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  1. HI, While I tend to have sufficient frame rates in 2D and don't like to play around with graphic settings too much I could definitely use more frames in VR when sometimes using my Quest 2. Any guide on how to setup this FSR feature for AMD (having a 6900 XT@ WQHD)? Also, ist there a recommendation to either use DX 11 or 12 (in VR)? Thanks
  2. Will existing models like the H135 require an update to work correctly or can they just make use of the new physics in the sim out of the box?
  3. can one just fly to the "iconic" airports as usual or are they only available in landing challenges or similar?
  4. Is the use of DX12 recommended more on AMD/Nvidia or is there no difference at all related to the manufacturer?
  5. Thanks. So I'll need to look for a 30ft USB extension 🙄
  6. Hi, as I recently got a new TV I hooked my PC up and tried MSFS on it in 4k. What can I say - gorgeous! However, while I can use my Logitech wireless Mouse and Combo, I cannot use my Thrustmaster Flght Stick X obviously.So I cheked for a wireless Joystick to use but was surprised such a thing doesn't seem to exist? I always only get suggestions for standard X-Box controllers and the like. Have I missed something or do they really not exist? thanks!
  7. As the snapshots are missing and I didn't follow the Q&A session - has there already been given any information on the next WU? I think to rememeber that it is already planned for mif June? Thx
  8. Hi, I hope this has not been coverd yet but do we know how future updates to satellite images wil be incorporated into MSFS? Google updates their pictures, depending on locaton, about once a year. I don't know how frequently Microsoft does this. But will they then need to release an update to the world updates or can they just inject the new imagery and AI does the rest? Thanks for any insight to the matter.
  9. OK, watched the Q&A. Yes, they talk about it and basically state they want to be it "perfect" and also improve propellers together wit rotor physics. That's fine but still doesn't explain why they have not implemented Helos yet. Other aircrafts were also not perfect when they were released so I see no point why they could not implement Helicopters and improve them over time as thy did with planes...
  10. If helicopters are really only coming in Q4 that's a joke. I mean if freeware developers are able to implement helos within a few months, why would Asobo take a year to do so?
  11. Same here. No luck in Store but update was found and installed in xbox app...
  12. Maybe they fear that many users will be angry after todays update and not appreciate the news 😉
  13. Thanks Henrik! Not only for the marvelous job on the add on but also on your time answering my and many other questions
  14. Thanks for explaining! As for rivers I asked myself - would there be major issues with the 'solid' bridges that the AI can't render correctly (so would any ships then be caught by these)?
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