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  1. I was a first day buyer of the AS A320, but I also stopped following the AS forum a long time ago, so I'll ask here: did they ever get around to adding pop-ups for the flight deck displays? As I recall, they had one for the MCDU, and the PFD could be made by the user, but the ND was not possible without a lot of issues. It wouldn't scale properly. And they always seemed so hostile to the idea that pop-up displays were something that customers found useful. For me, it's actually a deal-breaker. I like to use them, edited to my personal needs, and every other top quality aircraft that I fly lets me do that with no problems. If the A330 doesn't include them, I won't bother to get it. But that's just me...
  2. My pleasure. Glad you got it working.
  3. Yes. But the parameters have changed a bit after an update to FSUIPC, which I think was tied to P3Dv4.4. This works for me now. 1=apu=RX23c03806,3 2=apustart=RX23c03807,3 3=apubleed=RX23c02804,3 These also work for me: fpl1 is Fuel Pump Left 1, etc. abmax and abmed are Autobrakes terr is FO Terrain button fdl and fdr are Flight Director L and R 4=extpwr=RX23c03009,3 5=fpl1=RX23c01805,3 6=fpl2=RX23c01806,3 7=fpc1=RX23c01807,3 8=fpc2=RX23c01808,3 9=fpr1=RX23c0180b,3 10=fpr2=RX23c0180c,3 11=abmax=RX2200380d,3 12=terr=RX22003809,3 13=fdl=RX40000005,3 14=fdr=RX40000024,3 15=abmed=RX2200380c,3 Also noted above, the numbers after the R are a reference provided by P3D to the mouse rectangle and are probably local and not transferable. So you may have to find the mouse rectangle on your system using FSUIPC. But who knows, maybe these will work for you.
  4. The latest version of FSUIPC includes mouse macros for P3Dv4. (Thanks Pete!) It is now possible to write lua scripts which use macros to push buttons, such as APU, APU Start, APU Bleed, the Fuel Pumps, etc. The macros I've created work well, but require two lines, such as: [Macros] 1=apu 1.1=RX20203,10 1.2=RX20203,3 2=apustart 2.1=RX20204,10 2.2=RX20204,3 The first line positions the mouse and the second is a left button press. Read the documentation. The documentation does note that the numbers after the R are a reference provided by P3D to the mouse rectangle and are probably local and not transferable.
  5. I'm new to ChasePlane, having used Opus for my cameras for years. I'm very impressed. My main issue so far is that I can't seem to find any info on how to use the same presets for multiple aircraft. As an example, my PMDG 737s all have the same cockpit dimensions, and I'd like to use the same On-Board presets across all of them. If I edit the Captain's view camera in the 738, I'd like it to also change in the 738WL, 739, 739WL, 737, 737WL, and 736. (This also applies to the 3 different 777s, 7 747s, 2 FSL A320s, etc.) Outside views are another story due to the different aircraft dimensions, so it would be helpful for the user to be able to set them to apply to all variants, or just the current Sim Aircraft. So, is there a way (as there is in Opus) to assign cameras to multiple aircraft or single aircraft, at the user's discretion? The way I am doing it now is to remove the presets from a variant I want to change and then import the presets from the aircraft I have set the way I want. But doing that, none of the button and key assignments are copied and must be redone. Just enabling those to copy over would be a big help. Also, is there a way to select All the On-Board or Outside presets for an aircraft for deletion? I only see how to select and delete single ones. Thanks, Alan D
  6. Yes. That happened to me a couple weeks ago.
  7. Just happened to me, too. I noticed my baro setting was at 28.85. Must have been because my previous flight had ended at EGLL, where the pressure was that low. I reloaded the weather in Opus, and the baro reading was 30.15. The doors were then able to operate normally. Alan Davies
  8. 301ad

    777 freezing

    Update: It turns out that the cure for me was to change UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT from 30 to 0. No more freezes for me. It may or not work for anyone else.
  9. 301ad

    777 freezing

    Unfortunately, although it seems to have helped some people, disabling autosave did not stop my freezes.
  10. 301ad

    777 freezing

    Also, I've noticed that the 777 continues to burn fuel while in this frozen state. When my freezes end, the plane has not moved during the duration of the freeze, but there is less fuel on board. I wish I knew what that meant.
  11. 301ad

    777 freezing

    Mine starts freezing over Greenland, too! Flying KJFK-VHHH, she hums along nicely until somewhere over Greenland, then I see repeated freezes lasting 5 to 15 minutes, but if I let it go it eventually seems to somehow settle down after heading south over Asia and then I don't see any more freezes until the end of the flight. I've been wondering whether the length of the flights I've been attempting has something to do with this. It only seems to start when I'm a good 5 or 6 hours into a 15+ hour flight. I've tried disabling all my extras, including FSUIPC autosave, Opus weather and UT2, but still get the freezes. Another thing I tried was to delete my Logbook.bin file. I found some old forum messages indicating that it could be a source of freezes. That hasn't cured the problem, either, although at first it seemed that I was getting the freezes less frequently. Frustrating.
  12. I've relegated this plane to the hangar due to a couple of serious drawbacks. These matter to me, but they might not matter to you. There are no pop out PFD or ND or ECAM gauges, so it is very difficult to get good crisp undocked displays of those gauges onto a second monitor. It may be possible, but I've given up trying. The visual quality of the gauges is not what I hoped for. (They do provide a pop out for the left MCDU.) When I bought this plane, I didn't think this would be such a big deal, but I've gotten to the point where it's now an absolute dealbreaker for me. There are other planes I can fly which have a much better display of the primary flight instruments, so I just don't fly this anymore. This plane just won't work if you change the simulation rate to anything other than 1. You simply cannot accelerate, even to 2x. That may or may not matter to anyone else, but I do find it annoying. Just my opinion...
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