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  1. 22H2 is from last year, why is this getting bumped, how far back are you if you only update now? We're in 23H2 now.
  2. If they fix the awful aliasing, I'd be over the moon. 12.1.0 looks great.
  3. 1-2GB free is a very low amount of available VRAM because that's only what MSFS has reserved. Then means sometimes 1GB for any spare swap / background / Windows visual processes / any programs you might have running on other monitors etc.
  4. Biggest load of rubbish I've read on these forums in months.
  5. I'd be surprised if they kept DX11 at this point. The first full-feature GPU (Believe it was Maxwell) is coming up on being a decade old and compatibility with some of the DX12 feature set goes back even further than that. So every platform and user should be able to run it regardless. Might as well just have a single API they can focus on and use its features to their full potential.
  6. Not really. DX12 + FG + DLAA, absolutely the best experience in terms of performance and visual clarity but there's still the same old DX12 issues they seem reluctant / incapable of fixing, which is annoying (Bloom flicker, tile / texture issues etc.) - Starting to suspect they might not even be able to fix it, considering how crowbarred in DX12 was in the middle of the sim's life cycle. Hopefully the fresh start with MSFS 2024 means they can potentially clean those issues up.
  7. Harsh as it sounds, I sometimes question people's enthusiasm about flight simming when you get excited and actually buy junk like this. At that point, there's no simulating anything, no well crafted addon so you can at least say it's for the love of the airframe, no supporting a passionate developer, you're actually supporting a sleazeball, you aren't learning anything about flight characteristics or systems because they are usually so completely off and 2/3 missing... You might as well hop into Google Earth's flight simulator, just to go up, down, left and right. But hey, the business model seems to work, guess my priorities when flying a simulator are different.
  8. Yes, literally my opinion to counter yours, i.e subjective. I know, English is hard.
  9. And good FPS is also subjective, everything is subjective, my reply was subjective as well - He used a flat out 'wrong' to describe something subjective, that's why I replied like I did 🙂
  10. "Those of you that say that 4K displays won't give you good enough frames are wrong." He did. And yes, opinions are subjective but he did say exactly that. Let's not cover for the guy here.
  11. And he claims everybody else is wrong based on his own opinion, thus I counter that, because I think his opinion is flat out wrong as well.
  12. Only a flight simmer buys thousands dollars worth of hardware, a freakin' 4090 to boot and then argues 30 - 60 FPS is fine, absolute bottom scraper tier framerate for such a system in 2023.
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