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  1. Totally agree - its time EVERYBODY closed the door on CS. I think the "young gamers" are still buying CS products for the eye-candy while the "serious simmers" have dropped CS a long time ago.
  2. Very nice shots.. Just to confirm, this is MSFS? Regards
  3. Very nice and very low (for a 747-8). Hopefully all the little bugs will be dealt with. Trevor
  4. Amazing plane! Amazing livery! Amazing shots!!!!!!! 👍 Trevor
  5. Aah gee, I was hoping to spot the difference and win a prize😄 Trevor
  6. Hi Bob I use 1920x1080 resolution, frames locked at 35 in nvidia control panel. CPU running at 4.6GHz and I would like to later go to P3Dv5
  7. I am using P3D v4.5 with an i7 9700K cpu. What would be the best matching GPU without any bottlenecking?
  8. I can only speak from my experience - I did the upgrade some months back and had no problems. Wait to hear from others, but it should be OK Regards
  9. Thanks for the response. I have given QW787 permission to access Navi. I use Brave as a browser and Kaspersky as an AV. Are there any settings in these two programs that I should check?
  10. I have a problem which Ernie Alston from QW cannot help me with. The navigraph charts do not appear in the EFB. I have a navigraph account and I do have access to it but they appear blank in the EFB when selected. For most users this is not a problem, but there are some of us experiencing this. Does anyone know what the problem could be and possibly have a solution? Regards Trevor
  11. Gee, now we're going back in time! Them good ol'days! (That's if you have hair!!!!!!!)
  12. Yes you can do that, but I would not advise. Go to your P3D folder, go to Simobjects, and simply delete/cut the planes who don't want and store them in another folder.
  13. The only 330 that I am aware of for FSX is available from Wilco Publishing. Aerosoft will not release one for FSX
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