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  1. I don't have a problem with Devs promoting there own work over others on AVSIM but they should have to declare that they own/develop a certain commercial mod. It looks to me at least that Mir does exactly this, the others seem to be missing that declaration.
  2. Anyone fancy guessing the price? I'll go for £60.
  3. I think MSFS 2024 will definitely move the SIM on, however the argument that MSFS isn't already multicore was denied by Seb. Could it be better? Of course it can, I think what is intended is optimising the cores better than it already is in MSFS 2020.
  4. The weather API could change yet, didn't Jorg say that they need to have a meeting with MeteoBlue sometime soon?
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if the A330 is Aerosoft's, also with the Twin Otter being in sim and the strange goings on with AS A330.
  6. MSFS are in danger of appearing like some of the all action American WW2 movies in that they won WW2 all by themselves. Come on Microsoft/Asobo give us Brits some credit and give us some British liveries for the Dakota's. After all we did let you use our island as an effective huge aircraft carrier both during and after WW2!
  7. I'll give Flightbeam a few weeks to see if this release will make them hurry up and release their version. You never know they might have been holding off for a release at flightsim expo?
  8. You're certainly not weird as I bet you've just described those who are very much serious flight simmers, who generally crave immersion.
  9. I know, but it's a UK airport, which means I will still buy it.
  10. Humberside International Airport, now this is a surprise. Announced on facebook during the night UK time. Out tomorrow. https://www.facebook.com/Flytampaairports/posts/pfbid02DRGmLB95kKwmG4puUYZEk11PmxGK6mzUnCd4g2fDSdiuJ3xYgKTm3eu7A2JTrCEZl
  11. Well done to all the veteran simmers, and I thought I was getting old at 56! What other hobby would keep us hooked for all these years while sitting in a chair?
  12. If people want to see what all the fuss is about just type in "pmdg 777 leaked manual" in google and there is an archive of the manual a few posts down in reddit.
  13. I noticed that this morning, it's good news for me as it's the first of my four days off work. Lots of flying for me next week.
  14. It's in early access with a long way to go, If BATC sells well it might have better future than any other ATC mod in flight sim history. Other ATC addons might not generate the users/funds needed to fully develope them, BATC is alot more affordable which will enable almost anyone can afford it, which will fund it well into the future (hopefully).
  15. However BATC achieves to simulate believable spoken and understood ATC instructions for me is matterless. While I don't 100% know if it is indeed scripted I would believe that it is. Indeed in the lastest minor update (1.0.23.EA) the chanelog states that the devs have replaced "Line up and cleared for takeoff" with "cleared for takeoff". To me this could mean that it is indeed scripted. It's possible that less processing needed by the add on will result in better optimisation, which we all want.
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