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  1. Where in P3D4.5 are the different custom graphics settings saved ?
  2. Very nice. I like the livery - very crisp. Is that a HJG 727?
  3. Totally agree with you Anders.
  4. The above has all been fixed.
  5. OK, so I bought the CS757. I am very, very impressed. It is a fantastic airplane. I don't understand all the negativity about this plane. I think it's great. All this nonsense about not being a "study level" aircraft - if you want that, go and get yourself an ATPL! The systems all work and the plane gets you from A to B. I think CS did a great job with this one and I believe the 767 will be even better. Thanks to everyone for all your input - appreciated.
  6. What about bugs/problems ?
  7. Is this airplane worth spending $75 for P3Dv4.5 ?
  8. That's for P3D only. Try the Wilco A330 - should work in SE
  9. Hi

    Wayback in 2013 you were helping someone with a logitech controller problem and spoke about changing delta values. I also have this problem. Could u plz elaborate on how and where these changes are made.


    1. Alcides Segovia

      Alcides Segovia

      Wow. That’s going back in the day. It’s basically in FSUIPC. 

      When assigning the axis to the controller there is a button called delta value. The delta value you basically click that button move your joystick about the amount you for it to register the movement and then click the delta button again.  

      That tells FSUIPC how much the joy stick will be moved before it registers the movement in the simulator. 

      I recommend looking up FSUIPC delta values for more information. 

    2. TrevorS



  10. Thanks Ian. Will give it a try as well as FALE.
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