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  1. How do I 'disable' the MSFS2020 controls - so that I can use the controls via FSUIPC7?
  2. Now this is going to sound odd, but I have just opened MSFS 2020 after applying the latest hotfix, and loaded the just Flight PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV for MSFS 2020. Previous it would open with the Garmin switched on (750). Now it is switched off, and for the life of me, I cannot figure how to turn it on. I have selected ' aircraft ready for take off' and that has no effect, and I have scrolled over all versions of the Garmin to see if I can find a switch to turn it on, and have found nothing. Can anyone enlighten me as to what I need to do to switch it on. Thanks
  3. Hi, I would appreciate your thoughts as to what is the best software for capturing flights in video on both MSFS 2020 and P3D - both freeware and payware. Video editing can be done in another programme - is just your recommendations for capturing the video. Thanks
  4. My PMDG Operations centre keeps returning a message saying that it cannot reach the PMDG servers - try again later. It has been like this for 3 days now, and I have been unable to find any reference to this outage in the forums that I have checked. Does anybody know what is going on and/or how to resolve the issue?
  5. Thanks Bob - I was unaware of this, and delighted to learn that the airport/runway database has been updated in P3D V5
  6. As I understand it P3DV5 still uses the old FSX database of runways, which I used to update vis fsAerodata whenever Navigraph released an updated. fsAerodata is no longer - so are we faced with a situation that P3D and Navigraph are not totally aligned? - or is there another way to bring the runways in P3D and Navigraph into alignment?
  7. Wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this scenario. I have a Nvidia 1080 card, and when the new FSLabs sharklets arrived this week, I loaded the A320 at EGPH gate 12 into P3D V5.1. The vram indicator (using shift Z) suggested that I was using 6.0 of the available 6.8 - so right at the edge. Then, I got a message saying that I did not have enough vram, and did I want to ignore, close or try again. I tried again, and when it opened up my vram indicator showed usage of 3.9 of the now available 7.1. My graphic settings are medium, and I did not knowingly change anything - so any thoughts as to where all this extra vram came from?
  8. several flights later - I am not so confident that it is setup as well as I had originally thought - had a few CTDs will continue evaluating
  9. Well I purchased the manual yesterday - used their recommended settings for VFR and IFR - I have seen a significant improvement in both load times and VRAM available - PMDG 777 over London at less than a 1000 feet was flawless. My kit is an I7, 32MB RAM and a NVidia 1080 Back to flying
  10. This is the same issue that I am having - so what are we doing wrong? Is there something else in the setup or options that we have not set up correctly?
  11. Hi stefaank - I am sure you can help me. I have just purchased the CRJ, and for the first time, I am trying to setup various camera views within the cockpit in MSFS2020 - but it is not working. For example, I am in the cockpit, I navigate to a view that I want to save, and then attempt to save it by using ctrl-alt and a digit 1-10 - nothing seems to happen - and when I depress alt and the digit selected (having changed the view) - it does not return to the view I want to save. I have the Thrustmaster Hotas joystick and throttle - so as well as understanding what I am doing wrong to save my selected views, I would welcome knowing what you have done, and how, to map to your hotas. I have checked that my keyboard profile in the control section is mapped to the default keys for saving a selected view. Appreciate any help, as I am struggling with this one.
  12. Thanks Bert. So, I am making progress - in that I have now bound the elevators and ailerons to my joystick using FSUIPC 7, as well as binding the rudder to my VK rudder pedals. Tried setting up the joystick hat switch - as I have done in P3D - using the various pan view options. All looks good within FSUIPC 7 but when I am inside and/or outside the aircraft the hat switch does not work at all. So, I thought it might be because the mouse is bound by default to pan views - so I created a new mouse profile and deleted all the mouse bindings - still nothing. Curiously the elevator trim is working on the joystick - but not the break - even though it is set to repeat the action when operated. Some progress - but I need some further help please.
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