircraft with the said sim.
  5. I bought it late last night, but I'm presently at work. hopefully I'll try it tonight. Jeppensens work is normally very good.
  6. Something a bit different like this is one reason I would buy P3D V6. Maybe it's possible to do this with the Unreal Engine V5 for the scenery and still have backward's compatibility with earlier previous versions addon aircraft. However I still think that V6's flight model needs and upgrade.
  7. Is there any chance that you might have too many addons Michael? I know that If I enable all my addons the sim doesn't get past the update part of booting up MSFS. I have to go and untick some of my addons in addon linker for it to work.
  8. I had very bad stutters after installing SU12, I updated FSUIPC to the latest version. My stutters are now completely gone and my sim is now super smooth @ 4k.
  9. FSElite have now deleted the article, it's looks as though they jumped the gun.
  10. Apparently this has been released according to FSElite. https://fselite.net/content/mk-studios-further-teases-dublin-v2-for-msfs/ However I can't currently see any link to buy it. I have V1 and there seems no information if this is a free upgrade or paid upgrade. Interestingly Orbx have deleted V1 so maybe V2 is free!
  11. Go to the aerosoft one app and delete your installation, then reinstall as experimental, then you get the updates.
  12. And REX have plans to introduce some form of historical weather with their Weather Force app, unless anything has changed with it's roadmap?
  13. If you've just downloaded WU12 then yes you can uninstall that, but I'm not too sure how you can accidently install the SU12 Beta as others have said you have to have either opted into previous Beta's and not of opted out, or just joined which would enable you to access Su12 Beta?
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