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  1. That is simply amazing! As an early teen I tried to play the ukulele. The effort lasted about a week.
  2. Try this: Open ActiveSky and in the left margin, click on "Options" (a "gear" symbol). Then select "sim text message options" Then "Show in-sim text messages" Then, Remove the check mark from the box for "Show in-sim text messages".
  3. FYI, I used PayPal with SimMarket Sat May 7 with no problems.
  4. As you may have noticed, you posed a question to an Oct 2019 post from 2 1/2 years ago. I can not answer your specific question, but perhaps this will help. I run P3D v4.5 and my installed VHHH version is 2.2. I have no problems with buildings or the AFCAD. The required installer, TAXI2GATE_VHHH_P3D.exe (539,38MB), is available from Simmarket. This is the most recent available. (An older version 2.0 for FSX/P3D V2.0 (size 317.02MB) is also listed on Simmarket but it would not include the most recent updates to VHHH.)
  5. I have a coffee mug someone gave me decades ago. There's a cat curled up, presumably asleep, and the inscription on both side of the cup is: "CATS KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL...(They just don't give a damm, but they know.)"
  6. Yeah, I had two who loved boxes. Bigger boxes they reserved for single usage. Smaller one's were preferred for two (at the same time).
  7. Several years ago someone told me (I forgot who) that a general "rule of thumb" was the parallel closer to the terminal is used for departures and the one farther from the terminal is used for arrivals.
  8. Indeed! Congratulations to the new President & CEO and the new Board Members. Well deserved!
  9. Couldn't resist..."How big is the "lag bolt'?
  10. I landed a PMDG 777-300ER at WSSS on Rwy20C 3 days ago with out issues.
  11. The file you are looking for is GFConfigSetup_2_28_0.zip. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, it is no longer available on the Goflight website. Here is a link, for the Pollypot Software forum (The Goflight Interface Tool). https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/support/forum.html Scroll down to the forum entry, "I can’t find GF-Configure 2.26.1"
  12. Try this link.... https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/charlottesville-va/thomas-allensworth-6390649
  13. If you haven't already done so, checkout the following: The Goflight Interface Tool https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/
  14. FWIW, I successfully replaced the two throttle pots 3-4 months ago. It is tedious. Using desoldering braid to wick away existing solder makes it easier.
  15. In a response today from FSDT (Virtuali),about the GCO DME, he said "Fixed in today"s update."
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