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  1. Luke160388

    New user - FS Labs A320 problem

    With the latest build from FSL v2.0.2.347 the rectangles have changed slightly these work for me and hopefully will for you all too. [Macros] 1=apu=RX24403806,3 2=apustart=RX24403807,3 3=apubleed=RX24402804,3 4=extpwr=RX24403009,3 5=fuelpumps 5.1=rx24401805,3 5.2=rx24401806,3 5.3=rx24401807,3 5.4=rx24401808,3 5.5=rx2440180B,3 5.6=rx2440180C,3 6=abmax=RX2200200d,3 7=terr=RX22002009,3 8=fdl=RX40000004,3 9=fdr=RX40000021,3 10=abmed=RX2200200c,3
  2. Luke160388

    CDT near Cote d'Azur

    beautiful thank you
  3. Luke160388

    CDT near Cote d'Azur

    I am having the same problem around LFMN what .bgl files did you turn off?
  4. Luke160388

    New user - FS Labs A320 problem

    Disregard, I've figured it out.
  5. Luke160388

    New user - FS Labs A320 problem

    How do I find out the mouse rectangles? The fuel pumps dont work in my sim.
  6. Luke160388

    FSLabs A3XX APU master, on and bleed

    This appears to resolve my issue. So it can be done which is great
  7. Luke160388

    New user - FS Labs A320 problem

    APU is working like a charm thanks for your help.
  8. Luke160388

    New user - FS Labs A320 problem

    Amazing thanks will try these
  9. Luke160388

    New user - FS Labs A320 problem

    Can I confirm you used FSUIPC5’s mouse macro to control the APU master and APU start and it works?
  10. I’m new to LINDA having recently got a warthog HOTAS. I’ve got the A320 module and got lights etc working nicely but I’d love to get the APU controls mapped to some switches too. How can I do it or has anyone managed to do it yet?
  11. Luke160388

    PMDG 747v3 Dynamic Light P3D v4 64bits

    Will the service vehicles have dynamic lights?
  12. HT off saves VAS for me (4790K)
  13. Will any VAS saving options be added to the Ops center for the QotS2 like the low res VC textures for the NGX and the lower sound settings in the 777? FYI I'm not having any VAS issues other than what you'd expect from a 32bit sim