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  1. John Snyder Jr

    PMDG 737 NGX For P3D v 4.3

  2. John Snyder Jr

    PMDG 737 NGX For P3D v 4.3

    I've got the PMDG 737 NGX for FSX Steam. Can I use that aircraft in P3D v 4.3? Hate to spend another $100. Thanks
  3. John Snyder Jr

    Prepar3D V4.3/Thrustmaster T16000M

    w6kd, I owe you a beer! As soon as I set the P factor to 0 everything is fine and working exactly as it should! Thanks so much. And RancidViper, you didn't make a mistake. This is an awesome joystick, I love it! I to came from a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, this one is so much better! Thanks for all the help guys, I'm back to flying!
  4. John Snyder Jr

    Prepar3D V4.3/Thrustmaster T16000M

    I've tried that edpatino but with same results. Starts off pretty reliable but after take off starts veering to the left, I correct and it goes right back, if I overcorrect it gets really erratic and before you know it I've stalled and aircraft is pitching left and right out of control. So frustrated!
  5. Recently bought Prepar3D V4.3 and cannot get my Thrustmaster TM16000M to perform correctly with it. It's not acting correctly either configuring thru P3D or FSUIPC. I've read a lot of posts on forums suggesting it could be the simconnect file and to delete it and install the new one. I have no idea where I'd locate it or where to download and install the new one. Though it give it a try as nothing else has worked. By the way it works great in FSX. Could someone walk me thru this process or point me in the right direction for help. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've had this new sim now going on 2 weeks and not been able to successfully complete a flight. Thanks
  6. John Snyder Jr

    Graphic Card has started Crashing

    I have no idea how to edit the registry, that's probably way over my head 😞
  7. John Snyder Jr

    Graphic Card has started Crashing

    Yes Tooting, tried the 397.64 and still having the problem 😞
  8. John Snyder Jr

    Graphic Card has started Crashing

    Well I've tried all these suggestions and the problem continues. This P3D V4.3 has tons of potential but everytime I fix one problem seems like another pop's up. I've about decided this problem has something to do with ChasePlane. Seems to work a little better while I'm not running it. I've invested a ton of money in this program and would sure like to get it running smoothly. Thanks for the suggestions!
  9. John Snyder Jr

    Graphic Card has started Crashing

    Installed Prepar 3D V4.3 and nothing but problems from day 1. About to request a refund 😞 Anyway this has started showing up now. I've got a brand new high powered laptop. Anyone have any idea why and what to do to fix this? Thanks and all help appreciated! Graphic card is crashing and I get this error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG.
  10. I held off as long word not allowed I can and finally bought P3D V4.3. It was my understand that my (or most of them) FSX addons would work. I've yet to figure out how to get any of them to work. Trying to get Ultimate Traffic Live, Active Sky, FSUIPC, several sceneries and several aircraft to work but haven't had much luck. Bought the Estonian migration tool and no luck there either. Can anyone give me some pointers or perhaps a You Tube video to get me started. I'm out of idea's. Thanks for any help!
  11. John Snyder Jr

    Need some HELP

    Not sure what I've done but my PMDG 737 NGX now loads with this on the captain side, the 1st officer side is fine. Can anyone please help me get this back to normal? Thanks for any help!
  12. John Snyder Jr

    Newbie Question about mouse...HELP

    Thanks for the reply's but that didn't work. I ended up deleting all the presets for my QualityWings 757 and starting over and that solved the problem. I had downloaded a bunch from the community and apparently one of them was causing the problem. Anyway all is well now and thanks for your input! 🙂
  13. I have got everything with mouse in the preferences turned off and still if I move my mouse across the screen the view changes. Anyone have any idea why that could be happening. Thanks for any help!
  14. Having a problem and hoping someone can help me out. When loading ChasePlane, the control panel come's up but the little box in the upper left hand corner is red and can't get it to turn green. Any idea's what's the problem. I can only get to presets and preferences. I can not get to camera.
  15. I have no idea what happened but recently when loading FSX I get the error Can't Init SimConnect error! If you click ok it continue's to load and come's up again, click ok and it loads correctly however I now don not have access to Active Sky 2016. I've tried re-installing SimConnect but nothing. Anyone experience this problem or have any idea how to correct it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!