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  1. So I assume we all enjoy using MSFS but we can also agree, things are never where we want them to be. However, instead of this turning into a long complaint thread of people's laundry list of things, if you could improve / fix / add one thing right now that would significantly improve your experience, what would it be? My own personal: Complete UI / UX overhaul. I find the entire experience clunky at best, slow and sometimes counter-intuitive. Especially setting up controls was a real test of patience at times. While I don't actively use X-Plane, their UI right now is fantastic. Fast, logical, to the point and it's almost scary how easy it is to set up controls. Then you boot up MSFS and it's like boxing underwater the entire way. What's yours?
  2. You don't just drop an almost 3 hour video and just tell people to watch it, that's peak laziness. Give people some examples and timestamps.
  3. Neither is taxiing but it's an essential step of the process to get in the air.
  4. Can't believe people still worry about write cycles in this day and age. You'd need to run your SSD like a 24/7 enterprise drive for 5 years to even get close to wearing it out. Your occasional flights with some downloading is gonna take you 20 years to wear out your drive.
  5. Worth it because the base sounds are mediocre, which is a worrying sign for such an expensive addon.
  6. Here's the same area with Google Maps And with Photogrammetry disabled;
  7. Steam has to be open, yes but that is no different from all the Microsoft store / services running in the background by default. There is a good ole' standalone .exe, if you use that, Steam opens up automatically if you haven't done so. I think the purchase / update experience is generally on par between the stores, as the bulk of the update process is done within the sim itself, so it's identical. Only major pro of the Steam version for me is the fact that the .exe is not encrypted, allowing stuff like ReShade to work flawlessly.
  8. Didn't know adhering to rules were something decided amongst the members, that's a worrying thing to say for a moderator. Nor that I had to take clear tribalism bait and drift the topic further of course because "I was quoted". Replying is apparently mandatory now. These are some worrying comments that seem more emotional than level-headed coming from a moderator.
  9. Ah, I see moderators busy all over Avsim making sure topics stay on topic, even locking them when they don't but when it's in your neck of the woods and an off-topic you care to complain about, it's okay. I see. Also, what does my contribution to the thread have to do with you staying on topic? Is there a quota that needs to be filled for that? Odd comment.
  10. Ray, shouldn't you as a moderator set an example in not taking a thread completely off course? Not sure how your wishes and need for historical weather in MSFS relates to anything regarding this thread.
  11. Externally installed addons are not updated or controlled by the content manager, you'll often see those addons under "Not Installed".
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