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  1. Not sure if this is the 'correct' procedure - but here is what I am currently doing - as for some strange reason I have been experiencing CTD after CTD. I have the store version and windows 11 Go to settings, select installed apps, select Microsoft Flight Simulator, select advanced options (from the 3 dots), select reset, reboot, start MSFS 2020 and then when it checks for updates, should start downloading and installing MSFS 2020. As I am sure you are aware, this can be a very long process depending on your internet download speed. hope this helps.
  2. Those videos are exactly what I would expect to see, the ailerons moving/nudging to keep the plane level - as best it can depending on the prevailing weather. The fact that I am not seeing any such moving/nudging under any weather condition (within MSFS 2020) whilst the plane is in the air and controlled by the autopilot - suggests to me that this is a limitation of MSFS.
  3. This is not the video I referred to in my original post on this thread - but is a similar one. You can just see the ailerons which are moving or 'nudging' - this is what I would expect to see when in the wing view of the PMDG 747/800 or the Fenix A320 - but I do not see any of this moving or 'nudging' whatever the weather conditions when on autopilot. https://fb.watch/pNRrkUR6Hg/?
  4. No, I am not importing the exact conditions into MSFS. I guess what I am trying to say, is that whenever the plane turns, I see no aileron deflection on either wing. If I am in turbulence, I see no aileron deflection - in fact whatever conditions I am flying in - I see no aileron deflection. I am trying to establish if other flight simmers experience the same issue, whether it is a limitation of MSFS, or am I just not doing something right?
  5. I have just watched a 'wing view' video of a real life A320 landing in Edinburgh during a storm. The plane is rocking left to right, and vice versa and you can see the ailerons moving to correct the planes approach. When, I try and replicate this on either my PMDG 737-800 or Fenix A320, and select a 'wing view' I do not get any aileron movement - sometimes I think I see a very very small movement, but nothing like I recall from real life, or from the video I have just watched. Is this a limitation of MSFS 2020? Edited - For completeness, I should add that when I check my controls on the ground, and move my rudder left or right, the ailerons do move when I view externally. Similarly, if I am flying the plane manually and turn left or right the ailerons move as expected. It is when the plane is in automatic pilot mode that the ailerons do not move when the plane says turns left or right, or is in turbulence.
  6. I was delighted to read this, as removing the PMDG ground equipment to use GSX is something I would also like to do. When I have spawned the PMDG 737, gone to my FMC and run through the 'options' I cannot see any reference to an option to remove the PMDG ground equipment. Can someone help me with more details as to where and how?
  7. Did not work for me for the initial download. When I then transferred the file to addon linker - it worked thereafter.
  8. I got notification yesterday of an update that was available for the SWS Pilatus PC12. I have now downloaded and installed. During the download, I have selected PMS GTN compatibility, which is exactly what I did with the original download. Previously it worked fine, and now after the update, it no longer displays the PMS50 GTN. Anyone else had this issue? or can I advise what to do to rectify it. Season's greetings to all fellow simmers. UPDATE - NOW SOLVED I had installed the updated download into my addon linker, and recalled that I think SWS suggested you did not use addon linker. So, reinstalled directly into my community folder and all appears good. Leaving this post in case in helps anyone else - and wishes Season's greetings. Have a good one.
  9. Good morning Howard, I followed through on your suggestion, and assigned the elevators, ailerons and rudder through MSFS rather than FSUIPC - and that worked - so thanks. Just one query. When I am on the ground and I use the joystick to operate the ailerons, the rudder is engaged - this does not happen in the air. Is this supposed to be the case? I have of course double checked that I do not have duplicate bindings
  10. I have just downloaded and installed the update that was released overnight - and NO CHANGE. The rudder, ailerons or tablet are still not working. I should have pointed out in my original post above, that I also own the SWS Kodiak and the SWS Van RV-14. I have just double checked that the rudders and ailerons work fine on both of these aircraft, using the same settings on the same controller, so I am baffled as to why they are not working on the PC-12. Any thoughts? Just noted that the previous post says that their tablet is working great - all I get is a lighter shade of grey when I switch it on. Anyone else got the tablet working? I am using the single button on the top of the tablet to switch it on - assume that is correct?
  11. Hi Bob I am using a Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog joystick and a throttle and VKB rudder pedals. I use these all the time on many different aircraft and have bound them through FSUIPC. Never had a problem beforehand. Thanks
  12. Having just purchased this aircraft - I have spawned it at several airports - on the runway - ready for take off. I am experiencing three problems 1) Cannot get the rudder to work 2) Cannot get the ailerons to work (elevators are working OK) 3) Can turn on the tablet (well the screen goes a lighter shade of grey) - but nothing to see on it. The settings on my hardware for the elevators, ailerons and rudder work fine on all other aircraft - just not this PC-12 I have looked at the manuals and checklist and cannot see how to fix these issues. Too early for any youtube tutorials, so would appreciate any help.
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