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  1. Thanks for the replies - loading the plane directly - instead of after a default plane does the trick - and all well now. Appreciate the help.
  2. I am currently experiencing a strange issue. When I launch the PMDG 747-8 or 737 NGXu (having first loaded the default raptor) - the PMDG craft goes through the process of loading, and then either deploys the wheels whilst on the ground - which causes a crash - or just tilt backs on the tail, also causing a crash. Anyone got an idea of whats happening and how I fix it.
  3. I use FsiPanel - it is payware but gives you so many options https://www.fsipanel.com/
  4. Looks like the problem is my Trend Micro security which prevents the loading - as when I disable it the A320 loads OK and all good. What files do I need to exclude in Trend Security to make it happen on an ongoing basis?
  5. Guys I have tried all recommendations suggested in this thread, over and above those that I previously listed. The new recommendations I have tried include posting on the FSLabs forum - 80 reads so far but no suggestions or recommendations renamed the config file so that the system could create a new one completely unistalled and reinstalled P3DV5HF2 - the full programme and still P3DV5HF2 will not open when FSLabs A320 is installed. Uninstall the FSLabs A320 and P3DV5HF2 works fine This is my favourite plane and I have been so looking forward to the P3DV5 version - please - any more suggestions?
  6. I have P3dV5 with HF2 and it has been working fine. Today, I have downloaded the FSLabs A320 for P3DV5, everything seem to go OK with the download. I start the installation, put in my order details, email address and serial number, it gets activated and the install starts and completes. I reboot the PC, and start P3DV5, it gets no further than the splashscreen. I have tried everything I can think of which includes: Extract the zip file and run the exe as administrator Uninstalled the A320 and P3DV5 works perfectly Repaired my P3DV5 installation re-downloaded the A320 zip file in case the first one was corrupt re installed turning off Trend security run P3DV5 as administrator each time I do this, I uninstall the A320, clean up with CCleaner, reboot and still cannot get P3DV5 to open. As already said, if I uninstall FSLabs A320 - then P3DV3 works perfectly. Now a strange thing is that I use Simstarter NG, and if I refresh the aircraft list - it shows the A320 as being installed - yet P3DV5 will not go beyond the splashscreen. What am I doing wrong, or what is going wrong? All suggestions appreciated.
  7. Solved my own problem - had also reinstalled Chaseplane - and it has changed my default virtual cockpit to a Chaseplane on board view - and the assigned hat switch via FSUIPC would not work in that view. All good now.
  8. Although I have owned FSUIPC paid version for a long time, I have only just decided to use it in P3D V5. Last week, with the help of Google and YouTube, I successfully calibrated and bound my button, switches and axis to my Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog and Throttle. It worked like a dream and I was very pleased with the results, and I flew a number of aircraft using one of the two specific profiles that I had created. This morning, I started P3D V5, ensured that I unticked 'enable controller' and then went to FSUIPC to select a profile. When I am in the button and switches tab of FSUIPC and click a button or switch it correctly displays the function that I set it to last week. However when I then go to the cockpit of the plane I have selected - none of the button or switches respond to the pre set functions. I am obviously doing something wrong and would welcome any advice or suggestions. The only thing that I did this morning was to put a curve in the slope for the ailerons - surely this could not be the cause?
  9. I purchased my original GTN 750/650 from Flight1 and used their 'agent' software to download the upgrade which works in P3D V5
  10. I have just noticed that Qualitywings with their 787 seem to have 'cracked' some of the issues with instant replay. Whenever i uses instant replay with my PMDG and FSLabs planes, the spoilers are deployed and the engines are in reverse thrust position, as the plane glides into land - not so with Qualitywings - the 787 is configured as you would expect, and the spoilers and reverse thrust position only deployed when the plane lands. Also noted that the wheels/tyres are rotating on landing - which from memory I do not think is the case with PMDG and FSLabs. Not sure how much of a challenge this would be for PMDG and FSLabs.
  11. I have a lot of Orbx scenery add ons - which I think are one of the causes of the delay loading P3D 4.5. My question is ' how should I organise my scenery?' - currently I just let P3D take care of it - but should I be doing something to manage it more efficiently? Any tips or thoughts will be appreciated.
  12. Many thanks Richard - just downloaded the file and now need to make time to read and understand
  13. Just noticed that when I use 'instant replay' with my QW 787 - all of the flaps and speedbrakes etc are in the correct positions during the playback - whereas with other aircraft such as PMDG - the speedbrakes and reverse thrust are shown deployed during playback while the aircraft is still in the air. Has QW found a secret that others have been seeking for a long time?
  14. Purchased the above this week and have just tried to have my first two flights. I am experiencing 'stutters' more frequently and for longer duration than I have ever before and I have had two CTDs which I have never experienced before. The only other change I have made to my system is that I have also installed ENVTEX today. Any thoughts?
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