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  1. pls attach the log file instead of post it like this ...
  2. Bought the Toliss A321 at the Labor Day sale, thanks!
  3. Have my eyes set on Toliss, what bird should I buy for my first Airbus? 319, 320 or 321?
  4. So many choices but sounds are so important for the Islanders and only Nimbus seems to get it right.
  5. Absolutely, had to dial down my overclocked cpu ...
  6. The Crash reporting is certainly working, this update is crashing all the time...
  7. Downloading latest update, plugins for XP11 and XP12. Nice.
  8. Hangar textures look terrrible, way too much dirt/smudge.
  9. The moon is there, and is in the right place. The stars are a little too dark for my taste though... You can set the exact date and hour.
  10. This gem has just got better, updated to 2.0.2. The developer is doing a great job. First version of the MU-2 got 14 years of free support and updates, talk about dedication...
  11. Flying it now, great fun, unforgiving and a lively aircraft.
  12. Agreed, great addon. Bought it initially just to support the developer but was blown away by the quality of his work.
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