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  1. You might have overwritten everything Orbx it needs a full reinstall if you uninstall then reinstall the P3D scenery installer. There are text files in the Orbx directory P3D\Orbx\User Documents\Versions Delete for OrbxLibraries, Vector and Global, open FTX Central and download again.
  2. Just a for your info but the man you originally argued and lectured to is a very well known scenery developer that has been in the community longer than many flight simmers have been alive. Many people you talk to are smarter than this 'it's your system' advice. It is insulting that you continue to belittle here as if you are some expert.
  3. Unless you have the exact same specs and scenery as the people with problems, just because you might be problem free does not mean everyone else is.
  4. Giving scenery developers tools to make good looking scenery at little performance impact. Vas not important today as it used to be but performance is still important. It can also do animations like hangers opening, approach lights, double jetways and much more.
  5. sode is more than jetways it's animations of surrounding scenery and plus you can get dual Jetways at a stand using sode. default jetways are very limited in range and animations. sode is the future.
  6. Have you installed the latest installer for KIAH? Do you have the latest gsx and ran the update? Are you running p3d as admin?
  7. You are trying to help people here and that is nice but you really have no idea what you are talking about on this topic. There is a bug using photoscenery it isn't as simple as "change your settings"
  8. Great thank you. If it loads tell me if the night lights are okay and the ground textures appear. Not a good sign the developer has not responded to my emails but the scenery looks good.
  9. BDOAviatin Liege EBLG on sale at SimMarket, is it V4 compatible?
  10. Orbx are good about bug finding report that in their freeware support forum if it is their FTX AI and they'll find a fix.
  11. That makes 3 developers doing Chicago O'Hare, so long since the last release be nice to have one of them in the coming months.
  12. I am going from the memory of Ultimate Traffic 2 Print out to pdf a schedule of your favorite airports through UTL, or the airports you are landing and taking off from in the UTL program. Look at the schedule for aircraft types you can find the codes for cargo aircraft on a simple web search. B74F, B77X Etc, in the repaint assign section look at if there is no assigned repaint for these types from the Airlines that serve your airport. There are tutorials on manually getting repaints. That is the drawback to in my opinion a better traffic program. It takes some manual work to get things right, but most flight simulator addons are like that.
  13. Not true only some cargo companies have no published schedule like the integrators you mentioned by name. There are published schedules but for UTL there just might not be any repaints. The easiest solution is to look at the repaint list and the printed out schedule to find if you are missing repaints. There might be some DHL companies but not all. Polar and Atlas might not be there. And FedEx Ups etc.
  14. Robert has taken a picture and posted 737 MAX documents - David Lee