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  1. This place has really become miserable, reading through these comments is sad.
  2. Indeed. The water, the reflections, the colours, everything is dreadful in X-Plane.
  3. The amount of infantile attention seeking on these forums is hilarious. This is what, the second or third "Look at me, I'm leaving and I need to tell everyone about it!!" thread I've read in as many days.
  4. You can install a whole library of curated ReShade filters.
  5. For further clarification, Freestyle is their ReShade-like suite, not their video record function.
  6. Years of complaining when it didn't utilize hardware. Now it utilizes hardware and people still complain. They can never win 😆
  7. Have the same problem with the Thrustmaster T.Flight pedals. It goes 100% brake, 0% and up to 100% as you press them down. So to have 0% brakes, you need to find some awkward halfway point to even take off.
  8. Contact the zendesk, don't just use their suggested fixes.
  9. Look at the reply from the Microsoft agent, that should allow you to gain full access to a UWP folder and make changes; https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/what-is-windows-apps-hidden-folder-and-why-cant-i/40a60508-c409-422a-af92-bd51fe5a4ca9
  10. No, I haven't because the phrase you used is a reference to a generation, thus an age group. It's a play on the word 'boomer'. So you made it an age issue with that comment.
  11. Download 'Everything', an invaluable search tool under Windows 10, much faster compared to Windows' own search and will show absolutely everything, then you just search out flightsimulator.exe
  12. After I saw a guy complain and moan about an issue regarding listing of airports in these very forums, that was rectified by him simply restarting the sim, meaning he had just started it, found an issue and then rushed to the forums, I've kinda lost faith in people's ability to do any sort of sensible troubleshooting.
  13. Ah yes, the tired old "must be the young people". Yet this forum is absolutely filled to the brim with old guys complaining about the most inane things. It's almost like this has nothing to do with age, gender or anything like that, just comes down to a mentality you find in every person that plays games and flies simulators.
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