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  1. I too seem to have somewhat of the same issue. It seems to happen when I start modifying my preset in chase plane. Similar system with all the latest updates system wide.
  2. I too would like to be able to have the ability to customize the paint for my ground crew.
  3. I agree with your statement who heartily. One this about the flight swimming community is that we are all able to make our sims, "our sim". I primarily don't use the Jetway replacements in GSX2; I'm more interested in my own fixes as well. I usually park at the ramp with my BBJ.
  4. Thanks, this guy seems to be in your briefing room as well. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,19008.msg131922.html#msg131922
  5. I good time my dear Flight Officers. 😎
  6. I love how these days the supports forums are filled with requests rather than support for actual issues....
  7. I think he was just really excited about not having enough power! lol
  8. I'll give it a try and see what happens on my setup. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Sorry. I was too busy waiting for your comment. 🤣
  10. Try using Shift + (1-9). I forgot the key combo but you can pull up a popup without any mod.
  11. Tomato doesn't do anything in regards to the rain effects. It controls and adds reflections to some degree. As with pour hobby and platform you have to try and tune it for your machine. What is "advanced rain features" in your opinion.
  12. Any chance on providing a link to download the ini on this forum? Thanks!
  13. It has to do with the tomato profile that you have used. I too have this issue. I just have to learn how to edit profiles.
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