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  1. So, I have just opened up the 40th anniversary activities and selected the Frontier Airlines Denver to Salt Lake city route as my chosen activity. When the activity loaded, it was night time, as the local time in Denver was 04.50 (11.50 in the UK) Unable to change the time using the top menu bar as the weather icon is not available. How do I change the time without changing the clock on my PC? This is also true of any other activity that I have opened, in that it seems to automatically adopt the time zone the flight is in, and if you happen to be in a different time zone - like London - you often can only fly the activity during a night scenario - unless of course I stay up very late...................... Cheers
  2. I knew there would be a simple solution - thank you UPDATE: I spoke too soon. I have downloaded and unzipped two liveries and placed them alongside my other Fenix A320 liveries in the MSFS 2020 Community folder. They are visible in the community folder - but when I go to the Fenix livery manager, and select My Liveries - they are not showing
  3. I have the Fenix A320 airbus and livery manager installed and have just been trying to install third party liveries from flightsim.to. I downloaded the Wizz Air zip file, unzipped it and placed it in the default download folder location - that did not work. So, I deleted that, and then tried to download the zip file directly to the default download file, and as I kind of expected that did not work either. I have tried to google how to install without finding any solution - clearly there is a simple solution - so I would appreciate help to know how to install these third party liveries.
  4. Not seen any feedback on this recent release - anyone out there purchased it - and if so - what are your initial thoughts?
  5. When flying the Fenix A320 on autopilot with a strong cross wind, the plane points into the cross wind and 'crabs' along. Is it the ailerons or the rudder that the autopilot uses to achieve this? - and which should I use if I disconnected the autopilot and flew manually?
  6. Many thanks Fiorentoni - that is very helpful - and I will go and give it a try
  7. Thanks SAS443 I usually do manual landings in the PMDG 737-800 - but use the auto throttle to manage the speed - so that being the case, any movement of my throttle (reduction in power) does not override the auto throttle - and I do not experience the throttles (assume auto throttles) retarding at 27 feet RA. Any other thoughts or suggestions?
  8. With the Fenix A320 the plane's computer 'instructs' you to retard when at 20 feet above the runway. What is the correct procedure for the 737-800. Does the pilot cut the auto throttle? - at or around 20 feet above the runway - or does the auto throttle cut itself off when the main wheels touch the runway? Thanks in advance
  9. Not sure why, but my controller handle spoiler on the PMDG 737 is just jumping in and out of its rest position. Linked to an axis and controlled through my Hotas throttle setup - it has worked perfectly until now. Have used alternative controls on the keyboard, but not yet found the answer. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  10. I have had two post on this forum in the last 2/3 weeks, as when trying to load MSFS 2020 - I was getting either the 0x00000001 or 0x80004005 error code. In seeking a solution to fix this, I uninstalled MSFS 2020 with a view of reinstalling it. I simply could not reinstall - nothing was happening - so I sought help (twice) on here - and tried everything suggested both in this forum and also on videos I found on youtube. None of the suggested solutions worked, including those from MSFS support - so firstly a BIG shout out and THANK YOU to all of the community that endeavoured to help me resolve the issue. So what has happened? - well this morning I went to the Microsoft Store - and there was an update to the 'Gaming Services' app. I downloaded and installed it - and then thought I would have another go to see if MSFS 2020 would reinstall - and EUREKA - I am currently downloading and installing MSFS 2020. I am such a happy bunny, as I have so missed flying the sim. Thought I would share - just in case there is anyone else out there who has been 'suffering' like me.
  11. Thanks Donka - I have already come across the first link and tried all the suggested solutions - will take a more detailed look at the second link which is new to me
  12. Have tried all the fixes that I have so far found for error 0x00000001 - many numerous times. Thanks
  13. Windows 10 (64 bits) and yes I have tried reinstalling MSFS 2020 with my antivirus disabled. Thanks
  14. Thanks for your response. My system is not overclocked, as I have read previously that it can be a cause of CTDs. My issue is that I cannot reinstall MSFS 2020, despite trying all suggestions to resolve that I have been able to so far find. Keep getting the error codes 0x00000001 or 0x80004005 when I try and reinstall through either Xbox or MyStore app.
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