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  1. I want to assign my system volume to the throttle switch on my Gladiater. I use the Bravo for my throttle. Can someone explain to me how to accomplish this. I don't see anything to assign it to. Thanks guys!
  2. Anyone else having problems with the Longitude autopilot after the beta update? I can't get it to function properly, this just started after SU15 Beta. Thanks
  3. https://flightsim.to/news/fly2high-releases-klbb-lubbock-preston-smith-airport
  4. Anybody else having problems trying to launch the sim. It's been loading for like 20 mins now and still hasn't loaded. I'm about ready to go back to a stable version.
  5. Won't let me update, says there's some sort of security issue.
  6. Can someone who bought MSFS 2020 at the Store and not Steam tell me what the last line of your user.cfg opt file (InstalledPackagesPath) should read. I changed mine at the advise of a support guy who's aircraft I had bought and can't remember what it was. A word of advice: DO NOT CHANGE IT! Thanks guys!
  7. Not sure what you mean by update windows app's, X box doesn't show any updates available.
  8. MSFS 2020 loads to what looks like 100% but never goes to the main screen page. Last time this happened to me I re-installed, don't feel like going thru that again. Anybody have any fixes or solutions to this problem. I haven't added any add on's in over a month. Don't know what the problem could be. Thanks for any help!
  9. I bought the bundle and installed exactly per your instructions but when I start MSFS 2020 nothing is there. Any idea what I could be doing wrong. As far as I know I put the correct folders in the community folder. Thanks for any help!
  10. Didn't see anything in aircraft options to turn that off but thanks!
  11. This just appeared yesterday. I assume it's the distance and direction to the next waypoint but not sure. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it? I've gone thru the settings but don't see anything. Thanks guys!
  12. There's alot of them not in content manager. I deleted the ones that were.
  13. I want to delete all the aircraft that I never fly or never will in MSFS but I can't find where the aircraft files are located. I have the Store version. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks guys!
  14. How do I get MSFS to work the radio's for me? I used to have it working but did a complete re-install and now it's not. Can't find it in settings. Thanks guys
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