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  1. But no one has said they don't want VR? Microsoft even stated they want to do VR but they want to do it right.
  2. And my comment about overbearing attitude proves correct once again 🙂
  3. Oh I agree, let them have all the VR they want, should definitely be supported. Just the overbearing attitude about it is mentally exhausting, especially as it always has to sound like there's millions of users screaming for it, when it's in fact the same handful of users every single time. I actually had a Vive headset, got it when they launched, eventually sold it. VR is okay but the technology is / was still too young at the time for me to truly enjoy it. It was good but I can live without.
  4. Let's be honest, it's always a very vocal minority. Same 2-3 people who claim they will NOT be buying it and millions of people want VR, while those threads gather cobwebs.
  5. Obviously sad that some developers will find the rug being pulled out from underneath them. However, from a consumer standpoint, it's extremely welcoming to see how robust the simulator is out of the box. If anything, it's a desperate and very needed shaking of the tree, as the third-party scene has grown a bit stagnant and complacent.
  6. I think so, you only need the full 2GB download + whatever the latest patch is, nothing else. And yes, Terrain Radar plugin is still needed 🙂
  7. FMOD was integrated a long time ago, as far as I know. Did you download the latest full release off their Google Drive + whatever the latest small patch it and added that on top? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-tdl3VvPeOOYm12Wm80V04wdDQ
  8. Beta 4 is available and has some much needed fixes to helicopters and the VRS. Things were dropping out of the sky quite frequently; https://developer.x-plane.com/2019/09/x-plane-11-40b4/
  9. Personally I use ReShade. Free, can tweak on the fly and has filters that no other software has. Especially Clarity goes a long way to make X-Plane pop.
  10. Heh, it's almost sad that in 2019, that is the kind of products we're still seeing for X-Plane when it comes to weather, especially as some people will buy it and defend it. We have simulators two decades old with better weather depiction than some of these addons.
  11. But doesn't the planes themselves also need to be optimized / changed for the experimental flight model, before they fully represent what it's trying to convey? Was under the impression you couldn't just slap on the beta and experimental with any old plane, expecting a perfect, realistic result.
  12. Sure, it's worth a shot. Unless he / she has the same internet provider, you might run into the same issue.
  13. No, unfortunately. You can basically see from the top, the, that's your local equipment. Then it reaches your ISP, unitymediagroup, then continues out to the internet through their backbones and then it dies. That tells you it's your internet service provider / their affiliates that are having problems. At this point you can do one of two things; Try using an alternate DNS server, which is basically the server responsible for resolving website names into IP addresses. Using a different DNS server can possibly make it look up different servers and choose a new route that actually works. Personally I recommend Cloudflare's: https://blog.cloudflare.com/announcing-1111/ And here's a tutorial to set it up, it's fairly easy and easy to undo: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-configure-cloudflare-dns-1111-service-windows-10-and-router (Scroll to the bottom, on how to set it up on Windows 10. Don't need to do it on router level). Open a CMD prompt again and type in ipconfig /flushdns and afterwards ipconfig /renew once done, to make sure it uses the new DNS. The other thing, if that fails, you really need to call up / contact your ISP, because this issue is outside of your home.
  14. Try opening a command prompt in Windows and trace route those servers, see where it dies. tracert nimbus.hifitechinc.com for example, that'll give you a full route of where the signal goes. Then you can perhaps tell if it dies out locally, i.e a firewall / hardware issue at your place. Maybe the signal doesn't carry beyond your local area / ISP, maybe it's further down the line. Gives you a clear indicator of where the problem lies. Because right now, all the servers are not responding so they are all being blocked / route is inaccessible somewhere.
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