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  1. The Saitek autopilot (older version - firmware 320 according to Lorby...) seems to work for me, so far on two flights anyway. I use Lorby Axis and Ohs to drive it in case that makes any difference. Rick
  2. I have seen recent failed downloads like this from the Marketplace, too. At one point, my download speed dropped to about one tenth of normal and the download succeeded, albeit slowly. I reduced the QoS maximum speed settings in my D-Link router, essentially throttling the overall download speed from 50 to 40 Mbps, and a download completed with no failures. There seemed to be something in the Simulator and its Marketplace that couldn't keep up to the download speed, or perhaps my computer was not able to provide a handshake fast enough, in my case anyway. It might still be worthwhile to check on things locally because I haven't seen other reports of this so far. Rick
  3. You can try this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2900614 My Multipanel display returned when I completed some Registry edits. My radios were always working. All panels occasionally fail to respond after 10-15 minutes, however, using SPAD.neXt, although the joystick seems fine. Everything is connected through a powered hub. I may try moving connections around among available USB ports. Rick
  4. Glossiness is affected sometimes by the Alpha layer on some models. Does darkening the Alpha layer help with these? Rick
  5. >I thought I knew what you meant Ron but no such luck.>>I tried to set a button on the stick via:>Options>Settings>Controls>Buttons/Keys>New assignments>Okay>>.........but it didn't work when I selected one of the GPS>options.>>Where do we find "the joystick's button mapper" ?>>CliffTry one of the "Panel Window ..." options in Settings Controls, Cliff. They appear to correspond to the Panel Windows as defined in the Panel.cfg file. The GPS is often defined as the third window, hence can be activated with SHIFT 3, or you could try to assign a joystick button to "Panel Window 3" to pop up the GPS window. I have not tried this specifically but it looks do-able. If that works, you should be able to extrapolate a button for any popup window or for the GPS if it is called by a different SHIFT key.Hope this helps....Regards,Rick
  6. >just an advise...don't add to much flying birds in your>sceneries, every bird kills 10 fps!! :-)I haven't tried adding any animated stuff yet but I discovered a flock of flying birds with no apparent performance hit when I added gen_watertower04 scaled to 2.000 to some scenery.Regards,Rick
  7. There seems to be a variety of version numbers associated with Radeon drivers. My X800 GT card with Catalyst 6-9 installed reports a driver version of in one place, and in another.I have also seen (or not seen) the disappearing 2D panels. I was able to duplicate the effect by setting visibility to 5 or less, almost every time. I found that the "RenderToTexture" line did nothing but I have had good results with PanelAsTexture=0 instead, inserted in the same place.I do not know what side effects there may be with this adjustment so be careful: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.Regards,Rick
  8. Yep, could be a lot of editing, depending on how many saved flights are involved. I have one particular custom panel window that I use regularly in many aircraft, and I like to have it conveniently pop into the correct place when I re-load a flight. I make this edit for each new saved flight after I save it so it's done and minimizes any catch-up required.I have also found that, if I re-load a flight with this window re-located by editing, display it at least once, then close it and save a new flight file after going to a new airport, it remembers its location on the monitor and editing of this new .FLT file is not needed. If I change aircraft, all window location info is lost, of course. I have not had much success with re-loading flights that have been saved with windows undocked and visible -- they often end up much as you describe in your first post.Rick
  9. Vaughan, when I ran into this problem, I decided to try copying similar panel entries from the equivalent FS9 .FLT file(s) over to the FSX .FLT file, being careful to keep the panel entry sequence correct (I use Notepad to edit these). It took some trial and error but I found this to be the only way to get a previously saved window to locate where I wanted it to on either the main monitor in Window mode or on the second monitor. If you compare the FS9 .FLT file panel entries to similar entries from an FSX .FLT file, you can detect where FSX is different and CAREFULLY edit the file accordingly. As far as I know so far, the panel entries for FS9 and FSX .FLT files are the same format.Regards,Rick
  10. There have been several mentions of autogen grief. I also found that turning it off completely did smooth out performance greatly. Note I say smooth, not improve FPS, although FPS was affected as well. For me, it felt like textures were not being kept in memory because I saw varying amounts of stutters as textures re-loaded over and over as I panned around in spot view. More specifically, when I temporarily renamed the vegetation.bgl file, in SceneryGlobalScenery, all stutters disappeared (with the disappearing trees, etc., of course). Furthermore, I could move the autogen slider more to the right and get more buildings with minimal impact on performance. The vegetation sure looks good, though, but seems to be one of the major contributors to texture loading stutters. I will be experimenting with some adjustments as I go along but I don't want to invest too much time tweaking the demo.Good demo....Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, Radeon X800 GT 256 MB PCIE, 2GB RAM, 120 GB SATARick
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