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  1. I noticed there, right now, an airshow, in Belgium, Live, on Youtube. That's here, if it interest some of you 🙂 :
  2. Honestly, we can't suscribe to all and everything, so, no thank you...
  3. Sorry, Skyliu but I have Photogrammetry enabled and the sim is fully updated. Photogrammetry
  4. I "enjoyed" a CTD while buying the Jabiru at the marketplace. It happened at the end of the download.
  5. Hm, no... I don't have ai traffic enabled and I don't use addons, excepted the PMDG DC-6 (and I did not flied with her after the maj). Before this maj, i never had a ctd.
  6. I've the multipanel and it works fine. I plug it in a external USB HUB alimented by power (not the pc power, I mean), like that I don't have to plug and unplug it each time I load the sim. So, with the last saitek/logitec's driver dedicaced to MSFS 2020 and this external HUB, it should work 🙂
  7. Same problem here when i'm in cockpit view..
  8. I've plenty of disk space.. I will try a restart.
  9. When I tried to install the msfs on my Xbox S, I got a notification saying it's incompatible. I tough Microsoft said it was compatible for Xbox S and X...
  10. It's unclear about where to find the User ID button. Loged with the google account, etc.. But where is this User ID? Is it possible to have a screnshot of this?
  11. In the setting, you can choise "Legacy Flight mode", "modern flight mode", etc. The right one for most aircrafts is the modern mode. https://gyazo.com/6c2fc9071a22a888d506ad2f39907e35
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