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  1. Hi, does anyone know what's going on here? 38257
  2. Got it yesterday and I am very satisfied. Always liked old school navigation, love the FJS 727 and 732. Surprisingly light on framerates on my system (50fps). Great job Thranda and JF!
  3. X Plane forum here at avsim has become a cesspool for trolls
  4. I'm trying to download the installer from F1 without any luck, the dl link does not respond. Not good... Update: got it sorted, reinstalled and all seems OK. But the whole thing is frustrating for RXP users.
  5. I'm curious, what is odd about it? And the Marchetti is excellent....
  6. Yes, search for HUD in keyboard settings.
  7. Yes, most of them, but some you need to open in plane maker and make some changes to remove 3d cockpit from the HUD view. But honestly, I would not recommend this product to anyone; high price and no support.
  8. I use the Air Transport HUD, it works fine, a bit expensive considering that there is no support or further development going on.
  9. I don't have this aircraft but it sound like there are maybe chocks that need to be removed.
  10. Reverted to non beta, the beta had glossy surfaces on everything in cockpit.
  11. Agree up to a point, oversimplistic features create problems. Fx when Mesh files need to be grouped with an airport or specific scenery rather than lowest order. But it has potential and the programmer seems active.
  12. I'm using Active Sky XP and X-Vision, clouds are default XP. Very happy with the result, fully aware of the limitations of the weather system in XP11. Before I had Sky Max Pro 4.8 and FSGRW weather injector and it never gave me satisfying results. Weather was never close to real conditions, specially the clouds.
  13. Found the culprit after 4hours+, Custom Data folder had some bad files in it. I'm using Navigraph airac Data Manager, but after this I'm doing manual updates, don't trust that application any more.
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