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  1. Sure, if you want the prices to skyrocket even further. Gotta remember they are using GDDR6X now, which is more expensive but also a lot faster.
  2. I suspect the days of buying something like the 1080 Ti, that remains incredibly competitive even 3+ years after its release (which is probably longer than Nvidia cared for) are over. Now they will be sure to have that kind of power locked behind their new insane top-end prices.
  3. It's a shame weather is such a struggle for X-Plane, given how great it is in almost every other area.
  4. That is seriously oudated information pertaining to X-Plane 10.
  5. Because it doesn't make much sense to apply your frame rate limitation to everything, video players, other games, other software etc. do it on a per-exe basis.
  6. Be 'careful' with RTSS. It's a great piece of software to limit FPS but I actually ditched it sometime last year when I noticed it had a negative effect with some payware planes, especially PMDG. Every time I would mouse over any screen, I'd get a stutter. Constantly put the mouse back and forth over the screen, it would tank the FPS. It was like RTSS was constantly 'hooking' into that process, like the mouse hitting those screens was seen as a different process, which isn't weird considering how P3D does the borderless window / picture-in-picture with multiple windows. RTSS can struggle a bit with that. Most people probably wouldn't notice, very specific circumstances and would probably disregard a small stutter like that as down to something else but the second I closed RTSS, sim was smooth. Ever since then, I've used Profile Inspector's hidden limiter for P3D and now, the new 'official' limiter through the Nvidia control panel. Works great. Could obviously be fixed by now, given the amount of time it has been, just know it can be caused by RTSS if the issue happens.
  7. Yes, you can also manually put in whatever FPS you want it to be recorded at.
  8. Have you tried using OBS? Can use Nvidia's NVENC encoder to record, tons of quality and FPS settings, plus it's free. FRAPS is ancient, slow and not really recommended in this day and age.
  9. Looks like crash detection is off and something is off with the elevation / mesh, so it's constantly bounce resetting.
  10. Had that problem as well with a few airports with v5, like LOWI, where I could move the camera and then the sharp texture would suddenly appear, move camera gain and it would go low-res. Think it's a compatibility issue somewhere, the actual texture on-top seems to stop rendering and you only get the ortho underneath with a few signs and arrows on top.
  11. You seem to be looking at the Max value, that will always be 100% if you've hit that once. The three brackets represents Min, Current and Max I believe.
  12. Yeah, that's pretty much useless. If you want an accurate test, you need a third party tool that does a lot of passes and completely fills the RAM to actually find out whether there's any read errors or not. The current 'gold standard' is the RAM Test from Karhu Software. It has a small initial purchase fee but it's the fastest tool out there. Some of the other brands can spend 12-24 hours to do enough coverage. You can Google it, check various Reddit threads, it comes highly recommended. Then you let that run to perhaps 1200% coverage, if you manage that with zero errors, you could comfortable rule out your RAM I'd say. Your BSODs don't really tell much. At that point, you probably need to get into the more advance stuff with Microsoft's own debugging tools, which you definitely need to Google to use and understand. That will give you a much more detailed view and understanding of the BSOD dumps. In any case, you've hit the fun jackpot of obscure troubleshooting.
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