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  1. I would think a developer offering RXP support and providing an ini file would make the traffic default.
  2. I had problems with the Q400 in shared cockpit and was told the Learjet supported default multiplayer and connecting the cockpit. It works except for the small issues I explained in my post.
  3. Too many built in p3d 4.5 hotfix3 multiplayer issues to list. Autopilot panels not syncing. Pressurization suddenly not syncing and cabin altitude knob stopping to turn. steering lock not syncing each person has to turn it on on their side. sometimes the speed hold and alt sel operate normally most times no. Vertical speed never holds. Both of us have the same installed version. Is there a best practice for setting it up like the host loading in and first setting the panel state and loadout before the other person connects? It is frustrating.
  4. Find the GTN ini in the folder of the airplane you have it installed in and change the RyanTCAD to true many developers do not set the right settings in that ini
  5. You are 3 months late https://www.facebook.com/182761862226524/posts/810508619451842/
  6. I had a good flight after a Device Hung by setting in Nvidia profile Inspector the MultiDisplay/Mixed GPU setting from Single Display Performance (default) to Compatibility Performance Mode. New drivers installed before the Device Hung flight. Changed this to Compatibility and the next flight was a success.
  7. You are going through this thread and attacking everyone in a condescending tone.
  8. Pushing over the limits? My flight sim is at 30% load or less in cruise over the ocean. Your attitude is not helpful.
  9. That developer has duplicate simobject name errors in his files EDIT sorry I see the name and that is you 🙂 Your simobject files have duplicate names. SHEDDR and SHEDFH have duplicate title= names
  10. In the newest version I started having this problem. The Autopilot will even though the altitude was intercepted and now supposed to hold, it starts to lose altitude or gain altitude and the plane does not recover. I will turn off the AP and back on, select ALT SEL and VS or Speed and it climbs back up and then holds. Sometimes doing it again disregarding the mode it should be in. This is the first time that happened to me and I have 100 hours in previous versions of the Learjet. Using P3D 4.5 HF3.
  11. It happens to me at some points but each point the sim is not working at max. Sitting at the gate. Or in cruise over a remote area. If it was a ram or overclock issue why does it not happen when I am in a heavy load area like New York City with both DDesign NY Airport addons installed? I can be in cruise, and I will open PFPX, or switch to another Application running. Then the Error device hung appears on my screen.
  12. A wishlist item: multiple speed bugs to adjust on the airspeed display dial instead of only one.
  13. Imaginesim still did not fix in their update a duplicate fltsim.2 entry in Imagine Simulation\WSSS Singapore P3Dv4\animations\Documents_Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\ImagineSim Airport Pawns\SimObjects\GroundVehicles\imaginesim_citybus
  14. Not a product I own yet but right away I see an issue with your installation. What is going on with Area 134 and the Title line. Sort out your layering.
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