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  1. Hello all. I'm looking for clear photographs and/or artwork of the winged lion head logo that adorned aircraft of the short-lived Singapore Air Services company. Any help or pointers will be gratefully received. EDIT: This might jog someone's memory;
  2. There's some very good information on this thread. I too am considering my next flight-sim PC, which will be accorded a fairly generous budget. All and any advice here is gratefully received.
  3. Paul K

    The fifth engine?

    I once flew on a 747 with the fifth engine attached. If I recall correctly, it was British Airways to Singapore. I wasn't aware it was possible until I took my seat and looked out the window at Heathrow.
  4. I think that's what made me wonder, because I seem to remember getting the NGX for P3D at an offer price. Anyway, that's my query answered - I will certainly get the 747, but I don't need to rush. Thanks for the info, Kyle, and thanks to all others who responded. :smile:
  5. Just a quick query; I'm wondering whether the price of the new 747 for P3D is on special offer at the moment and will it go up to a 'normal' price at some point ? I'd like to get it, but I'm just working out the budget and whether I can wait a few weeks. This is a simple and genuine question to PMDG. Please, no sarcasm about their pricing policy from other forum users - thank you. :smile:
  6. Indeed it does. Nice find. :smile:
  7. I hadn't thought about it, but yes, you're right - the 747 does have a dash of charisma that more modern airliners lack. Maybe it's the last of that breed. I used to travel aboard BA and KLM 747s on what they called the polar route to Japan; London Heathrow northwards over Greenland, then refuelling at Anchorage before the last leg to Narita. I have a memory of the rear five or six rows of centre seats being replaced by pallets of cold weather survival gear - now I can't remember if I really saw this, so perhaps someone in the industry could comment on it. It's been a long time, and memories become distorted. Something I do remember very clearly is flying first class from Singapore to London aboard an SIA 747. Maybe the best airliner flight I've ever experienced. :smile: Glenn, Kyle - thanks for the further recommendations of Skyfaring. I'll get it tomorrow.
  8. I saw that book recently in Waterstone's in Cambridge, so on your recommendation, I think I'll get it. Regarding the forthcoming release, I have the MD-11 ( R.I.P. ) and the 737NGX, so I'm very much looking forward to PMDG's 747. Well done, chaps. :smile:
  9. Paul K

    Whats after 747 v3? I have a suggestion

    I'm quietly confident...
  10. Paul K

    Xmas sale 2016: What are you hoping for?

    Indeed, Pedro - and the B-52 as well. CS has gone awfully quiet this year.
  11. Paul K

    Xmas sale 2016: What are you hoping for?

    If Captain Sim had updated their Boeing 707 for P3Dv3, I'd be looking forward to that sale. But they haven't, so I'm not.
  12. Paul K

    REX Major announcement

    Something that improves all default airports, while remaining compatible with other developer's payware ones, is very welcome indeed. Looking at the screenshots, HD Airport Textures appears to be a real leap forward. Well done, Rex - this is a certain purchase for me. :smile:
  13. Paul K


    Yep, got it in Alabeo's 40% sale earlier this month. :smile:
  14. Paul K


    Rob, from what you say, I think Norway is a very nice choice - yes, the winters are long and dark, but if you are retired, all you need do is stock up with plenty of food, bottles of decent red wine, logs for the fire, and warm clothes for when you brave the outdoors to watch the Aurora Borealis. Given the choice of cold or heat, give me the cold every time - its nice to stay indoors and cosy. Go for it ! :smile:
  15. Paul K


    My only experience of Norway was two weeks in dry-dock in Haugesund. I seem to remember the prices were high when compared to those in Britain - Sweden was the same, by the way. As for language, I found most Norwegians of my age group ( I was in my twenties then ) had a very good command of English, so you'd probably get by with the essential stuff like food shopping, to start with. You might want to check out the health-care regime there. I've just returned from the USA myself, and having listened to my sister's woes regarding medical insurance costs in America, you might find Norway a little more benevolent. Oh, and Norway was home to the woman who looks most like Kate Bush without actually being Kate Bush. Her name was Horsa, and I was in love. :wink: Just out of interest, why Norway in particular, Rob ?