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  1. I seen the video and well, ok, it can extend the view but it's not what I expected when thinking multiples screens. I'd like more to see, for exemple, instruments (cokpit) in monitor 1 and external view in the monitor 2.
  2. Tried it and I have the same image in the 2 screens, so I don't really see the interest.
  3. I'm wondering why no one develops the venerable Boieng 707. It was a great aircraft. Any idea?
  4. Bought it but... At the download link, it asks a verification code, send it to my email, I put it in the field and, again, it return back to asks verification code and etc etc.... So, I can't download the product. Annoying and irritating.
  5. Well something with a realistic cokpit. I'm a bit tired of all these unrealistic ones, so I bought nothing since the Kodiak and the DC-6.
  6. The Kodiak with no doubts. It's a little jewell.
  7. I have 32 Gb but I don't think I seen one time it was used at 100 % in MSFS, so, yes, it's probably more than enough.
  8. Well, I have nothing against paying something but when someone comes and claim that he will provide freee mods for free and then after comes the "you pay or you'll be slow", I'm... mitiged and expectative. I know a website have a cost, or a forum. I had one in the past and it was free. It was about games walktrough and I had many users. But never, I decided "now you will pay". I like things clear at the begining. Remember also that modders are offering their work for free, so we have here "someone" who will make money from the work offered free by others (the modders). Someone mentioned Nexusmod but lately, many modders have left there and it was also, if I remember, for a question of money. If flightsim.to said at begining, they will offer a pay service, it will be ok, we go there or not but we know where we go. But the thingh "ok, now that we have a good number of users, we can go to the step 2.. money", well... And, honestly, I don't believe one second the "tons of users asked to pay". All of this said, if some people wants to pay, well ok, everyone is free with his/her decisions. For me, it's just a question of ethic, not really a drama.
  9. I love the "we have heard your calls...". Since when people are calling for paying, seriously ?
  10. Oh, okay, I thought you was speaking about this website security. Yes, you're right, it's not well organized.
  11. Not sure what you mean, Mike... It took 1 minute to download the mod and I had no issues with this website. All depend also about how you protect your web navigation. Regards.
  12. I found the mod "MiniPanel" and I really like it. It can replace the one from MSFS. A image says more than words, so : Image 1 As you can see, it gives more datas. Alson you can take a screenshots (via the game bar, for example), it will not show the UI. There is another box (settings). You can drag it in your second screen, if you have one. Image 2 It needs also FSUIPC (the fre version is ok for) Enjoy 🙂 Pic is up the Amazon River FSUIPC http://www.allflightmods.com/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020/msfs2020-tools/minipanel-v1-0/
  13. Yes, I noticed that too. It's pretty same at Nexusmod where you can only "post positive" or you'll be a throll or something like that. I avoid theses sorts of forums or websites driven by little "web's cops".
  14. oh well, the Kodiak or the PC6 Porter (Milviz), are my favs for GA. After comes the SR22.
  15. Well good.. But I'm still waiting they come with the possibility to use 2 screens. Weather, I can use presets for most conditions, there are some good freeware or payware. I don't really care to have the real weather preset, I've that already enough in my real life. So, for me, 2 screens usage is way more important and opens some nice doors but curiosely they don't speak a lot about it.
  16. Phone number? Sorry but no. Already I don't like this Discord and this new sort of "fashion" to try to attract people there for each single little reason.
  17. All's working well here, life is good 😉
  18. Hmm, means removing the Nxi with all the advantages for not getting ctd with a F-35? It don't looks a good deal 🙂
  19. Got my ctd with the B version. I understood Indiafoxecho said to run to the zendesk but these ctd are coming only when I'm using the F-35B, so, I'm really not sure it's a issue coming from msfs. All my other aircrafts are working just fine (PMDG, Kodiak and etc)
  20. Same, CTD, when zooming in (external view). Twice.. so, I'll wait they fix it.
  21. I use it since long and, yes, it's a pretty good software, including a moving map, FL managment, Fuel load, aircraft's status and etc.
  22. Excuse me, Mr Jdonner, but if someone makes a video in "3th person", it don't means he/she is a noob. I do that sometimes, like a lot here, and I fly since 10 years (RL and virtual), like a lot here also.. Have a good day.
  23. I found a very beautifull area for a trip. It's the Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael. Take off at SCRF (Argentina) and enjoy, if you want 🙂
  24. CS? No... Just no. I have a list of 3 where it's never more and CS is one of these. And, for me, never more means never more.
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