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  1. TrevorS

    CaptainSim 757 v3 Update 1.2 Thrust Issues

    This is a known problem and the CS team are aware of it and working on a fix. Trevor
  2. TrevorS

    flight dynamics editing question

    What's that and how do I do it?
  3. Aircraft airfile manager is what I am using. In section 1506, there are rows for mach index. Some air files use only two rows while others use more with regards to power settings. My question is, if the table only has two rows and I would like to use four, how do I add those two extra rows for mach index? Trevor
  4. TrevorS

    QW787 - Easier way to setup payload

    Use the QW 787 dispatcher or you can set your loads in the EFB under Dispatch Trevor
  5. TrevorS

    Qualitywings or Captain Sim 757?

    Wait for the new CS 757. Already available for P3Dv4 and will "soon" be available for fsx. From what I have seen, it is a more in-depth model and would be much better than their current 757 and that of QW
  6. TrevorS

    Introducing New Lufthansa Cargo Livery

    I like it. Thanks Paul Trevor
  7. TrevorS

    tribut to aeroflot

    Nice one. Didn't know they flew the A330. Sure I saw one in there somewhere. Nice happy music!!! Trevor
  8. TrevorS

    CaptainSim 757 Released!

    To @ 777200ltf Firstly, who are you ? - how about a real name. Secondly, what are YOUR expert qualifications that allows you to be so challenging? Trevor
  9. TrevorS

    Captainsim 737 Weather Radar not working

    If I remember correctly, there is also a switch/dial for increasing the brightness. Look for it and turn the brightness up. Hope this helps Trevor
  10. TrevorS


    Thanks Kevin
  11. TrevorS


    Thanks. I want to copy and use the same presets of my CRJ 700 with the CRJ 900. How do I do this? Trevor
  12. TrevorS


    Can someone please tell me in which folder all my presets can be found. Thanks Trevor
  13. Does anyone how to get the KLN90B (project tupolev) navigation tool to work with the CS B707? It works in the CS 727 and 737. I'm sure I am missing something small. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Trevor
  14. TrevorS

    LevelD 757

    Does anyone know what the progress status is of this plane ? It was claimed to be 80% complete a while ago. Trevor
  15. TrevorS

    ADE 1,70

    Thank you for your assistance. Made the change - very simple - when u know how. Trevor