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  1. torfih

    11.30RC1 Performance

    i7 7800X, 32gb, 1080ti 11gb. It's RC1 and HDR that I have problems with, before the simulator was fluid.
  2. torfih

    11.30RC1 Performance

    Performance with HDR is horrible for me, I have a high end computer though. It stutters, or freezes all the time, showing 30-60 fps on Fraps!
  3. SOLVED, found a switch on the center console, RealityXP GTN 750 on/off. I'ts very dark and difficult to notice.
  4. torfih

    Everest Park 3D

    I'm already throwing money in the direction of Frank and Fabio...
  5. I have the GTN 750 and several planes supporting the instruments in the 3D panel, but in the Do228 I have to configure the GTN at startup via the plugin menu every time. Anyone have this problem?
  6. 22:40 local time: Avsim: WHO'S ONLINE 146 MEMBERS, 0 ANONYMOUS, 267 GUESTS WHO'S ONLINE 588 MEMBERS, 11 ANONYMOUS, 319 GUESTS
  7. Take a look at this site (community airports):
  8. So you can update the RXP? I thought the Trainer software running in the background used dated Navdata.
  9. It's a nice aircraft, I'm not too keen on RXP because of outdated navdata and no way of updating it.
  10. You can locate it on google earth, it's real
  11. Thanks, very nice indeed!
  12. Exactly Jan, one click is too much in either direction most of the time.
  13. I agree, trimming an aircraft to level flight in XP is impossible. Even with throtte adjustments few moments later the aircraft goes up .... or down.
  14. thank you, where is the standalone dl available?