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  1. #02 →1162 votesPlease Fix Photogrammetry and / or LODStarted (Bridges)* Been wondering what the asterisk means? Found no explanation in the dev blog.
  2. As they mention a city update for France (which was WU 4) - anyone knows if the city updates correspond with WUs, meaning the next CU would be in the area of WU 5 (Nordics)? Thx
  3. One last question please - is it possible to backup the whole AIG traffic data so I won't need to invest hours in case of a required reinstall? Would copying the AIG folders be sufficient? Thank you!
  4. Thanks all, got it 🙂 Will stick with the AIG injector for now and monitor forums for updates to the live traffic function.
  5. Sorry if I was not clear: I tried the below option first I want only Live Traffic (DO NOT start AIGTC) AIRCRAFT TRAFFIC TYPE = REAL-TIME ONLINE AIRPORT VEHICLE DENSITY = whatever you like GROUND AIRCRAFT DENSITY = 0 WORKER DESNISTY = whatever you like USE GENERIC PLANE MODELS (AI) = OFF So That's the settings I chose with the mentioned results. Meanwhile tried to go with traffic= off, hence started Traffic controler and injected traffic. Better result on the ground but inbound traffic just flies somewhere and does not land. Also no takeoffs (not sure if I read this somewhere to be the issue with injected traffic?)
  6. Hi, I just came across AIG and Despite having read various threads I'm still confused about the results. I downloaded all flightplans available. Chose "real-time online" option Set Ground Aircraft density to 0 Set "use generic aircraft models" to off. Still I'm seeing a good amount of aircraft being generic ones as well as a lot of airlines which are not supposed to be at my airport. Am I (still) missing something? Would the offline option together with AIG traffic controller give me better results? Thanks
  7. HI, While I tend to have sufficient frame rates in 2D and don't like to play around with graphic settings too much I could definitely use more frames in VR when sometimes using my Quest 2. Any guide on how to setup this FSR feature for AMD (having a 6900 XT@ WQHD)? Also, ist there a recommendation to either use DX 11 or 12 (in VR)? Thanks
  8. Will existing models like the H135 require an update to work correctly or can they just make use of the new physics in the sim out of the box?
  9. can one just fly to the "iconic" airports as usual or are they only available in landing challenges or similar?
  10. Is the use of DX12 recommended more on AMD/Nvidia or is there no difference at all related to the manufacturer?
  11. Hi, as I recently got a new TV I hooked my PC up and tried MSFS on it in 4k. What can I say - gorgeous! However, while I can use my Logitech wireless Mouse and Combo, I cannot use my Thrustmaster Flght Stick X obviously.So I cheked for a wireless Joystick to use but was surprised such a thing doesn't seem to exist? I always only get suggestions for standard X-Box controllers and the like. Have I missed something or do they really not exist? thanks!
  12. As the snapshots are missing and I didn't follow the Q&A session - has there already been given any information on the next WU? I think to rememeber that it is already planned for mif June? Thx
  13. Hi, I hope this has not been coverd yet but do we know how future updates to satellite images wil be incorporated into MSFS? Google updates their pictures, depending on locaton, about once a year. I don't know how frequently Microsoft does this. But will they then need to release an update to the world updates or can they just inject the new imagery and AI does the rest? Thanks for any insight to the matter.
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