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  1. Tried that but it just took a screenshot!!!
  2. How do I reset all the keyboard bindings back to default settings?
  3. My apologies if this has been dealt with before but the problem I am experiencing is as follows. I have set TAB + 1 to save a camera position in the cockpit and 1 to recall the position. However, after saving it and then pressing 1, I don't get exactly the same view!. And when I press 1 again it moves to another view. I have watched numerous videos explaining camera views but I just can't seem to get it right. Can someone please help ☹️
  4. It's a shame that more and more children are suffering today from cancer 🥺 Good slogan!
  5. Come on Greg. You've still got at least another 15 years of simming ahead of you 😉
  6. Thanks for the responses. I found a folder in my LM P3D root called "CloudArtBackups" which contained 2 folders - Texture and Weather. I copied the contents of these folders back into the appropriate folders of P3D and now the clouds and sky are back 😁. Don't know what went wrong - so I have not reloaded ASCA again and all is working normally.
  7. Using ASP3D for weather. I then tried installing ASCA. That's when things went south. So I uninstalled ASCA. After which I lost my whole sky. I then unistalled ASP3D as well, but still a black sky. How do I get my sky textures back? I'm in the dark☹️
  8. My set up is as follows: Cpu is i7 9700k / Graphics card is RTX 3070 / Monitor is Acer 27" with 1920x1080 resolution / Using P3D v4.5 HF3 I would like to purchase a 2K monitor. My questions are - is it going to be worth the bucks? / will I see a noticable difference in clarity and sharpness to warrant the bucks spent? Trevor
  9. Hi Steve

    Would you be willing to please do a livery paint for the Feelthere E195?


    1. Steve Dra

      Steve Dra

      Hey Trevor,

      Sorry I don't have the the Feelthere Embraer package and my paint hangar is completely full to take on another model at the moment.  If you're talking about the old FSX version, I've long since retired that series, my apologies. 

    2. TrevorS


      OK - thanks

  10. Stay away from CS, Their 757 and 767 still have several bugs and it looks like they are never going back to correct them - an unfinished product - in true CS tradition!
  11. An example for others to follow. Well done, and may you reach 60 years together 😍
  12. Will do - for your opinion. 👍
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